Monsoon // SS14 Dress Collection

I post mostly beauty news don't I? Here's a treat for you, Monsoon's SS14 Dresses Collection and it's absolutely incredible. I find I post about style and clothing collections when they have especially drawn me in and this collection is very much 'me.' I adore Monsoon as a brand because it does have that boho edge, I find the attention to detail in their pieces is second to none and for me that absolutely warrants their price tags. 

Monsoon have evened up their price ranges over the last few years, I've definitely noticed that. It used to be a shop I only went into for a special occasion or to treat myself simply due to the price but now I'm always popping in (when I go to a shopping centre) but mostly I visit online - I draw so much inspiration, it's my meditative window shopping. 

To make it easier I've grouped my favourites, there were so many gorgeous garments that I had to choose a few to feature as this would have been a mini novel, heres a peek at them... 

Bohemian Spirit

Jimbaren (£49) // Ah I love it. Boho is back with a BANG! Jimbaren is an chic day dress that should be worn with an arm of bangles and sandals for sure. Don't try to dress this up or I'll send round the boys! *muahaha*

Wulan (£45) // For a day dress I have nothing bad to say about it, suited to all body shaped - if you despise your bingo wings simply cover up with a crochet cardigan (oversized will look amazing, sleeves rolled up) and team with multi-length necklaces or bangles. I will allow you to dress this up if you want to. 

Navarros (£79) // I am going to own this! well depending on it's length on my frame, all going well I will own this *cue maniacal laugh* It's chic, embroidered, tassels and suited for both day and night time. It's boho but in the prettiest way. 

Keiki (£39) // ...... speechless. The print is absolutely gorgeous and reminds me of hippies, patchouli and festivals. Again it's suited to all body shapes, choose a kaftan as a cover up if you dislike your arms, wear it, be free and spread the peace and love man. 

Pretty Day Dresses

Tiffany (£59) // I love this dress but it does have a Stepford Wives feel to it but absolutely in a  positive way. After all those ladies/robots were very put together. This is suitable for both a day dress and celebration dress and would make an excellent dress to wear to weddings, baby showers and birthday celebrations. 

Sophia (£69) // Another day dress with a boho-feminine look and in a coral, red shade. This screams summer to me. 

Amba (£99) // I'm not sold on this possibly because my eyes aren't drawn to it over the other dresses, if you love simplicity, clean lines, comfortable fittings and something that can be dressed up and down then, this is for you. 

Rosalie (£59) // It's so simple but so clean and pretty. This is suited to all shapes although I'd probably recommend hourglass figures stay away as this would look awful with a belt. 

Ladylike Glamour

Mahi (£179) // I added this because I can appreciate the masses of beading this has. Seeing it up close makes you realise just how many wo/man hours this had to finish it. It also has a vintage, flapper appeal and is a evening dress for sure. 

Rupa (£109) // Another Stepford Wives esque dress with a vintage edge, I would try this on, if you have curvy hips, small boobies or long legs this is going to look amazing on you. 

Reena (£199) // Glamorous, bohemian and I would wear this. I would wear this to a wedding, damn I would wear this to renew hubster and I's vows. 

Layla (£119) // I like this but not enough to want it. It feels vampy but slightly ageing, I'd love to hear your thoughts on Layla. 

Reva (£149) // Another possible vow renewal dress *winks* which do you prefer, this or Reena? 

Maxi Day & Night Dresses

Oleta (£59) // A day dress for sure, Oleta has a boho appeal to it. I really like it but know for sure it's never going to fit me. You know dresses like Oleta never go out, each spring and summer boho comes back and out comes the maxi, flowing and ombre type dresses - this is really a low cost investment. 

Blake (£169) // This isn't the type of evening dress I'd chose to wear however, it has excellent structure and colour and would look crazy amazing on a large boobied lady and plus sizes - this is going to give you an amazing shape, accentuate your lady lumps and has just enough details to distract eyes from your tummy area. 

Bloom (£199) // Full colourful blooms, who would have thought it would look so good. I love this but it's not the type of dress I could personally pull off. 

Salma (£179) // It's like a dress made for a goddess, that blue-grey is chic and I adore it. The bedazzling around the neckline is just enough to make this go from OK to Incredible. I would say this would suit slim frames, small busts and wide shoulders. This is going to make you look curvy if you have a straight up and down figure too. 

Marianne (£109) // I love this. Love it, love it, love it. If I could wear this I would but alas, I can't. Delicate neutral blooms, full length and the cut especially around the neckline is ugh, so perfect. 

Kitty (£129) // I'm not feeling this as it reminds me of another 90's dress I once had, however I can appreciate it. Just not on me. 

Nudes & Vintage Appeal 

Eloise (£69) // Another vintage day dress although this can absolutely be worn at night with the right accessories. This is an excellent dress for all shapes and sizes and it accentuates rather than points out the bits we don't like. 

Effie (£169) // This is a perfect dress for those with wide shoulder or a small bust, ladies if you have large boobies don't even think about it. Dainty, pretty and very-very feminine this is an occasion dress and you will have to carefully think out your accessories. Anything too dark may look harsh with this. Think light, fluttery and fairy like. 

Briana (£139) // Part of my loves this and part of me doesn't, I'm so conflicted. The top part is amazing, the shapes, the balance of black, sheer and pink ration makes this look modern, powerful and different, I think the issue is the sheer panel and the scalloping after the waistband. That pattern was done in the 90's, I remember it so well because I had dresses and skirts like this with nude, pink and red underneath - maybe that's what's conflicting me, the 90's weren't good peoples. 

Josephine (£99.50) // This definitely has a haunted, vintage and flapper-esque appeal to it. This would suit the woman who wants love to look glam but only wants to be perceived as 'oh I just threw this yet I look effortlessly chic without trying' type of mentality. The beading on this like many of the others is divine. 

They're not all available yet so keep checking the Monsoon website here for new stock. Some are on there however and there's lots of items selling fast or selling out in certain sizes. If you see something you love, I'd recommend picking it up asap. I know I have my sights firmly on Navarros, Wulan and Keiki... boho all the way, baby. 

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Urban Decay // Spring Eyeshadow Duo's

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Duo's are due to be released shortly so let me tease you with this quick post. We all like a good, wearable day to night time shadow so these are going to be sell-outs I guarantee it. 

There's two duo's only in this little limited edition release and those are...

Sin & Mushroom // Sin is a champagne shimmer & Mushroom is a shimmery gray with warm undertones. 

X & Half Baked // X is a peach shimmer with a gold undertone & Half Baked is a golden bronze shimmer. 

What'cha think? lovely eh. I really like both of these and would absolutely wear these day-in-day-out. Once they're launched you should be able to pick these up on the Urban Decay website here or House of Fraser here
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Oriflame // Volare Eau De Parfum

Perfume's have peaked my interest, I use to find that there were too many fragrances that all seemed to smell the same. Recently however there's been lots of perfumes that have sexy notes in them, such as Amber, Sandalwood and Jasmine. Having previously tried a few Oriflame perfumes and been thoroughly impressed I was excited to hear about Volare and more excited about seeing it - you'll see why soon. 

Okies so normal pretty box. You can definitely sense that it's going to be a feminine almost romantic fragrance, it's definitely very fitting for Valentine's Day either as a gift or simply to be worn. The rose is symbolic for Valentine's Day (and also for being a flower that robs people blind on the 14th) and is celebrated in this fragrance. 

Notes include fresh cut rose, lilac, iris, violet, ripe peach, golden apricot notes over a base of seductive sandalwood, amber and musk. This is the type of fragrance that I like and want to wear, it's womanly, seductive and fun with a feminine and pretty edge. Because of it's lighter-playful notes it can be worn both during the day and at night. 

Let's talk about the bottle. Wow, it's so pretty in person and these images don't really capture how unique it really is. The bottle should really be turned around the other way, however you can get the idea - it's shaped like a pretty rose! how genius was that *high five to the packaging designers with this one* Due to the fragrance notes, the perfume has a faint pink tint which makes the rose bottle look like a pretty pink rose. 

The gold part is the stem, it did remind me of a Weeble (Weeble's wobble but they don't fall down) because it really doesn't wobble although it totally looks like it should, right? 

The EDP applies via the normal spritz top method and the actual fragrance has lasting power, I applied this in the morning and re-applied it at dinner time (possibly out of habit, not actually out of necessity).  Volare EDP is currently on offer for £12.95 although it will revert back to the normal retail price of £17.95 after Valentine's Day. You can pick you're up on the Oriflame website here

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M.A.C // Hot Tahiti Glaze Lipstick


Honestly, this is my first MAC glaze lipstick. It's MAC Hot Tahiti and is described as being a 'soft-reddish-coral' shade. I agree and I disagree and here's why. First up here's the actual lipstick, apologies for the terrible quality of these pics I honestly thought iPhone would have had a good camera, comparing it to Samsung well, these are the types of photo's you get in Scottish light... 

The lipstick itself resembles a deep Gothic berry. Having seen so many swatch pictures of this it either comes across as being a wash of Gothic berry on some or a deep red-rose shade. A lot of reviews state this has no lasting power but again I'd have to disagree, this lasted all day long and that's with eating and drinking. 

The formula itself is soft, smooth and glossy. It feels creamy and hydrating and once it's on the lips I have no issues with it. At first it feels slightly harder but as soon as your body heat kicks in the lipstick applies smoothly in a couple of swipes. I do advise you blot it in between swipes or you will end up with it on your teeth etc, blotting definitely gives it some lasting power and stops it sliding all over your face. 

Want to see the swatch? this is where I disagree with every review I've ever read on this shade... 

While it's deep, smouldering and berry-tastic on others it's more of a nude shade with a hint of brown-rose. This is definitely a day to day shade and it's the first I go to for a hint of daytime colour. I'm glad this is more of a nude on my skin tone, while the berry is amazing (I love a good berry shade) I definitely veer more to classic nudes and this was a pleasant surprise. 

If you plan to purchase Hot Tahiti I definitely recommend checking out further reviews, factor in your hair colour and skin tone against other bloggers hair colours and skin tones so you can decide if this is going to be a berry, coral or nude shade on you. 

Want to see how everyone should swatch their lipsticks? 

In my opinion the best way to swatch a lipstick is by kissing the cheek of your freshly bathed little boy *hehe.* He actually thought it was funny and went around showing everyone in the house his 'lips'. 

This is still available over on the MAC Cosmetics website here as well as Debenhams here

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By Terry // Cellularose Blush Glace SS14

You know it's getting closer to springtime when the net starts to go brush crazy right? There's so many blush products being released for SS14 and I have to say they're definitely peaking my interest. As someone with naturally red-ish (not as red as they used to be) cheeks I never needed nor wanted to wear blusher, now as I get older I definitely feel I look healthier with a bit of natural dewy colour on my cheeks. 

If you're a major blush fan then these premium By Terry Cellularose Blush Glace Blushers might be right up your alley. They're expensive let's get that out the way right now, but if you use blush and cheek colours regularly then price per use is totally fair isn't it. 

These are made with a water base which gives a natural but slight pop of colour, the formula can be described as a moisturising pigmented gel so you know it's going to leave you looking healthy, dewy and youthful. There's three shades in the collection Flower Sorbet (coral), Frozen Petal (baby pink) and Rose Melba (light rose). 

Each pot will set you back £38 and you can pick this up right now from Harrods here. Do you think you're going to splurge? have you ever spent more on a blusher before? 

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Valentine's Day Style // Pamela Mann Moulin Rouge Collection

Gitchie, gitchie, ya ya da da - Gitchie, gitchie, ya ya here. Mocha Chocolata ya ya - Creole Lady Marmalarde.... Moulin Rouge. 

While I'm not overly keen on the movie, I do love it's sexiness and empowering message and when I think about the movie I definitely link it to Valentine's Day. I also usually forgo wearing tights, well sheer tights that is because I'm a 100 denier chick all the way but, on Valentine's Day it's nice to wear something a bit more sheer, detailed and a bit more sexy-licious. 

I love a lot of the newer tights designs out there but the truth is my legs are so short that they always work their way down my stubby legs pretty quickly, half leg designs are going to lose their appeal pretty quickly on me so I tend to choose simplistic but pretty designs. I figured Valentine's Day, love hearts, back leg seam - cute, simple and sexy, am I right? 

I have my V-Day outfit planned, expect to see it posted up in time for the big day and I do plan on wearing these so there's no outfit post as of yet for these but you can get the idea of the seam design from the picture below. 

And the back. 

One of the things people do is they typically purchase size small if they're say a 8 or an 10, a medium if they're a 12 or a 14 and large if they're a 16 or larger. This is wrong, tight sizing works differently as it's based on height and not clothing size, normally if you're petite you opt for small, if you're average height you opt for medium and if you're tall you'd opt for large. I'm 5ft odds and currently a size 12 (I'm all hips) so I used to purchase a medium and then wondered why they were so damn long *blushes* as you can see from the image Pamela Mann works in a similar method but makes it more customised by factoring in clothing sizes too.

I opted for S/M and find these fit amazingly, this is why I head here first.  While you can purchase OK tights from Primark they slump pretty quickly and get baggy so quick, it's just not flattering is it. With these I know I'm going to look fab. 

The Moulin Rouge Collection consists of ten designs but the actual website holds hundreds of tights, hold ups and stocking designs - thick, thin, sheer, glittered, printed and coloured they're all available. Prices do vary but the Moulin Rouge tights start from £10 and work there way up to £35 for the Swarovski tights. You can purchase these over on the Pamela Mann website here in time for Valentine's. Which design or style do you normally opt for? 

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Rodial // Super Acids Range

Rodial - creators of Dragon's Blood, Snake Venom and Glamoxy Skincare as well as the more controversial Crash Diet, Skinny Beach and Tummy Tuck Sticks. Regardless of what products they launch you know they're always going to be luxurious, pampering and of a high quality. 

Rodial's latest addition is the Super Acids Range, this range sounds like a god-send if I'm being honest. The products all have their own abilities but the main points are they work at sloughing away dead skin, reducing the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles while mattifying, clarifying and brightening your skin tone. There's some great ingredients also such as salicylic acid, glycolic acid and fruit amino's and even olive oil. 

There's five products in the collection and those are: 

X-Treme Pore Shrink Cleansing Pads (£48) / 50 ultra-cleansing pads to remove make-up, dirt, oil while also visibly reducing the appearance of enlarged pores. The gentle apple amino acids blend with olive oil and salicylic acid to deeply clean and soften while evermat shrinks the appearance of pores. 

SPF30 X-Treme Dark-Spot Sun Filter (£45) / Correct the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone with this long lasting moisturiser. Optical blurring gransil reflects light particles and mattified shine, Biotilys®  work further helping to prevent irritation, boost hydration and offer protection. 

X-Treme Acid Rush Peel (£75) / The ultimate resurfacing peel to completely rejuvenate the look of your skin. A combination of azelaic, glycolic and lactic acids effectively exfoliate and retexture revealing a new layer of skin with the reduced look of imperfections and fine lines.  

X-Treme Hangover Mask (£45) / Triple action resurfacing clay mask to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and restore a healthy looking complexion. Pronalen® fruit acids exfoliate gently whilst laracare® and argireline hexapeptide® help to minimise fine lines and lift sagging skin.   

X-Treme After Party Scrub (£45) / 3-in-1 scrub that contains micro polish to brighten, renew and refine your skin while buffing away dead skin cells and unclogging pores. Glycolic and Salicylic Acids work at diminishing imperfections and smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.   

The collection was due to launch in March but it looks as though it's been pushed forward. It's actually available right now over on the Rodial website here, if you fancy taking a peek. 

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Valentine's Day // 12 Unique Cards For All Budgets

Valentine's Day, the one day a year where getting mushy is OK. The one day where we're forced to tell that one (or more) person 'I love you.' Over the years things have changed, it's become OK for those who aren't romantically inclined to say those three words a little different, to celebrate it a little different and to choose whether or not you swap gifts - if you don't that's still OK. 

In my household we're pretty blase with the whole faux celebration, I personally believe that you should regularly show the one/s you love that you appreciate them. It doesn't always have to be soppy or romantic but it should show that you care. I tend to show this by calling hubster cheeky names, slapping his butt and well just being silly. Because of this I do get a lot of enjoyment from ruder, dry humour and more crass cards (but still within reason, I can handle some swearing but not anything too vulgar). 

I've covered small Valentine's Day treats (here) as well as unusual gifts (here) but I had get to touch on cards. Sometimes a card is enough to show that care, so enough of me yabbering on here - I decided to create a top 12 wishlist covering all sorts of card types... 

Ketchup Card (£2.95) / Fantastic Bottom (£2) / Random Notes (£9.50) / Luv Dub Camper (£3.90) / Rawr Dino Card (£3.99) / Much Love 3D Card (£5.99) / Personalised Card (£4.50)
Love is in The Air (£2.50) / You Rock My World (£4.50) / Pug Love (£2.99) / Happy Valentine's F*Chops (£3) / Bear Hug (£2.50)

Whatcha' think? Are you more of the retro, minimal or crass card buyer? Me I'm all over that fuckchops card. It's genius. 

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YSL // Premium Skin Care Collection

Premium skincare, yes please. I do love skincare - while some are all about the mascara, tan and lashes I'm all about the lotions and potions I can slap on my face and body. I want healthy, glowing skin and I want it in the easiest possible way, even if that means purchasing overly priced products. 

Yves Saint Laurent are joining in with the overly priced skincare hype and launching a new collection this spring. While some claim to be filled with rare ingredients, exotic additives and all natural whats-a-macall-it's this collection really does have exotic ingredients in it. For example, Saffron is a key ingredient and is one of the most expensive ingredients around in both cookies, perfumery and skincare. It can also be described as ''red gold'' simply because it is so expensive *gulp* The saffron that's included in this collection contain a high concentration of a unique glycan called ' crocin.' 

Crocin is chock filled with antioxidants and are medically used to help treat depression. It has major anticarcinogenic properties which help to slow down the spread of cells that may become cancer in the future and increases cell communication and metabolism which helps to slow down the signs of ageing. Honestly it's just nice to see a big L'Oreal brand include ingredients that are anti-carcinogenic rather than the other way around. 

Crocin is also an anti-pyretic and analgesic so this will be a great product addition for those who suffer from acne due to it's ability to reduce the heat, inflammation and pain caused by cysts, boils and pimples. You may have guessed but Crocin as an ingredient is basically a painkiller - it's used as the main active ingredient in Tylenol and Panadol.  

The collection aims to soften fine lines and wrinkles, reduce puffiness and dark circles and hydrate your skin to perfection. There's a few product in the range and those are... 

*50ml YSL Or Rouge Cream
*200ml YSL Or Body Lotion
*15ml YSL Or Eye Cream 

The range will launch initially into Harrods some time this month. I'll keep you posted on the actual date as I find out. Warning though it,s going to be very expensive but given it's abilities it's one I may save for or, wait until it comes down in price. What are your thoughts on this? 

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Valentine's Day // 15 Unconventional Gifts

Another Valentine's Day post, are you getting sick of them yet? I hope not after all love is a beautiful thang. This time I wanted to cover gifts that were not typically seen as being Valentine's Day gifts. Gifts that suit the hipster, quirky and overall AWESOME chick-a-dee and these tick every box (in my opinion). 

While they're a bit different they aren't way out there. Here's what I choose to gift to your hunky monkey or delightful diva... 

Pink Pug Candle (£25) // Pugs not drugs guys, pugs-not-drugs. If there was ever any reason to buy a pug inspired item it's Valentine's Day. While a pug head candle doesn't scream 'I love you, have my babies' it does make you look absolutely incredibly awesome - surely there will be extra points for it being pink *wink* guys and gals if you're hoping your V-Day's going to end up going a certain way *hint-hint* then you need all the extra points you can get. 

Red Lace Bra (£18) // Lingerie it a typical gift I know but most of the time it's purchased by the other person who may or may not automatically hit Ann Summers. While Ann Summer's have gorge stuff it's not always to the taste of the person who has to wear it. I figured this was sexy and absolutely womanly. Pretty but a tad naughty's always a great option plus, it looks ubber comfy too. 

Forever Ink Tattoo Balm (£7) // Okies hear me out. I'm not advocating going out on the spur of the moment and getting your lover's name scrolled in curly font along your forearm but, how surprising would it be to open this balm with a gift certificate for a tattoo along with it. Maybe you want to show off your new tattoo (name, symbolism etc) and gift this so your lover has something to unwrap. Of course you may have to get another gift as balm alone is pretty crap. 

Gold Beaded Leopard Ballet Flats (£40) // Ballet flats, glitz and leopard print ermagerd these have it all going on, but they're still classy. I rarely find leopard print draws me in and when you factor in the chavtastic bling typically seen with mobile phone cases and leopard print what-nots I'm normally secretly horrified but these *swoon* are so amazingly perfect. Perfect gift although I don't recommend gifting these in your in a single sex relationship with a guy. 

Ecote Red Backpack (£42) // It's red. It's cute. It's suitable. Bags are here to stay so you really can't go wrong can you plus this looks really expensive. 

Love Candle (£8) // On sale from £25 to £8 if you're a bit strapped for cash this is a great option. Most people love candles, damn it even hubster loves himself a good candle and this does say 'love' which surely means it's made for the 14th? 

Mink Pink Lace Kimono (£65) // Ah see this one I just loved so badly it had to be entered. I know I would be so impressed if hubster gifted this to me with no prior prompts but the reality is it's never going to happen. I hope one of you lovelies finds this wrapped up in some pretty paper. 

Burgundy Lace Bralet (£16) // This was added for similar reasons to the red bra, although this had a bit more of a gothic sexy edge I felt. As a bra it's very simple but very striking all the same. 

Sparkle & Fade Multi-Strap Dress (£38) // I'm bringing sexy back... nuff said. 

Rookie Classic Roller Skates (£90) // I'm literally speechless, I never expected to find these but when I did I just knew it was love. Who else is feeling the retro love for these? 

Chalk Board Frame (£10) // Just add a cute picture, your pug, your first date, your abtastic abs or your member (some get kicks out of that okies, no judging). Either way you could totally cutify this or make it crude -Gold Beaded Leopard Ballet Flat all depending on you and your lover's tastes of course *wink* 

Lovelorn Notebook (£11.99) // It's a notebook. Stationary lovers will adore this,  I know I do. If you love notebooks, writing, list making or pretty books that make your bedroom look awesome then this is the perfect gift. 

Skull Jewellery Box (£22) // Oooh it's edgy. I love the ying-yang effect of this. Masculine skeleton with feminine jewellery box. I want it, I need it. I know other's are going to feel it too. 

Love Listography Book (£11.99) // This has been added for exactly the same reasons as the Lovelorn Notebook. If I had my own way this list would have been filled with notebooks, journals, stationary and cute stickers... possibly of pugs. 

So clever clogs out there will be saying 'but that's only 14 items' why this is a 15 product list you are so very-very right. I figured the whole tattoo thing is another gift in itself and therefore is number 15. Matching tats, tattoo gift vouchers, matching piercings or some symbolic tattoo'd reference are all acceptable. I don't urge you to get any sort of name permanently etched onto your skin and I'd say only go for a tat if you a) know what you want, b) aren't drunk and c) actually want to get one. 

Either way happy love day you lovelies. I'm also going to forewarn you there are more Valentine's Day posts headed your way... 

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Paul & Joe // Spring Base Products

Paul & Joe have released the info on their spring collection. The collection itself has no name but it does consist of fantastic base products such as foundation, protection and body oils all are staples for a healthy spring-summer body. The products are staggered with releases both in March and April but I'll be sure to add them to the Offer Calendar as soon as I get official dates for you. 

The UV Body Protection is apparently only available in Japan but you know how things change, well I hope they do because I would absolutely purchase this. Protection is very important and it's something I've come to realise only since I've gotten older, I swear the older I get the more worried I become about health and making changes to ensure nothing bad ever creeps up like skin cancer. 

The Smoothing Body Oil is due for release in April. The oil is fragranced with Orange Flower, Mandarin, Citrus and Bergamot to leave you feeling refreshed, vibrant and happy, while the added herbal blend of Eucalyptus and Pepper will leave your body feeling cool, calm and collected especially on hot and sticky days. 

The Silky Smooth Foundation is a new addition to the brand and will be available in seven shades which include Alabaster, Cameo, Nude, Clear, Fresh, Toffee and Biscuit. The foundation offers the wearer protection in the form if SPF 25 as well as full coverage with a light and airy feel. The foundation also absorbs excess oil and creates a soft matte look with an even tone. Sounds amazing doesn't it. 

What do you think sweeties, do you buy new products especially suited to the sunny weather? Are you big on protection or have you tried any Paul & Joe coverage products before? As soon as they're launched you'll be able to pick them up on the Selfridges website here

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