Philip Kingsley // Elasticizer

I've had this sitting in drafts (I'm so bad at drafts aren't I) because I've been trying to realise exactly what I really feel about this product. For me this was one of those products that I simply ''had'' to try and it had been sitting on the top of my must buy/must try list for years. I had heard some amazing opinions about how this really helped to strengthen people's hair, adding volume, shine and an overall appearance of health, I mean who doesn't want that right? 

My hair used to be very straight, thick and glossy as a child. Over the years it started to wave, frizz and thinned out severely - I had bald patches along my hair line after having my children and a flare up again where my hair was falling out quite badly, even to this day I lose a lot of hair regardless of what treatments I put on it or supplements I take *sigh* I figured this iconic product would save the day after all it was originally created for Audrey Hepburn of all people! 

The product itself aims to add back moisture that's lost due to heat treatments, hair dyes and the UK temperamental weather, protecting your hair further with UV protection and overall improving the health of the hair and scalp. You basically apply this as a pre-shampoo treatment which you can apply then do your eyebrows, shave your legs or relax and read a magazine or a chapter or two - you then wash it off and shampoo and condition as normal. This is exactly what I did and I did decide to wait until morning to see if I did notice a difference, I then continued to use the Elasticizer each week until it was finished. 

Honestly, I noticed absolutely no difference in the strength, moisture or overall look of my hair during my time using this product. Granted it was a sample size and it maybe that alone that lead to me not seeing a difference, I haven't completely written it off because it didn't leave my hair feeling frizzy, greasy or limp and it was a nice treatment to use so I really should purchase a full size to give this a true run shouldn't I? 

I purchased this sample size from Latest in Beauty when I noticed they had it in their 'Build a Box' section (link). This is the section where you can pick and choose what products you want to purchase normally at a reduced price because they're smaller or sample sized. It's unfortunately not available anymore via that website but you can purchase it full sized at Feel Unique for a fabulously fantastic sale price of £10.50 (link). 
* Purchased Myself *
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Christian Louboutin Polishes // The Colour Line Up

I previously blogged about the Christian Louboutin polish collection (link), honestly I wasn't hugely impressed because I believed there would be a few standard colours, a fancy teeny bottle and a huge whopping price! I did think this was going to be an overly hyped product that didn't live up to the hype and I really didn't want to buy into that. 

I will eat humble pie now gladly because having seen the range and some swatches I was surprised by the range of beautiful colours and finishes as well as the bottle too and the conversion rate means that the scary looking $50 is a less scary looking £36 (which is still expensive but as a treat, that's OK isn't it?). 

Here are the four collections within the new launch. 

The Pops

Mula Lisa // Chartreuse yellow.
Escatin // Orange
Popi // Poppy red
Miss Loubi // Coral pink
Pluminette // Hot pink
Bengali // Fuchsia pink
Lova // Bright violet
Wherever // Ink blue
Ni Toi Ni Moi // Mint green
Batignolles // Celadon blue. 

The Nudes

Sweet Charity // Sheer vanilla
Madame Est Nue // Barely pink
La Favorita // Sheer blush pink
Tres Decollete // Sheer cotton candy pink
Just Nothing // Sand beige
Tutulle // Rosy nude
Simple Nude // Malt ball nude
Me Nude // Cappuccino 
Zoulou // Chocolate brown 
Alta Perla // Light almond green

The Noirs 

Lady Twist // Prussian blue
Bianca // Shimmer denim blue
Zermadame // Forest green
Kheops // Dark brown
Farida // Shimmer brown bronze
Sevillana // Deep burgundy
Lady Page // Deep berry violet
Very Prive // Deep wine red
Khol // True black
Daffodile // Nude grey

Rouge Louboutin

And the very special polish within the new launch is the Rouge polish. This is described as a timeless shade of red that it iconic on all of the shoes soles, the bottle is a work of art in itself and originally I didn't think I wanted any of these polishes - after all they cost £36 and $50 respectively. Having seen some images I've been pleasantly surprised by the size of the bottles, they seem to be pretty huge! 

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You can pick up selected colours (I think around 7 out of 10 shades from each range) at Selfridge's and all colours are/will be available at Sephora

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Friday Finds // #3 The Bohemian Style One

DIY Leather Sandals // I found this cute tutorial on The Merry Thought Blog and while it maybe the end of Summer a good pair of sandals is always fab to have on hand for nipping out - we are also suppose to be having a hot autumn so I'd get your crafting kit out ready for this tutorial. 

Mochila Bag // Oh my goodness, I came across this Etsy based company on Instagram and have been swooning over their boho bags ever since. 

Patchwork Cardigan // This is vintage, bohemian and so perfect. I know this is going to be a Marmite product but those that love the retro style but done in a modern way will see the perfection in this piece. A big P.S also this style (crochet, colours and bohemian) is going to be mega for AW. 

Lunar Nail Art // More moons, sorry not sorry. I don't know who the original creator of these nails were but who ever did these is awesome in my eyes! they're perfect in every way and I need my nails to look like this pronto. 

Perfect Autumn Crown DIY // Crowns never go out and regardless of age there's always something slightly magical about placing something pretty on your hair - I'm not sure about you guys but I'm always taken back to my youth and pretending to be a princess and learning to walk straight. Popping the crown regardless of it's material whooshes me back and while I may not wear it out, I do like to wear a crown or two in the house on special occasions (I'm the queen of this castle okay). I adore this DIY because it's very simple but so effective, getting kids involved too will make this a great little project that will hopefully gain some laughs. 

Beautiful Mittens // It's getting colder for sure - we're in Scotland, not sure if that makes a difference? Are you guys feeling the chill? These mittens were chosen because they look cosy but still look very chic - the neutral colour will go with every outfit too. 

Christian Louboutin Polish // This is shade Mula Lisa from The Pops range within the new collection. I previously blogged about this range and I have to say some of the colours are really outstanding. I'm not much of a yellow chick, but this shade just called my name! 

Cement Necklaces // I found this simple tutorial on the Fall For DIY blog, I love starting a project and seeing it through to the end, especially when you're left with something that looks so pretty and is use able. You could also whip up a few of these for special friends or Christmas. 

As you're reading this I maybe at my second job interview for a job I so badly want, I was so nervous and I'll discuss it more with you once I get a yes or no so wish me luck guys and I hope you all have a great weekend everyone *mwah* 

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MAC // Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection

Ooooh, ooohhhh, oooohhh! I'm pretty speechless right now because MAC are releasing a limited Halloween collection inspired by The Rocky Horror Picture Show *yaay* The collection consists of lots of vampy shades and glittery sparkles *even more yay* While I love many of the previous MAC Collections I don't think you can quite beat a collection that has Autumn all over it and combines the sparkles of the festive season - it's like the whole second half of the year rolled into one collection. 

The collection was created to celebrate forty wonderful years in production. Introducing us to some amazing characters, songs, costumes and everything in between - if you've ever seen Rocky Horror Picture Show you'll get when I say it's magnetising, it's so wrong but in a so-so good way and I'm totally wanting a piece of this celebratory action once it's launched. 

MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Lipsticks // Four gorgeous shades - Strange Journey (yellowish matte brick red), Oblivion (vivid amplified blue-red), Sin Deep ( dark blue matte red) and Frank-N-Furter (deep matte rasberry-wine). 

MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Glitter // There's two colour options both of which are absolutely incredibly yummy. The first (pictured above) is a black with silver holographic 3D pieces - the second is a chunky gold sparkly glitter which is pictured below, I boo-booed up the pictures *apologies* 

MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Pigment // Sparkling burgundy pigment, oh I can imagine this on just now - so vampy.  

MAC False Lashes 7 Lash // False lashes are a MUST for this collection!

MAC Set Powder // Setting powder to keep your gorgeous pigments and shades in place all day long. 

MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Nail Lacquer // Two colours in this too, the first of course is a red with multi-changing pearl tones and the second is a teal green with pink multi-changing tones. 

MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Glitter // This was the one I missed from above. 

MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Blush (not pictured) // Crazed imagination muted plum with a hint of pink pearl. 

MAC Rocky Horror Sculpt and Shape Powder // Bone beige, Emphasize palest cream & tan. 

MAC Riff-Raff Eyeshadow // Now these are my shades! Graphic Style (deep silver veluxe pearl), Oh, Rocky!!! (soft muted white with pearl frost), Carbon Black (intense matte black), Crystal (violet duo-chrome with pearl frost), Blackberry (muted burgundy-plum matte) and Heavy, Black and Pendulous (gray-blue pearl frost). 

MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Lip Pencil // Vino (intense violet purple). 

MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Chromographic Pencil // Two gorgeous berry shades, the first is a blackest black and the second is a basic. 

MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Greasepaint Stick // Black Intense (black) and B (bright yellow blue). 

MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Superslick Liquid Eyeliner // On The Hunt (true black). 

MAC Zoom Fast Lash Mascara // Black only. 

The collection is set to launch at the beginning of October guys, who else is feeling super excited about this - I feel very autumnal, Halloween inspired and festive inspired all at once. 

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August // Ten Wish - Want - Need's

This is a new feature on the blog and I hope you love it as much as I thoroughly enjoyed compiling this. Basically every single month my wishlist grows, some of the items on my wishlist are absolutely practical and necessary to my situation, some are just pure indulgences and some are quirky items that I love but haven't purchased because I would look like a crazy lady. This feature allows me to express my loves for the month, those loves being the items I simply cannot shake my adoration for and items that will probably remain on the list until I buy them or something better comes along. 

I find that these types of posts also give you an insight into the crazy mind that I have going on (in a good way) and I hope they can inspire you to embrace the quirkiness rather than hiding it because of what's considered acceptable and what's not. I do feel that shopping and the items we buy can be inspired by what's considered acceptable, take for example my black doll head cup - beauty and fashion bloggers, that are considered sweet normally would be frowned upon for wanting something so 'dark and gothic' but the reality is in person i'm more quirky than I will ever be sweet and this dolls head cup is just too perfect, it's the design and the lines that are awesome - how much of a talking point would it be if you pulled it out while having tea and cake with the girls huh? 

First off my household, home and decor wishlist is far surpassing my beauty and clothing wishlist *sigh* expect lots more home inspired features, in this wish-want-need list there are six household items that made the cut, here they are... 

Snow Queen Bowl by Marinski Handmades // Honestly I adore everything Marinski Handmades makes but this bowl was one of a few standouts, I love the practicality and the illustrations - it's so unique. 

Phases of The Moon Print by James Brown // Some people are crazy over rainbows, others puppies; me on the other hand I adore moons!! anything moon, lunar or celestial grabs me and I seriously feel that I need to buy it. I've had this print by James Brown on my wishlist for a while, he also creates other totally awesome illustrations. 

Corner Box Shelf by The 807 // Shelving has got more modern and art like that I've definitely taken an interest, I love that this isn't too invasive especially if it's put up in a small room - I love that it looks shabby, natural and makes use of space that would never normally be used *big thumbs up* 

Geometric Wallpaper by Livettes // This is actually like a big wallpaper sticker! no fuss, no mess and it looks so current. I can't find anything like this that's affordable in the UK. 

Doll Head Cup by ENDEsign // This comes in white and black. I seriously love this. 

Ceramic Rabbit Sculpture by Midoritakaki // Ah it's too cute! I'm really feeling the love for sculptures and clay models especially when done in neutral colours. 

Accessories and fashion include...

Boho Autumn Dress by YJ Studio // I love the vintage but modest appeal to this. It would absolutely team with a leather jacket and some awesome booties for Autumn. 

OM Necklace by Dana Castle // I do love a good ohm. It's a fab way for me to remind myself to stop and take a deep breath when things get tough. 

Woodland Animal Necklace by Laonato // Origami, dainty and cute. This would go with any outfit, would layer really well and is unique, you can guess that there won't be one hundred other girls walking down your local high street with this. 

Gold Baby Shoes by Ajalor // My babies are too big now *sobs* I'm literally waiting on a friend or family member saying they're pregnant so I can snap these cuties up. 

What do you think of my ten picks? Are there any you love or any you simply hate? 

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