Mehron UK // L.I.P Colour Cream Dark Palette

Loooook! It's boo-ti-ful isn't it...

I do love a good palette and following on from my last Mehron post I wanted to show you the goodness that is the L.I.P Dark Colour Cream Palette. This palette contains eight highly pigmented warm toned classic shades that are simply amazing. I really mean it, they are amazing! 

Initially I didn't expect anything major with the lip palette purely because past experiences with other brands never impressed me at all. Lip palettes tend to give the wearer a light wash of colour (in my experience) or hold no lasting power. Using the lip brush provided I brushed on a teeny tiny amount and I mean super tiny, if you take a look at the bottom row, second from the right you'll see a little smudge and similarly the colour above it - that is all that was applied. 

So applying it to my lips, going through the motions I did physically gasp because the colour saturation was immense. These are so highly pigmented and while they are glossy they have lasting power and even lasted all day on Christmas (with lots of eating and drinking and photo taking). 

I love their ability to blend - yes blend and I like to wear multiple colours on my lips to get the perfect shade. I also like to wear Sassy Red on the bottom lip and Cherry on the top and vice-versa. 

Ombre lips are going through a major hype right now and if you're into that, you could totally work that look with these lip shades. 

Colours are Chocolate (warm brown), Cherry Chocolate (warm red-brown), Cherrywood (dark fuchsia), Crimson (red-pink), Wild Plum (dark purple-pink), Velvet Rose (warm pink), Sassy Red (juicy red with pink undertones), Cherry (fresh pink). 

I would totally recommend this as a make up bag staple, The palette costs £32.90 and is available at my favourite professional beauty supplier, Treasure House For Make Up - Treasure House are also the U.K official stockists and home of Mehron UK. You can check them out here for your Mehron, Graftobian and Ben Nye goodies. 

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Lipstick Queen // Vesuvius Liquid Lips

Lipstick Queen are launching their new Vesuvius Liquid Lips collection this February. The collection consists of six gorgeous shades of liquid lipstick which offer a high glossy shine and a moisturising formula. I have to say I love the look of some of the Lipstick Queen lippies - the brighter the better. I've noticed mostly that the stand alone lipsticks are better shades than say the gift packs. Had I come across these Liquid Lips I would have absolutely chosen these over the lipsticks that they offer. 

The thing is I normally look at a new collection and contemplate whether it's something I'd part with my cash for, normally I swither because I'm not sure if they're really going to perform like they're marketed as - Lipstick Queen lipsticks and these Liquid Lips I absolutely have no qualms about their performing ability because the brand does make good on it's promises... always. There's only a few brands I can really say that for with those being,  Lipstick Queen, Illamasqua, Lime Crime and MAC Creme formulas. 

The shades available will be Vesuvian Bare (shimmery nude-gold), Vesuvian Coral (bright fiery coral), Vesuvian Red (scarlet red), Vesuvian Blush (smouldering natural peach), Vesuvian Candy (warm elegant pink) and Vesuvian Fuchsia (scorching hot pink). 

These will cost £22 and are available from Space NK here on pre-order right now. According to their website they're expected to become available for shipping on February the 14th. Must be love right? 

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Brit Stitch // Valentine's Day Collection

Not sure what delights your partner may surprise you with for Valentine's Day? Do you buy yourself a love day gift? I don't normally bother about the 14th but as soon as I saw the latest additions to the Brit-Stitch family I swiftly changed my mind. 

The With Love From collections is launching on February 3rd and consists of the Half Pint bag, Heart Shaped Luggage Tag and Coin Purse. I adore the colours and the heart shapes on them and overall they're just a sweet little bags aren't they. I'm not too fussed about the luggage tag or coin purse but I do seriously want to own the Poppy Red and White bag (top left). The other colour ways are Chintz Rose with Jazzy and Jazzy with Chintz Rose and all bags are made using leather. 

Prices start from £15 to £75 and don't worry if you don't receive one of these on the 14th as the collection will be available all year. It's not quite the same though is it if you get one in say August compared to February though - these however would make super cute bridesmaid gifts or anniversary gifts too. 

If you're looking for some thrifty buys however, I have started a separate page which has been named the 'Offer Calendar' basically I decided to hold all of the exclusive coupon codes, sales, launches and offers on the one page. I know it's easy to read about a launch and then forget all about it once you come off the internet, by having the easy clickable calendar on the one page I hope this will help you to keep on track with the best places to grab a bargain. 

The offers calendar will never include paid placements so if you know of a good sale, an up and coming sale or want to let me know of your blog sale or charity sale please email me and I'll include it in the calendar. It's a work in process so it's not fully complete yet but you can check it out by clicking the image below which is also housed on the right hand side blog bar on the main page. 

You can check these out on their release over on the Brit-Stitch website here. Which colourway is catching your eye? 

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Clarins // Spring Opalescence 2014

Due to roll out over the next week or so (around the 3rd of February) the Clarins Opalescence collection is fantastic for those who want a product that offers them the usual benefits such as great colour, lengthened lashes and coverage but with the added benefit of radiance and healthy looking skin. 

I don't think I've ever been overly excited by Clarins before but they're certainly on my radar now. Reviews of their products are second to none and their packaging - how beautiful. I feel like face palming because I've not got round to purchasing anything yet, I think it's because they've always been around the brand just seems normal or seemed normal if that makes sense. The Opalescence collection may have just changed my mind though. 

Take a peek at the goodies they have coming...

Opalescence Face & Blush Powder // Three warm and luminous shades that can be worn to give the appearance of sun kissed radiant skin. 

Cream Blusher // Get glowing cheeks with these soft, smooth and balmy colours which will leave you looking fresh and natural. There's four colours which are Peach, Candy, Grenadine and Rosewood

Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch // This smooths away fine lines, imperfections, enlarged pores and wrinkles and is suitable for all skin tones. 

Mineral Eyeshadows // Two shades of smooth colour, the shades are Smoky Plum (17) and Golden Rose (04). 

Eye Quartet Mineral Palette // A new and limited edition to the brand this palette contains shades of pink, grey, opaline and vibrant plum. The colours can be worn both wet or dry and give the look of radiance, illumination and last all day long. 

Gloss Prodige // Two shades, well one shade and one clear. Coral Tulip is a new shade which has some fine shimmer in it and Crystal is well, crystal clear. 

Instant Definition Mascara // One shade only and it's a classic Intense Black. Lengthen and define your lashes with this mascara. 

Instant Light Radiance Complexion Bases // Pump bottle make up bases that can be applied alone or with your favourite foundation. Light reflecting properties that feel like you're wearing a veil of light on your skin you will be left with a look that's both radiating and enhanced. Shades include Rose (Maximum radiance to all skin tones), Champagne (Corrects redness in fair tones) and Peach (revives radiance in tanned complexions). 

Joli Rouge Brilliant & Sheer Lipstick // Three natural look lipsticks in shades Tropical PinkCoral Tulip and Pink Orchid

I want need the cream blushers, I rarely get excited over a blusher especially a cream formula but I want every single colour. I've not tried any Clarins make up (shocking I know) yet so you may see one or two of these hitting the blog with swatches soon. You can purchase these from Escentual here in a week or so sweeties. 

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Strange Celebrity Beauty Tips // Leave It or Love It

I'm all for home beauty tips and I do dabble in quite a few home made masks, cleansers and hair care products. If it sounds like it could work then chances are I'll have tried it or plan to do so. While searching for some new natural options I found that celebrities either had genius tips or down right disgusting or crazy ones. It was this disgust mainly that lead to this post today. 

Here's they are, are you ready for this... 

Miranda Kerr // To get brighter eyes try adding some natural lip balm to your eyes and eye lids. This works because the balm nourishes and hydrates the gentle eye area, due to the glisten and shine the light will also bounce off these areas making you look youthful and healthier. Stay away from petroleum based balms though as it's not going to nourish you in any way.  

Catherine Zeta Jones // Want shiny locks? try CZJ's favourite tip by rinsing your hair with beer. The hops and barley in the beer give your hair shine and volume by coating each strand, use this as a one off though otherwise it's going to become an expensive habit and your boss may start asking questions.  

Snooki // Need to exfoliate? Yup we all do it but Snooki takes it one step further by sloughing off her dead skin with kitty litter. Gross! Don't try that at home though because kitty litter contains silica which aggravates the skin.  

Denise Richards //  For smooth hair Denise applies mashed avocado to her hair like a mask. This is a great tip because avocado's contain lots of healthy fatty oils which nourish the hair and scalp.  

Jennifer Love Hewitt // Hmmm we've all done this I'm sure, JLH calms spots by applying toothpaste on them at night. Calcium Carbonate in toothpaste will dry it but not get rid of infection or bacteria. Peppermint also soothes inflammation so it's not a complete fail.  

Lady Gaga // I know she's a tad cray-cray but Gaga removes her glitter and eye make-up with tape. I know it can get everywhere and even when you wash it still sticks but tape? call me crazy but wouldn't something else be more gentle on the skin - fabric, cotton wool or blue tac for those harder areas. 

Sienna Miller // Sienna's known for her blonde flowing locks but did you know she keeps them looking natural by using tomato sauce. The tomato sauce takes out the brassiness and green tinge out of blonde dye. 

Lisa Rinna // Plump up your lips by applying some cinnamon oil. The cinnamon mildly irritates the lips so blood flows to them resulting in a plumped up natural pout. . 

Teri Hatcher // Have you ever taken a bath filled with red wine? Nope neither have I but Teri has. Wine contains tartaric acid which is an exfoliating agent which will leave you with healthier skin, it's also jam packed with antioxidants which will help you rid your skin of nasty toxins however, if you have any cuts or scrapes imagine how sore that's going to be? Dr Oz even advocated the use of red wine as a facial ingredient simply due to the antioxidant benefits.  

Miranda Kerr // This natural beauty soothes her puffy and tired eyes by chilling a spoon in the freezer and applying it to her eyes. The cool metal helps to reduce inflammation and puffiness.  

January Jones // Gross alert. January apparently pinged back into shape after pregnancy because she took pills made from her own placenta. 

Scarlett Johansson // A girl after my own heart, Ms SJ cleans her skin with apple cider vinegar. After researching natural methods she found it was suppose to be good for the skin because the mild acidic properties help to slough away dead skin cells while also offering protection from pimples and acne. I absolutely advocate apple cider vinegar for everything skin and hair related, it makes the most amazing hair rinse and body rinse. Simply dilute 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water. 

Halle Berry // Halle keeps cellulite at bay by grinding fresh coffee and adding it to her body wash. The coffee stimulates blood flow which helps to detox your lymphatic system, the coffee also works as an exfoliating which helps to reduce that horrid orange peel effect you get with cellulite.  

Eva Longorio // Another strange one. Eva apparently uses expensive face creams containing placenta. I'm not going to even look into the benefits of that one to be honest. 

Catherine Zeta Jones // Keep your toothy-pegs fresh and white by doing as Ms Jones does and rub your teeth with cut strawberries. The acidity helps to remove stains while having a natural bleaching effect. This does work but don't expect dentist type results. 

Nicole Kidman // Rinsing with cranberry juice apparently helps Nicole keep her strawberry blonde hair shiny and glossy. It seals the cuticles and enhances the natural red tones in her hair colour. I would absolutely try this out. Have you tried this? 

Julia Roberts // A wise and effective tip from Julia. Apply a cupboard staple - olive oil, to your cuticles and hands to soften them naturally. It's in-expensive and works really well.  

Sandra Bullock // I've tried it, it works but it's not advisable these days due to it causing congestion in the vessels if used too often. Haemorrhoid cream has been used for years as an off label under eye cream simply because it's active ingredient restricts blood vessels which reduces the puffiness that leaves us looking a bit crap. I'll leave it up to you to decide whether you're going to try it or not.  

Victoria Beckham // Oh-em-gee Victoria keeps her skin looking fresh and youthful with Geisha facials, these facials actually use nightingale bird poop and it's said to work as the most amazing cleanser. I don't care how well it works and how many millions I had I would never apply poop to my face - would you? 

Debra Messing // To reduce the signs of ageing Debra uses Kate Somerville eye cream which is made using snake venom. Having tried a lower cost brand of snake venom cream it absolutely works and very very quickly. I would recommend snake venom products for sure. 

Fergie // Ah another clever chick. Fergilicious beats the bloat by consuming 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar every day. Apple cider vinegar is so good for the body as it helps to detox, settles tummy upsets, boost the immune system and helps to balance a blocked system. Sinus, throat, chest, bowels; you name it if you're blocked get some vinegar down you. 

What did you think of the beauty tips? Are there any you've tried or any you were completely grossed out by? 

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Michael Kors // Sporty, Sexy, Glam Perfumes

With spring just around the corner it's time to start preparing for a change. A change of wardrobe, make up, mind and even fragrances. Valentine's Day, weddings, parties, holidays you name it we've got it all coming and I know I like to wear something a bit more flirty, lighter and feminine for this season going forward. 

I've always coveted Michael Kors but I've never owned anything by the brand. I've seen a ton of images of the Michael Kors beauty and fragrance and not felt jealous as such because it's a pointless emotion but I did definitely feel the need to own something - and - quickly. You can imagine my squeel of delight when Mrs Postwoman (she's awesome) arrived with my parcel containing three perfumes from the new collection which is called Sporty, Sexy and Glam. 

Sporty is a citrus based fragrance that is described as being 'Active, Daring Exciting, Cool and Adventurous. Sporty is a clean scent that's going to be loved by those who like some zing and less sexiness. Key notes include Mandarin, Orange Flower and Patchouli - I don't smell the patchouli and personally it reminds me of delicate mandarin and a touch of salty sea waves. It's fresh, light and a great option for  working out and keeping fit. (I know crazy but just go with it.) 

Sexy is well, it's a sexy scent that can be described as 'Confident, Captivating, Passionate, Provocative and Unforgettable. Sexy is a sensual fragrance that feels like home. It's warm, smooth and comforting in the best sort of way and includes notes such as Amber, Sandalwood and Jasmine. Sexy is my type of scent and is wearable both day to night, I love scents that leave me feeling powerful and confident and yup I may even feel the need for singing 'boom chicka wow wow' when I apply this. 

And then there's Glam. Glam is a strange one to describe personally simply because it changes on the dry down. It's described by some as being 'Indulgent, Feminine, Alluring, Dazzling and Stunning' and key notes include Jasmine, a lot of Jasmine, White Flowers, Cassis a hint of Sandalwood.  On other's this smells smooth, flowery and powdery which can come across as being feminine and beautiful. On me however, it starts of being quite light and flowery which then turns into a heady mess. I've tried so many times to get this to work on it's own but I doubt it mixes with my body chemistry - however, spritz this before spritzing on Sexy and you've found an absolute gem of a fragrance I promise you. 

Not only do the fragrances have lasting power, they smell real. I went off designer fragrances for a while simply because they had started to all smell the same and on occasion they smelled too chemical laden. I was pleasantly surprised by all three of these because they really smell like genuine perfumery blends with real notes and a real long lasting fragrance and that's saying something because my olfactory system is pretty snobby. 

Also you know me and my penchant for packaging and these bottles have ticked all boxes. They're classy and sophisticated, I mean gold riveted lids - can't really beat those little details can you, each of the fragrances takes on a slightly different hue which leaves these looking like works of art in my opinion. 

With Valentine's Day just around the corner these would make amazing gifts for your loved ones or even yourselves (guys take note). Of course which option will you go for? Sporty, Sexy or Glam? The perfumes come in three sizes 30ml, 50ml and 100ml's. Prices are £38, £55 and £75 and are available from Debenhams here

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Dior // Spring 2014 Trianon Collection

I don't have a release date yet for the U.K but this just launched in the US - I've been told by a good stockist that it's possibly due out around the beginning of February and of course I'll keep you updated on the actual date as I find out. 

I find that most of Dior's recent collections all look pretty much the same at first glance, that is until you take a moment to eyeball the products and then you'll find yourself saying 'ooh I like that, and that, and that, ooh and that one too!' by the end I find I've fallen in love with a collection that's pretty much the same as their last but completely different also. Yup it makes sense to me. Anyone who feels the need to purchase the last collection and this one will totally get me.

Here's the make up porn pics guys... 
5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette // Dulcine (324) Limited Edition. 

Dior Blush Powder // Corail Bagatelle (763) Limited Edition. 

Dior Fusion Mono Matte Eyeshadows // Nocturne (091), Fantaisie (641), Mirage (761)

Addict Gloss // Petillante (442), Exquise (772) Both are limited editions. 

Rouge Lipstick // Rose Crinoline (531), Allegresse (774) Both are limited editions. 

Vernis Nail Enamel // Blossom (132), Pampille (192), Porcelaine (204), Bloom (777) & Perle Matte Topcoat (187)

Fusion Mono Eyeshadow // Rosee (141) Limited Edition. 

So what's your thoughts? are you loving or hating the pastel trend? Once released you will be able to purchase these beauts from Escentual here

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Ted Baker Beauty // Nailed It

Another foray into a new brand and this time it's Ted Baker Beauty. Honestly I wasn't aware that Ted Baker made nail polish four months ago but I'm glad they do, these polishes are from a Ted Baker Polish Duo Set (£8.50). If you follow my Facebook page you'll already know that I adore these polishes, I even had you guys guessing as to which brand were the creators of the glossy pink and black lacquers. 

Here's the swatch of the polish duo...

Both polishes were fully opaque in two coats. The first coat on the pink was sheer but as you can see it turns into a beautiful nude-pink with just one more coat. If you want a jelly cream finish just add another coat (three coats). The black wowed me simply because it's blacker than black. Most blacks have a purple, brown or blue undertone but not this one, it is simply black like tar  but in the most beautiful way. As you can see it's very glossy - so much so it was hard to get a good clear photograph of the swatches. 

Both have lasting power, the black lasted for around four days without a top coat. The pink fared longer at five days also without a top coat (I like to test polish that way). Both polishes can be worn together or individually, personally I plan to wear a pink nail with a black French tip but keep my ring finger all black - I shall upload those snaps toute-suite. 

They don't just do polish sets as you can see from this pic, these are the Ted Baker Emery Boards (£5) and each beautifully packaged set contains three files. I love the packaging it's just so beautiful - this would make an amazing gift wouldn't it? with your BFF's favourite nail polish. Oh and then there's Mother's Day *winks* can't go wrong with nail care for a day like Mother's Day can you. 

That's a Wrap Bird Print Strips (£7.50) are also available, the nail strips do come in a variety of prints but the bird print is my favourite. It's vampy but also quite fun at the same time. These are super easy to apply and are made from layers of nail polish - because it's made from polish and not stickers these actually stay on the nail shaping themselves to fit even the most ski-wiffy shaped talons (yup I have a ski-wiffy middle nail, it seriously has a mind of it's own). 

To apply these you simply file and shape your nail, make sure it's clean by wiping it down with some polish remover or facial toner and allow it to dry. You can apply a vitamin polish or base polish layer but it's honestly not needed as these stick really well. 

You then select your polish strip and apply it slowly ensuring you smooth it down as it goes on, this stops air bubbles from forming. If you do find it has a bubble simply lift it up and smooth it down once again. 

Once you have your strips applied you file them to shape by filing in a downwards motion, this ensures they cover the ends of your nails and leaves you with a smooth finished manicure. To seal simply apply a topcoat. These will stay put until you decide to change your style up and will also stay in place when your doing the dishes, bathing or anything else that normally chips your polish. 

Boots stock all of these products as well as the newer duo polish sets, the newer versions include a glitter polish *swoon* and I especially love the Cherry Bomb version. You can check out the range here if you wish. I would thoroughly recommend the brand and the polishes although they're super affordable at £8.50 for the two this does not reflect their quality. These are easily superior to many China Glaze and OPI's that I've tested. 

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Deborah Lippmann // Spring Reveries Collection

Deborah Lippmann recently launched her Spring Reveries collection in the US, I don't have a date for the UK yet but it should be making it's way here toute-suit given the new brand launch here in the UK.  

Spring Reveries is the perfect spring beauty addition and consists of five gorgeous pastel creme polishes and one shimmer. Most people when they think of a spring palette will automatically go for pastel tones, for me it's always been mint, lemon and baby pink, to give it an edge through some cerise or glossy red into the mix - sounds crazy I know but it works in the same way that a Cath Kidston floral palette works. 

The inspiration behind this collection came from Deborah's love of botanical flowers, I'm starting to see a pattern for spring beauty collections and I love the way it's heading. Flowers, peace, calm and nudes *ooh-errr* I would totally agree that these do give an appearance of spring botanicals and she got it absolutely on point with what she was aiming for. 

Here's the collection in all of it's calming beauty... 
Gorgeous isn't it. I'm guessing by now you probably have a favourite or two, here's the individual deets on each shade. 

La Vie En Rose // Pastel petal pink shimmer. 

Spring Buds // Pretty playful creme pistachio. 

Tip Toe Through The Tulips // Perennial pale creme peach. 

Flowers in Her Hair // Magnificent creme mint medley. 

Blue Orchid // Blossoming baby blue creme. 

Build Me Up Buttercup // Blooming buttery creme bouquet. 

I love them all I really do. I've always preferred a creamy glossy colour to say a metallic or pearl finish, these are right up my alley so to speak. If I was heading out to buy these right now I'd say Tip Toe Through The Tulips and Blue Orchid stand out, you can tell it's impressed me as I never go for blue tones... ever. 

Once launched you'll be able to pick it up from House of Fraser and Beauty Bay

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Diptyque // Rose Collection

Roses are red, Violets are blue I really want Diptyque from you. 

OK so I'm no poet but I do appreciate a good rose scent, bunch of roses or a rose inspired gift. When I was younger rose products reminded me of old people but as I get older I can absolutely see the beauty in the flower and what it stands for. Instead of carrying me off to a vision of old people's homes where the norm is to see talc everywhere and knitted dolly covers for toilet rolls it takes me to my youth, where my dad would help me to make rose petal perfume in old Elizabeth Duke Jewellery boxes (Argos). My dad was the best. 

Two years ago Diptyque launched it's Eau Rose perfume which was a huge hit with consumers. so this year they decided to extend the collection with some more Rose based products. It's actually just launched so you can purchase any of these right now - how strange is it for me writing about a purchase now product range. 

Eau Rose body lotions (body veil), hand lotion a limited edition Rosa Mundi candle are the products that are joining the Rose ranks but there is a few older products that Diptyque sell that are also rose scented or inspired. I decided to include these in the wishlist below so you could choose your favourite product rather than just finding out about some new range products. Of course the older products are slightly cheaper and do the same thing *winks* 

Eau Rose Hand Lotion (£20) / Eau Rose Body Veil Lotion (£32) / Rosa Mundi Candle (£42) / Eau Rose Roll On Perfume (£32) / Eau Rose Perfume (£65) / Roses Scented Oval (£32) / Roses Mini Travel Candle (£20) / Roses Candle (£40) / Roses Room Spray (£36) 

Rose essential oils work amazingly on the hair, body and skin and offer the wearer a few benefits; anti-ageing, calming, mood boosting, aphrodisiac, antiseptic and inflammation reducing as well as reducing stress related hormone irregularities (in small quantities) of course these products are only going to benefit you in a small way but a treat is a treat and that alone tends to make people feel amazing, happy and special in one go - that's benefit enough if you ask me. 

You can purchase any of these over on the Diptyque website here as well as the rest of their product catalogue. I definitely recommend the brand as a gift idea purely because they are so classic, beautiful and show that you really care and love someone, especially if you're willing to drop £40 on a candle. It's not everyday you can really go and spend that on one candle is it. Valentine's Day is a day for appreciating those you love, whether you go all out and spent lots of money or you simply pick some flowers for the garden. 

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Valentine's Day // Token Gifts

Valentine's Day is just around the corner so expect some loveage over the next few weeks. I don't know if you guys go all out for the 14th or if you tend to keep your head down hoping it will pass quickly. Hubster and I tend to just get a little something something depending on the financial situation and if there are cute and affordable things on our wishlists. 

Hubster's not the easiest to buy for so getting a little token is less stressful and less costly (otherwise a good present for him would run into the £80 mark - no freeking way!) so this is a little list of affordable goodies to hopefully inspire you. If there's something you see that you want, I suggest leaving this post open or kindly emailing, sharing and tagging your loved one - subtle all the way baby. 

Here goes... 

Valentines Tattoo Biscuits (£10) / I love tattoo's, design and biscuits so I'm guessing these are going to be a hit for both sexes. They're so unusual and come in their own gift box too. Awesome huh. 

Cake in a Can (£4.99) / What a fab idea for those working abroad, off-shore or in the services. Also it makes a great gift to slip in to your loved one's packed lunch or work bag. I had to include it because it's cake and it's cute and unique all in one. 

Personalised Message Bangle (£59) / Jewellery is always a great gift option because it's something that lasts forever. I think jewellery sort of went out when the gold rush hit because no-one cared about the keeping aspect, jewellery that's different and evokes certain memories is always going to be something you want to keep and to pass on to your children. I know I love this idea because you could add dates, quotes or names - it's really limitless. 

Champagne & Strawberry Marshmallows (£13.95) / You know what these are just too damn cute. They also look fantastic and are spangly. I want. I don't care too much for their flavours but these with a lush hot chocolate would be the perfect way to finish the day - of course your partner may choose something else to end the day with probably which starts with lingerie and ends with no lingerie. 

Matchsticks Biscuits (£10) / How damn realistic do these look. Nuff said. 

Roses Are Red Tea Set (£28.50) / You know I really love this just for the clear teapot. It's a tea set that includes flowering bud tea, because the teapot's clear you can see the tea flower unravelling and I'm guessing based on previous floral tea's that it's going to look amazing. 

Silver Double Heart Necklace (£40) / Weddings, anniversaries, Valentine's or just to say 'I Love You' this is a great gift idea because it's simple and classic. If you're into symbolism then what's better to signify true love and connection than two joined hearts. 

I Belong To You Lumineer's Print (£13.20) / Awesome band, awesome print. How amazing would this be if you met your partner at a concert or this song has a major meaning to you. Personally I just love the look of the print - team it with an amazing frame and your done. 

Love Heart Silk Bracelet (£10) / It's not the most stand out present but if you like to buy tokens instead of major presents this is a great option. It's cute and affordable. 

All of these tokens are from Not On The High Street, I always buy my Valentines cards and gifts from there due to them being so unique and affordable. You can check them out here or click the names in the list to go to the specific products. 

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? 

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