7 Secrets to Flawless Skin

Have you ever walked past another woman and just thought, “Wow!” Not because of anything other than how flawless her skin looks. You’re not the only one. I’ve walked past many women and been totally envious of how perfect their skin looks. Without makeup too! The fact is, it’s not actually that hard to get flawless skin. Don’t believe me? Here are 7 secrets that should do the trick.


1. H2O
This is one trick you’ve probably heard plenty of times, but how many of you actually put it into practice? One of the best secrets for flawless skin is to make sure you drink plenty of water. It hydrates your skin and can stop you from getting breakouts. Drink at least 8 glasses of H2O every single day.

2. Gentle Cleansing
Too many of us use abrasive chemicals or makeup wipes to clean our skin. This is actually doing more damage than good. If you want picture-perfect skin, then you need to gently cleanse away any of the day’s dirt. Look for a foaming cleanser for some of the best results.

3. Double Cleanse
Here’s a secret that I learnt from Korean beauty expert, Charlotte Cho. You should actually double cleanse your skin if you want it to look flawless. Use an oil cleanser and soft towelette first. Then you want to use your cleansing foam. Make sure you’re being gentle with your skin! 

4. Exfoliate
Make sure you gently exfoliate your skin to get rid of any dry or dead patches. You can use an exfoliant at home on a weekly basis. Microdermabrasion clinics are a good idea if you want something a bit more in-depth than a regular cleanse and exfoliate. This kind of treatment isn’t a regular thing, but it’s good for a one off skin clean.

5. Masks
Face masks are a great way to give your skin a much-needed boost. You only need to apply a face mask a maximum of twice a week, depending on how tired your face is looking. You can even make these at home yourself if you want to save some cash. Or, take a trip to your local beauty salon for a treat. 

6. Clean Eating
Here’s another secret that involves what you put in your body, not on it. Making sure you eat healthily is a surefire way to look after your skin. Eating clean means avoiding as much processed food and sugars as possible. Stick with home cooked meals and avoid those sugary treats. You’ll be surprised at what a difference it can make. 

7. Sun Protection
If you want wrinkles by the time you’re 30, ignore this tip. However, if you want to reserve that flawless looking skin as long as possible then protect yourself in the sun. This means wearing sunscreen and makeup that has an SPF in it. There’s nothing very flawless about sun spots and wrinkles. Even if you think that tan looks good now! 

Did you know all of these 7 secrets to flawless skin? I’m willing to bet you knew a couple. Use them all together and you’ll be one of the women that people say “Wow” about.

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