Urban Decay // Electric Palette

Forget the Naked 1, 2 or 3 palettes because this is the must have palette for 2014 I promise you that. Urban Decay were sick of having palettes that looked neon and highly pigmented in the eyeshadow pan but transferred to the eyelids with a weak or slight wash of colour. For most eye shadows the blend of oxides and powders reduce the percentage of pigmentation. 

Urban Decay decided to take pigment and press it into a shadow pan - genius or what. So if you adore your colourful colours you can be sure that the Electric palette is the best option, no more worrying about layering on your shadows, applying over primers or applying them wet to make them pop which is excellent especially considering how much it's probably cost us over the years trying to find the next best brightest shadows in the best formula's. 

Each palette contains ten heavily saturated, intense eye shadows in shades that are bright but functional. Here's the palette, what are your initial thoughts? - incredible isn't it. 
Shades include a range of finishes from mattes, pearls and metallics, each of the eye shadows promises a creamy-smooth application. Here's the shade names: 

Chaos // Also another popular shade making it's return. Chaos is a matte brilliant blue. 
Gonzo // Bright turquoise with a hint of pearl. 
Fringe // Bright velvety metallic teal. 
Freak // Bright green with a gold duochrome effect. 
Jilted // Bright metallic fuchsia with a blue duochrome. 
Revolt // Originally from the Anarchy Face Case this metallic shimmery silver makes it shining return. 
Savage // Matte hot pink. 
Slowburn // Matte reddish-orange with a teeny hint of pearl. 
Thrash // Matte bright green with a teeny hint of gold. 
Urban // Bright velvety metallic purple. 

This launches in the US on the 18th of March and arrives in the UK shortly after, I've no set date for this yet but I'll be sure to keep you posted because I want this so badly - like seriously b-a-d-l-y. What are your thoughts? 

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SS14 // Releasing Your Inner Bohemian

I am screaming with excitement on the inside I promise you, I absolutely would class myself as a bohemian even before the whole 'boho' movement went crazy, although I was classed as a modern hippy - but, even so boho style is here to stay and it's one of the easiest to style and with the least amount of rules but there are still rules. 

So what is a bohemian? Boho can be described as a style that's worn by free spirits, those who go against the grain, those who see beauty in the small details rather than seeing beauty in price alone and those who appreciate quality items, textures and feelings. It's about wearable fashion that can be mixed up and dressed down and suits all body types. Fewer rules more wearing what makes you happy with a link to spiritualism and happiness. 

Bohemian clothing styles tend to be less tailored, looser and more lightweight materials or made from materials that are textured such as faux furs, crochet, macrame, tassel's, bindi's and embroidery. Does the clash of colours, layering or embellishments scare you off this style? Are you scared of losing your shape or looking like a hobo? Fret not. Here's how you can get your boho on for spring-summer 2014. 

If you don't like showing your legs boho style is perfect for you, maxi skirts, flowing lines and looser trousers are all perfectly suitable for this style and are typically the easiest to get right. If you don't want to fully cover up why not team your maxi with a cropped sweater. If your maxi is a soft jersey material why not team it with heavily embellished materials, materials that are both textured and lightweight such as a lace top with a kimono overlay. 

Looser trousers also team well with cropped sweaters and shirts. Normally I'd advise steering clear of shirts and loose trousers in matchy-matchy prints but in this case, absolutely go for it. I would recommend tucking in the shirt so you're shape doesn't become too boxy and yup you can still accessorise and look awesome. Again if you're not a double print gal you can absolutely slink on a vest tee with these trousers and layer up with a sheer overlay such as a no button cardi (sort of like a faux-kimono) or kimono - kimono's are your friend this season too. 

Flats, sandals, ballet flats and earth-toned calf boots such as the cowboy style are excellent contenders for footwear and go with absolutely all pieces of folky or boho wear. Ideally stick to tans, browns, creams and well anything other than black otherwise the outfit will look to harsh. 

Playsuits fit into this equation too, looser lower halves, shirts, buttons and nothing that screams I like to wear bandage dresses on the weekend work. Team your playsuit with a floppy hat and some wedges or flats and an across the body bag and you're good to go.  

So where does that leave the accessories? surely all of these bright colours and clashing prints won't leave room for jewellery? with boho, there's always room for jewellery especially a clashing arm party or two. Again it comes down to colour, pattern and texture. Woods, leathers, threads and varied metals are great starting points, colours don't have to go but mixing brights with darker earthy tones or metals seems to keep the look flowing. Enamel patterns, earthy gemstones and even small details such as cut out patterns, leaves and twiggy designs all scream boho - you want to stay away from anything that will look good at a prom, ball or on a celebrity (bling is a no-no). 

Wear your clothing loose, wear your accessories piled high so that you jingle-jangle and wear your loose bedhead waves with pride because gurl you are awesome. Go forth and spread the boho word cause it's here to stay. 

The Body Shop // Spring Body Butters

The Body Shop needs no introduction and most people have tried at least one product of theirs over the years. If you've used any of their body butters then you'll know how truly awesome they are - I have found however they slightly vary, some are more nourishing than others although the formula is the same. 

I've been using the Hemp butter since Christmas and I adore it but I do tend to like a change especially when a new season hits. Over the years I've tried so many of the body butter variations and now that Springs just around the corner I knew fruity fragrances were going to be more spring-like. Strawberry has been a firm favourite for a while but I do go off it in the darker months but it's getting lighter bay-bee! 

Ah look at the beauty, who else likes to poke holes in it and mess up the perfection a little? 

The full sized Strawberry Body Butter costs £13 and it's money well spent, as soon as you unscrew the lid you're hit with a fresh strawberry zing that mellows out into a sweeter fragrance. The butter itself goes on smoothly, a little goes a long way and the hydration actually lasts for hours compared to other brands. It is thick but it won't leave you all grease slicken although it will leave you looking a little bit balmy so keep that in mind if applying this throughout the day. 

I just finished this beauty but wanted to feature it because I am going to repurchase it. The Pink Grapefruit Body Butter also costs £13 and this has the most amazing scent out of all the fruity ones - I actually prefer this even more than the strawberry. 

I have tried so many times to eat grapefruit I've lost count, as a teenager the grapefruit diet was a hyped fad that I wanted to jump on but whenever it's in my mouth it starts to taste like [what i'd imagine] poison or acid. I just can't swallow it, this hasn't put me off the scent however. I purchase grapefruit essential oils for cleaning my kitchen and this body butter smells exactly like they do - true, fruity, citrus and zingy! 

This butter is especially great for waking you up, pop it on in the morning for a fresh hit or late at night to boost your mood. I really can't find any flaws with it. 

Well there is one little thing, the website states that these give you 24 hours hydration, they don't but they do last far longer than most other brands so I think they can be let off with that don't you? 

Which body butter would you say is your favourite over the years? is there any you're eager to try or just not sure if you'll like? If you want to purchase your own tub of spring you can get these from The Body Shop in store and on their website - but you knew that already didn't you. 

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Like & Loathe // #1

So I decided to start a new feature on ten things I've liked and ten things I've loathed over the last seven days. I 'hopefully' will manage this weekly but with a new puppy coming in the next two weeks, a house move in six weeks and hubsters change of job and going self-employed hitting us next week things maybe a tad cray-cray in the Silver household. 

It hit me when I was planning my blogging themes that I always write about things I love or like, during the week I try many products, listen to lots of celebrity gossip and of course wear things that I hate but they're never full post worthy. I do empties where I discuss things that maybe aren't great but there was no where to fit in the other things, hence the birth of this feature. 

I'll give it a trial for four weeks to see if you guys enjoy it, if you do then we'll keep it going. I'd love you to link up below with your like and loathe posts and I'll feature as many of your post links in my future posts. 

Here goes... 

Ten things I've liked 

1. Lanolips 101 Ointment // This has saved me from hours of pain because my skin broke out in what can only be described as eczema. I've never had it before but my chin, in between my brows, my eyelids and around one side of my nose looked red raw, peeling and as soon as I applied thick creams they'd just sink in leaving me parched once again. Lanolips was my saving grace and I relied on this to curb the pain caused by dryness - it did an amazing job and I'm hooked now, my tubes nearly gone however but it was absolutely awesome. 

2. IKEA // With our impending house move I've been frantically trying to figure out what's needed so we're prepared. IKEA has been a huge saving grace for us and I've found so many gorgeous, affordable pieces for our new abode. I probably should do a post on that alone shouldn't I. 

3. ASOS Petite Maxi Skirt // I've been looking for a petite maxi for well over a year. I'm fussy and wanted one that was black so I could team it with everything and I didn't want it to have any slits or bling - I found it on ASOS and once it arrived I realised I should have sized down and it was still far too long (normally petites still too long) but I just wear it hi-rise and it looks awesome. Very happy as it took a few days to arrive also. 

5. Lumie Brightspark Lamp // The Brightspark lamp is typically used to bring more daylight into your life, daylight helps to resolve S.A.D and also fatigue, I got it for the extreme fatigue I suffer with my fibromyalgia and I pop it on for 30 minutes at night and it's fantastic. It also has an extra benefit I realised in that I can take product photo's at midnight with it as it makes the room look like it's day. I will blog about this in more detail this week guys and show it in action. 

6.  Drink Me Chai // My saving grace since finding out I was suffering from celiacs. I love their spiced chai drink and have it every single day. I'm desperate to try the vanilla chai and how chocolate chai now too. If you've not tried it, if your celiacs or if you love chai I absolutely recommend this product. You can also pick it up in ASDA. 

7. H&M // How many amazing goodies do they have? I just purchased the ballet-esque skirt, flats and jumper so expect to see me all girlie and in my ballet inspired outfit very soon. I'm also in love with their latest cushion range. 

8. Links of London // Everyone knows about my Links of London goodies having arrived but each day I just glow when I look at my arm and ring because each of these items have huge meaning and I just feel so special. My Buddha on my necklace reminds me to stay calm, my ring reminds me that I can be sophisticated and put together and my arms make me feel like my inner bohemian finally shows. I adore everything so much and can't believe I won their competition. 

9. The Return of Vampire Diaries // Stefan or Damon? Which one are you? I'm torn between the two if I'm being honest although recently I'm more Damon. I'll be horrified if Stefan and Katherine rekindle their romance, what are your thoughts? 

10. The New Cath Kidston Clothing // Ah be still my beating heart, I am crazily in love with their new fashion collection - possibly another post topic but it's so very 'me'. Have you checked it out yet? 
Ten things I've loathed 

1. Grapefruit Lip balms // I was tidying my beauty drawers out and found a couple of unused lip balms, so decided to give them a shot. Well, I now realise why I left them in the drawer - ugh grapefruit and me do not mix. 

2. Facebook // I've been growing frustrated with Facebook since they reduced visibility of non paid posts, it kind feels like I'm chatting to an empty room. I don't even go on as much now but I just don't want to give up with it so I've been thinking of re-branding and getting a plan in place. What are your thoughts of a blog Facebook pages? 

3. End of Tax Year Increases // All of the letters are hitting our doormat now and they freak me out. The thoughts of the end of the tax year fills me with anxiety as it does many self-employed people. Stay calm, breathe it will all be over with soon guys. 

4. Galaxy Note's Battery Life // I use my Iphone for normal mobile uses but I just can't part with the Note for it's camera because it's incredible but, it barely lasts a day without the battery completely dying *sigh*

5. Losing My Glasses // Yup I went and lost my new glasses, absolutely struggling to see anything especially at night which has lead to me having to go fork out stupid amounts of money once again this Tuesday. On the plus side I am getting a free trial of contact lenses from Specsavers on Tuesday also. I'll keep you posted on this. 

6. Hubster's Negativity // Naturally I'm a optimist and hubster is a pessimist. I love him and can handle his pessimism but with his change of job, the house move, the car needing work, the new puppy and my eldest sons medical issues he's been super pessimistic and with him being off work for this week it's been wearing me thin. I know he doesn't mean to be negative but he worries, too much for his own good because things always work out for the better (or is that just me being optimistic again hahah). 

7. Shops selling open toed sandals and hot weather clothing // I'm just envious that's all. I've seen so many gorgeous shoes and clothing pieces but I know I'd buy them and never get to wear them due to the rain. Let's hope they're still available when the sun comes out to play. Who else is feeling this irk? 

8. Next // I went to purchase new bedding, home decor items, new school jumpers and new hi-tops and school shoes for my sons. Last season I went online to purchase their party outfits and Cole needed new trousers and you know what - I can't get anything in stock! it seems anything for six, seven and eight year olds is never in stock and it's absolutely frustrating because George clothing is good but it doesn't have the lasting power that Next has. 

9. Keratin // Honestly it's harder now to find products with no keratin, keratin type products or wheat or hydrolyzed gluten and wheat proteins. For celiacs this is a nightmare because keratin is wheat, if you have especially sensitive celiacs or even a wheat intolerance this can lead to balding spots, blistering ulcers and a seriously painful, dry and weeping scalp - I've went through that and it was so upsetting so please read the ingredients on your hair and beauty products. 

10. Artex // Not exactly beauty and even lifestyle but I hate the stuff. Our new home has it in the hallway and the thought of removing it and the cost for removing it freaks the beejesus out of mean. I get it was in style in the 90's but whyyyy - whyyyy would anyone put it all over their homes. 

I hope you enjoyed my quick post. Remember to link up with your liked and loathe posts and I'll feature as many as I can in my next post next week. 

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Made in Paris // Luxury Ville de Paris Candle Collection

I recently found out about Made in Paris candles and the Ville de Paris collection and was blown away. Who doesn't love candles? I know I do and I especially love ones that come in sophisticated packaging, these candles tick every aesthetic box. So, guess where this collection was created?...... France!  

This is Ville de Paris first foray into scented candles and each candle drew inspiration from key monuments within Paris; Place des Victoires, Place Vendôme, Canal Saint-Martin,  Butte Montmartre, Champs Elysées, The Marais, Saint-Germain-des-Prés and l’Ile Saint Louis. If you ever wanted to collect souvenirs without going abroad then this is the most chic way to do it, forget snowglobes and move on to candles. For those that won't be getting away this year (like myself) I love to light a candle, meditate to far off shores (yup I'm a hippy like that) and I'd really love to smell these in person to see if they do indeed take me to the quaint streets of Paris, to the fashion shopping lanes and then onto a romantic night in the heart of Paris *sigh* 

Each candle burns for around forty five hours and there are eight fragrances to choose from. The glass is hand blown by traditional glassmakers making these glasses a piece of art in themselves. You can also reuse them, I actually urge you to reuse these after you have burnt away the candle as they make excellent holders for tealights, makeup brushes and so much more. 

On to the candles and their fragrance personalities... 

Place Vendome (above) // Luxury and excellent in French transcribed in a flowery fragrance and extreme refinement. 

Saint Germain Des Pres (above) // The woody fragrance, amber and vetiver takes us to the heart of the intellectual Sorbonne atmosphere - where students meet and writers and artists create. 

Canal Saint-Martin // This is the atmosphere of a summer walk along the canal that tells us releases perfume made of fruit, flowers and vanilla. 

Butte Montemartre // Floral, fruity and green symbolises the breath of fresh air and carefree characteristic of this epicurean nature of Parisian artists. 

Place Des Victoires // Elegance and refinement in the Place des Victoires is interpreted by a classic chypre fragrance - delicate florals and sultry musk. 

Le Marais // Woods and leather notes interpret the mood of old Parisian nobility mansions, aged wooden flooring and cracked leather seating. Elegance and wisdom intermixing.  

Ile Saint Louis // Walking on the island away from main roads in a quiet haze of serenity brought forward with powdery floral accents. 

Champs Elysees // Sparkling notes, festive and glamorous champagne characterises this fruity fragrance. Green and flowery it evokes the smell of Paris on the evening of New Year on the Champs Elysees. 

You can purchase these candles directly from the Made in Paris website which ships to the UK. I will be purchasing one, most probably Saint Germain des Pres as soon as I move house so I'll be sure to keep you updated with a review once it arrives. 

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Groomed // Male Grooming

I purchased some samples from Latest in Beauty a few weeks back and decided to pick up a few bits for hubster. Although these are classed as samples they're actually full sized products which is excellent really especially for the price. 

I picked up Groomed Cool It! Post Shave Balm and also the Groomed Two in One Multitask Hair & Body Wash. Hubster's quite simple when it comes to his beauty routine but I have to say he has excellent hair and skin, I get slightly envious if I'm being honest. I've always pampered him but he's an everything in moderation type of guy, rarely gets stressed, doesn't drink or smoke, doesn't use any harsh products and is a pretty healthy species of a man if I do say so myself. 

Post Shave Balm (£2) // Fresh, light and does the job. The only downside to this was the formula was seriously fluid and after first application, it has leaked out of the flip top lid. This really needed to be in a container where the applicator was at the top such as a pump top or screw top bottle. Hubster says this is equal to his Nivea although this one is less perfumed and more 'fresh-natural' in regards to scent. 

Two in One Multi Wash (£2) // Hubster and Cooper (middle son) love this. It looks like a simple wash but once it hits your skin you're hit with a blast of menthol which invigorates and wakes you right up. It's non drying on your skin and suitable for even the most sensitive of skins - Cooper has seriously dry and sensitive skin and it was perfect. It moisturises, cleans and freshens you perfectly. They had no issues or faults with this product. 

I was really happy that he loved them because I like treating him even if it's just little things such as this. Also as someone who absolutely loves natural products, I was pleased we could start purchasing this brand from here on due to it being chock full of natural ingredients such as peppermint, cocoa butter and organic almond oils. These samples were also £2 each and full priced they cost the same! apparently, I've since learnt that you can pick these up in ASDA's. 

Overall these would absolutely get a 5/5 however due to the fluidity of the post shave balm that product would be pushed down to a 4/5. For the price though it's still pretty awesome huh. 

 photo NEW.png
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Paperself Eyelashes // Merry-Go-Round

Merry-Go-Round eyelashes can only be described as  magical. Merry go rounds at the funfair were always my favourite ride, the horses, the intricate patterns and the intoxicating music just drew me in. I'd always let my imagination run wild and even when watching films and cartoons they always seem to hold that mysterious magical beauty don't they. 

I was absolutely over the moon when I found out Paperself lashes were releasing the Merry-Go-Round lashes as apart of their new collection, they're just such a unique idea and I love quirky, kawaii products. 

While I realise these aren't the type of lashes you would pop on each day or even each week, they definitely offer up something unique for those days where you need that bit extra - parties, celebrations or even shopping trips where you want to really show off your personality. 

If you're not a full lash type of lady then you can break these up into sections and use them individually, I've seen pictures where they've been used on the lips, on the lower and upper lashes and it looks incredible. I plan to pop mine on for Easter (Oestara) because we go all out for celebrations in my household and lashes and a dress are a must so I'll be sure to update those pics as soon as I snap them guys. 

You can get your own quirky Merry-Go-Round lashes directly from Paperself  . They also stock many other designs so if you're looking for quality quirky lashes I absolutely recommend this brand above others. Each set costs £12.50 and come boxed so you can give these as gifts too. 

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Rita Ora // Rimmel Colour Rush Lip & Nail Collection

The Rimmel and Rita Ora collaboration comes to head in March, the new collection which was created and named by Rita consists of twelve 60 Seconds Nail Polishes which is divided by hot and cool shades and five new Colour Rush Balms in the style of chubby stick crayons. 

The collection has a punk pop art inspiration and Rita's face is 'stamped' onto the lids. I'm also seeing a bit of a naughty and nice theme with this collection as the polishes all have naughty names and the balms are very innocent and sweet - maybe this was deliberate, maybe it's a coincidence I don't know but you'll see what I mean shortly. 

Colour Rush Balms come in the available shades: 

Make Me Blush // Blush pink. 
I Want Candy // Candy pink
Boom Chic A Boom // Pink 
All You Need is Pink // Crimson
Viva Violet // Berry

The polish shades are: 

Breakfast in Bed // Icy green. 
Blindfold Me Blue // Vibrant blue. 
Don't Be Shy // Fuchsia pink
Do Not Disturb // Light vibrant blue
Lose Your Lingerie // Icy pink. 
Let's Get Nude // Creamy nude
Midnight Rendezvous // Purple
Oragasm // Orange
Pillow Talk // Icy blue. 
Raw As Night // Pink-Red
Ritta Rouge // Deep Plum-Chocolate 
White Hot Love // White

Honestly I think these look incredible and although they're priced quite low I've always found the formula to last a long time. I've had more one coat polishes become opaque with Rimmel and Bourjois than I have with say Nails Inc and OPI. Who else is thinking Rita Ora maybe needing to get some with those polish names *hahah*.  

Polishes will cost £3.69 and the Lasting Finish Colour Rush Balm will cost £6.99 the collection will be available in your local Boots as well as online here

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Charbonnel et Walker // Spring Collection

I'm apologising in advance for the sheer amount of teasing that's due to go down with this post. For those on a diet I'm s-o-r-r-y I really am but these have to be shared with the world because they're so damn good. 

Charbonnel et Walker are a premium luxury chocolatier brand that make the most incredible truffles. I've not tried anything other than their truffles but personally I can vouch for the tremendousness that is their truffles. Like every other good brand out there they too bring out seasonal collections - who'da thunk it? 

First up is their Sea Salt Banana Caramel Truffles. These are the latest chocolaty release and seriously I've never met anything as unique and yummy as these ones alone. Here's some pictures... 

Even the box is quality. I've actually re purposed each of these boxes because they're so thick and sturdy, this one holds my perfume vials and miniatures in it - I wish it help more chocolates but it doesn't. 

Ta-da! sugary, melt in your mouth goodness. These have a dusting of icing sugar on the outside, when you pop it in your mouth they just melt away and the centre bursts releasing the sweet caramel, fruity banana flavour with a hint of savoury sea salt to balance it all out as it hits the back of your mouth. Yum! 

You may have already seen these featured in my Valentine's Day post but if I wanted to include these because they're still current. These are the Pink Marc De Champagne Truffles and aren't what they seem. 

I hate alcoholic foods, I don't even drink due to medications and even when I did drink it was only flavoured ciders (cause they tasted like juice and not alcohol). I was slightly scared as I popped this in my mouth but put it this way, I ate this box alone - all of it. 

Again these have the icing sugar and also melt in your mouth, the champagne flavour is so delicate and balanced that you never get that horrible hit of spirits at the back of your throat like most alco chocolates do. These were so surprising and indulgent and I would absolutely purchase these again. For myself. 

I've also in the past tried the original Sea Salt Caramel Truffles and it was those that initially brought me to Charbonnel et Walker. I like a good chocolate especially when it's created with quality ingredients because you can absolutely tell the difference, lower priced treats are nice as treats but if you're after a bit luxe in your life then Charbonnel et Walker's your man I say. 

The Sea Salt Banana and Caramel truffles are my favourite and anyone who loves a good grown up banoffee flavour will agree, they cost £10.00 from John Lewis and the Pink Marc De Champagne Truffles in the larger sized 200g heart box cost £15 also at John Lewis. These will cost you £5 more everywhere else. 

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Nails Inc // Spring Offerings

The Colour Crush (£25) collection contains seven full sized limited edition polishes perfect for Spring. Personally I adore all but a few of these, the bottom row are simply perfect aren't they? Here's what's included...

Snow Hill // White and silver glitter polish. 
Bloomsbury Street // Right hand side, multicoloured Spring glitter polish. 
Conduit Street // Second from left, multicoloured Spring glitter polish. 
Kabaret //  Metallic navy polish. 
Pimlico // Pure red polish. 
Pelham Street // Metallic charcoal polish. 
Porchester Square // Muted mushroom polish. 

These limited edition Colour Flip polishes feature iridescent shades that change colour in the light. Really they're duo-chrome types and are so pretty, especially the one on the left. The collection costs £15 and here's the shades... 

Callott Street // Rose gold colour flip polish. 
Euston Square // Sky blue colour flip polish. 
Mortimer Street // Lilac colour flip polish. 

The Nail Wardrobe (£25) collection contains everything you need to mix up your nail style. Included is....

Express Remover Pot // Simply dip your fingers in, twist and voila... naked nails. 
Belgravia Gardens // Toffee polish. 
Campden Hill Road // Pastel pink polish. 
Henley // Metallic Feather effect polish. 
Lowndes Court // Metallic violet polish. 
Royal Botanical Gardens // Mint polish. 
Shoreditch Lane // Mulberry Leather effect polish. 

You can pick these from the Nails Inc website here, I personally adore the Colour Flip polishes which is crazy because I normally steer clear of metallic, chrome type of finishes. Which do you prefer? 

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