Nails Inc // Garden Party Collection

Another mini collection by Nails Inc - welcome to the Garden Party Collection. The collection consists of three polishes with a matte and metallic glitter formula, the difference between this collection and many of the other Nails Inc glitters is that these shades are pastels. 

Normally I'd be all over it as I adore Nails Inc. Taking away the cute packaging and marketing this collection feels very same old for me. Larger hexagonal glitter mixed with smaller dot glitter, a mixture of both shiny and matte glitter pieces - it's basically Modern Art but pastels and a sheer version of Special Effects. 

The available shades are....

Portobello Gardens // Pastel blue. 
Westbourne Gardens // Pastel pink. 
Princes Gardens // Pastel green.  

Each of the polishes costs £12 and are available right now on the Nails Inc. website if you fancy them, I feel like I'm cheating the brand because I'm such an avid follower and typically adore all innovations that they put out (with the exception of the Beaded Polish - yuck!) but these just aren't pinging my interest sadly. 

What are your thoughts on these? 

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B&M's // Mini Home Haul

I hit my local B&M's on my birthday (such a wild child, huh) because I wanted some new decor items and storage and they usually have cute little products at excellent prices. I've blogged about my little shelves before and a few months back I purchased some vintage inspired jars for the bottom shelf which I hold lipsticks and balms in. At that point I purchased three but instantly regretted not picking up another because I was left with a gap! the gap annoyed me - call me OCD but I knew another cream lidded jar was needed. 

I'm also trying to slowly convert all of my darker home decor items to whites or cream tones to brighten up the energy (such a hippy) and make our cramped home lighter and brighter - I saw a cream wire dish rack at Next and regretted not picking it up, when I went to B&M's I saw the had one that was so similar that it had to go in the basket with it only costing around £4 compared to Next's £15. 

Here's the shelves, you'll see (on the right) that I stacked creams up to fill that space and then you'll see my new jar and it filled! literally took seconds to fill it. 

The jars are standard glass with a glass heart shape on the front. The lids are metal but come in pastel tones such as baby pink, white and cream. They only cost £1.50 and you can fit loads in them! Cute huh. 

I'm currently on the raw till four lifestyle where I eat mostly smoothies, fruits, veggies and well raw foods until four. I was previously using a jug but it's not cute drinking a huge smoothie from a jug and I did have my eye on a Kilner type of handled jar mug, like this Go Jar one here, but I've yet to get my finger out and order it. I saw this large handled soup bowl and thought 'ahah' it was perfect for my huge smoothies and pretty cute too - it also only cost £1.99 and I've been using it multiple times a day. Bargain. 

I adore Buddha. I love what the image stands for and I believe, as did my dad that they are lucky. I spotted this soft sage Buddha ornament for £1.99 and had to have it. If I had to chose only one item to purchase it would have been the Buddha which is pictured on the left. The Buddha on the right is a tea light holder I picked up years ago from Partylite and I do have mini Buddha's too - I so badly want to spray paint the tea light holder a vintage cream though because the dark bronzed look doesn't fit in with my decor anymore. 

What do you think of my goodies? There was so much cute things, a pink and white bedside lamp for £3.99 (similar to the ones in Next), heart diner plates for £1.50 and cute little vintage style plaques for £1.50 upwards. These decor items are similar to items you'd pick up in Next and as much as I adore Next, if I can get something similar and that are as equal in terms of quality I'm always going to choose the lower priced goodies. 

You can pick these up in your local B&M's, link up with your home decor hauls below guys. 

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OPI // Cocoa-Cola Collaboration UK & US UPDATE!

Who remembers the OPI and Cola collaboration post I published back in February? If you don't you can catch it here but I did say I would update you. I think by the end of that post we had a real guessing game on our hands as to what colours would be getting launched - I have that info for you lovelies now *squeee* 

My original guesses were... 
  • Diet Coke // Silver
  • Coca-Cola // Red 
  • Cherry Cola // Cherry Pinky Red
  • Fanta // Orange 
  • Vanilla Cola // Nude-beige 
  • Coke Zero // Black 

The US collection consists of nine polishes and the only thing I'm not 100% sure of is if the UK collection will have the exact same polishes as we don't have the same drinks, such as Grape Fanta.  

What are your initial thoughts? Are some stand outs or do you feel pretty 'meh' about this collection? Personally I love the red, I love the nude, pink, I like the glittery orange tone but don't love it - but the rest I could easily leave. 

The US and hopefully the UK shades are: 
  • Coke Light ♥ My Signature is DC // My initial impression? This shimmery silver is just 'write'!
  • Fanta Grape ♥ A Grape Affair // Make a big to-do in this deepest, darkest purple. 
  • Coke Zero ♥ Today I Accomplished Zero // Dramatic black with red sparkle. 
  • Vanilla Coke ♥ Sorry I'm Fizzy Today // Do Not Disturb... I'm enjoying this creamy, smooth pink. 
  • Vanilla Coke ♥ You're So Vain-illa // I bet you think this creamy nude is all about you. 
  • Cherry Coke ♥ Get Cherried Away // Seriously, this black cherry is over-the-top gorgeous!
  • Sprite ♥ Green On The Runway //This uncut-lime green makes a real fashion statement. 
  • Fanta Orange ♥ Orange You Stylish! // Glitter to the max in this juicy orange explosion!
  • Coca-Cola ♥ Coca-Cola Red // Classic red - always in style, always perfect. 

So I wasn't that far off was I? how did you fare in the guessing game? I got them all right with the exception of the pink tone - I put cherry pinky-red and it's a bit lighter isn't it. 

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Happy Birthday // Another Year Gone By

It was my birthday on Sunday (May the 4th) and I have to say I was super spoiled! like seriously spoiled. I typically don't look forward to my birthday because it brings up a lot of emotional hurt from my past and as the day draws closer I do find everything gets a bit harder. I fully expected to not hear from anyone and for no-one to make a big deal out of my birthday, which is how it normally is. 

It may sound like I'm being a bit prissy by expecting people to 'make a deal' out of it but when you have family and friends and no-one cares it hurts - a lot. Normally I'd be lucky to receive a card, telephone call or even social media message from people outside of my immediate house so this year was a huge shock for me. It seems for me now that I'm firmly into my thirties that life is definitely improving, I'm more comfortable with myself, my life and my work than I was even three years ago and that feels good - oh - so - good! for those still in your twenties you have this to look forward to. 

Hubster and the boys had these gorgeous lillies delivered...

And then they surprised me by buying me a Macbook Air laptop. Normally I'd FREAK out at having that amount spent on me, I'm definitely a saving versus splurging type of woman but his argument was that I'm always on the laptop so why not buy me an awesome one. As for the awesomeness of the Macbook Air, it's still debatable. The laptop is different from my Toshiba and it took me ages to realise that I had to click the trackpad to get the cursor to tap haha. I also realise that I can now cut and paste on the Apple by using the CMD + C and CMD + V (doh!) and I can delete by using the CMD & Backspace - these small details make using the Apple so much easier. 

I've not blogged a ton over the weekend for this reason alone, it took me until 4:30am at the weekend to even get an outline done and I had to whip out the Toshiba to finish Sunday's blog post otherwise I'd have been up all day and night. Do you use the Macbook? If so do you have any tips for a newbie? 

On wards and upwards to graceful old age *smiles*

* Hubster Purchased *

Tropic // Organic Body Polish

I only just found out about the Tropic brand as they're actually taking part in the Manchester OM Yoga Show and MBS (Mind, Body and Soul) Experience on May the 10th and 11th, I so badly wanted to attend but hubsters couldn't get any holidays from work *sigh* However I'm still glad that I found this brand because it's really lovely and this Body Smooth Refreshing Organic Polish smells and feels so fresh and natural on the body. 

The Tropic brand's motto is 'Pure, Honest and Effective' they create the most amazingly invigorating skincare products that are all natural. Everything is created in the UK and their products are suitable for vegans as they do not test on animals. I was excited you have no idea, I squeed when Mr Postman brought this and actually shoved this up hubsters nose when I opened it because the scent is absolutely incredible. Hubster was not impressed at having a product suddenly shoved up his nose while he made toast but I was seriously hyped up (it was actually really funny, I got scrub on his nose).  

I'm trying so hard to get my legs and body in an as healthy way as possible and I've been so frustrated recently because I seem to be getting allergic to quite a lot of product, because of that and my poor health I really wanted to strip everything back and improve my health in all areas - products included. My Yoga practice has been ramped up, my diet has been ramped up (bring on the smoothies and juices) and I've also tried to get my dry brushing down at least once a day. This body polish has definitely slotted itself into my new healthier routine with ease and you know what, it's been a delight to use. A few years back I only wanted to use products that had big scrubby bits in it because I really felt that they cleaned my skin far better than smaller scrubby bits - I was wrong. 

Large, harsh scrubs can scratch at the skin as well as remove healthy skin layers *ouch* as a short term option they maybe good for those who have a lot of dead skin, as a regular scrubbing product and a product that will be used on sensitive skin parts (arms, stomach, chest etc) you know and I know they're not a feasible option. Smaller scrubs are gentle, really get into the clogged pores to wash away the grime and they do not take off healthy skin (well unless you start scrubbing for a silly amount of time). Factoring in the smaller scrubs as well as the 100% natural ingredients I knew that the Tropic scrub was going to be my best bet. 

Here's a breakdown of those all natural Ingredients...

Golden Jojoba // Soft, silky and very close to our own skin oil consistency. Golden Jojoba helps to clean clogged pores and balance the skins natural PH levels. 

Rosehip // One of the best anti-ageing ingredients around and it's natural! Rosehip is chocked full of rich Vitamin A and fatty acids which help to repair and rejuvenate skin cells. Looking for smooth pins for Summer (yup I need to tone mine first but this helps) then this is the scrub for you. 

Mineral Sea Salts // These are ground to a fine consistency and work at buffing away the dead skin and dirt leaving you smooth and glowing. 

Australian Macadamia Nut // Rich in Palmitoleic Acid which is seriously the next big thing for 2014. Palmitoleic Acid is a rare source of unsaturated fatty acids which can be found in Sea Buckthorn Berry oils and is excellent at repairing the skin cell membranes and improving elasticity. 

Vitamin E // It not only works as a natural preservative but it also helps to protect the skin cell membranes against free radicals and oxidation. 

Eucalyptus & Peppermint // Uplifting and helps to balance skin tone as well as refresh tired legs. 

Lemon Myrtle & Lime // The citrus scents also help to wake you up, rejuvenate and invigorate your mind and body. The scrub definitely has a sweet citrus scent which is not too overpowering, I typically don't go for citrus scents but this fragrance I love. 

White Patchouli // Improves texture and regenerates skin cells. I do feel the white patchouli helps to balance the citrus fragrance. 

Bergamot // The bergamot works in the same way as the citrus, it also has antibacterial properties (as does the other essential oils) that ensure you're skin flora's going to be balanced. 

Seriously recommending this because it cleans extremely well, smooths your pins and stops ingrowing hairs AND I have not had any allergic reactions - the first product for a long time that hasn't caused any sort of rash or symptom. You can check out this product and Tropic's other skincare products. over on their website here. I have my eye on the Warming Mineral Mask because I love that warmth you get from self-heating masks - do you guys love that sensation? 

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The Body Shop // Early Harvest Raspberry Collection

I recently blogged about The Body Shop's Early Harvest Collection (here) and talked about my need for the body butter especially - it was a serious need which has been now been fulfilled *yay* and honestly it hasn't disappointed. 

The collection launched this month and features a range of products all with a yummy fresh raspberry scent - the collections name came from the raspberries being picked earlier than normal, this was so they retained their awesome antioxidising properties. So I have two products to show you - you're going to love these; I do. 

RASPBERRY BODY BUTTER! The sons say this smells like raspberry fromage frais yoghurt and I suppose it does. It's buttery, soft and so fresh. This really does smell like real crushed raspberries. The body butter costs £13 and is my new favourite from all of The Body Shop butters - ever. 

My sons adore the raspberry shower gel because it also has a true raspberry scent that smells very real but less yogurt like. It's strange that they're both iconically raspberry but not 100% the same, I suppose the base in which they come in plays a huge part. Anyhow this is such a huge hit in the Silver household that I get to use this against my sons (parenting 101 right here). They don't get to wash with it unless they've got ready for the bath correctly (putting clothes away in the washing machine, not faffing about or fighting with their brothers etc) and you know what, it has worked every single time. 

My son came home from school on Tuesday and wanted to go in the bath! he'd had a bath the night before and was due to have one that night (6pm) but nope, he just couldn't wait. I'm not going to argue with that and love that a simple product like this can make such a huge difference. The Shower Gel costs a teeny £4 and we use this every night on five people and there's about three quarters left (2 weeks in) pretty incredible huh. 

The collection includes everything from scrubs, lotion and perfume and if you want to get your mitts body on these products (once you sniff these you'll never look back) you can find the new raspberry body collection at The Body Shop website as well as in store. 

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Aromatherapy Associates // Nourishing Face Oil

I've now tried a few products from Aromatherapy Associates and each time it's been an awesome experience. Yes these are home products such as cleansers, face masks and beauty oils but they still leave you feeling as though you've had some time to yourself - relaxed, serene and soothed. 

Aromatherapy Associates have over thirty years experience working with therapeutic oils and in the some of the most luxurious locations - now they find that their products are stocked in some equally lush stores. It's an inspiring story for sure, but unlike other brands that hype their back story but put out less than perfect products, Aromatherapy Associates really does. Their products do enhance the users emotional and mental well being and anyone who has ever used oils to improve their health will be nodding their heads right now in agreement. 

For little over a week I've been using the Hydrating Nourishing Face Oil which is apart of the Hydrating Collection. This collection aims to plump, hydrate and nourish with botanical oil blends. Ingredients include Evening Primrose oil and Rose oil, these helps to boost essential fatty acids and improve circulation, good circulation is key to maintaining your youthful glow. 

The product itself is very easy to use you simply use the dropper to pop some of the oil onto your fingertips (I use fingertips you can of course apply straight to your face) and then apply to the face in circular movements (boost circulation), it absorbs quickly and you're not left with greasy spots or that horrid oil slick residue once you apply this. If your skin is particularly dry you can add some of your face oil to your moisturiser and apply to boost the benefits. While this is a face oil I absolutely recommend using this on the back of the hands, the decolletage, the breasts and neckline. If it's good enough to anti-age your face then it's good enough for these other premature ageing areas.  

Aromatherapy Associate products are priced in the mid-range the ingredients are skin and ethically friendly too. As an essential oil lover I can appreciate just how much these ingredient cost and because of this I do think these products are worth so much more than they're sold for, this oil will last an absolute age; this costs £42, factoring in cost per use this facial oil is value for money.... and such a treat. You can pick up your own from their website HERE - I recommend you take a peek, chances are you're going to end up with a wishlist as long as your arm *smiles* 

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Nanshy // Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes

I've talked about the need to be considerate to your body and what products you put on and in it, I won't talk your ear off again about it because I realise that my particular thoughts and feelings towards living a cruelty free and ethical way of life are and will be different from others - I'm no preacher however, I do continue to show you awesome products that work as well if not better than their non-cruelty free counterparts so that you can make up your own mind. 

Today's cruelty free product comes in the form of makeup brushes from a brand I just recently came across called Nanshy. I love finding new brands that allow me to indulge but in a way that makes me happy, makeup brushes typically are made with goat, squirrel, pony and even badger hairs, just so we can apply some makeup to our faces - I know most people don't think about the process of their products because these products have been apart of our lives for so long and they've become the 'norm' but when you stop and take a moment and challenge the 'norm' you come to realise that whether these animals are killed or not there's a huge chance they're being treated with cruelty. Caged. Plucked and goodness knows what else, chances are the hair removal process is only the tip of the iceberg for these poor animals. 

Some will now be thinking, 'surely animal hair is better than synthetic hair? you can never get a flawless base with synthetic.' My response is that you'd be wrong, oh-so-wrong. Real hair is porous just as human hair is and because of that they absorb more bacteria than their synthetic competition. Yes using professional brushes will give you a professional makeup application, using real hair will leave you prone to acne, spots and bacterial infections. 

The Nanshy brushes I have pictured above is the five piece foundation brush set. This set comprises of five kabuki brushes each with a white pearl handle, these are chunky brushes so are never going to be good for applying eyeshadow but that doesn't mean they're limited to purely foundation application - let me show you why... 

Fluffy Angled Buffer // This is the perfect brush for applying delicate highlights to your face, bronzers, highlighters and hints of colour. If you're into Kim Kardashian contouring then this is the perfect finishing brush to soften each of those colours so they're blended to perfection. 

Flat Angled Buffer Brush // For me this is the PERFECT brush for applying colour to the face such as deeper bronzers, blushers and highlighters especially to the chest and shoulder area. It's also perfect for applying foundation to the larger areas of the face. 

Pointed Brush // The product specific brush for getting into nooks and crannies. If you suffer from dry and flaky areas then use this brush to blend, blend, blend until everything smooths itself right out. 

Round Buffer Brush // Fluffy, soft and flawless. This brush is great also for blushers as well as applying tinted moisturiser, mousse foundations and even bronzers. It's similarly a great finishing brush and my youngest son Rome loves it for tickling his face with.   

Flat Top Buffer Brush // This works pretty much in the same way as the flat top version and it definitely picks up more colour, because of that it's excellent for blushers etc but it's also an excellent foundation blending brush. 

Nanshy brushes are a healthier option, less bacteria, less animal cruelty and they work so well. I didn't have any bristle fall out (has happened with every single other brand I've used with the exception of Eco Tools) and they're very easy to wash, after washing they maintain their original shape because the brush heads are packed with synthetic hairs. My favourite from the set is the round topped buffer brush which I use daily. 

If you're looking for some new brushes I absolutely recommend Nanshy. I use this set more than any of my other branded brushes and yes that includes Eco Tools and Real Techniques. You can pick up your own set for £29.95 (including delivery) from Amazon UK or pick up the individual brushes if you're only looking for one or two, also on Amazon. 

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Nails Inc // Ballet Sheers Collection

So far we've had nudes, neon's, satins and every texture under the sun. Nails Inc never fail to bring something new out of the bag and their latest Ballet Sheers Collection is no exception - this collection was inspired by ballet shoes (of course) because of their slight shimmery, daintiness. When you think of ballet and ballet dancers there's definitely an air of grace and sophistication about them isn't there and I think it's all of those elements that they've tried to bring out with this little line. 

There's four polishes which are all web exclusives. Each polish costs £11 as usual and the shades available are... 

Hamilton Mews // Delicate sheer pink with pearl iridescent finish. 

Mayfair Ballet // White iridescent pearl polish in a sheer formula. 

Radnor Walk // This is the nude in the collection which also has a pearl iridescent finish. 

Convent Garden // Iridescent pearl grey. 

You can get 20% off if you enter SPRINGITON at checkout over on the Nails Inc website guys! what do you think? will you be buying any of these gorgeous shades this Spring? 

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Lush // 404 Bath Bomb

I blogged about the ultra exclusive Lush Error 404 bath bomb here, did anyone manage to find it and get it for free? I did and I was so excited because it's limited and I just have to have anything that's limited - what can I say I'm easily led. 

So it arrived all boxed up and here it is... 

The Error 404 bath bomb was initially described as being a limited bath bomb that was inspired by the Error 404 page we get when making an internet booboo. It's shimmery and golden and the fragrance is described as 'heady notes of rosewood, rose, geranium and ylang-ylang' I was excited! I mean ylang-ylang alone is one of my most favourite notes but factoring in the rose and rosewood, honestly I was excited. 

Given that it has those notes you'd be forgiven for thinking this was going to be a deep grown up rose scent but it really isn't. My nose smells baby powder for some reason which is absolutely crazy given there's no powdery notes - but it does - and I think I love it even more.  

The bomb is completely glittery, it's wonderful. If you're not a fan of glitter - the glitter on this bomb is so fine you don't have to worry about finding bits of it days later *wink* In the bath it leaves you with bright blue water (with a hint of gold) that smells so fresh and really makes you feel like a goddess. What's not to love? 

As you know these aren't available for purchase but I think I'm going to do a little giveaway next week and an Error 404 bath bomb will be included in the prize - are you excited? I know I am. Did you get your paws on one of these? You can check out Lush's other bombs here if your now fancying it - and - it looks like these are still FREE! check it out here but be quick! 

Edit: Unforunately these are all gone!

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