Life Update || Car Crash... Literally

At the end of September hubster and I decided to go out for a meal for our anniversary, booking a day off from work, getting dressed up and heading out we were totally thrilled to be celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary - 11 years and 3 kids later, it's definitely something. After our lunch, we were heading back when...... Boom!

We were in a car crash!

Totally unexpected, but the long and short of it was a car two in front had stopped dead on the road. The car in front stopped suddenly and BAM, we went flying into the car in front like a domino effect. Our car had completely crumpled at the front and of course, no one was seriously injured but because I didn't expect it I ended up with whiplash, shock, a very tender and sore body. Hubster, he was fine, he expected the crash so had braced for it whereas I didn't as I was looking at him. Who knew it affected you full force days later? Apparently, it's going to take six months plus to get the full range of movement and pain reduction.

After the crash and once the shock physically wore off we found ourselves with another worry, how the hell would we going to get to work and would this mean one of us would lose our job? The insurers wanted to write off our car but based on current market prices there's no way we were getting much for our Ford Focus Zetec, our father-in-law advised us to try to source the parts which would stop us from having to go through the insurance. It seemed the best and most plausible way to resolve the issue.

At this point I started dreaming [and wishing badly] that I had enough to purchase a new car. Having the money to just buy a new, family friendly car would have been amazing but, we didn't so I was stuck stressing and dreaming.

Had you asked me which car I would have purchased seven, eight or nine years back I would have absolutely gone for a car such as the BMW Z4 Roadster. The sleek design and the air in my hair. These days I would opt for a family car such as the BMW 318i SE Saloon and you know, I don't even hate the navy colour either. It's a beauty, isn't it.

The hardest part in all of this situation other than the pain, of course, was finding all of the parts to rebuild our car (a complete front end, parts from the inside basically and bumper). We found actually that some parts were would have been cheaper to purchase and have shipped from abroad via quick couriers. One of those websites was called Reserve Deler, if you find yourself in a similar situation their details are on the website -

We did purchase a couple of parts abroad and luckily - very luckily we managed to get some from a scrap yard but, we were told we were very lucky as there's normally a long-line waiting to get in each day to snap up the good parts for reselling.

Looking back I'd have absolutely just purchased all new parts and had them shipped. What I am glad about though is that our sons were at school and were completely safe. Now that is luck!

Have any of you ever been in a car crash? (I'm hoping not). 

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