End of 2015 Roundup || Looking Back to Move Forward

2015 has been a whirlwind of ups and downs, a roller coaster if I'm being specific. I've never been so grateful to see the end of one year and the new year edge in - typically it all flows as one for me with the only thing changing, is the date. This year, not so much but I remain positive as I always do and I look forward to what 2016 brings.

To put an end to the year online I've compiled a roundup. I'm always interested to read other roundups especially when you look over a few years, it's easy to see just how much we change in such a short amount of time, when things get tough we adapt, when positives happen we adapt and naturally as humans we're forever changing to our surroundings and those we associate to. I find it fascinating, I always have - do you find the lives of others interesting?

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Music That's Got Me Through 2015 

MAX - Wrong  - The words, the tune and phew, that video is enough to take your mind of anything!
Susie Suh - Here With Me  - Beautiful, just beautiful.
Starset - My Demons - Again this helps to make me feel, but boosts me.
David Guetta & Sia - She Wolf - This has a deepness to it, I adore Sia's part in this also.
Sia - Elastic Heart - I can't help but feel a connection to this song and video. It makes me ''feel''.
Ciara - Paint it Black - So deep and dark but 100% awesome.

Favourite Products in 2015 

Fountain Molecule Supplements - I'm already planning my next purchases. Read the review here.
The Footsie Blanket - Like this is seriously the best blanket, come footsie thing ever.
The Green Witch Exhaustion Blend - This is the only thing that's made me feel somewhat 'normal' I apply it to the soles of my feet.
Divergent series DVD's & Books - I can't get enough of the Divergent series. Can't wait for the next DVD to be released.
L'Absolu For Her Narciso Rodriguez Perfume - I've long looked for a scent that's 'me' and this is it. Notes include jasmine absolute, musk, amberlyn, sandalwood and patchouli. It's seriously grown up, sexy and out of this world.

The Best Part of 2015 

My view on life has changed completely, for the positive.
Finally getting settled in our forever home and seeing the positive impact it has on my sons.
Starting a job I love.
Getting closer to those who were in the hospital, being given that chance, that is a blessing in my opinion.
Reconnecting with family members.
Being a part of an amazing blogging group that's lead to lots of amazing online blogging friends.
Making a huge, positive impact in my health issues.

Hardest Parts of 2015

1 car crash - including whiplash and a car write off.
4 family members in hospital - 2 of which were technically dead for a small amount of time. 2 were in intensive care. 1 of which was in for most of the year.
1 house move. I so wasn't ready to move house but in the end, it was the best choice.
Lots of bad health - my youngest son, myself and my husband being hit the hardest.
2 new job moves between my husband and me.
The not knowing if each phone call is news of someone you love having passed on.
Depression and anxiety caused by all of the above.


Be more productive. Fatigue has played a huge part in my procrastination, keeping lists should keep me in check so I'm using every usable hour on something productive.

Apply to university. With my current job security up in the air I plan to apply to university, it's always been a fear because I never felt I was worthy of going to 'uni' but it's the one regret I do have so time to bite the bullet.

Save. I want to make and save my money for future security. I hate when unexpected things happen and you're left stressed thinking about how you can afford x, y and z. I hope to be able to only buy the necessary things and save as much as possible.

Learn to do new things. New Yoga positions, I want to learn to pirouette, I want to start running and I want to learn how to improve my memory. All little things to some but huge challenges for me personally.

Learn how to control my sensitivities. My natural empathy has caused huge problems in how I've functioned over the last year. I want to be able to reign it in when needed, I've heard meditation is good for this so will be ramping up the amount of meditation and mindfulness I do.

Blog with more regularity and drive. I dislike having a blog theme so tend to discuss a range of things with no real theme specification. I'd love to know what you guys look for in a blog to help make this more of a community suited blog so feel free to email me or comment below.

The best thing is I leave all of this behind me as we move into 2016. I love how a New Year feels like a clean slate. I'm super excited to see what this year brings, aren't you?

Happy New Year to you and yours! 

2016 Fortune Telling || What's On The Cards...

We're a very spiritual and bohemian family. We love to ask the angels for help, my sons do so quite a bit with important things because they've seen the almost automatic results and are still dumbfounded by it. We learn about sacred geometry and apply it to our lives in a variety of ways and we use herbs, crystals and essential oils to ail our issues and health problems. It's become second nature for us as it was when I was little to me and my mum and dad. 

I don't really go into this aspect of our life because I've found there's very little interest in the 'unknown' or spirituality but I miss writing about it. It's what I'm passionate about so in 2016, I will be including more of this type of post and posts about bohemia, alternative therapies and day-to-day living. 

We believe that everything has an opposite, similar to the yin-and-yang principle and we believe that everything has a reason and a cause. Even when the poop hits the fan we've come to accept it, make adjustments and wait for the good to come into our lives as we're shifted onto the right path in life. Call us loony but you know what, we've experienced it and wouldn't change this life for a normal non-spiritual one. 

That brings us onto fortune telling. We're pretty empathetic (well my sons and I, not so much hubster) so can typically get insight into other people's lives. My dad's line (who came from spiritual ancestors such as native American, the Chukotka Eskimo's, Irish and Scottish pagans) were 'psychic' but didn't handle it well but that's a whole other blog post. We've found getting insight into what's to come has been pretty handy, especially if it's not something all that great, getting a universal hey, this is coming, brace yourself has made things a little easier and that's what's leading me to write up this post. 

So what do you need to do? 

Take a deep breathe in and slowly breathe out. Focus on the image below of the three piles of purple cards with blue stars. Decide which pile you're more drawn too and read below to see what these cards are saying about your 2016. 

Keeping in mind they're not 100% specific because this reading is targeted to a wide audience but it should be enough to give you one of those ''hey, this is going to happen'' generalised heads up. So what's it going to be? The left pile, the middle pile or the pile on the right? 

Have you focussed on one pile? If so, read below to find out what your cards mean.


Eight of Swords Reversed | January - March.
The eight of swords shows that you have fears going into the New Year. A worry about not achieving as much as you'd hoped and a worry about accomplishing everything that you currently feel needs to be done. Instead of allowing these fears to consume you the swords card helps you to tackle these head on throughout the January retrograde. The end of January will bring a new, but clearer drive for fulfillment into your life, a decision to start being productive again and to actually participate in those hobbies, interests and learning courses you'd always wanted to start but never quite got round to without being held back by old fears.

Six of Wands | April - June.
Sixes relate to both positive and negative abundance. You're at risk of losing money from April 28th through to May 22nd. Be very aware of what you're signing for during this period and make any must have purchases outside of this period to ensure you're money stays on the right path and your abundance flows positively outside of the May retrograde. Previous efforts for change will be victorious during this quarter also and your hard work won't go unnoticed as you're surprisingly praised by someone unexpected. Keep at it, things will get easier especially because you have strength on your side.

The Sun | July - September.
This major Arcana card signifies that you have a youthful, free-spirit that seeks success, clarity and a deeper grounded relationship. During this quarter you will see relationships that aren't beneficial to you pull back during the first 3/4's of September and the most beneficial relationships come through stronger than ever. Don't worry about the changes, it's nothing that you've done and sometimes change is needed to get you onto the right path in life. Keep in mind when these relationships pull back that the right work associates, friends and loved ones will enter your life stronger than ever making your 2017 one of security, love and happiness. Stay optimistic and don't fight these changes.

Five of Cups | October - December.
Tackling your past emotions will be key to getting through this last quarter. Being aware of the yin-yang theory will stop you from becoming pessimistic, the darkened nights can hit you hard, your brain wakes up during this time and leaves you with a deep feeling of unfulfillment. Don't let this eat you up. To get round this you need to stop viewing friends and loved ones as competition (even if you don't realise you're doing it). Your achievements and dreams are yours alone and happiness will come when you realise this. Face your past, close that book and accept any losses for what they are - learning curves. Cups relate to 'loss' but not loss in the sense that everything else is spent. Cups shows that you will accept these previous losses but you'll also overcome this by accepting that all things happen to bring good into our lives...

Heading into 2017 you'll start the year emotionally cleansed. Of course the good thing is you know to expect this, you can start to clear past emotions, built up blame and inner demons now so you can start the last quarter clear, fresh and ready for what the universe brings.

△ Middle 

Seven of Wands | January - March
Seven of wands show that there's a creative and competitive energy entering your life. Flow with this competitive energy as it's all in the name of fun. Working with it instead of against it will lead you to surprising progression. Applying for new roles within the workplace, new job roles or starting a new business or educational course will be fruitful during this period, get it done now rather than waiting until the next quarter where the opportunity will be lost due to being 'too little - too late'.

Three of Wands RV | April - June
Your confidence is low during this quarter, for those trying to conceive a baby or a new life path the three of wands reversed shows that you need to embrace patience. Don't be disappointed by it not happening right now because it will happen. Use this time to strengthen what you have and to make plans for the last two quarters. Being organised is going to help you tremendously and if you need help during this time don't be afraid to ask for it. Pride never solved anything.

The High Priestess | July - September
The first major Arcana brings hidden truths out. This may mean actual skeletons in the closet but it also shows me that you'll come to realise a whole lot of hidden inner reflections about yourself, body confidence, a change of attitude for the better and a whole goddess persona is about to take over you. Relish in it, you deserve it. Embrace your inner high priestess by using her power to get stuff done, by doing so your inner need for fulfillment will be satisfied. The hardest part for you will be allowing yourself to let go and relinquishing your pride. Have some ''you'' time and stop doing so much for others throughout August and September, let others do things for you.

The Universe RV | October - December
This major Arcana card shows that you have the ability to achieve so many dreams, your youthful inner beauty transcends and that you really can't fail in new projects. Reversed however it shows that while you have the ability to do so much and to achieve so much you're currently not. Being a sofa bear is not your friend, get active, push yourself and don't let this opportunity disappear with 2016.

△ Right 

Seven of Cups | January - March
Start your 2016 full of dreams, wishes and plans. Make your list now. Don't be scared to put down crazy dreams either because the seven of cups tells us that yes, you have an ability to dream but you also have an unused ability to extent your reality further than you ever have done - you just don't realise how amazing you are and that's currently what is stopping these dreams from becoming realities. Build your castles, conjure up a wonderful reality and you may just make it all happen. Find a hobby that boosts your confidence, maybe it's journalling, maybe it's yoga, learning a new skill such as aromatherapy, blogging or even make a start to your own book. Getting your confidence to flow will stop your pessimism from sneaking in and the rest will fall into place.

Judgement RV | April - June
Wow your 2016 is full of Arcana cards which is pretty amazing because these are big warnings or big helping hands. The judgement card is telling you that there are opportunities waiting to enter your life, they're waiting to be handed to you - but - your card is reversed. This doesn't mean that you have no opportunities, what it is saying is that you need to accept the changes in your life because refusing to do so will result in procrastination, vacillation and wasted opportunities. Change is hard and if you're struggling with emotions or poor health during this period then get it solved now before you enter the next quarter as the judgement card wants you to help you.

The Fool RV | July - September
The fool takes risks, leaves things by the wayside and is adventurous. When I see the fool reversed it signifies that you need to stop acting like the fool, you need to reign things in with your private life, your inner child and with your spending. If you don't things. will. get. tough. The reversed fool is simply telling you to get your adult head on for this quarter so you can let that fool loose in the next quarter. Bide your time but don't become complacent.

The Magician | October - December
The magician is a creative and beautifully energetic Arcana card that fills your last quarter with a can-do attitude, confidence, willpower and and an ability to get stuff done. Spent some time in this quarter connecting with your inner magician by being selfish, meditate, become more mindful and spend time with children if you can because they will ignite your inner enchantress. During this quarter things seem to be working in your favour so ask away, take a risk or two and feel confident in the knowledge that the cards are working with you to make magic happen.

Here's to a better 2016 everyone. 

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Maybelline Baby Lips || Baby Balm & Blush

A quick post to end the year and to give you a heads up about these little cuties. Maybelline Baby Lips plan to launch five products called Baby Lips & Blush. I know there are some Baby Lip die hards out there so chances are this is going to be a must buy for 2016. I'm no die-hard but even I can see the appeal of these because they also look super adorable.

This dual-purpose products aims to offer you a balmy hint of colour that you can use both on your lips and on your cheeks. I love balmy cheek products because they suit everyone and they leave you with infallible results. Have you ever noticed that someone, say a friend or even a co-worker looks better but you can't quite work out why? Well typically I find it comes down to that youthful glow which you can get from using a dewy or cream based blush among other reasons.

I've not tried these products so I can't say how well they'll perform but I do know they only give a sheer hint of colour and nothing too in your face, if you like a bright pop of colour they may not be right for you but for the most part these would make excellent additions to your spring-summer cosmetic wardrobe or the cosmetic bag of a teen or someone just getting into makeup.

I actually only started wearing blush about three years back because most blush just looked too false on me - if this had been around then it would have made a great beginner blush product. I'm guessing the colour maybe build able - again it's just a guess.

The colours that will be available are:
Booming Ruby
Flirty Pink
Juicy Rose
Innocent Peach
Shimmering Bronze

These are due to launch into Boots in January and will cost £4.99. What do you think about this dual-purpose concept?

 photo NEW.png

Nuori || New 100% Natural Skincare Brand Just Launched

Jasmi Bonnen wanted to create a skincare brand that was centred around freshness. Most skincare brands wouldn't dare to try to achieve this because shelf lives are so small, ingredients are more costly and then there's performance. Most 'fresh' products perform well to begin with but this dwindles as they age, you can see the predicament. Here's Jasmi's take on the issue: 

''Making product freshness our mission has also meant making life hard for ourselves from day one. Everything we are doing is the opposite of what has been done before, but in my vision there was just no room for compromise. That is why it has taken us two years to get to where we are now”

Well predicament aside skincare brand Nuori was born in September. They got around the freshness aspect by blending small batches every twelve weeks in Denmark, this enables the active ingredients to stay 'active' as they don't breakdown within this small time period and it also ensures the ingredients are as pure as possible. Anything longer and like many big brands Nuori would have to include preservatives and that was completely against what they were aiming for. That of course means that there are no nasty chemicals used to stabilise the product as well as no nasty synthetics, colourants and hidden dangers. 
So what makes Nuori different from other 'natural skincare brands'? well, many other brands are marketed as being natural but actually contain ingredients that are less than rosy. See brands can get away by having a certain percentage of natural ingredients in their ingredient list for them to legally be able to slap on the 'natural' tag. Then you have brands that are overlooked which are really natural, 100% natural like Nuori. 

You won't find parabens, mineral oils, PEG's, PPG's, MEA, DEA, TEA, phthalates, sulfates or petrolatum in these products. That's pretty amazing in my opinion. Nuori say: 

“We would never compromise the purity of our formulations with synthetic and potentially harmful compounds just to extend shelf life, produce a different texture, or to create a distinct color...For us at NUORI, 100% natural means 100% purity”.

The brand launched on six face care products and five body care products. I've yet to try any of them but I absolutely will be after the New Year. You can check out the range over on the Nuori website

 photo NEW.png
* Not sponsored or affiliated to the company in any way *

Skincare || Gold Collagen Hydrogel Masks

We've talked previously about beauty hype ingredients recently which included hyaluronic acid. Another one of those hyped ingredients that were doing the rounds for years was collagen, it still is and like hyaluronic acid it has good reason to be receiving the 'hype'

Collagen is a protein that fills the extracellular space in between connective tissues such as skin, tendons and ligaments. It acts as a protective barrier and much like HA is also depletes depending on our lifestyles and as we age. In the beauty industry having a youthful appearance includes plumped cheeks, a smooth jawline and forehead that's radiant and wrinkle free - as we age the skin slackens and those gaps that were previously filled with collagen proteins are no longer as full leading to sunken areas in the face hollows that make us look older.

So how do we maintain good levels of collagen? 

Diet plays a large part as does the lifestyle you lead. Sun worshippers and smokers are going to deplete their stores very quickly as are sugar lovers. Sugar once in the blood stream attach to collagen proteins making them hardened and unable to perform their duties, the proteins then become nonfunctional and deplete. The scary thing is we as a society are eating more sugar now than we ever have and with the rise of the smoothie and juice era we're only doing our looks more damage than good.


To tackle the problem there are ways you can work to get back some of the collagen that may have been lost. The first thing is to stop smoking. There are many ways to do so now as the NHS is supporting more people in their fight to stop than ever before.

The second way would be to cut down on the amount of sugar you eat in your diet - factoring in all sources of sugar including honey, sweeteners, hidden sugars, carbohydrates and fruits. I'm not saying to stop eating all sources of sugar but learn about the different forms of sugar and make adjustments to your diet. I Quit Sugar and Jamie Oliver's websites, books and social media are great places to start.

The next option would be to supplement your lifestyle with supplements and also external supplements such as masks and beauty products. I recently found out that Gold Collagen have created a Hydrogel Mask which you get free with their 30 or 90 day supplement programme, you can check it out here (EXPIRED). The mask is made with a new skincare solution that acts like a second skin. It's aim is to support the skin's renewal process which will improve texture, hydration and radiance. The Gold Collagen drinks which come as a part of their supplement programme also do the same from the inside out.

Unlike many other brands the ingredients were specifically chosen so that they would be absorbable and useable by the variable skin layers. Many other brands create products that don't absorb, will simply sit on the top layer of your skin doing the opposite of what's promised or will make the hydration of your skin worse; effectively you'd be wasting your money with those brands. That's simply unfair isn't it and that's why, like Fountain's Molecule supplement - Gold Collagen have created a system that is completely beneficial.

Ingredients include hyaluronic acid (you know how much I do love HA), pearl extract, botanical complex and glycerine. All good stuff which should absolutely make a difference to your skin. I've yet to try it out but I will because good hydration and good cell renewal are key to acne free skin.

Did you know that most acne skin types aren't actually just oily, they're actually oily but dehydrated? It's the dehydration that leads the skin to produce more oil to compensate and the dry flakes of skin that form due to being dehydrated and unable to repair, block the follicles leading to what we know as being pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and cysts (when the infection is deeper).

I will report back any findings after the New Year. Wish me luck. If you want to join me you can pick up Gold Collagen from your local Boots or over on the Boots website.

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* Not Sponsored *

Boheme Resolutions || 16 Products For Your Inner Goddess

It's that time of year again where everyone's contemplating what their year ahead maybe like. Most people are planning to be better than they were the previous year - whether that be through diet, fitness, their impact on their planet or how they act towards others. We all have ways to improve ourselves and resolutions allow us to at least consider what we feel could be done to improve ourselves. Whether we stick to them is a different story.

Each impending new year I always feel the urge to be more earth goddess. Leaving a kinder imprint on this world and become less chemical. As a family, we suffer from varied allergies, as a parent though I automatically want to provide an environment that's safer, cleaner, purer for my sons to allow their bodies to grow in strength rather than grow trying to fight off a range of chemical sensitivities and allergies. As a parent don't we always want our children to have better lives than we do?

So that leads me back to the whole bohemian thing. Reducing stress, reducing expenditure, reducing our footprint and reducing our chances of poor health - surely being a better boho is the way forward These products were my favourite 'bohemian' earth goddess inspired products and are ones that I would happily part my cash with.

Earthy, bohemian and Perfect For Spoiling The Inner Goddess.

NEW Cardamom + Spruce - Stra...

LIP BUTTER // Beet Tinted Li...

Vintage Green Sequins 5mm / ...

Cecile - Black - FREE SHIPPI...

Absinthe Lip Balm, Anise Van...

Activated Bamboo Charcoal So...

SUGAR SCRUB // Cellulite-Fig...

NOSTALGIC LOUPE, black pend...

Mineral Eyeshadow - Mineral ...

Handmade Faceted Wood Quartz...

Honeyed Citrus Marmalade -- ...

Premium Californian White Sa...

Eye Coal

Hecate Incense: Witchcraft, ...

Pillow Cover, Inspirational ...

Fern & Crystal Temporary Tat...
Of course, these could also lead to inspire you on your own bohemian journey. The sequins inspire my inner magpie, seeing the beauty in the little things. As a blogger my outlook on small things such as beads, sequins and stones have increased - normally I'd have passed them by without a second glance, but now I see the beauty or uniqueness in them and automatically consider if they'd be nice to photograph. 

The cosmetics are a favourite because they're normally made in small, fresh batches and the ingredients are listed clearly. What I've found from these sellers is that they use less ingredients and less nasties than the big brands but the results are still amazing. 

Handmade products are a favourite also because you're supporting other families instead of large corporations. Getting to know some of these smaller sellers is also possible across social media so you're aware of the love that's going into the production, I've also found the customer service is far superior, that's a huge positive in my opinion. 

If you're trying to cut down on your spending in 2016, why not try to repurpose and make your own products? it's easy enough to do and with only a few basic ingredients. Everything is learnable so go for it! If not, you can check any of these products out over on Etsy

What are your resolutions for 2016?

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2016 || Five More Collections Coming in The New Year

I did warn you there were plenty of new collections due to launch over the next few months didn't I. Gosh how scary does it sound saying 'over the next few months' when it's still 2015. Anyway I hope you enjoy these sneak previews of what's to come guys.
Givenchy Le Rouge Kyoto Collection | Launching January 2016

Not exactly a cosmetic collection but these limited edition - and I mean limited edition because only 600 are being made - lipstick cases are launching this January and are a must have for any genuine Givenchy collector.
They come beautifully boxed and will leave a huge hole in your purse but, think of the bragging rights. Think of this as an investment into your childrens futures when they decide to trade it in for something of less importance - I joke but seriously they are beautiful and if you have the money, I don't see why you shouldn't spoil yourself.

MAC Velvetease Collection | Launching January 27th 2016

Twelve autumnal shades of lip pencils that will leave you with a vibrant matte pop of colour. These are a must have for any Kylie Jenner lip-look fans. The collection includes:

Anything Goes (rose fuchsia), Aim to Please (mauve brown), Just My Type (blue toned fuchsia), Just Add Romance (deep red), Reddy to Go (deep brick red), Frolic (peachy pink), Oh Honey (warm chocolate), Promise Me (beige toned nude), Temper Tantrum (orange toned coral), Lover's Lane (deep orange), Tease Me (light pink) and Velvet Teen (dark plum)

YSL Boho Stone Collection | Launching January 2016

Described as:

''As spontaneous as the gust of wind that swirls through her hair, as casual as the silk she wears around her neck: the beat of her moods she strides through life, protected by the precious amulets, boho stones: The cultured expression of Boheme, the - Yves Saint Laurent woman par excellence freed from all conventions, full of instinctive sensuality and self-confident femininity''

I think they went off tangent slightly, yes boho or boheme is very emotionally external but I think they've kinda mixed up bohemian freedom with feminism in that quote. Anyway I digress, the collection is filled with shimmers, pinks and mints. It's very girly rather than earthy-bohemian which I'd have preferred to have seen in the chilly New Year rather than the spring tones that are launching.

You'll find:
* Beaute Fusion Ink Blush in four shades which include - Electric Red (orange-red), Spicy Vibes (peach), Pink Attraction (pink) and Edge Berry (purple-pink).
* A collectable face palette called Gypsy Opale which contains yellow, pink, violet and green tones. * Gloss Volute in Corail Trapeze (coral) and Fuchsia Oran (red-pink).
* Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils in Bohemian Pink and Hippie Green, yes really!
* Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres Glossy Stain in Rose Folk (pink) and Tangerine Boho (peach-pink).
* La Lacque Couture The Opalescents in Love (opal pink) and Peace Green (mint with a mother of pearl sheen) - these are both limited editions.

Dior Glowing Gardens Collection | Launching January 20th 2016

A very light and shimmery spring based collection - it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea but chances are there will be something you 'must have'. The collection includes:

* 5-Couleurs Palette in Rose Garden (green, yellow, pink and lilac) and Blue Garden (peach, gray, blue iris and sky blue).
* Nude Air Compact Powder in two shades.
* Colour & Contour Eyeshadow & Liner Duo in Twig, Hortensia, Orchid, Iris and Water Lilly.
* Nail Lacquer in Bluette, Pivoine, Garden and Lilac.
Blush in Floral Pink.
* Rouge Dior in Rouge Pimant and Souffle Nude.
* Dior Baume in Rosee and Rosebud.
* Fusion Mono in Equinoxe.
* Rouge Brilliant in Flora, Brise Bise and Fine Fleur.
* Pro Liner in Pro Taupe.
* Addict It-Lash in It Board.
* Addict Lip Glow in Lilac.
* Addict Lip glow Liner in Universal Pink.
* Addict Lip Glow Pomade in Universal Pink.

Guerlain Spring Collection | Launching January 2016

Another girly collection but it's so beautiful. Like really beautiful. There's a new Meteorites Base with delicate rose pearls - I need that in my life and there's also the Meteorites Voyage Illuminating Matte Powder which is pictured above, it contains gorgeous paste tones to even out irregular skin tones leaving you looking gorgeously gorgeous. If you're a Meteorites fan, you will love these products.

If you're not so much into Meteorites then you'll maybe fall head over heels in love with the new blush - Rose Aux Joes which has the word ''smile'' embossed onto one side or the Ecrin 1 Couleur which comes in Light Daffodil with the word ''enjoy'' embossed onto it. You can't help but feel happy when you see those products.

The Le Crayon Yeux comes in Khaki Driver (olive), Katy Navy (blue), Black Jack (black), Jackie Brown (brown) and Deep Purple (purple) and the Kiss Kiss comes in Darling Baby (light pink) and All About Pink (pink-lilac). They're gorgeous yes, but not the stand out products.

What do you think about these five spring additions? Which is your favourite collection? I'm loving the Guerlain. I've yet to meet a Guerlain addition I didn't love though.

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 photo NEW.png

2016 | 5 Collections Coming in The New Year

There are lots of amazing collections hitting us in 2016 which makes me super excited. Honestly I thought 2015 was pretty meh in terms of launches and uniqueness in comparison to 2014 but 2016 seems like it's going to overtake 2014! 

Expect to see lots of launch info on here once again. Here are five to get your started guys...

Clinique Sweet Pot Scrubs & Balms | Launching January 2016

Cute little pots that contain a sweet sugar scrub on one side and a tinted lip balm on the other. Pretty genius, no? The lip balms supposed to hydrate the lips for around six hours and apparently there's five shades and one limited edition shade.  

Shades include: Candied Cassis (berry), Orange Blossom (orange tone), Red Velvet (red), Pink Framboise (pink), Sweet Rose (rose pink) and the limited edition shade is Citron Bleu but I've no idea which colour this is going to be. Any guesses? 

Ingredients include: Grapeseed, avacado and jojoba oils, shea butter to hydrate and beet sugar granules to gently scrub. 

Clarins Instant Glow Collection | Launching January 10th 2016

This is one collection I'm excited about, look at this absolutely gorgeous, but limited edition rose toned Natural Glow 5-Colour Eye Shadow Palette guys! It contains five eye shadows ranging from beige to satin browns, so wearable and more importantly buildable for the evening or more dramatic events. I do love cosmetics that you can wear day or night throughout every season. This is one of those products.

Launching also is their Ombre Iridescent which has four shades of blendable cream-to-powder eye shadows that are said to be super soft and full of colour. The Multi-Blush is another product that can be worn all year round, it melts into the skin and adds a hint of colour to make you glow.

For the lips Clarins are launching Rouge Eclat Age-Defying Lipstick in four shades - Pink Blossom, Hot Rose, Rose Praline and Pink Cherry. The Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector comes in Plum Shimmer and Toffee Pink Shimmer, this helps to smooth the appearance of your lips while giving them a soft, poutable glossy finish.

Can you tell I'm excited about this one?

Sisley 2016 Launches | Launching March 1st 2016

Two launches hitting our shops in February and March include their iconic Sisley Phyto Lip Twists, launching in six new colours which include: Love & Nut, Poppy, Melon, Litchi and Sugar. Sisley's Phyto Cernes Eclat is launching a shade 4 too - these will launch in February. March sees the launch of Sisley So Curl Mascara and Sisley Phyto Eye Twists - I've no information on shades though.
Library of Fragrance Valentine Perfume | Launching January 1st 2016

Library of Fragrance are one of my favourite brands for single scent but unique perfumes. I absolutely love their Marshmallow, Musk and Green Grass scents and their latest 2016 addition is also peaking my interest. At the moment I adore Musk, when I want something softer I add some Marshmallow, I only wear Green Grass in the spring and summer so, Valentine is the perfect addition for the new year heading into February.

Notes include: Lemon zest, white rose, water lotus, honeysuckle and jasmine.

I'm expecting this to be a romantic, fresh air type of scent and that intrigues me. The addition of jasmine should make the dry down slightly confident and sexy rather than typically rose which is what most brands will be doing for their Valentines releases.

MAC Faerie Whispers Collection | Launching January 2016

I know this is going to be a big hitter, I personally can't get excited about it. It feels pretty, ethereal slightly but nothing we haven't seen before I'm presuming. Included in the launch is:

Beauty Powder comes in Pearl Sunshine. Basically this is going to be a highlighter and Iridescent Pressed Powder which comes in Sparkling Rose - again another highlighter. I'm not sure how many highlighting or lighting products are needed in one collection?

Foiled Shadow in Feminine Wiles, Sweet Illusion, Magic in Your Eyes, Enchanted Forest, Faerie Fayre, Joy Toy (really??) and Fly By Twilight. Again foil finish eyeshadows can eithe be amazing or look disastrous in the thirty and beyond age range (I tend to look terrible).

Lips we're getting A Sprinkle of Magic, Among The Fireflies and Midsummer Night. Cremesheen Glass we're getting Calypso Beat, Softly Lit, Enchanter, Just Superb.

Cheeks and nails you'll find - Sweet Potion and Spell Dazzling for your nails and Cheek Pollen and Spellbinder for your cheeks.

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Please tell me I'm not the only one thinking 'meh' about the MAC collection? What are your thoughts on these guys? I'm all over that Clarins launch when it hits the shops.

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