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Nutty For Nutella

In the run up to Christmas you're going to see a ton of wish lists, a ton of shopping guides and recommendations to buy things that are the same as every other shopping guide on every other blog. While I can appreciate a cute shopping guide I also appreciate guides that host a variety of weird and wacky gift ideas because let's face it, we all have that inner kooky-weirdo somewhere inside us. 

Maybe you have a BFF who's into Coca-Cola, maybe your boyfriend's into HP Sauce or maybe your sister loves Nutella. Well I have one of those covered - this gift guide tackles gifts for the nutty Nutella lady [or gent]. 

Nutella's tastes delicious as icing on cupcakes and inside sandwich cakes, on toast and even just spooned out of the jar - don't tell me you haven't whipped out a jar and a spoon? Well, the first gift idea is a super large jar of the good stuff, who wouldn't love that? Not into that or your special someones a bit more special? Why not upgrade the 750 g jar for a mega sized 3k bucket of the sweet spread. 3 kg imagine the sugar high you'd get from that. 

Wowsers. Get your dentist on speed dial guys. 

I'd recommend teaming on of those jars with either the cute tee or the incredibly wild sweater. The tee being the safer option of course. The thing is even if the sweater looks OTT if you size up so that's it's slouchy it would look fab with some black skinny jeans and some casual shoes. 

Don't know your bestie's clothing size then there's always the hamper option where you could compile a few themed products in a cute box or basket. The cookbook contains lots of useful recipes, the Nutella Stretcher ensures you get every single drop of chocolate spread out of the jar (overall that knife alone will save you money because you're getting to use up all of your Nutella) and the Nutella B-Ready bread with chocolate spread inside would be great options. I’d also search out a chocolate scented candle and add some Ferrero Rocher chocolates too. 

Who's feeling hungry? 

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  1. The Nutella shirt is amazing! My best friend loves Nutella so I'm definitely bookmarking this post haha x
    Elise @ Peonies in Paris

    1. Hi Elise (love your name btw) ;)
      It was actually the shirt that inspired this whole post, it's darn cute! I badly want one too - and that mega Nutella haha. x

  2. Who can live with nutella? Nobody X - a mobile beauty therapy service

    1. Nobody that's worth knowing anyway Riya (I kid of course). x


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