Wishlist // My Dream 15 Products

As I type this I look around me and my home looks bare, inside I have an inner panic which is crazy because I'm not someone that's instinctively a shopaholic or a frivolous shopper. As a child my family didn't have a lot of money and while my friends have big brand clothing, I didn't; and I was OK with that. 

I was a dreamer, my favourite past time was marking catalogues, dreaming about what I would have in my adult wardrobe and my own home. As I grew it continued, I never grew tired of dreaming about nice things. For me it's not about the price it's about the benefit. Nice things make me feel good, confident, settled even - they may cost 20p at a charity shop or they may cost thousands. My frivolous nature never went away so I do feel bad about spending a lot of money; because of that I make wish lists. 

My mum always told me ' if when shopping you have to think about whether you're going to buy something, don't buy it' she said this because if you really wanted it or needed it you wouldn't have to think about it. Her advice was put it back, if in three days you cannot get it out of your head then get it if you can afford to do so - wise woman, mummy Silver is. 

So as I look around my home is bare, I am missing the feeling of having nice things around me. Personality in my home and my comforts. Expect to see many wish lists over the next four weeks and this luxury, high end wish list is going to be the first of many to come. 

Join on my dreamers bandwagon guys, we have tea and chocolate... 
Alexander McQueen Jacquard Dress // This dress stood out for me, it's the perfect shape for a curvy woman and will flatter almost all shapes and sizes. I love the detailing of the laser cuts in the lower half of the dress.

Elle MacPherson Eyelash Contour Bra // This isn't extortionately priced but when you're moving who has money to buy luxe bra's? I love this bra for it's shape and simple details such as the interchanging colours and the eyelash design along the cups. 

Myla Morgan Bra //  Wowzers, this looks simple and I suppose it is a simple bra but this would look incredible on. It's made with stretch lace and is shaped to contour and enhance the womanly shape. The style is vintage inspired and I WANT IT so badly. 

Saint Lauren Ligne Y Bag // Purple Bordeaux leather, simple detailing and it's versatility. This would hold all of the usual bits and bobs, would improve with age and is always going to be in. 

Stephen Webster Long Cuff Bangle // I've coveted this for so long and my love for it just never goes away. I love that this is an extended cuff bangle that looks simple at first but upon closer inspection it's design is of a spine and ribs. I suppose it's mixing the feminine, sleek Silver metals with the masculine gothic-esque design. It's that yin and yang thing guys. 

Astley Clarke Hamsa Charm Bracelet // Astley Clarke create some of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery I have seen in a long time, they tend to be quite simple using semi-precious gemstones and have a spiritual theme to them. I would love to own this Hamsa hand bracelet.  

Miu Miu Noir Sunglasses // 70's inspired teal suede sunglasses - awesome!. I would absolutely rock these this summer. 

Estee Lauder Pleasures Charming Horn Necklace // The horn on this necklace is said to symbolise protection and good luck. The necklace not only looks modern and current but the horn itself is filled with a solid perfume in the iconic Pleasures fragrance. 

Armani L'or du Desert EDP // Limited edition. It's a mix of The Thousand and One Nights Collection with extra golden dust added to leave you with a real gold shimmer.

Karl Lagerfeld Karl 7 Watch // Sleek gunmetal styled into a cut pyramid style. It also features the iconic number 7 which is said to be Karl's favourite number. This does have quite a masculine feel to it but I love that it has 'design' without it being OTT. 

Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick // It's the packaging that makes this stand out, I'd happily own any of the shades available. 

Dior Poudrier Diorific //Embossed with Masai beads and created with a lush pearly formula what's not to love? 

Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge Decanter // Jasmine absolute in a gorgeous bottle. This is sexy, sultry and hedonistic for sure. 

Agraria Crystal Bitter Orange Candle // I've never tried this brand due to their price but I have always loved the 70's vibe their packaging has. Plus I can absolutely imagine using the crystal tumbler once the candle has burnt away. 

Perricone The Science of Cold Plasma Kit // I've only tried Perricone once and love it. I would love to try their skincare products but as usual the price put me off. That doesn't stop me slavering over the products every time they email me. This kit contains four products which target the eyes, face and skincare as a whole. 

What do you think? Luxe but quite simple at the same time huh? If you had to choose one luxury or premium product what would you choose? These are all available over on the Harrods website (I can't get enough of Harrods lately). 

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Christian Louboutin // SS14 Shoes (Pic Heavy)

Following on from the SS14 Louboutin handbags collection is the shoes! the shoes are far more exciting and only show a small amount of what's going to be available. This post is picture heavy and not purse friendly - you have been warned. 

These aren't my favourites but they're still gorgeous. 

No name // Oh hells no. These are so wrong in my opinion as there's too much going on, very 90's. 
Pink & Gold Catchetta // The same design in two colourways, I think I prefer the gold sandal better. 

No Name // These are most definitely the most ornate from the collection. I wouldn't wear them as I think they'd be hard to pull off without making the wearer look overdone. 
Viveka Watersnake // Animal print lovers are going to adore these. 
Martha // I normally love classic style so typically I'd steer clear of this type of design but I actually love these, ornate without being overdone and the shoe design is classic with a twist. 

Now these on the other hand, wowzers. I would happily give up all of my shoes for these. 

Pigalle Spikes // These are what lead to me posting about this collection. 
Paralili // Nautical colours and a great shape. 
No Idea // Another no named shoe. Classic and beautiful, there's nothing to hate about these. 

Decollete // I am loving everything about these, the colour, material, height and shape. 
Pigalace // Not loving the lace but as a wedding or spring celebration shoe they'd be incredible. 
Toboggan // These go with everything, especially jeans. 

Louis Gomme Spikes // You'd need to be brave to wear these I reckon but they're still beautiful. These are also available in the mens collection. 
No name // Adore these boho inspired wedges. I would absolutely wear these. 
Effarita Nappa White // A classic take on a brogue - without the brogue-y-ness. 

No name // Ahhh squeee I love these. One word.... Glitter!
No name // Another simple gladiator type sandal that are so wearable, these never really go out do they? 
Athena Veau Velours // Simple sandals that make a statement. 

I do not know the names of the top row of shoes. For me they are pretty meh - what's your opinion of them? If you know the names let me know. 

Academicus Crepe de Chine // I can't even try to love these, sorry. 
Costa Nada White // The scary thing is I would totally wear these and probably not even be ashamed about it. 
Costa Nada Black // See above. 

Belly Nodo // High heels that look as though they would be comfortable and chic to wear. I love the muted shape and I do go weak at the knees for a good t-bar shoe. 
Djlaouzi // Silver in the front and a party in the back. 
Farfamesh Gold // Forget the red bull, farfamesh have wings. 

Aqua Ronda PVC // These are completely out of the box crazy but still look awesome, on the right person these are going to look amazing but maybe tricky for others to pull off. 
Leonor Fini // Love, love, love these. If these didn't have a peep toe I'd be saving my pretty pennies for these for sure. 
Just Soon // French stripes - need, want, who's with me.  

No Idea // No idea what these Kourtney Kardash-esque boots are called. 
Amazona (tan) // Another pair of nice but not wowing boots. 
No Idea // Thee perfect work shoes. I so badly want the two  of these. 
No Idea // See above. 

Apostrophy // I adore slingbacks, white are a risky option in our weather but still, throw caution to the wind and rock these babies. 
Air Chance Patent // Ah I love these, the perfect work wear to night wear shoes. 
No Idea // Not doing too good here with the no names. These will be coming soon however. 

Are any standing out, pulling on your heart strings or just making you say 'oh hells no!' right now? I'm loving the Pigalle Spikes and hating the Academicus Crepe de Chine. These will be available in store at Selfridges and Harvey Nichols if you fancied picking up a pair or two. 

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Christian Louboutin // SS14 Clutches

Christian Louboutin SS14 collection is inspired by the works of impressionists such as Van Gogh and Monet - chances are you'll recognise a few of these floral works of art but notice they have been given a modern revamp with some utterly gorgeous Louboutin bags and shoes. 

The SS14 collection is most definitely whimsical in nature, there's no one guiding inspiration or colour palette which you'll see from the bags below, Spring is one of those seasons however that a whimsical style fits into seamlessly because our attitude changes - we become happier, more drawn to colour and pattern and are eager to whip out our fancier clothing, bags and shoes, I'm absolutely feeling that right now which is why I had to post about this collection - everything in it is incredible and I can feel my purse twitching. 

Here are the beauties... 

I'm not sure what the name of the watercolour clutch is but the black shoulder bag is called the Khepira Clutch Multi, the Khepira has so many compartments and as a organisational addict this is perfect for me - get in my wardrobe. 

The style for this season is the Sweet Charity bag which Louboutin have kindly created using so many patterns, materials and colours. For me the spikes wins every time but the Faience carpet pattern and pvc variations are interesting also. 

Again I have no name for the Spikes rucksack, snake print clutch and mini bag on the lower centre but I'll update this post as they come. Who else can see the whimsy with all of these creations? 

Which style are you coveting? You can pick yours up from Selfridges and Harvey Nichols in store if you fancied picking one up. Personally I want so many pieces from the SS14 collection but funds won't allow it - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a surprise lotto win. 

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Six Products // That Didn't Rock My World

I rarely post these types of posts because I really don't want anyone to think I'm a negative nancy, of course if there are any issues that arise when reviewing individual products I do mention them as I feel I have a duty to advise you about the good and bad aspects of each product - allowing you to make up your own mind. 

This post is sort of like an extended version of that mentality. I've collated a few products that disappointed me or maybe didn't even make their way onto the blog. I know a lot of the Facebook Sweet Elyse followers wanted to hear more about products that didn't rock my world so here it is. 

There are six products (I couldn't find ten in my room that I disliked) and they each have positives and negatives, the negatives on these have resulted in me either using them sparingly, once or not at all. Here's more on them... 
Longer Lashes Serum // After purchasing and finishing two tubes of Rapidlash I wanted to try other brands to see if they offered similar results but with a more natural product. I was lead to Longer Lashes Serum through reviews and after purchasing this and trying it I found I was really disappointed. With the Rapidlash I could see growth literally within days, the Longer Lashes serum never gave me any growth as far as I could see. The formula was thick and I found it hard to get the actual serum to stay on my lashes. My lashes felt gloopy and it wasn't a delight to wear if I'm being honest. I was so disappointed with this that I have purchased another tube of Rapidlash this week for half the price. 

Argan Oil // I believe I purchased this from B & M's for a few pounds so didn't expect anything major. I initially purchased it due to it being an argan oil hair product and having had great results from other argan products figured it couldn't really be that different, could it? Well the results were a greasy mess. It wasn't as bad as some 

Organic Surge // This is a vegan suitable body wash, I'm just so wary when it comes to skincare and body products now that I tend to stick to products that have been tried and tested and meet my very snobbish standards. I like this smell but because it hasn't been used and has sat there doing nothing it's hit this list. I doubt I'll ever use it because while it smells nice, it doesn't smell incredible. 

L'Occitane Hair & Body Oil (review coming soon) // This isn't a bad product. L'Occitane are one of my favourite body care brands but this product only worked for one of the two marketed uses in my opinion. It's marketed as both a hair and body oil, as a body oil it's incredible and smells like an adult take on baby oil. As a hair oil it is horrendous - my hair was so greasy, heavy and lank for the week after spritzing this on and it seemed as though no shampoo was going to break through the oil. I'm happy that my hair is now back to normal but I'll not use it on my hair again. 

Ciate Paint Pot // This gorgeous summery yellow is the Loop The Loop shade. I love this but it looks horrendous on me. I also find the formula of Ciate isn't as good as Nails Inc, Nails Inc have my heart every time so it's tough for any polish brand to compete. This polish is available in my blog sale here if you fancied giving it a loving home. 

MUA Glitter Liner (review here) // Aww hells no, this was a complete shambles. I had hoped I'd have a nice glittery black line for Christmas but this just didn't apply, it was weak, watery and when I left the initial smudge of a line to dry and went to apply another coat it just wiped the first coat off. I tried using a primer also and it didn't help one bit. I may just have oilier eyelids though - I'd love to hear if you've ever had any of the MUA glitter liners work for you? 
Have there been any products that have disappointed you recently? 

* Purchased Myself & PR Samples *

The Body Shop // Blueberry Body Scrub Gelee

The Body Shop Blueberry Body Scrub Gelee is a pot of fresh, fruity yumminess. It smells like true crushed blueberries and the scrubby parts are made with walnut shell and raspberry seeds which makes this look like jam in my opinion. 

It contains Fairtrade honey which comes from wildflowers in Ethiopia, I'm not sure if Ethiopian wildflowers are superior to our standard UK wildflowers but there you go - it contains honey. The honey leaves your skin feeling soft even after scrubbing away all that dead skin. I found this scrub was also fantastic at stopping pesky ingrown hairs, I tend to have a nightmare with those and nothing seems to really stop them from ingrown but using this scrub daily on my legs has definitely decreased the amount of hairs that grow inwards. 

I've been using this every day so it will be featured in an empties post soon but factoring in my daily use as well as my three sons using this it has definitely been value for money, it's also been a delight to use because it smells incredible, works exceptionally well and doesn't cause any rashes, stinginess or burning sensations like some products do. 

You can pick up your own from The Body Shop's website for £12.50. It is limited edition so be quick because I'm not sure how long it's going to be available for. 

* PR Sample *

Guerlain // Rouge G de Guerlain Lip Colours

I am in awe of this collection guys, it's incredible and I wholeheartedly want every single lip colour. So this is the Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain Lip Colour Collection (try saying that ten times fast). 

The collection consists of seven lip shades, two of which are limited editions. Each of the lip colours are packaged in the most incredible metallic cases which in itself makes these covetable. Imagine being out and pulling one of these babies out - I would feel pretty awesome about it and while I'm not big headed, this maybe the one product that pushes me over the edge into being big-headed and proud. 

Sometimes a little bit of showing off is good for the soul... right? 

Lip colours include:  

Rose Grenat // Red-pink velvet finish. Limited Edition. 
Rose Glace // Nude pink. Limited Edition. 
Gaetane // Deep brown. 
Galiane // Nude beige. 
Geraldine // Bright pink. 
Geneva // Blood orange. 
Gladys // Vibrant fuchsia pink. 

The collection is due to launch around April time and you'll be able to pick it up from both Debenhams and House of Fraser. I know it will be priced in the luxury price range but on this occasion I really feel it's so worth of it. I jut can't get over how beautiful Rose Glace is.  

* Nothing to Disclose *

OPI // Muppet's Most Wanted Collection

Love them or hate them it's fair to say this Muppet's Most Wanted Collection is pretty love able and is so far away from where they could have taken this. You won't find no Kermit greens in this line up that's for sure. 

The collection is obviously inspired by the latest Muppet's Most Wanted Movie that's due to launch in the cinemas on March 28th 2014. the collection includes eight polishes in a range of finishes from creams, crelly's (creamy jelly) and glitters. Take a look at what's been released...

There's two mini gift sets available - Romancing The Frog and When Froggy Met Piggy. Each of the gift sets includes a duo chrome polish and a glitter that can be used alone or over the duo chrome polish for an extra punch. 

Romancing The Frog // Muppet's World Tour and Miss Piggy's Big Number are included in this set, this is the cooler toned option. 

Froggy Met Piggy // Ah Kermit and Miss Piggy, a true love story right there. This set includes Kermit Me to Speak and Gaining Mole-mentum and is warmer, there's a more detailed polish list below. 

And my favourite out of all OPI products - the mini's set. This mini set includes four of the eight polishes. Miss Piggy's Big Number, I Love Applause, Kermit Me to Speak and Chillin' Like a Villain are all included in this little line-up. I do love this because you have shades for day wear to night wear. 

If you prefer the individual full sized bottles you will have to take your pick from these ones sweeties: 

Chillin' Like a Villain // My favourite out of the collection, this polish is a cream nude beige with a warm undertone. There's no frills, no metallic, no shimmer, no nothing - just the way I like it. This polish lets your outfit do all of the talking. 

Gaining Mole-mentum // A pretty glitter with shredded light pink and gold glitter. very pretty and one glitter that I absolutely need for 2014. 

I Love Applause // A crelly formula with a sheer white colour. Not overly keep on the sheerness of this but I'd imagine jelly lovers will rejoice over this. 

Int'l Crime Caper // Pure white with a hint of pink shimmer, it's apparently very sheer but very pretty all the same. I'm intrigued for sure, I think I'll wait and see what it looks like on other bloggers before making my mind up. 

Kermit Me To Speak // A duo chrome that changed from green to purple, typically like an oil spill. I dislike these types of formula's on me but on others they always look incredible. 

Let's Do Anything We Want! // Smaller glitter than before, this polish includes pink and white glitter with the white glitter being square shaped. 

Miss Piggy's Big Number // Blue shimmer. It reminds me of the old metallic grainy types of polishes, not a fan of this if I'm being honest and will definitely be giving it a miss. 

Muppet's World Tour // Small white and silver glitter with a sprinkling of multicoloured pieces too. My least favourite out of the glitters but it's been a huge hit with other bloggers. 

The collection is available just now over on the Nail Polish Direct website. What do you think? would you have preferred it to have been more typically Muppet coloured? 

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Clinique // Calyx Perfume

Clinique is an umbrella brand within the Estee Lauder family, back in the eighties a brand called Prescriptives was also within this umbrella but sadly is no longer running. Back in 1987 Prescriptives launched Calyx which then went on to become iconic, I'm not sure why they stopped making it but long story short with Prescriptives not being a viable option for a relaunch; good old Clinique stepped up and relaunched Calyx. 

I of course was only a little baby when this hit iconic status so never got the chance to sniff the original but today's Calyx is a gorgeous floral, fruity fragrance that's targeted towards women but honestly men could absolutely wear this. Apparently they also use the exact same notes in the relaunch that Prescriptives used in the original too.  

The bottle has a heavy nod to it's original eighties sister and while it's quite plain, the deep lined ridging across the body of the bottle does make me think of aftershaves and perfumes my mum and dad had when I was growing up. 

The words 'Calyx' comes from the part of the flower that holds everything together. Those underside green leaves near the stem. I can see why this would be called Calyx as it's very much created with a ton of notes that are held together firmly with a fresh, floral and natural fragrance. 

Notes include apricot, passion fruit, mint, mandarin orange, cassia, peach, mango, bergamot, grapefruit, papaya and guava; middle notes are cyclamen, lily, melon, freesia, orris root, jasmine, neroli, marigold, lily-of-the-valley and rose; base notes include musk, oakmoss, cedar, sandalwood and vetiver. 

It's a completely different sort of scent for me, I tend to go for female woodsy, warm, spicy and oriental fragrances. I do like a good sound floral fragrance but this is out of this world - it's not like anything I've ever sniffed before and I don't feel it could fit into one of the generic perfume categories such as floral, fruity, spicy, aquatic etc. It's the perfect balance of fruity, floral and fresh for sure. 

It's olfactory magic! 

You can pick up Calyx from your local Clinique counter or also on the Clinique website. If you're looking for something new and fresh for spring-summer then definitely check this out, you'll be surprised at how unique it is. 

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Blog Sale // Polishes #1

I'm moving home so I'm being forced to destash and declutter. I tend to hold on to things but I'm having to be strict - we've new furniture and a plaster to purchase and it's stressing the living daylights out of me. I plan to add a product based sale each weekend up until we move. Once I've moved there's no more, so grab what you can as soon as you can. 

Most have been swatched once. There's a few that have gone unused except for the swatch in the picture. Some are brand new, some are limited edition and some have been used but it will state how much is used. There is nothing over £4.00 and there's polishes that start from £1.00. 

★   Edit: Postage is lowered now due to lower courier prices. You will ONLY pay £2.78 for your postage - one price regardless of how much you buy. ★ ★ 

I always post out via a trackable method so you can be sure you'll receive your parcel safe and sound. If you have any questions you can email me on sweetelysepr@gmail.com or Tweet me on @sweetelyseuk 

Left to right: 

OPI Mini Liquid Sand - Bond Girls Collection // Jinx - Red, Orange Liquid Sand.  £2.50
Ciate Paint Pot // Loop The Loop - Light summery yellow. £3.50
Nails Inc Beaded Polish // Belgravia - White and holographic glitter & texture. £3.50
OPI Mini - Oz Great & Powerful Collection // Don't Burst My Bubble - Sheer Nude.  £2.50
OPI Mini - Oz Great & Powerful Collection // I Theodora You - Light Pink Cream.  £2.50
Nails Inc Leather Effect // Old Compton Street - Light grey leather effect. £3.50
Nails Inc Mini // Thames - Stormy grey cream polish. £2.50

Left to right: 

Orly Mini - Mash Up Collection // Pretty Ugly - Creamy aqua with a fine aqua shimmer £2.50
Essie Mini - Braziliant Collection // Smooth Sailing - lavender blue with a fine purple and blue shimmer. £2.50
Nails Inc // victoria & Albert - Creamy warm pillarbox red. £3.50
Nails Inc // Walton Place - Vibrant bubblegum pink cream £3.50
Nails Inc - Midas Touch Collection // Clifford Street - Dark purple & fine gold shimmer. £3.50
Nails Inc // St. James - cool pillarbox red. £3.50
Nailberry // Atlantic - Deep creamy teal-blue. £4.00

Left to right: 

Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine // Beaming 01 - Vibrant red with a fine pink shimmer. £1.00
Oriflame Instant Nail Protector // boxed £1.00
OPI Mini - Oz Great and Powerful Collection // Don't Burst My Bubble - sheer baby pink £2.00
Nails Inc // Shoreditch - classic hot pink £3.50
Nails Inc Special Effects - Ltd Edition // Abbey Road - full coverage silver holo polish £4.50
Sally Hansen // Midnight in NY 670 - Black with fine gold & red glitter £2.00
Illamasqua // Jan - Creamy mauve £4.00

Left to right: 

Pixi by Petra (boxed) // Classy Cocoa - Four Free polish - dark red with gold shimmer £2.00
Ciate Paint Pot // Butterscotch - nude beige, cocoa with fine gold shimmer. £3.50
OPI Mini - Minnie Couture Collection // Innie Minnie Mighty Box - Red with a fine red shimmer £2.50
Nails Inc - Metallic Collection // Greenwich Park - full coverage silver glitter. £3.50
L'Oreal Colour Riche // Soft Chinchilla - light creamy grey £2.00

Left to right: 

Nails Inc - Sandal Collection - Ltd Edt // Prince of Wales Drive - bright almost neon orange. £3.50
OPI Mini - Bond Girls Collection // Vesper - royal purple liquid sand £2.50
Nails Inc Mini // Floral Street - creamy white £2.50
OPI Mini - Bond Girls Collection // Pussy Galore - baby pink liquid sand £2.50
Nails Inc // Bleinheim Terrace - coral pink with fine silver shimmer £3.50

Left to right:

OPI (full size) // Lincoln Park After Dark - Dark gothic plum £4.00 
Nails Inc // South Molton Street - nude sheer pink 3/4 bottle left £1.00

Left to right: 

Nails Inc - Autumn Winter // Fenchurch Street - creamy caramel colour £3.50
Miners 1000 Kisses // Pink with a fine gold shimmer. £1.00
Nails Inc - Spring Summer // Hampstead Gardens - creamy mustard £3.50
China Glaze - On Safari Collection // Kalahari Kiss - Creamy yellow beige £3.50
Illamsaqua // Elope - Bright glossy emerald green £4.00
Oriflame (boxed) // Pearly Nude - nude with a duo chrome shimmer. £1.00

If you see any polishes that you're interested in please comment below and include your email so I can send your Paypal invoice. 

A one off postage charge of £2.78 is in place simply because of Royal Mails issue with posting polishes and other flammables. Remember this is all you will pay for postage so stock up ladies. 

The more you buy the more you save, I will try and add in some freebies to make up for the postage price. 

★   Edit: Postage is lowered now due to lower courier prices. You will ONLY pay £2.78 for your postage - one price regardless of how much you buy. ★ ★ 

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