Alterna Haircare // Bamboo Volume Spray

Hugely popular in salons here in Scotland and most probably around the rest of the U.K Alterna 48 hour Sustainable Volume Spray is the bee all and end all of volume hair care. For me it's an absolute godsend because it doesn't contain gluten or wheat *yay* it doesn't contain parabens, sodium chloride, phthalates or synthetic colours - for a product that works oh-so well to still be gentle on the hair is a step in the right direction. 

For anyone who's stuck with limp, thin or fine hair chances are you've tried every type of product, some may have been awesome, some may have been absolutely shambolic - I've always had a love, hate relationship with volume boosting products because they've either left my hair feeling dry and rough or limp and feeling gross. Alterna however have created a product that is not like any other otherwise it wouldn't be seeing the light of day on the blog. 

You basically wash your hair and spray this on when you're hair is damp. I typically wash my hair at night leaving it to dry naturally - the first time I sprayed it on, I maybe sprayed a tad too much because it's so lightweight I wanted to ensure I had enough on so it could work it's magic. I went to bed that night worried I'd end up with gross stringy hair or that I'd see no difference but luckily I didn't have to worry. 

In the morning my hair was so soft, it felt really natural and glossy, the hair itself did feel thicker but it wasn't overly different if that makes sense. Once my hair was styled it definitely looked fuller, thicker and shiny and that's all I could ever ask for. My hair didn't feel sticky, powdery or dry like other brands did and it did really feel as though it was the inner hair strands that had become plumped up. I wash my hair every day so I couldn't really say if the effects last for 48 hours as claimed but my hair did stay looking fabulous all day. 

Ingredients include bamboo extract which boosts the strength, flexibility and sustainability of the hair. Organic maca root energises the hair from the inside apparently leaving it feeling thicker, lifted and fuller (it really does!). Plant based melanin helps to protect and prevent washed out colour as well as protecting your hair from UVA and UVB rays, I'm all for ingredients that protect the hair from drying out and splitting. 

If you want in on this action and I really suggest you do if you want a healthy, voluminous hair style you can pick up your own from the Look Fantastic website. I have never found a product that works this well and think I'll stop looking elsewhere for something to beat it, for me that's rare as I'm always looking for the next best thing. 

Origins // Ginger Essence Intensified Roll On Perfume

I purchased a few fragrances in January as I wanted to envelope myself with scents that really felt like 'me' rather than what's typically in or out in the perfume world. I adore bohemian scents with real notes such as warm amber, sandalwood, resins, patchouli, tonka, lily, raspberry and ginger. I rarely opt for oceanic or citrus scents but all in all it's the notes that grab me rather than the brand, packaging or perfume type. 

This intrigued me because it was created with Ancient Chinese traditions in mind, opposites attracting and yin and yang and that kinda sealed the deal for me. I yin and yang everything in life from my outfit choices, my attitude, my food and of course now my scent. I really believe that finding balance enables you to live stress free and adding in a scent that makes you feel incredible is only really a good thing, isn't it. 

Ginger Essence Intensified balanced spicy ginger with fresh notes such as bergamot, lemon and lime. The notes are natural and for a roller ball perfume this little fragrance really lives up to it's intensified name. 

I found that the scent lasted for at least four hours before I found myself reapplying, that's longer than most of the fragrances I own (with the exception of Kiehl's sage perfume). It's easy to pop into my clutch or handbag and I find myself grabbing this along with my lipbalm as I'm heading out of the door - they've really become my social crutch, as hippy as it sounds I do feel that this fragrance makes me feel more confident, empowered even. I find perfume, music and shoes can really change my mood in an instant and when it does affect me in a positive way it's awesome. 

If you like clean, natural and long lasting perfumes I recommend this fully. You can pick up your own from lots of stores but I got mine from Debenhams for £14. 

 photo NEW.png


Nails Inc // Seven Polishes For Under £20!

I love these on-spot deals they do. Nails Inc have launched their Lucky Dip again as a Friday treat, I'll not ramble on hugely but basically they send you a surprise mix of seven full sized polishes which would total over £77 if bought separately. 

I've purchased these lucky dips a few times and initially presumed that I'd be sent the crap, the shades that never really took off or the ones that have been pulled from the main catalogue - I was wrong. I received colours that were really new, neon's when they had been released, crackles when they were 'in' and glitters and amazing finish polishes. 

Instead of paying £77+ (it would be £77 if you were just receiving basic colours, current polishes and textures, generally cost £1 or £2 more than the standard polishes) you can get your seven polishes for only £19.50 for TODAY only. Head to the Nails Inc website to grab this limited bargain - who's in? I'm hopping over right now. 

Now Seen // Rainbow Moonstone Ring & Getting Hippyish

I adore gemstones and crystals and have quite a collection, I do use them in my alternative healing process but I've always been drawn to them ever since holding my mum and dads crystals. Over the years every gemstone and crystal collector finds a stone or two that they have a connection with (yes let's get a bit hippy here guys) and as a wiccan I find affinities come natural to me. As a night owl I'm very much linked to the moon as are many females - the moon after all governs our hormones, the ebb and flow of the tide comes from the moons pull and similarly our female hormones ebb and flow in tune with the ocean. Full moons bring about craziness (or lunacy, luna-cy comes from the Spanish word for moon) because of the moons pull and statistics show that ER visits are higher when the full moon is in action. 

So what's my point? If you've not guessed I'm more linked to the moon than the sun, I adore the moon, what it represents as well as how it looks and as a night owl I see it all the time and I'm always so taken when it's in full shine (who else thinks it's definitely got larger and brighter over the last few years?). Due to my affinity with the moon I instinctively get drawn to moon crystals and gemstones such as labradorite, rainbow moonstone and Celestite as well as Sterling silver. 

I have a few pieces of jewellery with these stones but good pieces are so expensive! I was contacted by a PR who was informing me of a new website, typically I read it and save the release but this release grabbed me because it was about a new UK based company, jewellery and healing semi-precious gemstones - what's even better was these pieces were all affordable. Yes I may have hopped right over to the website, I may have created a wishlist and then had my whole basket delete because I was on the website for f-a-a-a-r too long and yes I may have whittled 'said' wishlist down to a few pieces. Most blogger would have asked for a sample or a freebie but heck at these prices I wasn't going to even wait or to be cheeky in asking for a freebie. 

The website is Now Seen and they sell rings, pendants, necklaces and earrings - the usual stuff to be honest. Their pieces are mostly in Sterling silver or gold plated metals but each piece is so modern and is suited to the boho chick and the woman who absolutely isn't boho but appreciates a good piece of jewellery. 

Here's what I snapped up....

I adored the gemstone, naturally it is a rainbow moonstone that's faceted slightly. The stone is a mixture of whites and translucent white-clear but you always get that gorgeous flash of blues and purple tones when the stone hits certain lights. I wanted to stick to Sterling because it's my metal of choice and I adored the chunky size and the raw hammered effect to the band. 

My only problem was the sizing. Absolutely my fault but my ring is too big *sobs* I presumed it was going to be a snug fit so I sized up - mega fail! this is the N size but I'm normally a M, sometimes a bit smaller and as you can see it literally falls off my finger. 

There was a returns slip in the box which detailed a clear and easy returns process so I'll be returning this for a smaller size, I just couldn't hold the post any longer as I was too excited. This ring would cost £50 upwards, I've seen this ring sell for hundreds on other sites (Google it and you'll find the sites, I don't want to name and shame them) but it only cost £19! for 5 carats of moonstone and Sterling silver - pretty incredible huh. Here's my proof it was purchased with my own pennies and of course to show you the price *smiles* 

I will be adding some more pieces, mainly rings and necklaces over the next four weeks so will show you them (and my new, correct sized ring) as they arrive. You can check out their amazing pieces on the Now Seen website. 

* Purchased Myself *

Father's Day // Gift Guide - Celebrate Your Dad

We've had Mother's Day and now it's Father's Day's turn. Sunday June 15th marks the day for all daddies and father figures and I honestly think you should put in just as much respect, care and attention to your dad as you do your mum (if applicable). My dad's no longer with us as he passed away nine years ago now but I wish he was so I could show my love. 

I know he knew he was loved but having my sons made me realise I could have done certain things differently - asked him how he was getting on more, surprising him with little tokens that show him how loved he was as well as visiting and calling more. We did have some traditions however such as always saying goodnight to each other - even when I was grumpy and all they got was a quick and snappy 'night!' Each morning as I left for school I always (without fail) gave my dad a kiss on the cheek goodbye - he always did they same as he said you never knew when you're time was up and having regrets wasn't worth it. Again I was a terrible morning person and sometimes it was a quick kiss and 'bye' as I stomped out of the door - I laugh now but I'm glad I swallowed my ego and continued on the tradition daily as I now do this with my sons. 

Price shouldn't really come into it when buying or making a gift as long as it shows you care. You can spend 1p or thousands and it should have the same effect. Here's my top (price variable) gift guide to help you along the way...

Father's Day Wishlist

H&M T-Shirt | Bike Chain Bracelet | Full English Biscuits | Pint of Beer Sweeties | Pro Fitness Dumbell Set | Slendertone Abs | Panasonic Smart TV | Lacoste L!ve Fragrance | Armani Aviators | Lacoste Cap | Nike Roshe Trainers | Regions of Scotland Whisky Tasting Set | Jawbone Up Fitness Band | Ipod Touch | Breaking Bad Glow Bobble Head 

I know my dad would have been all over that Full English Breakfast biscuit set and the Whisky gift set - he was a huge whisky lover. Hubster loves the trainers and Lacoste anything (he does give tracksuit wearing a miss however) and has been randomly asking about the Slendertone and if I felt it would actually work (answers on a postcard). 

If you're not ready for planning your Father's Day gift then I recommend this awesome vlog, it shows a dad and daughter lip syncing to Fancy...

Amazing eh! 

What does your dad like? Do you make a big fuss or celebrate quietly? 

Nails Inc // Preen Collaboration

Nails Inc are in full collaborative mode this Summer, this time it's a collaboration with Preen by Thornton Bregazzi who has developed a four polish capsule collection. The collection is due to launch next month and includes the following shades...

Deco Cuts // Multi-coloured cut squares
Atlantic Powder // Powder blue
Miami Hot // Candy pink
Florida Cora // Pink-coral

The polish bottle will come in individual boxes and the caps will be silver and etched with the geometric print that's become iconic with Preen by Thornton Bregazzi. I know it's such a small change, etching the caps but I really love those caps. I'm not a huge diamante type of gal' with the custom bedazzled caps but this cap - I love. I wish Nails Inc offered more cap designs if I'm being truly honest as it would pull me in to purchase, I'm weak when it comes to those types of things. 

Each polish will cost £12 which is pretty standard for 'specials' - typically it's the fancy finishes or glitters that cost £12 and the standard polish colours are £11. I think this collaboration has been priced really fairly especially in comparison to the Alexa Chung and Nails Inc collab. What are you're thoughts on the price differences? 

You'll be able to pick these up on the Nails Inc website once launched. Will you be rushing to purchase these? I'm not sure I'll be hot footing it but if I do change my mind the glitter and the Florida Cora are right up my alley. 

Most Reached For // May

I feel like I've not posted a most reached for, for ages. I was taking a bath a few nights back and sat wondering if I had blogged about the products I was using, I realised I probably hadn't and then kinda kicked myself because I use these products every night. 

There's not many to be honest and they are all skincare and bodycare because I'm avidly trying to improve *that* situation. My skin's definitely changing recently, with hormones, my colitis is affecting my skin and my allergies - my neck looks like it's been fried when in fact it really hasn't. My skin feels really raggy and bumpy which isn't overly visible but I can feel it. It's as though my pores are all blocked and I've tried exfoliating and hydrating multiple times a day - most products break me out in a rash but these have been my skincare and body care saviours recently. 

First up is the body care...

Weleda Citrus Creamy Body Wash // (posted here) You only need a little of this lotion like wash to really clean all over. It has a gorgeous natural citrus scent and it's by Weleda, what's not to love? 

Ruby Red Reviving Body Cleanser // (review hereRuby Red create natural but effective body care products such as this Lime, Mandarin and Cedarwood cleanser. It smells so natural and has a unisex, fresh, herbal scent which my husband and I adore. It contains no nasties such as SLS, parabens or petrochemicals and has Aloe Vera added to really soothe the skin rather than strip it of it's natural - beneficial oils. 

Premae Balance Rescue Face Wash // (review here) It doesn't have the most fancy packaging granted, but it does contain a product that really works so well with my oily-combination skin type. 

And my haircare... 

Trevor Sorbie Colour Enhance Oil // (review here) Argan oil at it's best. It really gives my hair the softness and healthy shine it needs. It absorbs quickly, never leaves my hair greasy looking or overworked and smells incredible. Absolutely love this product. 

Vosene 2-in-1 Shampoo // I've included so many bottles of shampoo over my 'empties' posts but what you'll find is for every designer bottle you'll find two or three bottles of Vosene. You'll have noticed I rarely (I can't remember the last time) blog about shampoo's simply because most break my scalp out in big weeping sores (celiacs - wheat products and by products) or leave my hair lank, dull and lifeless. I've found even the ''designer'' shampoo's fall flat on their claims so if you know of one, suitable for thin, combination hair please give me a shout out (Twitter in the right hand column of the blog). 

And my body care and face care...

Salcura Body Hydrator // This lotion is incredible. It's been my go to source of hydration when my allergies got really bad, when most vegan or natural skincare cause big welts and allergy rashes - it's also soothed my sons skin through sunburn (he's photosensitive) and uncomfortable tight skin. It's soothed my husbands dry tootsies and my eldest sons dry patches. What I did find is that this lotion helped reduce the look of my acne pretty quickly, granted it keeps coming back but this helps for sure. I love having a go to product that's suitable for all five of us from five years old to thirty two years old. 

* Purchased Myself & PR Sample * 

Weekend // Latest Purchases

I ended up buying a few things on Saturday and normally I wouldn't show you a few things but I had to *smiles* I've recently taking to eating huge amounts of bananas which have basically changed my life - do you want a post on that? If you do let me know. The bananas have seriously changed my health issues, you know the ones  that plagued me for years and literally stripped me of my life a few years back, well things have drastically changed, developed and improved to a level I didn't think was possible. Because of my admiration for the humble banana I saw this bag and got MAJORLY excited! 

It's my H&M banana bag! (found here).  

Fruit prints are going to be huge this summer and I'm starting to see the fruit prints trickle into the high street. Most didn't grab me either because of the material they were made with or the overall shape or style. This cute little shoulder bag however had to come home - it's too cute not too! 

It's made from straw and has an imitation leather strap with a zip closure. It's big enough for your purse, phone and maybe a lipstick but that's about it. It costs £12.99 but depending if you purchase instore or online it maybe cheaper to purchase online due to the many discount codes you can find across the net. Use code 1969 for free delivery and you could try 1440 for 10% off.  

I love maxi dresses and skirts but find they trail too long on the ground. With the hot weather I really wanted a dress that I could slink on and team with everything, I found that dress (found here) at H&M for £14.99. It's described as being a knee-length dress but because of my height it sits lower than the knees; it reminds me of a 1950's style shape when on and the length too - I love it! It has a high elasticated waist with hidden side pockets. 

Honestly I feel really sexy in this, it skims my curves, flatters my bumps and is so comfortable on that I pull it out every time it's hot - which seems to be every second or third day doesn't it? 

I use to buy tons of accessories, Primark was my accessory bff but over the last year I've been slowly growing board of naff accessories in favour of Sterling Silver and Gold, real gemstones and healing crystals - basically pieces that are stylish but worthy of collecting, pieces that won't suddenly go out of fashion or turn my skin green. 

I've stuck to my new resolve and have got a few gorgeous jewellery pieces this year. I faltered however with this necklace. I've seen a rise in Facebook 'shops' (local to me) selling costume jewellery for £12 upwards to £27 for pieces similar to this, because I'm a bargain hunter I just shake my head at those crazy prices because they are cray-zee! Ebay is my go to costume jewellery store and I always pick up on-trend or pre-trend pieces for less than £5 delivered from China.  

This necklace cost £2.89 delivered and can be found here if anyone wants in on this summer neon goodness. Those 'stores' on Facebook are selling this exact necklace and using this exact image for £14! grab yourself a bargain before these store owners buy them all as wholesale. 

My paisley print tunic had to come home as it's a bohemian staple (found here) and at £14.99 it's an affordable staple piece for Summer comfort. This is made of cotton and has small details such as the neckline having the teeny white square holes. 

I'm 5ft 1 so this covers my bum as it's longer at the back slightly, I much prefer my bum to be covered because showing your front outline is never pretty *ewww* This is actually long it could actually be worn as a dress and many would but I'm just not brave enough. 

What did you buy over the weekend? 

* Purchased Myself *

YSL // Couture Palettes SS14

YSL Couture Palettes are headed this way next month and I'm freakin' excited! I'm not sure if I'll be splashing out straight away as it will be the summer holidays and kids cost a lot - I may even go bankrupt given how much my kids cost (joke) so this may need to wait until after the schools return in August, you know what as long as I get me peepers on one I'll be more than happy for the rest of the year - who else feels this way about beauty products, especially palettes? 

Back in 1956 the YSL Mondrian Dress was huge, that dress is still as iconic today and you'll probably know it as being this dress below... 

The YSL Couture Palettes were inspired by the Mondrian Dress and you can see there's a definite connection between the shadow cubic shapes and the dress - the shades not so much but you know what I'm more than likely to wear these shades than a ton of super brights, neutrals and day tones are so wearable throughout the year so cost per wear makes this splurge one that I won't feel guilty about. 

There is a eleven palettes to choose from and there are some colourful ones, such as the ones pictured above. 

Palettes include - Tuxedo, Fauves, Afrique, Saharienne, Surrealiste, Rive Gauche, Avant-Garde, Love, Lumieres Majorelle and Ballets Russes. 

* Nothing to Disclose *

Orly // Rich Renewals Collection

Next month Orly are launching a new nail care range called Rich Renewal. This collection consists of exfoliating scrubs, creams; these products are created with natural ingredients such as Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Aloe Vera, vitamins A and E which all help to provide your skin with improved skin elasticity and a youthful healthy glow. 

The formula is non-greasy and was formulated to absorb quickly into the skin which is fantastic because no-one wants to use a thick oily product that takes ages to absorb, I've seen me having to wipe off creams before because they just sit on the skin. The collection comes in four varied fragrances which are...

Passion // Floral notes of neem and feijoa. 
Paradise // Lychee and pomegranate. 
Pucker // Papaya and grapefruit. 
Pretty // Spiced vanilla and white tea. 

They will launch on June first and will be priced at £5.50 for the standard 2 oz size or £15.50 for the larger 8 oz. Once launched you will be able to pick these up from Beauty Bay and  Graftons Beauty.

Paul & Joe // Latest Offerings

Paul & Joe beauty have some new releases guys, the first products are these cute lip glosses and cheek colours which are apart of the Ice Cream Parlour collection. The second product is the Smoothing Body Oil. 

The Ice Cream Parlour range consists of three lip glosses (£18) in Strawberry Syrup, Orange Pineapple and Caramel Ribbon. The Triple Cheek Colours (£21) also comes in three variations which are Berry Berry Sundae, Chocolate Mint Gelato and Orange Sorbet - these are made with white lily extract, rosemary extract, orange flower water and jojoba oil so they're going to smell amazing and be really beneficial for your tender skin. 

The Smoothing Body Oil is available right now and also costs £21. The light-weight oil was formulated to absorb quickly leaving you with a silky smooth finish rather than a heavy sticky oil slick. Ingredients include orange oil, rosehip oil (amazing anti-ageing oil), lavender oil, organic jojoba oil as well as rosemary and sage extract. These ingredients help to promote blood circulation which is going to help reduce cellulite, it's going to energise your skin giving you a youthful glow. 

ASOS is my go-to place for everything Paul & Joe and as much as I love the sound of these, I'm not sure I'd be parting with my hard earned for the Ice Cream Parlour Collection. Maybe it's due to not being a huge lip gloss fan? However, the oil sounds incredible and it looks so pretty - that's one thing you can't really complain about is Paul & Joe's keen eye for amazing packaging. 

What are you're thoughts? Are you excited by the cheek and lip colours? 

Surya Brasil // Amazonia Preciosa Clay Facial Mask

I've used so many clay based facial and body products over the years because I'm aware that the natural clay is fantastic for our skin. Clay helps our skin to detox, clear away the built up dirt and grime but it also helps to replenish a lack of minerals and vitamins that it maybe seriously craving. 

When a product is kept in a dry and natural state it's always going to be fresh when it's used and that's why I typically purchase my own clay's so they can be mixed up at the last moment. I also purchase dried additives to mix with my moisturiser and can't recommend this method enough, I was so happy to find that Surya Brasil offered an ethical face mask that came in dried format. This is the Clay Mask which is apart of their Amazonia Preciosa collection, there's three masks in this range and this one in particular is suited to all skin types. 

The mask is made with a mix of clays such as Amazon white clay (kaolin) which is rich in mineral salts that help to detox toxins from the skin. Pink clay (bentonite) also contains beneficial minerals which help to reduce the effect of free radicals which speed up the signs of ageing in the skin. Other ingredients include Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E,  Organic Assai oil, Macadamia oil and Babassu oils to soften the skin and to provide a protective emollient barrier. 

To use you simply scoop out some of the powder, I scoop it into my left palm; I then mix with some water so it forms a paste. I then apply it as you would any face mask and leave for ten to fifteen minutes, once the fifteen minutes is up I then splash water on my face and using my fingertips make circular motions to really unclog my pores and get the most out of the mask. 

The overall effect is my skin is brighter, more even toned and I definitely see the pimples that I have clearing up. Older pimples have literally dried up and disappeared which makes me so happy. I adore this product and I adore the packaging too which looks so unusual compared to everything else on the high street. This little label stood out and I had to photograph it because the saying on it is so very true. It says 'If it's good for the planet it's good for you' cute eh. 

Surya Brasil have made sure that these sustainable products contain no parabens, SLS, mineral oil, solvents, fake fragrances, GMO's or any artificial nastiness of any kind. What an awesome company in my opinion. They create many other products including non-allergenic haircare (including dye) which I will be trying out as I cannot use conventional dye's anymore as my head and face break out in sores so I'd recommend this company and especially this range to everyone else, especially if you have a sensitive skin type. 

If you fancy checking out their collection or this product in particular you can do so over on Surya Brasil website and Amazon. 

Rituals // Mini Haul

So I'm addicted to Rituals. It's the only brand I feel I should be faithful to and the only brand that I will own every single product - I will! it's my aim. I know there's thousands who feel an affinity to certain brands such as Benefit, Lush, Too Faced etc but for me it's Rituals. 

As a bohemian type of woman I'm all about holistic products, yoga and zen and I am currently doing my yoga teacher training (just passed my first test - go me!), I am and have been all of my life a wiccan which is an earth based religion/lifestyle and to really follow the way of life you have to be in touch with the alternative for sure. I'm a crystal collector, reiki believer and I have said namaste and love and light to plenty of people. You can imagine why I'd be drawn into this brand. For those not in the know Rituals stock a range of products that are created with alternative therapies in mind. Therapies and practices such as the traditional Hamman baths as well as other popular Eastern traditions such as yin and yang and the Tao.

I've blogged about previous purchases such as the Sacred Fire Candle, Happiness Scrub, Under A Fig Tree Fragrance Sticks and more, this time I wanted to show you guys what I picked up in my last mini haul. Expect plenty more haul posts as I have all of the items on the header image on my wishlist. I'm intrigued by the eyeshadow and the car fragrance (the long wooden block at the bottom) as I've yet to try anything in those ranges. 

Ayurveda Chakra Water // Hydrating bed and body mist. Can be used as a light, uplifting fragrance or sprayed directly onto clothing, bedding and textiles. Fragrance notes include Indian Rose and Himalayan Honey with soft breeze like notes - overall this scent is very feminine, warm and inviting and it feels so cool and light on the skin. This Chakra Water does not stain textiles either so you really can envelop yourself in this uplifting fragrance. 

Happy Mist // Formulated without alcohol, Happy Mist is definitely energising and uplifting - it really does revistalise energy levels which makes you happy (or makes me happy??). Notes include Mandarin and Yuzu, although this is created with citrus notes it's much more complex and is so hard to describe. I adore this scent more than the others. Just like the Chakra Water this can be used on bodies, bedding and linen without staining or causing reactions. 

Himalaya Scrub // This scrub is sealed with a foil cover to ensure the ingredients are kept fresh - no-one likes rancid fragrance notes *shudders* lucky, that foil really seals in every note and ingredient, because as soon as you peel it back you are hit with the most amazing unisex fragrance! even hubster asked what candle I had on because he liked it haha (he associated strong fragrance with candles as we don't use airsprays). The scent is very similar to the shower gel below and slightly similar to the Chakra Water if I'm being honest, they're gorgeous used together as you really benefit from the layering effects. 

Ingredients include prehistoric crystal salts - yes really, prehistoric! these alone purify and harmonise your body, getting rid of any nasty toxins and build up as well as cellulite - this is a perfect thigh scrub ladies and gents. 

Shanti Shower Oil // Soothing shower oil that turns into a foaming creamy wash when it touches water making your bath and shower a delight. Ingredients include sweet almond oil which hydrates and soothes even sensitive skins and Indian Rose which gives a feminine scent which leaves you feeling confident and ready for what's to follow. 

Rituals sell everything from fragrance, baby products, sun care, home fragrance, tea and even yoga clothing.You can check out their ranges including the latest Ayurveda range on the Rituals website. Have you tried any of their products? Their candles are super strong and unique for anyone who adores a strong scented candle - these are more fragranced than Yankee for sure. 

Nails Inc // Alexa Chung Collaboration

Nails Inc are celebrating their 15th anniversary this year and to celebrate they announced Alexa Chung - queen of hipsters as their brands face. I love Alexa as she's so kooky but comfortable with it, she's more awesome than Kate Moss in my opinion. 

The main image above is a photograph taken by resound photographer Rankin shows Alexa lying on a bed of kale. Yes, kale. The superfood inspired a product called Nailkale as shown in the image which is a product that set for release 'hopefully' around the same time as the Alexa collection. Nailkale is a superfood - super - nutritious base coat that is absolutely formulated with the green leafy vegetable. I think this product intrigues me more than any other collection has so far this year as I'm a big fan of the humble leaf and have absolutely seen how beneficial it is when you add it to your diet (and smoothies and juices in particular) so would love to see the beneficial changes it makes to the nails. 

Alexa's Nails Inc fabric collection consists of six polishes. You'll notice that the bottles are different and remind me of the gel effect polishes but cubed - there's no street names either with these ones as they're named after Alexa and the fabric they're inspired by. 

Shades include...

Alexa Lace in Red // Pinky-red tiny glitter particules. 
Alexa Cashmere in Mink // Warm matte nude mink created with pure glass pearls to give a true cashmere finish. 
Alexa Silk in Black // Similar to the leather with a satin finish. 
Alexa Leather in Black // Matte black leather effect. 
Alexa Sequins in Black & Gold // Inspired by Alexa's favourite evening dress this is made with black and gold sequins... go figure! hahah. 
Alexa Camouflage // Green and nude metallic and matte particles. 

These are slightly more expensive than the usual bottles of Nails Inc which typically cost £11 and £12 - these will cost £15 each although they're launching a limited edition Red Lace in the typical Nails Inc bottles in June for £12. Once these launch in August you'll be able to pick them up from the Nails Inc website

What are you're thoughts on this collection and not forgetting the new bottles? I likey. 

* Nothing to Disclose *