Buckley London // Russian Trio Bangle

I've recently purchased quite a few jewellery products as it was my New Years resolution to increase my accessory collection - I wanted chic pieces that would go with everything and didn't look childlike so anything garish or plastic was out and anything in mixed metals, precious and semi-precious or with a bohemian twist was in. The reality is I've been there and done that when it comes to plastic low cost pieces, I've had pieces that were so on trend they went out of style within weeks, I've had pieces that were so bright and child like and I've had the whole miss-mash style that now makes me cringe looking back. As I get older and more so when I hit my thirties I started appreciating the less-is-more-attitude which also affected my jewellery and clothing styles. 

I instantly fell in love with this Buckley Russian Trio Bangle because it reminded me of one that my mum had when I was younger, my dad also adored the look of rose gold on a lady and that kinda stuck with me growing up. He used to tell me that the silver represented the past, the gold represented the now and the rose gold represented the future as it was rarer and more premium than the other two golds and he knew my life would be so much richer in the future. My dad was really the most amazing man ever. 

This bracelet is apparently one of their top sellers and it's made with real 18k plated gold, rose gold and rhodium so while it's not quite up to my dad's luxury standards it's still a fantastic, low cost option for creating a classier overall style. Can you believe this only cost £55? 

Wearability this has lasting power, it has the right amount of ''jingle'' and looks sleek and sophisticated even with jeans. As a gift idea it's absolutely viable due to it's price and it comes in a lovely box too. If you fancied checking out this collection or the bangle you can do so over on the Buckley website (link). What do you guys think of this? Do you have any jewellery with a back story like this does for me? 

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Unicorn Fashion Picks // You're Never Too Old

I'd say there's been a huge resurgence of unicorn products over the last two years, so much so even big designers have got in on the act and while it seems to be super popular with teens, younger adults and hipsters I still can't shake my love of the horned horse. 

My issue was knowing what I could buy and wear without looking like mutton dressed as lamb, while some can pull off full pastel hued outfits in their thirties I most definitely can't. I've grown up for so long being considered as being 'younger' than I am due to my ickle height that now I just look like one of those grown ups who are trying to be all sweet and younger looking - that's not my aim of course which is why I was so nervous about nervous about splurging on fantasy fashion items. 

After searching I found a few items that I realised everyone could pull off, dresses in muted tones, accessories that are small and chic and key pieces with bold prints that can be teamed with your wardrobe staples - what excites me about these is that even us thirty somethings can pull them off! *yay-ya* 

Here's my top picks guys...
Of course it's not wise to mix your unicorn print with more unicorn so just keep your outfit to one magical unicorn print at a time. Teaming your piece with awesome shoes, jeans, and knitwear. I think the key is to choose more grown up fabrics or pieces that offer some form of tailoring so be sure to wonderweb those hems or pay a few pounds more to get your trousers, jackets or tops altered to fit your body (honestly it's a god send and makes you feel so much more put together). 

The unicorn pieces that I've selected vary in price and there really is something to suit everyone, I mean how cute is the ASOS unicorn t-shirt on the bottom right? So simple but utterly cute at the same time. I've not listed the links because it's finally clickable *smiles* What I'm wondering is which piece is making your fingers itch to click over? Wildfox t-shirt maybe? Little Ella pink unicorn necklace or the Regal Rose at ASOS Gemstone unicorn horn necklace (love)? Let me know which stands out to you? 

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Friday Finds on Saturday // Comforts

It's the weekend again, is it just me or are the weeks getting faster now that the darker nights are setting in? This week has been good and bad - allergies have wracked me so it's been very much about comforts over the last seven days, nice cups of tea, chai and coffee, cosy blankets, new face creams, slippers and slouchy leisure wear - to be honest comforts are a welcome at any point but especially so when it's dark and raining outside eh. 

Weekend Outfits // There's nothing better than pulling on some stretchy jeans or leggings, a loose top and some awesome accessories - it's very simple but you really can't go wrong with an outfit like this one for any season and that's why it's hit today's Friday Finds. Sometimes we need clothing that can just be pulled on in a rush, that will make us look better when we're feeling utterly crap and a bit of Parisian chic can go a long way when you're doing the school run - especially in cliquey school run areas (mama bears out there will totally get the school run cliquey-ness). 

I'm not entirely sure who this lady is, as usual if you know please let me know so I can credit her as the reverse Google search brings up too many sources. You can pick up similar jeans from H&M (link), top from Topshop (link) and the same style hat from Topshop too, honestly I prefer the Topshop version (link). 

Homemade Chai Tea Concentrate // This literally dropped into my Gmail an hour ago, I signed up for email notifications for The Prairie Homestead Blog because it's constantly filled with the most awesome tips, recipes and blog posts. I can relate to everything that's written on that blog - this Chai recipe sounds so good and being a bit partial to a good cuppa chai I will absolutely be trying this on Saturday as my previous chai mix has run out. If you've never had or tasted chai it's basically sweet, spicy (cinnamon, cloves etc) tea - it's actually so much better than I'm describing it *haha*. If you love cinnamon I'd recommend giving it a try for sure, check the recipe out on The Prairie Homestead Blog here (link

Anthropologie Cups // I adore Anthropologie but can't always splurge on my favourite things as it's not the cheapest store around is it? Over the years I've finally learnt to splurge on the little things, after all it's the little things that we use a lot and factoring in cost per use makes a splurge item so much more affordable than a cheap one that you won't get much enjoyment out of. For me my splurge items are typically candles, cups and stationery - this mug was purchased along with a couple of others in the sale and came in handy this week especially when I had to gulp down some hot lemon for my throat. Typically I'd just leave the hot lemon after a sip or two but drinking for a really nice mug makes it a treat - really splurging on Anthro mugs is good for your health if you share the same mentality as me (It's my excuse so I'm sticking to it). Currently I own the With a Twist Mug (link), Attingham Mug in black (link) and the one above is unfortunately sold out but the Ayaka Mug is just as fab (link). 

Lipbalm Season // Available in four flavours - Orange Ginger, Peppermint, Naked and Lemon Lime these organic balms from the king of multifunction castille soaps will soothe any chapped, sore and dry lips. These balms are a bit spesh because they are created using only Fair Trade organic essential oils, there are no parabens, petrochemicals, synthetics or nastiness - this means that these truly nourish right from first application unlike their petrochemical cousins which coat the lips and then ultimately dry the hell out of your delicate lips.  These are available at ASOS for £3 (link), money well spent in my opinion. 

Words to Live By // 'You are what you believe you are...' such a simple quote but a very good one at the same time. Most people wouldn't bat an eyelid at it but delving deeper it becomes easy to see just how tough this quote is for some people. Not believing you deserve good things in your life, believing your not equal to others or not capable of achieving anything you set your mind to - if you fall into any of those categories then this quote is for you. It's a good reminder that unless you believe in yourself, how can you expect others to believe in you. Work at changing this frame of mind and I promise you will reap the benefits very quickly. 

Tiny Animal Alert // I came across this cute post on Hello Giggles website/blog which shows teeny animals - who doesn't have time to check out some teeny tiny animals? 

Have a great weekend sweeties *mwah* 

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Eclectic Eccentricity // Rare, I Give You the Moon Necklace

Oh my word this has my name written all over it and if you're a lunar/celestial lover you're going to 'oh my word' at this too! Eclectic Eccentricity have launched their 'If I Could Give You the Moon necklace which is a bit spesh guys... 

Each pendant actually contains part of the moon, well not quite - moon dust to be exact but not everyone can say they're wearing Louboutin's, H&M bangles and some of the moon can they? For me this is a huge deal and even my eldest son (who's super in to collecting crystals and rocks and wants to learn about astrology) squealed 'buy it mummy!' and... I think I will. 

This necklace is hung from an 18'' Sterling Silver chain and the pendant, which is a glass teardrop vial is coupled with a 14/20 K Gold Fill star. The moon dust was taken from a lunar meteorite which fell to the earth in 2005, apparently these meteorites are rare and there are only around 180 examples to have been discovered. Each necklace comes with a Eclectic Eccentricity gift box with full description of the meteorite to save you having to explain to others just how fan-say you are while wearing it. 

Due to the rarity of the meteorites there are only 100 necklaces made so my advice would be to pick one up sharpish especially if you plan to give anyone 'the moon' for Christmas. You can check it out over on the Eclectic Eccentricity website (link) guys. Ready-Set-GO!

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Sneaky Peek // 5 Collections Launching Soon

I normally post individual features on collections launching soon but figured now everyone wants to come read about one collection - sometimes it's good to read about what's coming up in short paragraphs especially if you're a morning readers and that's why I figured I should give this a try - to see which you preferred. 

I'm trying to change things up a bit but honestly it's tough, it seems that there are so many bloggers now and work is constantly stolen that it's hard trying to keep ahead. It can be disheartening when your images and features are stolen (constantly) and when blogger block sets in it sucks! big time. I'm currently at that stage so any advice, comments or words of advice are greatly appreciated. Don't worry I'm not leaving the blogging world - I never plan to because I truly love doing this - I will be changing things up, change is good so, if you like or dislike a feature or have any feature suggestions you think I should be considering please-please-please email me (sweetelysepr@gmail.com) or comment to let me know, I want to make this a fun place for YOU to visit daily (ideally). 

So here's what's coming over the next months or so guys... 

Karl Lagerfeld's Shu Uemura Shupette Collection | Shupette the cat takes centre stage for this collection which is all about colour and cute packaging. The makeup bag is fluffy just like the cat and for those who adore kawaii products or even cute kitties this is going to make an awesome gift. There's a Christmas palette, foundation kit, rouge trios, eyeshadow trios, Shu liner and Cat nail enamel. 

-My Precious Glitter Set \ Who else is doing the Lord of The Rings Voice while reading that? Surely not just me? This glitter set contains loose glitter powders in platinum, gold and pink - perfect for the on-coming part season. 

-Shupette Christmas Palette Kit \ This is a pretty limited edition kit featuring eight eyeshadows and six lip colours perfect for gifting at crimbo. 

-Shupette Tsuya Kit \ Another limited edition kit featuring their Tsuya Essence, Tsuya Lotion, Tsuya Cleansing Oil and Tsuya Cream which isn't due to launch until 2015. 

-Shupette Holiday Foundation Kit \ Cleansing oil, mini sized lip gloss, Tsuya Skin UV Under Base Mousse, Shu Uemura mini sized foundation and a limited edition Shupette zip case. 

-Eyeshadow Trio \ There are two colour options for the shadow trios which include #01 Blue and #02 Pink. 

-Rouge Bonbon Fantasy Trio \ Yup you guessed it, it's limited edition. Shades include #01 - Violet, Pink and Sexy Magenta and #02 - Salmon Pink, Deep Pink and Deep Red. 

-I Need Shu Liner \ Midnight Black and Gallatin Brown only for these liners. 

-Fabulous Cat Nail Enamel \ Two colour options for these nail enamels, I'm personally not sold on these colours but you maybe? Colours are #01 Pink champagne Gold and #02 Diamond Twinkle. 

-I Need Shu Eye Lashes \ These are very kawaii with feathery purple bits so you'd need to be super brave or super confident to pull them off. 

-Pan Pearl Me Pearl Face Powder \ Limited edition face powder suitable for highlighting and accentuating your best features. 

-Shupette Makeup Case \ Metal case sort of like the ones beauty therapists and professionals use which are ideal for safely holding your bits and bobs without fear of them getting bashed and destroyed. 

Marc Jacobs Beauty AW14 Collection | This collection is the stand out for me and I will be doing a full feature on this with the whole shebang - the pictures are seriously gorge-ous. 

-Enamoured Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer \ Nine shades available which include Cora (black grape), Rita (red sangria), Showgirl (gold glitter), Louise (soft ballet pink), Blanche (whipped creme), New Wave (cobalt blue), Madame (white cocoa), Warm Blue (teal turquoise) and Patsy (gunmetal). 

-Style Eye-Con No. 3 Plush Shadow \ This maybe the stand out for me, there are four options which are - The Seductress (matte ivory and midnight black and metallic blue, green silver tone). The Escapist (pink champagne frost, deep aubergine matte, matte lilac grey), The Innocent (pearly champagne taupe, warm brown matte and matte nude) and The Supreme (deep olive sheen with an iridescent shimmer, pale creme with gold sheen and green-grey matte). 

-Style Eye-Con No. 7 Plush Shadow \ Just like above but the options are - The Enigma ( matte black, deep grey pearl, metallic slate green, peony pearl with gold glitter, matte soft pink, taupe with iridescent shimmer taupe and rosy champagne pearl. The Night Owl ( champagne with silver glitter, intense matte black with iridescent glitter, metallic bronze, matte creme, mermaid sheen with iridescent shimmer, matte cocoa with rose gold shimmer and rich matte espresso. 

-Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl \ Six sheer and one full coverage lipstick shades which include Deeper (shimmery berry), Rumour (shimmery light-red brown), Gone Bad (full coverage coral red), Wrecked (shimmery bright red), Pink Friday (shimmery hot pink), Milkshake (creamy light pink) and Pink Diamond (light mauve with a coper sheen). 

Clinique Fall Collection | Smoky eye fans will rejoice with this collection, if you're not a smoky fan but do love a good wearable day to evening shade then you too will adore this - personally I'm a huge fan as I know this is a collection that I'd use up and get my moneys worth. Here's what's launching... 

-A Black Honey Affair Eyeshadow Palette \ A luxury palette which was inspired by Clinique's super selling lipstick shade - Black Honey. This palette contains crease and fade resistant shadows in the following shades - Black Honey, Graphite, Sugar Cane, Lavender Out Loud, Purple Pumps, Hazy, Lucky Penny and Morning Java. The palette also contains a mirrored compact and applicator. 

-Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick \ Shades include Beauty, Crimson, Pink Chocolate, Plum, Petal, Peony, Magenta, Mandarin and Suede. These are all soft matte finishes with a non-feathering formula that provides full coverage, basically they're perfect for this season. 

Bobbi Brown Holiday Collection | Bobbi Brown the ever trusted beauty brand and one that's fantastic for classic colours and long lasting formula's. This collections star products have to be the 6 shade eyeshadow palette and limited edition Shimmer Brick compact. Here's the rundown: 

-Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick Trio \ Shades include Pink Sparkle which has a shimmery finish, Espresso Bean which is a matte rich brown finish and Smoky Topaz which is also shimmery. 

-Gel Eyeliner Trio \ Shades include Dark Chocolate, Praline and Bronze Sugar. 

-Eyeshadow Palette \ There will be six shades and two palette colour ways. No update on the shades for this yet. 

-Shimmer Brick Compact \ This comes in a beautiful bronze colour and is perfect for autumn. 

-Lipstick Trio \ Shades include Ruby, Beige and Pink Mauve. 

-Eye & Lip Palette \ This is limited edition and holds eight eye shadows in metallic and matte formula's. There are eight lip colours too which are said to be really gorgeous. 

-Mini Lip & Eye Palette \ This palette includes two gorgeous lip colours in brown and pink, lip gloss in Bare Sparkle and three eye shadows in Ivory, Black Chocolate and Cement. 

-Travel Brush Set \ This includes a powder brush, concealer and eye blender dual brush, face brush, eyeshadow brush, eyeliner brush, eyebrow brush and fine eyeliner brush housed in a faux crocodile style case. 

Dior Omotesando Autumn Collection \ Not the largest of collections but certainly one that brings a smile to my face. Although it's an AW14 collection it just feels so fun and vibrant but wearable, I'm absolutely going ga-ga over the flower and windmill embossed patterns. 

-Dior 5 Couleur Palette \ This is limited edition, actually most of this collection is limited so if you can pick up some pieces I urge you to do so asap. This comes in one colour way which has been titled 'Thunk Couleur'. 

-Rouge Dior \ Two colour options which is #449 and #350 not a great help I suppose so I will be doing a full sized feature on this collection shortly. 

-Dior Fleur de Vent Palette \ This gorgeous palette is the one pictured above. It's composed of four shades in varying tones between soft white and soft pinks. I think it's a work of art. 

So what do you think sweeties, is there a collection that stands out more from these five sneaky peeks? 

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Too Faced // Christmas Releases 2014

I'm sorry let's just get that out of the way from the get-go. Christmas is getting closer and it's definitely time to be considering what gifts you're going to pick up, I figured it's reached that point where I have to post some lovely ideas - because I love you guys and seasonal stress is not a pretty thing. So, you may have guessed from the post title but Too Faced are launching lots of gorgeous products which are all suited to gifting (or keeping), the products include palettes - the available goodies include...

Beauty Wishes & Sweet Kisses // A gorgeous palette of autumn shades - three cocoa-powder infused eye shadows from Too Faced's best-selling Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow palette, the matte Chocolate Soleil bronzer and luminous Snow Bunny bronzer - to finish the look the set also includes an exclusive deluxe version of La Creme Gloss in Naked Dolly which doesn't actually launch until spring 2015!

And the packaging once it's closed up...

La Belle Carousel // A gorgeous carousel of eye shadows, blusher, mascara and bronzer. This set includes the top selling Better Than Sex Mascara, three eyeshadow palettes with four shadows on each and 2 blush & bronze palettes which includes the Chocolate Soleil bronzer and Who's Your Poppy Blush.

Melted Kisses // Four handbag sized tubes of Melted Liquefied Long Wear Lipstick in shades Nude, Peony, Berry and Fuchsia. These lipsticks give the lips an intense pop of colour with incredible gloss and staying power. 

Under the Mistletoe // Three limited edition La Creme lipsticks are included in this pretty set. Naked Dolly, Marshmallow Bunny and Spice Spice Baby shades all housed in a pretty travel glitter bag. 

What do you think of these? I have to say I do love Too Faced and I'm fairly impressed with these, especially the Under the Mistletoe set above - it's just so unconventionally for the festive period that it's so right. Once launched you'll be able to pick these up from Debenhams and most probably Boots but don't quote me on that, I shall double check and Tweet it out guys. 

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Friday Finds // #5 Home Sweet Home

Alternative Towel Rail // This of course could be used as a jewellery hanger, curtain pole, scarf pole or basically any sort of pole/hanger thing. Team it with some of the 'S' hooks from IKEA that you can team with their kitchen poles and you're good to go! So adore this, expect to see my version very-very soon. 

Driftwood Dream Catcher // This is so beautiful, the mix between crystals, old metals, natural threads and of course the driftwood just looks too perfect. Another must try - if you prefer some colour why not paint on some coloured stripes. 

Grow Your Own Crystal // My eldest son adores crystals and has a bit of a penchant for crystal healing. He's actually got a ton of crystals on his Christmas list so I figured a crystal growing DIY would be perfect! with the October holidays coming up soon I know this is going to keep them amused for hours - any colour suggestions? 

Copper Pendant Lighting // There's nothing quite as chic as metallic lighting in your home - Copper and brass are so hot right now that you really can't go wrong as it suits all interior styles. While this pendant lighting isn't very OTD it has just the right amount of sophistication for it to be featured on this list. 

Custom Song Lyrics Cushion // I love this. The only thing is what song would you choose? 

Bohemian Pouffe // I grew up with a pouffe in our house so I have a bit of a weakness, there's nothing quite like sitting in your comfy chair and popping your feet up on a pouffe - especially if it was as awesome as this pink bohemian one. 

Clay Kitty Pot // Found on Happiness is Creating Blog - Initially I thought this was the bottom of a juice bottle cut into the cat shape and painted but then quickly realised it was clay. You could absolutely cut up an old Coke bottle and paper mache it or use it as a clay template? or just acrylic paint it and pop in your cutest cacti's or succulent plants. I will be giving this a go for sure, trying to figure out how to make a fox and an owl pot too....? 

Totally Amazingly Beautiful Teapot // I found this on NOTHS and fell in love instantly, it's no secret that I'm a huge-huge fan of tea but even if I wasn't I'd still want this as it looks so beautiful - if I hated tea I'd use it for flowers! 

Wall Tapestries // I love this particular wall tapestry although it's only available on Urban Outfitters USA. The UK version has some gorgeous alternatives which I'm definitely considering using as a faux head board - I love anything with a bohemian edge and if you grow board of your tapestry you can absolutely repurpose this into something else. 

Lavender & Rose Incense DIY // Gorgeous scent with a happy home go hand in hand. For those who are a bit wary of chemicals or have allergies a homemade incense or even a homemade candle is really a great option as you can be sure of what's inside. This is an easy to follow tutorial which will result in some beautiful smelling incense.  

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MAC Cosmetics // The Matte Lip Collection

Launching on the 9th of October The Matte Lip Collection by MAC features some gorgeous new shades for cheeks and lips which are perfect for those natural beauty autumnal looks we all seem to strive for but, at times, fall short of achieving. Having thought about where it all goes wrong I do think it comes down to finish, after all the sheer tones that are glossy are suited to warmer weather. In the colder seasons shades that are highly pigmented and have some grip and staying power are exactly what's needed.  

Lipsticks // Most of the eight shades are new and limited edition and there really is a shade to suit all skin tones. 

Damn Glamorous | Bright pinky-red matte
Fashion Revival | Deep matte raspberry
Heroine | Vibrant matte violet 
Living Legend | Deep matte plum
La Vie En Rouge | Bright coral-orange matte. 
Nouvelle Vogue | Soft matte blue-pink
Pander Me | Soft peach-mocha 
Styled in Sepia | Mid-toned cement-beige. 

Pro Longwear Blush // A beautiful cheek and a vibrant cool toned lip, topped with a swish of mascara and you're really good to go. 

Fleeting Romance | Coral. 
I'm a Lover | Romantic pink. 
Make You Mine | Mid-toned salmon. 

Pro Longwear Lip Pencil // Honestly I really love a good lip pencil for all over colour.You could absolutely use these as liner or all over lip colour if you want more grip. 

Absolutely It | Soft burgundy. 
Bespoken For | Dark plum cream.
Etcetera | Creamy beige.  
Fashion Boost | Bright cream purple
Staunchly Stylish | Pink-beige. 
Trust in Red | Bright cool toned cream red. 

So... are you in or out? If you're in you'll be able to pick up these items from Debenhams (link) and MAC counters. I'm thinking I'll be in eventually once I've got my Christmas finances in order *sigh* who else is starting to feel the seasonal stress creep up? 

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