MAC // Rihanna Viva Glam 2 Collection

A short but sweet post today guys. 

Anything that launches under the Rihanna machine tends to be huge! I fully believe that this collection just like the first one will sell out and fast. This campaign was inspired by her fearlessness and confidence, featuring just two products both with her signature. 

Viva Glam Rihanna II Lipstick // Warm mauve with silver frost. 

Viva Glam Rihanna II Lipglass // Cool mauve with red frost. 

The collection launches on September 11th and a percentage of the proceeds are going towards helping those living with and affected by HIV and Aids. You'll be able to pick these up from House Of Fraser and of course MAC counters once they launch - which do you prefer? I'm all over that lipglass because who doesn't love red sparkles? 

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DKNY // Be Delicious City Blossom Collection

DKNY is one of those brands that you either love or hate. I've known some friends who buy every single perfume that's launched and, others who have purchased but found the scent just doesn't work on their body. DKNY launched their City Blossom Collection earlier this year and the collection comprised of these three limited edition perfumes that are the floral versions to their Be Delicious Collection. 

Here they are in all their pretty apple shaped glory... 

The collection was inspired by springtime in New York although I don't get the NY inspiration in these scents the springtime inspiration is very prominent and so beautiful. The three perfumes are Urban Violet, Rooftop Peony and Empire Apple. 

Urban Violet // Notes include mandarin, delicious red apple blossom, berries, dewy petals, freesia, delicate violet, sandalwood, musk and orris root. The perfume is suppose to provide the wearer with a sensual experience for evening use. Personally I'm hit with the fresh freesia and hints of apple blossom, the violet comes through after thirty minutes of wear and has more of a warm, candied parma violet note which is utterly gorgeous. This doesn't have an overly evening or deep base to it so it's daytime suited in my opinion, if you're use to wearing more aquatic perfumes then yup it maybe more 'evening' due to the candied violet (which comes across as being quite grown up) and the sandalwood which although isn't hugely detectable, you can tell it's playing it's part at maturing those florals. 

Rooftop Peony // First off I adore peony flowers, I've always much preferred them to their rose counterparts but this perfume just didn't translate too well. Notes include juicy mandarin, bergamot, pink lady apple blossoms, black currant, rose absolut, peony, sweet raspberry, sensual amber, sandalwood and reseda. It's inspired by the dreamy-romantic NY rooftops. I was so excited by this because I adore raspberry, amber, black currant and sandalwood notes however they just didn't come through - I was personally hit with flowers BAM right in the face, it was hard to separate which was which and the scent was so full on and strong that when the dry down came the scent dissipated. 

Empire Apple // If you love apple scents then this is going to be the scent for you through summer and even into autumn. Notes include green apple, exotic flowers and woods. It's the simplest of the three and your hit with a mature green apple scent that has super lasting power. Unfortunately I've never been able to handle apple scents (apple scented anything) due to it being my nausea trigger while pregnant (in each of the three pregnancies) so I had to ask my wonderful cousin to road test it. She gave it a ten out of ten and still can't get enough of this perfume. 

These each cost £36.50 for 50ml at Boots if you fancied taking a sniff, I personally adore the Urban Violet perfume as it's so complex - floral, sweet, candied, sexy and then back to powdery floral. 

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Spiritual Perfumes // 9 Fragrance Reviews

This perfume genre is my favourite, I'm not sure why but I've always been a huge fan of those woods, resins and herbal notes ever since I was a young girl making floral and wood perfumes at home (my dad was awesome and taught me how to create those). I never worried too much about smelling more masculine, even when my best friends were spraying on Exclamation and Impulse as though it was going out of fashion I was applying a home blend of amber resin, vanilla and patchouli oils. 

For me this category is sexy, it's confident and it's spiritual to a certain point. I love that the ingredients are so nature inspired and change as they dry down, what can start off as a very manly wooded scent can in fact fade to the sweetest vanilla powdery fragrance. I really think that these notes work for my body chemistry, I know some can't handle the strength of these as most are used as base notes for a very good reason - what I will say is you can find earthy perfumes that are created with a lighter and delicate blend so don't be put off by a few, especially the larger perfume brands which all seem to smell quite similar. 

I will most probably have to do a part two soon because I keep seeing so many gorgeous sounding perfumes that will fit into this collection. I've already reviewed these on my blog, some of these reviews are old and it's so embarrassing looking back at just how bad my blog was then - it's also nice to see how far I've come and it makes me wonder just how much further I'll take this in the next few years, so here are the links to those reviews if you fancied reading up on how good (or bad) they are... 

Le Petite Fou Emballe Moi (review here) // Notes include bergamot, mandarin and pink peppercorn before mellowing to a lingering base of amber, patchouli and almond, raspberry, rose and sweet Lily of the Valley. 

Le Petite Fou Lucky Bay (review here) // These solid perfumes are so incredible. These seem to be the only solid perfumes that I can wear and these two by Le Petite Fou actually last far longer scent wise than the sprays do! Because of that I do intent to buy so many more over the new few years. Notes include citrus top notes of tangerine and lemon, floral heart, cedar, musk, patchouli, sandalwood and amber base. 

Rituals Happy Mist (review here) // These two Rituals fragrances are created without alcohol and are suited to spraying on clothing and fabrics but honestly I just wear them as I would any perfume. Notes include mandarin and yuzu. 

Rituals Chakra Water (review here) // Notes include rose and Himalayan honey - this is so gorgeous and even though there's two notes it's surprisingly complex. 

Aveda Chakra 5 (review here) // My all time favourite scent so it's easy enough to presume that this has a great review *wink* Notes include certified organic grapefruit, certified organic rosemary and organic ylang-ylang. 

Kiehls Fig Leaf & Sage (review here) // Notes include fig leaf, sage, citron, bergamot and thyme. Although this isn't as deep and woodsy as the others it's definitely herbal and green and really unique. 

Origins Ginger Essence (review here) // Notes are very simply ginger, lemon and lime. This is a scent I take out with me and apply when I'm feeling deflated, ill, lacking in energy or just not feeling as confident or attractive. I do think these notes pep you right up and the scent is absolutely gorgeous. 

Lush Karma Solid Perfume (review here) // This isn't pictured simply due to being allergic. As I mentioned previously I seem to not be able to wear most branded solid perfumes other than Le Petite Fou, I did end up giving this away however I adore the scent. Notes include orange, lavender and lemongrass, middle notes are pine tree, lemon, cassis and the bottom notes are patchouli, elemi, fir tree resin and cinnamon. 

Lush Icon Solid Perfume (review here) // I also gave this away for the same reasons I gave Karma away *sobs* there's nothing wrong with these it's just I seem to be allergic??? Funnily enough most people purchase Karma (above) due to it being incense like but I really think Icon is more incense like than Karma. Karma's orange notes definitely shine through more than this one - notes include African orange flower, myrrh, bergamot, sandalwood and mandarin orange. 

Do you have any of these perfumes? Are there any that you have that you could recommend? 

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Silent Sunday // Inspirations

I know it's silent Sunday but I had to say a few words because this is the first feature of this type here on the blog. Each week I will be posting a Silent Sunday feature with varied topics, this is the images from the past week that have inspired me. I hope they inspire you also. Enjoy! 

source unknown (if you know please do let me know). 

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Now Seen // Keep Calm...

I previously blogged about Now Seen (review here) and how much I adored this brand! I'm not sure if you've noticed but I also love a good arm party and had to add to my party with a new bracelet. I swithered about which to go for because I love chic friendship style bracelets - you may have seen my Gina Cox Stewart bracelets, Links of London and even Duepunti bracelets that I've featured on the blog before but I also have those teamed up with gem chip bracelets and a silver Hot Diamond bracelet with the occasional loom band bracelet that my sons have lovingly made for me that day *phew* so there's always a ton on my arms - it's my addiction what can I say. 

I debated which friendship type bracelet to go for because they have twelve variations from dainty single stranded gemstone bracelets to more chunky full sized gemstones on thicker threads - the few common features are that they're created with semi-precious gemstones such as amethyst, moonstone, labradorite, iolite, agate, tourmaline, garnet, carnelian, citrine and sodalite. 

Eventually I chose... 

The Calm bracelet which is created using moonstones. There's chunkier bracelets including the maxi moonstone version but I tend my wear my bracelets as stacking bracelets so figured this would team nicely with my others and I adore moonstone; moonstone and labradorite are my all time favourite gemstones. The bracelet although it looks delicate it's not flimsy at all. It's created with tough silky threads and the fixtures are Sterling Silver and are staying put - I really haven't worried about this falling to pieces. 

I also quickly came to this decision due to the summer holidays, as any parent will tell you the months of June and July easily bring out stress in even the least stressful person, it was a natural decision going for the bracelet that installed ''calm''I definitely needed some celestial help at calming my mind, body and soul and treating myself was also a great pick me up. 

Call me crazy or call it a fluke but I definitely felt more zen like after wearing my bracelet - I think it's partly due to the crystals and partly placebo effect. What ever the reasons who am I to question it? 

Here's what the gemstones can do for you. 

Moonstone calms // Calm bracelet & Maxi Calm bracelet  .
Emerald increases wisdom // Maxi Wisdom bracelet & Mini Wisdom bracelet .
Iolite is peaceful // Peace bracelet.
Citrine increases happiness // Maxi Happiness bracelet & Happiness bracelet  .
Labradorite gives you courage // Courage bracelet
Sodalite boosts intelligence // Chakra bracelet
Agate protects //  Chakra bracelet (white agate), Chakra bracelet (grey agate).
Carnelian boosts energy // Energy bracelet & Maxi Energy bracelet
Amethyst increases creativity // Maxi Creativity bracelet & Creativity bracelet
Tourmaline also increases happiness // Chakra bracelet (mixed tourmaline). 

You can find the Calm bracelet and the others mentioned on the Now Seen website. My bracelet cost £22 but prices start from £11. 

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Kiehls // Fig Leaf & Sage Aromatic Mist

I purchased this in January just after purchasing the Aveda Chakra 5 perfume that I adore. I figured that herbal and spiritual types of scents work well on my body chemistry and for that reason I wanted to add some more herbal and green types of scent into my scent wardrobe. I initially swithered between Kiehls Fig Leaf & Sage Aromatic Mist and the Kiehls Patchiouli & Fresh Rose Aromatic Mist, of course you know which was the winner out of the two. 

There's six fragrances (I believe) which originally started as four. The scent line up includes Vetiver & Black Tea, Patchiouli & Fresh Rose, Fig Leaf & Sage, Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit, Orange Flower & Lychee and Vanilla & Cedarwood. 

This perfume comes in a 30ml sized glass bottle with an average spritzer cap, the perfume itself is so complex and very hard to describe purely because it's like nothing you'll find on the high street. Firstly it's strong - very strong, so a little really goes a long way. At first spritz I was hooked, I couldn't get enough of this and was raving about the scent to all of my friends and family. 

The notes included in this are very simply fig leaf, sage, citron, bergamot and thyme. You instantly smell the sage and thyme which then converts to a sweet, green scent that then changes into a softer scent. You'd think at this point it would just get softer and more delicate but oh no it certainly doesn't. The scent actually picks right back up and the sage note overpowers everything else - it was at this point I found it to be too much. I was deflated. 

The next day I tried it again, dammit I wanted this to work on me so bad because the first hour it's incredible. Again the same thing happened and I had to go wash it off. You'd think at this point I'd give up the ghost and stop using it but oh-no, I was so sure it would change, I really wanted this to work so I kinda just semi spritzed it on my wrist (I looked like an idiot trying to semi-spray it) and....... I ended up feeling nauseous. 

I'm so gutted because the scent is incredible but it just doesn't work on me. I spritzed it on hubster hoping he'd get use but every time he came in for a kiss I felt sick so I kinda banned him from using it. I now wished I'd purchased the patchouli and fresh rose scent and I really haven't been put off from purchasing another aromatic mist. 

You can pick up any of the Kiehls perfumes from John Lewis for £24.50 if you want a perfume that's affordable, premium and very true to it's notes then I really recommend this collection. Just keep in mind the notes are strong so check out the list of notes before purchasing one. 

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