A Guide To Planning The Perfect Beach Wedding

If you have always fantasised about getting married on a beach, then you are in the right place. We have put together a guide to everything you need to know about planning the perfect beach wedding.

Saying your vows while stood on a sandy beach with the sound of crashing waves echoing around you is incredibly romantic. That’s why beach weddings are so popular, the idea of being able to get married on the beach appeals to many couples.

Beach weddings can be amazing, as long as they are well planned, that is. The main problem with outdoor weddings is the weather, if it's bad, the wedding can be a disaster. However, as long as you are organized and have a contingency plan in place, everything will be fine.

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To ensure that your beach wedding goes to plan, have a read of this.

Choose your date carefully

Okay, so this might sound obvious, but you would be surprised at how many brides pick a date in season for their wedding. You see, during the summer, almost every beach is filled with people, so getting married would be a nightmare. There’s nothing romantic about saying your vows on an overly crowded beach, is there?

While it’s important to pick a date when the beach won’t be busy, it’s also important to choose a date when you have the best chance of sun. Unless you can hire a private beach for the day - yes, these do exist, it’s best to opt for a date at the end of spring or start of summer.

Consider a destination wedding

If you want a beach wedding with guaranteed sunshine, consider a destination wedding. Instead of having to worry about the weather, getting married overseas will ensure that the weather is good.

Plus, by organising a destination wedding at a resort or hotel, you might be able to use their private beach for your ceremony. This means that you wouldn’t have to worry about other people interrupting you, as there would be no one else on there.

Think about your decorations

While the beach is a beautiful destination on its own, adding a few decorations will help to make your day more special.

Perhaps you could hire an arch for the ceremony to take place under? Maybe you could decorate the rows of seats with ribbons and flowers? Or, maybe you could have the aisle lined with candles

Just because you are getting married on the beach, that doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate it. The more special you make it look, the more romantic your wedding will be.

Have a contingency plan in place

If the worst should happen and the heavens open on your special day, it’s important to have a contingency plan in place. Of course, the problem with this is that you don’t want to have to pay for a venue that you might not need.

The best way to go about this is to hire a marquee for your reception and have it put up just above the beach. Then if the weather is bad, you could always hold your ceremony in the marquee, instead of on the beach.

Planning a beach wedding is perfect if you love being outdoors, just make sure that you have a contingency plan in place. As long as you are well prepared and know what it is you want, your wedding should be a success.

What beach would you choose to say 'I do' at? Leave your comments below.

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Empties Update || The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Empties post ahoy. This is a bit of a mixed bag as you can see, but it's always nice to do a clear out. So here goes guys...

Salcura Body Hydrator || This moisturiser contains omega 3, 6, 7 and 9. It's free from nasties, hydrates all skin types and doesn't cause any problems. I'll probably not repurchase this one as I currently need an extra helping of hydration and this is more of a lotion than a cream.

Salcura Zeoderm Cream || Salcura's one of our favourite brands in the Silver household because my little [and big man] men have sensitive skin types. This cream takes away the itch that comes with skin rashes, eczema or hubsters skin issue and leaves the applied area cool, soothed and hydrated. There's also no sting which makes this an excellent after sun product too.

Clearzal Foot Food Nutritional Creme || I. Love. This. Cream. It's lavender scented and is amazing for my face and acne breakouts due to the small percentage of urea in it which helps to get rid of any skin build up that would lead to cysts. I can't fault this other than the price - it's expensive at £10 a tube but so worth it, I promise.

Right Guard Invisible Deodorant || The only deodorant that works for me. I love that it's invisible and regardless of how much you spray there's never any chalky fallout or white marks.

L'Oreal Men Expert Black Charcoal Wash || I've tried a few charcoal based face products recently and was really excited about this as it was aimed at men - typically I've found men's product to be more heavy duty and with my face issues I needed the additional help. However, when it came to using the product I was so disappointed as it was very soapy and didn't help my skin whatsoever. Hubster however, has fallen in love with it as it stops breakouts and gets his beard clean.

Living Nature Summer Bronze Powder || This is a wonderful bronzer which I doubled as eye shadow. Being super light I didn't find this to be too dark or too yellow based which is rare - I will be repurchasing this again for sure. You can read the original review here.

Amazonia Preciosa Face Clay || A simple clay powder that you mix to create a face mask. The reason this is hitting the empties pile is the packaging broke and it suddenly started smelling very talk like - this isn't a product issue but maybe due to being stored in the hot bathroom with the broken lid. You can read the original review here.

Cyrine Aromatherapy Sensual Ylang-Ylang Moisturiser || I love the Cyrine brand because they create the most wonderfully scented and skin issue suitable creams using aromatherapy, the only problem I've found is that if they're not kept in the fridge or used up quickly the oils and cream separates, not this may just be an issue of temperature or a lack of emollient. It doesn't detract from the moisturiser however, but you do need to give it a quick stir prior to use.

REN Skincare T-Zone Balancing Day Fluid || This fluid is so soothing and aims to even your complexion, it's especially great for combination skin types but I've never repurchased as I've always been drawn in by other brands.

Chit Chat Shimmer Stick || I purchased this from Poundland as a spur of the moment purchase. No idea why other than my inner magpie was attracted to the gold glitter and I figured it would possibly work as an eyeliner at Xmas. Well, I let my son draw on my face thinking it would hardly offer any glitter coverage - I was so wrong. I looked like the gold dude from Austin Powers *sniggers* it was hilarious, I couldn't get rid of the glitter for weeks.

Model Co Nude Illusion Lip Liner || I had high hopes for this nude toned lip liner, but it fell flat on its face. It dragged too much and wasn't nude in the slightest, it actually reminded me of the old 80's lip liners. I'll not be repurchasing that's for sure.

L'Oreal Top Coat Refill Balm || I've had this for a while, it was originally used to cover the L'Oreal tinted gloss. I purchased the refill as I actually preferred the balm which has a gorgeous scent to it, this, however, has gone unused for over a year so is hitting the empties pile. I doubt I'd rebuy this now though.

CB I Hate Perfume Burning Leaves || I've never been one to shy away from unusual brands or earthy scents and I had heard so many positive reviews about the CB I Hate Perfume brand that I had to try Burning Leaves. Burning Leaves is described as 'The smoke of burning maple leaves, plain and simple' now I love burning smells, I love leaves, I love earthy tones but this resulted in the most grotesque-screw-up-face-ever at first sniff. I've since tried again to get on with this scent because I believe we could be BFF's but nope, my olfactory system is just saying nope, nope and NOPE.

Eucerin Dermo Purifier Adjunctive Hydrating Cream || SPF 30 UVB & UVA protection

Eucerin Dermo Purifier Active Night Care || Reduces blemishes in 3 weeks, oil free

Eucerin Factor 50 Suncream || This has been a winner for my family over the last few weeks and seems to be the only brand of factor 50 that doesn't result in skin rashes or sunburn.

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume || I previously reviewed this over on this post if you want to check it out.

Mango Lip Balm || This came as a three pack for Christmas, it's not typically something I'd purchase but my lips were super dry and needed something quick. It's pink tinted and does have a false mango taste, as a quick wash of colour it's OK, but it's not hydrating in the slightest.

What empties have you collected lately?

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Look Your Best This Summer: Top Tips!

Summer is probably 99% of the world’s favourite time of year. The weather is warmer, we wear less clothes, so it’s only natural to want to look your absolute best! Use these top tips to make sure you look on point this year:

Get a New Haircut

A new season is the perfect excuse to get a new haircut. Shorter styles are bang on trend this year and they’ll stop you from getting too hot and sweaty in the summer heat. That being said, you could always just change your hair colour if you like the cut you have right now. People tend to go lighter for summer, but you don’t have to! 

Overhaul Your Beauty Routine

Beauty routines need to be examined when the weather changes, as the current technique you’re using may not be suited to your skin anymore. Skin types can change; you might go from dry in winter to oily in summer, which means your products will need to change. Go and see a beauty therapist or a specialist at a counter to help you if you need advice!

Practice Using New Makeup

I love changing up my makeup looks in summer. I usually go for a bolder, brighter lip and lighter eyes. I wear a lighter base too, as a heavy base just feels like it melts off my face. Treat yourself to some new makeup and practice using it for a lighter look that still looks gorgeous! 

Watch What You Eat

Summer is not the time to gorge on pies. Watch what you eat to make sure you maintain a healthy shape. Indulge in plenty of salad, fruit, and nuts. Eat lean protein and make sure you go as natural as possible when it comes to your food choices. You can’t go wrong when you’re eating natural foods, just make sure you don’t over-do it on the potatoes! I also like to drink 3 litres of water a day and lots of tea. Detox tea can help to flush out toxins! Make sure you don’t add any milk or sugar to your tea, whatever type you choose. You can have the odd treat, but just make sure you’re mindful of what you put in your mouth. Mindless eating can be really dangerous and so many people do it!

Treat Yourself to New Clothes

Summer wardrobe shopping, anyone? I like to sell off my old clothes to make some extra cash, then buy new ones with the money I’ve made. There are so many sites you can do this on, like eBay and Depop. You could even customise some of your old bits to make them look new! Clothes die and a pair of scissors are usually all it takes. Don’t just get rid of clothes you think nobody will want to buy either; give them to charity instead. Good deed for the day, done! 

With these tips, you can look amazing this summer. Have any of your own? Leave a comment below.
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Five Weird And Wonderful Ways To Earn A Little Extra

I am not alone in saying that money is essential in life. I don’t mean that it is everything because it isn’t. But, it is hard to get by if you don’t have enough. Instead of allowing my life to revolve around the green stuff, I like to make the quest for extra cash fun and exciting. Here are a couple of my most weird and wonderful ways to make extra money. 

Sell Your Holiday Snaps

You’ll never leave your camera at home again now you know how profitable your holiday photos are! Businesses hate using the same pictures in their advertising campaigns, and they will pay money to make sure that it doesn’t happen. Plus, you don’t have to be a professional photographer. I know I’m not! As long as they have decent resolution people will buy them and you’ll get a royalty fee.

Just join companies like Fotolia and watch the cash start rolling in.

Play The Lottery

Playing the lottery doesn’t seem that weird. It also doesn’t seem like a good way of earning cash as the odds are heavily stacked against everyone who plays. But, don’t play the conventional lottery and choose a more profitable option and you could end up being a millionaire. The Irish lotto or scratch cards are great alternatives because they give you a better chance of winning and are cheaper than the conventional methods.

Trade In Ink Cartridges

I love this method because it is easy, and it will make you a lot of cash if you are dedicated. We all know that you can trade in tin cans and bottles for money, but there isn’t a lot of money in that business. But, ink cartridges are a lot more profitable. A lot of companies will pay up to five pounds per cartridge, so you only need to find ten empty ones per week to earn an extra £180 a month.

Everyone uses ink cartridges, but not everyone knows this little trick so there will be plenty of opportunities for you to find liquid cash!

Sell Your Hair

Hair is a massive part of the female beauty industry. For years, people like you and I love the way our locks look, and we will do a lot to get the perfect style. Hair is so in demand that you can sell yours if you have the right hair. Hair extensions and wigs are hugely popular, and makers need real hair to get the perfect look. 

The next time you come across ads on the web, take a look and see if you fit the bill.

Rent Your Garden To Campers

Airbnb is a website where you can put your back garden up for rent. Seriously, I am not joking! It is all about making holidays as cheap as possible, so if you live in a nice rural area and have a big garden, this could be a realistic option. You can even charge as much as you want!

These are not the only ways to do it, so if you find any more please let me know. I love making extra money, and I especially love the process if it is fun!

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11 Things Tag || I Tag You

Foray Into Fashion blog tagged me with the 11 Things tag which I gladly obliged too, if I'm being honest I love answering questions because it makes me actually understand myself more as I'd never consider what my answers were to these questions outside of the tag. So here goes...

Who would play you in a film of your life? Emma Stone. We don't look alike but our personalities (or what I presume hers is like) are quite alike. She blurts out random stuff, she's kooky and she seems like a bit of a loner. I like her weirdness.

If you could live in any soap, which would it be and why? Gosh, I only watch Hollyoaks and there's no way I'd chose to live in that one. Can I think out of the box and opt for a show such as Vampire Diaries - badass women, hot men and some sort of normality...almost.

If you could change one trait about yourself which would it be? I wish I was more self-assured or socially confident. Social situations and knowing what to say is tough for me, I tend to babble or my brain goes off on a tangent and I end up coming out with the most random things which lead to some strange looks.

What is your day job and would you give it up to write full-time if offered the opportunity? I'm an administrator. I work for an absolutely amazing company and with an amazing bunch of people. If you had asked me this questions a few months back I'd have answered hells yes to leaving work! but now, I don't think anything could tear me away from that job and I wouldn't ever choose to leave. I love writing, but I love that I can do it alongside a stable job with a set routine.

What do you not like about blogging? Everything's got very samey-samey. Everyone's vying for free products to review so most blogs are filled with the same biased product reviews, the same type of photography and product lead features. Don't get me wrong I do think they have a huge place in blogging but... I do wish there were more blogs showing personality. I'm not saying my little blog here is perfect because it's absolutely not, but I know I need to make changes and rarely take on PR samples these days to get away from the product lead features. I hope that more blogs decide to cut the strings that tie them to biased opinions and start writing about their real lives, their inner workings and tips and tricks that have got them by.

What has been the happiest day of your life so far? I simply can't choose just one because I have three. It would be the day that I got to bring each of my sons home happy and healthy. We had so many problems with the pregnancies and the births and even beyond that bringing each of my babies home was simply amazing.

Do you play any sports? I used to play hockey, netball, gymnastics and dance. I so badly wish I could play more sports but these days the only type of exercise I can manage is yoga and daily stretching and to be honest outside of working and family life there's just no time to commit.

What is your favourite item of clothing? PJ's. They count don't they?

If you wrote a book would it be fact or fiction? Fact. As I get older my imagination slips away. I've always wanted to write a fact book but debate over a few topics as I have multiple interests - spiritual, blogging, health and genetics or a humorous parenting book. One day I'll narrow it down and get to writing but until then I have no idea what topic to opt for.

Who is your favourite person from history? The man who helped my Hungarian grandad to escape a camp and eventually make his way to the UK. Alive. I have no idea what his name is or who he was, but I'm grateful all the same.

Which colour means the most to you and why? Red. I was never a pink girly-girl growing up and as a young girl I was in awe of the old Hollywood stars who oozed sophistication and grace. Then, I watched Who Killed Roger Rabbit and Jessica Rabbit had me hooked - I wanted to be Jessica Rabbit. From that point, the red dress was my everything and red became my symbol of grace and sophistication, sort of like a grown-up option for pink. It's stuck ever since.

At this point, I'm should tag others to complete the challenge but, I'm tagging all of you! I tag you to answer these eleven questions - please Tweet me or comment with your 11 Things tag posts and I'll retweet them and share them out for you.

Do you have any pets?

 Do you think you could give up electronics for a whole week? What would you find easy or struggle with the most?

If you could start your blog all over again would you change your genre or blogs name? If so what would you change to?

What did you want to be as a little girl or boy when you grew up?

What are your bugbears?

What's your signature scent and why?

If you had to pick 3 books to read for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

What 3 songs are on your playlist right now?

Are you superstitious about anything?

If you could change one thing about yourself what would you choose if anything?

If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

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10 Fun Ways to Make More Money


I think every one of us would say yes to a little more money. We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees, but there are a few fun techniques we can try to make more. Making money doesn’t need to be a chore! See what you think of these suggestions:

Sell Stuff You Don’t Want Anymore

Go through all of your stuff and find things you don’t want anymore. Sell it! It’s so easy to sell your stuff these days with sites like Depop and Craigslist. Some people even attend car boot sales, give them to recycling companies, and put them on social media. You have many options, and you’re bound to find somebody who wants your used stuff. 

Get Into Crafts

Crafts like card making can be a lot of fun, and you can sell your work when you’re done. If you’ve always enjoyed making things, come up with some designs you can sell and see how they do. A business like this will be fairly easy to start and market, especially with the help of social media. 

Start an eBay Business

To start a successful eBay business, you don’t have to spend much at all. First, you need to find out what popular things you can sell to make the most money. Selling on eBay can be really lucrative if you do enough research! 

Sell Your Talents

Are you good at singing? Playing an instrument? Maths? Become a tutor and sell your talents. Perform in clubs. Do something you enjoy and find a way to get paid for it! 

Start Blogging

Blogging can take a while to get you paid, but if you’re consistent and you produce high-quality content, it can pay off. You can place ads on your blog, which can get you money by generating leads. You can also sign up with affiliate sites, and get paid for reviewing products! Money isn’t always guaranteed, so you really need to like it to carry on doing it. 

Mystery Shopping

Love shopping? Become a mystery shopper and review the service you get in shops and restaurants. You’ll get free drinks and food, as well as paid for doing the job. 

Dog Walking

If you love dogs, dog walking could be your thing. Make sure you know how to control other people’s dogs and feel confident around them before taking up this job though. 

Life Modelling

Fancy getting your kit off and having yourself painted, Rose from Titanic style? You could participate in life modelling! Some people frown on this, but it can be a really easy way to make money. 

Be an Extra

We’ve all dreamed of being on TV, and becoming an extra is the easiest way to do it. It could even lead to bigger things! 


Some people find ironing therapeutic. If you do, this could be the fun way to make more money for you! 

Will you try one of these fun ways to make money? Do you have ideas of your own? Let me know in the comments!

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