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Two days to go until our sons head back to school and still I find I've not got everything that they need - the things is I find the whole thing tedious, buying lots of new things that are overly expensive and them only having limited usage. This year we vowed to only repurchase items that were absolutely needed. Each of my sons handled this news exceptionally well and even decided that they were happy to use the same bag, the same coat or the same trainers. We did however have to repurchase new jackets because they all decided to take a growth spurt midway through summer.

Initially, I felt bad because there's an excitement that comes with returning to school and showing off your new grown-up style. We decided to bring the fun back by purchasing new 'bits-and-bobs'. Pens, pencils, pencil cases, lunch cases and so on. Even though we have a ton of them they are the types of products that will always be used in our house, they're also purse-friendly and fun. They allow kids [and adults] to show off their style and stand-out. Last year we shopped mostly at Dotcomgiftshop and Cath Kidston as they were doing cute classic stylised pieces. This year we've shopped at Dotcomgiftshop but also Amazon for a mixture of fun and functional products.

These are our family's top back to school 'bits-and-bobs' for both girls and boys. Please note that by creating separate lists does not mean that I believe these are purely for one gender. These are products I would recommend to any gender.

The polar bear eraser and the vintage doll backpack are our favourites. One thing we noticed when shopping last year was that the backpacks aimed at children were all really large for someone going into primary 1 or even into pre-school. These mini backpacks are suited to lower primary aged kids, enough room for books, gym shoes and pencil cases and not so large that they look silly.

Boys Back To School
World Map Mini Backpack | Football Snack Boxes | Pirate Pencils | Pirate Eraser Brachiosaurus Rubber | Bus Pencil CaseTransport Notebook | Spaceboy Lunchbox | Spaceboy Colouring Pencils

The selection above had something for each of us. The bus pencil case - wowsers I'd have loved that when I was younger and the transport notebook, hells I want that right now. My youngest (primary 2) has opted for the World Map backpack because it was 'awesome' (his words not mine). 

The thing with these picks is that they're fun, functional and have been considered from a parents stand point. I've considered how easy they would be for a child to use, are they sturdy, are they purse friendly and will they be used or thrown to the wayside. Although my sons are in primary 1 and primary 5 now, the classic style and print of each product is also one that won't go out of fashion and that in my opinion is so important. 

What type of back to school products have you been purchasing for your kiddies? 

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