Zoya // Awaken Collection Spring 2014

Zoya's releasing a few good collections this spring, the first is Awaken which consists of six new shades in shimmery metallics or cream finishes. I personally would have released three shimmer-metallics and three creams but no, there's only two cream finishes. There's a topcoat that goes along with this collection but that deserves a post all of it's own...  

Dillon - Shimmery green metallic. 

Hudson - Shimmery metallic purple orchid. 

Brooklyn - Shimmery metallic white-gold. 

Rebel - Shimmery metallic sky blue. 

Cole - Peach whisper cream.

Dot - Petal pink cream.

Personally Cole and Dot are stand-outs. I'm not a huge fan of metallics but these may surprise me given that they have the shimmer quality too them. I will be purchasing Cole for sure given that my eldest sons called Cole - maybe that's the soppy part of me showing itself but I just have to own it.  

You can get your paws on these polishes very soon, chances are they'll hit stores around the end of January but it maybe pushed into February. My go to place for Zoya polishes is Nail Polish Direct because they are affordable and they arrive super quick - they stock other brands such as Essie, Orly and China Glaze too. Another site is Nail Care Club who are the home of Zoya UK - I still tend to veer towards Nail Polish Direct as do a lot of polish bloggers. 

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The Body Shop // Hemp Head-To-Toe Gift Set

The Body Shop had a half price sale on around the beginning of December which lead to a few sneaky last minute purchases. While I had fully intended of gifting this to someone special (won't name names) when it came to wrapping time I just couldn't let it go. I knew the person would appreciate it but they probably wouldn't use it where I would use everything. This gift set should have cost £25 but I picked it up for an affordable £12.50 - bargain or what. 

While I'm not a pot head or even someone who dabbled with smoking weed I do appreciate a nice tin (packaging). I was slightly gutted to find it was bashed on one side when it arrived but I'm not going to start emailing complaints to The Body Shop anytime soon. 

The tin contains four products which when purchased individually would cost £32. Even the standard price of £25 gives you mega savings - I do love a bargain, don't you? Included in the tin is 100ml Hemp Hand Protector Cream, 200ml Hemp Body Butter, Hemp Lip Protector and 15ml Hemp Foot Protector. 

The Hemp Body Butter has a natural, fresh and tea like scent which then transfers into an earthy note. It's really gorgeous. The body butter itself is is actually a thick cream and is no where near as thick as their traditional butters - I actually prefer the consistency as it means I can apply it to the whole of my body super quick. Although it's thinner than the normal butters the hydrating effects lasts longer for some reason. 

The Foot Protector is thick, sort of like the consistency of The Body Shop's normal body butters but the pot is super small. I've been rationing it which is quite hard because I normally slather my tootsies in creams. Having tried this though I would will absolutely purchase the full sized version as it leaves my skin and tootsies feeling comfortable and silky soft for around five hours. 

This was the surprising product because I am very picky with lip balms. Most taste plastic-like or don't work all that well or contain nasty ingredients. This balm tastes mildly of citrus and then changes into a tea like taste (it's not that bad and that's coming from someone who dislikes citrus flavours). 

My lips were an absolute mess over the last week, they had split, were really jaggy from the hardened skin and were dry as a bone. I lost my balms (well they fell behind the unit and can't ever be returned) and applied this just this morning. I am typing this now 10 hours later and I've applied it about three times today and they're back to being baby soft *yay* I'm now addicted. 

The hand protector is also super thick and does take a bit of rubbing to get it to absorb into the skin - otherwise you will have white hands. Once absorbed though it leaves the skin feeling like velvet or silk it's so nice. I use it as cuticle cream also especially after having Shellac polish removed. 

Overall this gift set is so much better than I expected, I love everything in it and have no issues with the products or how well they perform and would absolutely recommend this to anyone and everyone. You can purchase this from The Body Shop website here for the normal price of £25. Keep your eyes peeled though for special offers - if you see one snap this set up asap. 

* Purchased Myself *

Stila // Stay All Day Vinyl Lip Gloss

Stila make fun cosmetics plain and simple. I've loved this brand since I was a little girl but couldn't always stretch my pocket money far enough to purchase everything I wanted. Now that I earn more than £5 a week (that was me saving my dinner money) I can indulge my need for awesome cosmetics. 

The last couple of years I've been naughty and strayed from purchasing Stila only for the simple reason that I was enticed by other brands I had yet to try. But, as you can see from the pictures this is purple and I am still deeply addicted to purple lips. Stila offer eight colours in their Stay All Day vinyl Lip Gloss range and the shade I chose is called Fuchsia Vinyl. 

This gloss isn't just a standard gloss so don't let the picture above fool you. It's a high-shine, high lacquer and highly pigmented formula that feels so natural on the lips. I went off gloss at one point because I hated that heavy, overly sticky feeling on my lips and when the wind would blow all of my hair would get stuck on my lips. This gloss doesn't have those issues. 

It does have some stain properties, I'm not entirely sure if that was deliberate but the colour does last a long time, even after washing your face and scrubbing your lips. The formula is infused with seaweed extract (you can't taste it) and organic green coffee oil (also can't taste it) - these ingredients help keep your lips soft and nourished as well as increasing elastin and collagen, increasing collagen means those fine lines that can leave you looking puckered disappear temporarily *yay*

Swatch time...

It's lush isn't it. This was one quick swipe but you can see there's a ton of colour in there. If I had applied another swipe this would have been fully opaque. You can see how it shines without looking like a gelatinous mess and nope my hair didn't stick to it and get all disgusting in the weekend's wind. 

Other shades available are Melon Vinyl (pink-coral), Hot Pink Vinyl (Pink), Scarlet Vinyl (gorgeous red), Merlot Vinyl (deep wine), Nude Vinyl (nude), Terracota Vinyl (brick red) and Poppy Vinyl (light red).  They cost £18 each and while they're more expensive than say Bourjois or other high street brands you can absolutely feel and see the difference once it's applied - it's incredible. 

You can get the Stay All Day Lip Gloss from the Stila UK website here as well as Feel Unique here

* PR Sample *

Mehron // Celebre Precious Gem Powders

I got quite a few bits and bobs from Mehron just before Christmas and while I could just do a whole Mehron post I really wanted to do individual posts and you'll see why in a moment. 

This was my first foray into the professional beauty brand and I wasn't disappointed, I had b
een wanting to dabble in professional beauty for a while because I was getting sick and tired of having to re-apply layer upon layer of make-up to get a really vibrant opaque colour. I could have gone down the MAC route but I wanted to try something new and Mehron kept popping up mostly on American blogs. Having a search about I found a company called Treasure House who sell brands such as Mehron, Ben Nye and Graftobian. 

These products aren't your run of the mill generic products and are suited to professional make up artists and even clowns, nope I'm no clown but I do appreciate a well made product - these Celebre Precious Gem Powders are extremely well made, have a peek at the four swatches... 


Each of the powders comes in a shaker pot. You just shake it up and down and some of the powder dispenses into the lid, using your brush you then apply as you would any mineral eyeshadow product. I did have a bit of an oops moment when I first tried these out as I dove right in with my brush as I had done before with high street branded loose powders - big mistake. These are so pigmented that I looked shocking, a little goes a long way. 

Having another go I found using a little bit of product was key, the swatches above are using a little bit of powder in one layer. Normally I'd have to layer then apply another layer or two to get this level of colour. Had I gone over these the colour would have been fully opaque with the exception of Opal due to it being a shimmery opalescent shade. 

The colours are Opal (fairy light silver, pinks and blue shimmer), Black Onyx (this looks like crushed diamonds in coal, black and silver shimmer), Amethyst (aubergine, plum and silver sparkles) and Topaz (Gold with a hint of copper sparkles). There's another 9 shades in the range which include Turquoise, Diamond, Emerald, Garnet, Pearl, Peridot, Ruby, Aquamarine and Sapphire. 

They blend like a dream! Amethyst and Black Onxy look amazing in a smoky eye and Opal looks incredible with everything, it's my favourite Gem Powder out of the lot of them. You can wear these wet also, I really should have swatched those wet - I shall update this as soon as I do that. If you're a fan of Illamasqua's Molten Metal creams then Topaz is oh so much better. You see the swatch above, imagine that wet, imagine how much more vibrant that would be and then factor in that these Gem Powders don't leave creases on your eyes and the colour doesn't fade within the hour you can see why I would choose this over Illamasqua any day (I still love Illamasqua though don't get me wrong). 

I kinda feel like I discovered the next wonder of the world - it's an awesome feeling. The negative point I now want every single colour *sigh*  If you're feeling the gem urge from the swatch porn above you can get these from Treasure House who are the official UK Mehron Store here. They also only cost £6.40 each which is a bargain! 

December Empties // Last Empties Of 2013

A tad late but I had to post the last of my 2013 empties. Last month I tried to get through the things I really didn't want to use, you know what ones I mean - the ones that sit there looking unattractive or don't have the appeal that your newest products have. 

Some of these aren't 'empty' but have been included because I just couldn't force myself through them as they were so dire. Rather than being a positive Patsy all the time I wanted to include these anyway just so you can get an overall opinion on certain products and brands. 

So here goes... 

Filorga Hyal-Defence  I've got the blog post coming soon so I'll not go into too much details about this and the Filorga Age Peel below. 

Filorga Age-Peel x 2 - It's a good one, review coming soon. 

Living Nature Clay Mask (review) - I love this mask and I love that it's not filled with 

Lanolips Hand Balm (review) - While this is advertised as a rose hand cream it actually smells heavenly, sort of like baby talcum powder which makes it absolutely addictive. It's an amazing formula also I would certainly repurchase this and I do plan to. 

Joop Pour Homme Wild - I know it's a man's scent and yup it is hubsters, well was hubsters but I had to include it because I do at times spritz it on. When I'm feeling sentimental and hubsters working away a lot. I would buy him this again for sure. 

Burt's Bees Banana Hand Cream (review) - Bananananana-nananana-Batman! Nothing bad to say about this hand cream, I even used it on my tootsies and elbows etc. It's amazing as is the next product...

Burt's Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream - Exactly the same cream as the banana version but this smells like marzipan. Incredible. 

Nivea DNAge Eye Cream - It's more fluid than I would have liked it to have been, I struggled to get through this pot because I had so many more other creams that had a better consistency and gave better results. 

Olay Total Effects Moisturiser Travel Size - Olay was my go-to for so many years

Avon Techniques Mirror Shine Spray - Oh gosh this was horrendous. I so badly wanted it to work but it didn't, instead it left my hair looking greasy and that was with just one spray. I tend to have a lot of issues with Avon make-up. I wouldn't repurchase this - ever. 

Clayspray (review) - It's spray able clay! Genius but also super messy. The results of this product are worth the red staining and the mess and I would repurchase this as my skin felt amazing after each use. 

Soapnuts Liquid Soap (review) - Crazy-amazingly-good. I used this on tough stains prior to washing with my soapnuts and my clothing came out sparkly clean and super soft. Yup they didn't smell of anything but fresh clean water but that's more than enough in my opinion. Because this was created using soapnuts and not SLS it means that no harmful ingredients will reside in our clothing *win* 

Naturalmente Rosemary & Lavender Shampoo (review) - Amazing shampoo and the conditioner alongside this made it a hair tag team. It left my hair clean, soft and shiny by using only a small amount of product. I would repurchase this. 

Nivea Men Bodywash - Ugh, another hubster purchase that I had to use. He tends to pick up a body wash every time he does the shopping and it's always these type of ones. They just hold no appeal for me personally. It washes, it smells manly and it's filled with crap ingredients. Ideally I wouldn't repurchase these but I know hubster will. 

Bodhi Mint The Body Wash Sample - Refreshing, high quality and smells divine. I really didn't expect any less from Bodhi though. I actually received this in a magazine of all places. 

Transformula's Youthful Hands (review) - This was amazing and it definitely did show results, it's only just now though that I realised the price and I was slightly shocked. I love the cream - like seriously love the cream but I'm not sure I'd pay the £29 for another repurchase. 

Sjal Serum 1 - This was enough for two applications. It was absolutely amazing. It's light, absorbs in quickly and leaves my skin feeling balmy and matte all at the same time - most serums take a while to leave my skin feeling normal but Sjal pulls it out of the bag every time. It's expensive but I would absolutely purchase the full sized version. 

Sjal Orbe Eye Contouring Cream - While it's a really good cream, a really good one to be honest I didn't notice a huge difference - not enough to warrant the huge price tag. I may change my mind though when my eye area becomes my major focus like skincare is presently. 

Childs Farm Body Wash For Buccaneers (review) I love Childs Farm, there's a few products that we've all tried and loved here in the Silver household. This one smelled like strawberries and we used it for both hair and body - I will be re-purchasing this for sure especially since my sons all loved it. 

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Concealer - The-Worst-Product-Ever. This was seriously horrendous on my skin, it didn't cover very well and it was so drying that it flaked off later in the day. I've heard it works really well for others but on me I just couldn't get it to look half-decent.. 

Burt's Bees Facial Wipes - So soft and they clean extremely well, if you're not a fan of strong herbal scents then you're not going to like these - I do. I would absolutely purchase these over and over again. 

REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Lotion - Another brand that have changed their label designs, this is a thin lotion but it moisturises really well. You have to be a rose lover to be able to wear it though as it's quite strongly scented. 

Vosene Kids 3-in-1 Shampoo - I love this shampoo as the results I get from this drug store brand far surpass the results I get from the more expensive professional brands. We buy this for our sons you know with it having tea-tree and them being of school age. Another repurchase, we have re-purchased this so many times already that it's become a firm favourite. 

Collection 2000 Concealer - I think Collection 2000 upgraded their branding since I originally purchased this, I hope they upgraded the formula because it was a bit temperamental. Sometimes it would apply really well and others it just slide right off my face. I won'  be repurchasing this again. 

Bourjois Concealer - They no longer sell this concealer but it's was really creamy and covered extremely well. It also was one of a rare few that suited my light skin tone. While I've moved on from the brand I would repurchase if I was in a bit of a pinch. 

Yohji Yamamoto Samples x 2 - This has a hint of warmth about it, floral, woodsy and sophisticated. It just didn't have that kick or lasting power that would have pushed me to go purchase it. It's nice though. 

Marc Jacobs Honey Sample - I was really disappointed by this. I had read reviews about the latest Honey offering from Marc Jacobs and I was expecting it to be quite prominently honey or at least a warm foodie note but nope, all I got was delicate white floral and while I appreciate a nice floral perfume it's not my typical go to purchase. I won't be buying a bottle anytime soon. 

Radian B Gel - I use this to target my specific areas of pain and it does help, especially around the knees and joints. I've tried so many pain gels and creams and while some work and some don't this one seems to be the best of the bunch. I will definitely be purchasing again. 

Lotil (review) - If you've got super dry, uncomfortable skin or skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis then this is fab. It doesn't smell great - like school glue actually but it works really well. It's thick, hydrating and the emollient aspect of the formula ensures the results last. 

 photo NEW.png
* Purchased Myself & PR Samples *


Sneak Peek // MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Quads

Mac Mineralize Eyeshadow Quads are coming soon guys, March to be exact. I love a good palette or quad product and this is no exception. You'll see from the pictures below of the products that there's a good base colour range and they shadows are made with a pretty shimmery formula - they look so soft and creamy don't they. 

There's six new quad compacts containing four different coloured eyeshadows. Each of the shades is suppose to be blend able and suitable for both day or night time looks as well as being suitable for all skin tones. Each of the eyeshadows is made by combining 77 minerals with a  mineral rich yeast extract, while the yeast extract doesn't sound appealing the 77 minerals do - that's a crazy number. 

Here's the pics...

A Party of Pastels - Coordinated pastel pinks and soft violets. 
A Medley of Mauves - Four colours including deep aubergine to icy pearl pink.

Sprinkle of Blues - Intense navy to deep blues. 
A Waft of Grey - Amazingly beautiful dark charcoals to white frost. 

Glimmer Of Gold - Soft golds and copper bronze. 
A Harvest of Greens - Green olives to blackened burgundy.  

Which one's takes your fancy then? Pretty amazing aren't they. You'll be able to get these over on the MAC website here. 

* Nothing to Disclose *

Resolutions // Better Late Than Never

I'm a resolution maker, normally. This year I've been a bit if a rebel - a resolution rebel and yup I'm posting these after New Years *shock horror* 

I tend to only make a resolution if I feel I can really do it, while I could pop down 'travel more' the truth is I know it's not possible and meh I don't feel the need to travel so my resolutions may not be incredibly exciting, the sense of accomplishment I get when I achieve even a minor one though is so worth it. 

So here goes...

Get Organised - I've always been organised but over the last three months things got pretty crazy. I know I need to get a handle on it again, also my house is pretty over crowded which means we have to be super-organised. We're hopefully planning to move this year but in the mean time things need to change both in our home life and hubster and my work life. 

Improve Energy Levels - This maybe a bit of a long shot but I'd love to feel energised so I can just be positive, get more done and feel normal. I suppose this will come down to getting a good and long lasting control on my celiacs, allergies and health problems - maybe a shot in the dark really but I'm dedicated to getting a handle on this. 

Work Harder - Because of the above two issues I have been known to procrastinate. When you're feeling drained diving into a mountain of work can be tough, I plan to push through and work especially harder this year. 

Tone Up & Get Fitter - Yoga and pilates are my ammunition with this resolution. Ideally I'd love to commit to daily yoga but I know it might not be possible. I do plan to start off small and work my way upwards so by the end of the year I am doing at least thirty minutes a day. 

Focus On Charity - I'm already helping out a few charities but this year I wanted to focus on two specific ones as my main focus. The charities I'm helping are Make-A-Wish and World Vision UK. I do have a blog sale on just now with donations from myself, brands and other bloggers, it will be a continuous sale over the next twelve months. I am sorting out the images to go with the blog sale but in the mean time you can find the deets here

Find My Zen - Meditate more, be nicer and find inner peace. Sounds cray-cray but it's something I've always strived for but never placed much emphasis on. I did find previously that meditation helped me greatly, I became happier, more positive and my head was definitely clearer. 

Get Social - I'm a pea-brain. I forget things easily and when I'm so tired that I feel like crying I tend to loose my personality and witty-ness. I find every time I tweet someone unfollows which is fine but my Tweets and Facebook statuses don't have 'personality' I also plan to reply to every comment, email and tweet within the same day - this is my promise to you guys. 

Vlog More Regularly - The only thing stopping me is set-up. I've been trying to find a great camera, tripod and set up but there's so many I'm a bit lost. My room is also quite dark so I'm trying to find the time to decorate it - to lighten it up and then there's the timing, it's so limited as my sons are pretty loud even when their quiet if that makes sense. I have plenty of ideas for vlog topics and I know once the set up is ready I will be addicted to my YouTube channel, hopefully you'll all join along with me on that journey. 

Help My Boys With Their Ambitions - I've already made a start to this. My middle son wants to be a WWE wrestler, who am I to say he can't do that? We booked tickets to see WWE in Glasgow in May and he keeps fit daily, learns the names to the moves, puts the moves into action and lives, breathes and eats wrestling - he also wants to vlog so I'm looking into camera's etc. My eldest son wants to focus on cars as he's a HUGE car lover - we're going to see the first ever Scottish Top Gear Live this month to indulge him. My youngest son wants to be a Minecraft vlogger - he's four and while he is young he did make his own vlog, he created his own world with his own buildings and decided what to say etc all on his own. You can find his first vlog below....

Work On My Confidence - I've had my issues with confidence all of my life. As a child I was put down quite a lot, bullied mentally and never felt comfortable in my own skin. While I can brush off knock downs most of the time my overall confidence does wane. I want to work on keeping my confidence up, feeling happy in my own skin and with my differences and kookiness without becoming arrogant and big-headed. 

All pretty do-able don't you think? Apologies that they're not very exciting but I know that if I achieve these great things are going to happen - I'll be sure to keep you posted off course. The most worrying one for me though if the getting fit and toning up, due to a lack of energy and a deep hatred for all that is exercise I know I'm going to struggle with it. I'm at that stage in life where I can see physical changes in my skin, it's getting thinner, looser and well, more aged and I really need to get a handle on it asap you know to nip the whole thing in the bud. I'm guessing it's going to be hard with a lack of energy but as I work at it maybe just maybe it will get easier and my energy levels will return too. 

What resolutions have you all made? If you've made a resolution post link in below. 

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Deborah Lippmann // UK Relaunch

Did you know Deborah Lippmann were relaunching in the UK? No neither did I until recently. I suppose I had my head in the clouds when it came the prestigious polish brand, I truly believe that Deborah Lippman was only stocked in a minority of stores online and this may have been due to the UK market not being particularly important to the overall scope of the brand. 

Anyways that turned out to be poop and now they are placing focus on re-branding for the UK market *yay* I've tried the brand once - shocking I know. I'm excited that there's going to be more opportunity to get our talons on their awesome formula and shades, aren't you? 

Yup I do wish they were cheaper, at £16 for the crèmes, shimmers and non-glittery shades  and £18 for the glitter, top and base coats they're not cheap. I know I'd be especially miffed if I purchased a shade that looked horrendous but I suppose it's all part of the fun isn't it, finding beautiful new shades that finish off your look, boost your confidence or show your personality. 

There will be fifty long wearing shades re-launched including crème, shimmers and glitter finishes. Oh not to forget there shall be nail treatments too. If you're as excited as I am you'll be glad to know that they launch this week at Selfridges here

* Nothing to Disclose *

Shiseido 2014 Lacquer Gloss : Jumping On The Pantone Wagon

I'm going to do a bit of backtracking here but hear me out. I may have shunned 2014's Pantone last year (yeah I'll throw that in, my way of thinking was so 2013), I may have said Radiant Orchid was nothing special and I may have truly believed it was going to result in a heap of brands jumping on a lilac purple bandwagon heading for a major crash but, I may have also been wrong in this instance. 

Shiseido have jumped on 'said' bandwagon (and I know they're not the only brand to do so) but they've got it oh-so right with their S/S Lacquer Gloss offerings. There's the two variations pictured above called Nebula and Phantom. Each of the lacquers uses a special formula which refines the lip texture creating a smooth base - a primer for the lips if you will; the formula then also drenches the lips in gorgeous shades of Radiant Orchid (lilac-purple) and then locks in the colour with a moisturising top coat - all in one swipe. 

I tend to have a weakness for purple lips, any colour of purple I'm in being honest and while the Pantone of the year on it's own wasn't hugely appealing to me I can totally see this being worn by all skin colours in any season. I really thought my love for the purple lip trend would have faded quite quickly but I'm now sure given that it's nearly a year since it started that my purple relationship is here to stay. 

These won't be available until March the 6th but will be available at both John Lewis and House of Fraser's once they're out. So who's with me? purple pouts all around! 

* Nothing to Disclose *

Hurraw For HURRAW! Available In The UK Now

HURRAW! has arrived in the UK. 

If you're a lip balm connoisseur chances are you've heard of this American brand before, if not HURRAW are an organic, vegan and raw lip balm brand that are pretty major across the pond. They use amazing ingredients that not only offer your lips the long term benefits of softness and kissability but they're not going to cause you any untoward long term health issues. 

The balms contain barks, roots, fruit zest, raw seeds and pods to give you that amazing taste and softness. Some are tinted with natural colour and I so badly want to try out the red cinnamon version. The latest flavours in the range include the Cinnamon one that I want, Licorice and also Chocolate and Almond. 

Although the chocolate and almond sounds lush too doesn't it? ah dammit I don't know which I'd go for now. I'm definitely going to pick up one to try out so will report back but if you fancy getting your mitts on one they're only £3.99 and you can purchase them from My Pure here or also on Ebay here.

* Nothing to Disclose *