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The Scotland summer holidays started weeks ago so I did what any normal stationery loving, forward planning mummy would do - I went stationery, window shopping. For me journals, notebooks, pens and little organisational bits and bobs have always been my weakness. I actually remember asking hubster to get me a journal, diary and some cute paperclips once for my birthday but he just scoffed at me, it actually hurt my feelings *haha* I've grown up since then but my pen habits only grown. 

Every August when my sons go back to school they always tell me that their friends thought their pencil cases and rubbers etc were 'so cool' my boys just aren't that phased by cool rubbers that are shaped like skulls or smell like strawberry, or pencil cases that have hidden compartments or cool printed rulers - I'm pretty sure their actually adults in little dudes bodies because, who wouldn't love all of those cool things? 

In my last haul I picked up a few things from Viking such. Here's some of those goodies... 

This Post-It Cat Dispenser cost £7.99. Basically it's a [weighted] cat that holds Z Note Post-It's so when you pull one out another ones pops into place good and ready for those quick note taking moments. This is just so damn cute and sits in my organisation station (yes I have an area dedicated to organisation, it includes shelves, a desk and lots of cute things. I will take some images if you want guys). 

When it comes to notebooks I am fussy. I go for ones that have that little bit extra, hard crunchy pages or books that don't open up fully annoy the heck out of me. I love a nice smooth lined page (for writing) or high gsm for drawing and I love touches such as the ones in this Foray A5 Notebook (£6.29). The covering feels like a soft rubbery leather (It's not but it does feel the same), it feels thick and quite substantial - very executive like. There are 192 pages of high quality lined paper and an inner pocket on the inside page, there's also silky bookmark and a black elastic pen holder. 

It's these touches that make me feel a bit swish when I'm going about my day and you know what, spending money on the little things like this if it's going to make me feel confident and fab is so worth the money - don't you think? 

As a child I had a small circular version of this that left you with a typewriter font label. I adored it and basically everything I owned at that point was labelled to the high heavens. As an adult I had seen the Dymo label machines but never wanted to splurge that is until I saw this Dymo Letratag Label Machine at only £13.99 on the Viking website. 

Reading up about it prior to purchase I was surprised to find it can print a variety of fonts and styles and you got two label cartridges with it in blue and pink. The machine sounded easy enough and in all honesty it really is easy to use as long as you read the booklet beforehand. I printed a few quickie labels which turned out OK but didn't blow me away in all honesty. Since purchasing it I've used it once for my husbands portfolio but that's it. 

These Uni-ball Signo Gelstick pens are incredible. I adore these pens because they're so vibrant, don't leave irregular lines (which I find are so common with coloured gel pens normally) and they don't stink. Yup I really did mean to type 'stink' because most pink gel pens that I've used have a fishy scent and it's so bad, who wants to write with fish stank? These don't have anything offencive about them I promise you that. The lines are smooth, regular and equal. The pack of eight which is the size I purchased costs £10.99 but you can purchase them individually also. 

Everything was from Viking and cost less than £40 which is nothing compared to some other splurges I've had. I definitely see the benefit of stocking up and as much as hubster thinks I'm a tad cray-cray with my stationery love, he's been the one that's seen the benefit when he's suddenly needed envelopes, pens, pencils, notebooks and even paperclips *hah* to you hubster! you know my craziness is of the good type. 


  1. I love all types of stationery! The cat post-it dispenser is adorable! x

    1. It is so cute, I smile everytime I write a note. Stationery rocks huh x


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