OPI // Limited Edition Peanuts Halloween Collection

Who remembers the Peanuts cartoon stripes featuring Charlie Brown and his cute dog Snoopy? If you were born before or up to the eighties there's a huge chance you will remember these if not then you should totally Google them. Most people I knew loved Charlie Brown but I personally loved Snoopy as he had more character and was so much more funnier than Charlie ever was. 

Imagine my delight (and this was a real 'oh my gosh' I'm so freekin' excited type of yelp) when I found out that OPI was releasing a limited edition Peanuts inspired Halloween collection! The collection was inspired by the ''It's the Great Pumpking, Charlie Brown'' The polishes are brought to life in a range of finishes including yellow and black cremes and multi-coloured based dark glitters. 
Shades include... 

Good Grief // The sunny yellow of Charlie Brown's favourite t-shirt. 

To Be or Not To Beagle // Snoopy's happy-dance of colours in a joyful glitter. 

Where's My Blanket??? // Linus awaits the Great Pumpkin in this orange and black glitter. 

Who Are you Calling Bossy?!? // This stormy black is no match for Lucy's raven hair. 

There will also be a Halloween set which includes all four colours but in the mini 1.8 fl oz size, the set also contains some free nail art stickers which I can only imagine are going to be super novel but in a good way. 

These will be launching in September and guess where I'm going to suggest you head? Nail Polish Direct  (no affiliation) of course - I find they stock new ranges so quickly and always have the best prices. So, will you be getting your Peanuts fix this Halloween? 

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