Making Your Garden as Child Friendly as Possible: The Rules


If you have children in your family, then making sure your garden is child friendly is a must. Kids love to spend hours playing different games in the garden, but if it’s not suitable for them they could end up having an accident. These are the rules for making sure the kids stay safe and have fun no matter what they’re doing:

Include Bright Colours With Plants

Plant lots of colourful flowers and plants. This will help young children to learn about different colours, styles of plant, and more. In fact, if you plant the right kind of flowers, you can attract butterflies and birds much easier. The kids will love playing in a wildlife garden! I do recommend you research the blossoming times of the plants you use though, as you want them to be fairly easy to maintain. There are apps that can help you with this. 

Add an Interesting Focal Point

An interesting focal point could be pretty much anything, but you’ll need to build the rest of your garden around it. It could be a professionally shaped hedge, or it could even be something the kids will love - like a tipi/hideaway! 

Make it Fun

The garden has to be fun for the kids, so make sure there’s stuff for them to do. You don’t need to go with the standard trampoline like most people do either. There are plenty of options you can find with places like The Children’s Playground, so you can make your garden as park-like as you want. Slides and climbing frames will often get used more than a trampoline anyway. 

Include a Pond But Always Supervise

A pond is a lovely way to teach kids about fish and other wildlife that gets attracted to the pond. However, you absolutely must teach the children about safety around water. You should never leave them near the pond unsupervised. If they are particularly young, you might be better off getting a water feature instead. 

Keep Garden Tools and Chemicals Out of Reach

Make sure you have a garden shed, garage, or somewhere else safe to keep your garden tools and chemicals. If the kids get their hands on these, disaster could strike! 

Have a Tough Hedge and Secure Gate

A secure gate will stop the kids from getting out when they’re playing; they don’t know what dangers lurk outside of that gate, so keep it that way by protecting them! Make sure they know never to try to get out of the gate either. A tough hedge will give you more privacy too. 

Encourage Their Creativity

Encourage the kid’s creativity by including an element of magic in the garden. You could include a mini fairy garden, or even a mini dinosaur garden. They’ll be transfixed and never want to leave. 

Getting fresh air is good for kids and adults alike, so make sure your garden is child friendly and a fun place to be. Do you have any tips of your own you'd like to contribute? Leave a comment!


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Great Easter Holiday Entertainment Ideas For You and Your Children


The Easter holidays are just a few weeks away, and I can just hear Mums and Dads all over the country shouting “how will I keep them entertained?!” In this post, I will present all you panicking parents with some of my tried and tested Easter holiday ideas. Hopefully, they will keep your children, and you, happy during this break.

Plenty of Easter fun!

Easter, like Christmas, is on its own an entertaining time for children. That means there are plenty of exciting holiday-related things you can do with your kids during this break. For example, painting and decorating eggs is a fun and creative way to spend an afternoon. As is designing and creating Easter bonnet’s and cards for family, friends and teachers. Baking Easter treats such as creme egg cupcakes or carrot cakes will also be lots of fun for the whole family.

Take advantage of the Easter TV

The Easter holidays usually means there are plenty of children’s films and television shows on. If you need to get on with household or work tasks, plonk your kids down in front of a great Disney classic or new film, and that will certainly keep them entertained for a while. Also, if you have recording capabilities on your television, I would advise looking ahead to see if there is anything good on and record it. This is just in case there is nothing suitable on when you really need to rely on the TV to provide entertainment. 

Take part in local activities 

At Easter time, there will often be children’s activities arranged in your local community. This could be a big Easter egg hunt or a village egg and spoon race. Have a look on community notice boards and online for any events that might be taking place in your local area.

Spend time in the garden

Your garden will be starting to flower in Easter and all the beautiful daffodils, tulips and crocuses will be filling your outdoor area with colour and interest. Spending plenty of time in the garden is a great way to keep your kids occupied over the holidays. You could encourage them to join you in gardening or just spend some time investigating the different plants and looking out for signs of wildlife.

Take a trip away 

A trip away is a great way to keep the kids entertained while giving you the well-earned break that you and your partner need. Picking a family-friendly destination, like Blackpool, is a very wise idea as there will be plenty of options for children’s entertainment. The Easter holidays will be busy in locations like this, so Blackpool tickets for the main attractions should be bought in advance. 

I hope you are feeling a little better about the upcoming school holidays and are armed with plenty of activities that will ensure you and your kids are kept happy. Please feel free to contribute your ideas for Easter fun for the children. Have a wonderful break when it comes! 

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How To Host An Easy Easter Party For The Kids


I host an Easter party for my kids and their friends most years. So, I thought it would be a helpful, as this holiday is fast approaching, to provide some of my top tips for throwing an easy Easter children’s party. I know, the words “easy” and “children’s party” rarely go hand in hand. However, with a bit of planning and a cool head, trust me, it can be done! Let’s take a look. 


I don’t bother with buying, writing and sending invitations; it just takes too long, and I always end up putting it off until the last minute. Digital invites are the way to go if you want to save yourself considerable time, and money! A text, email or Facebook message to parents is such an easy way to get the message out. I know it’s not the most personal or creative way of doing things, but it’s not a hugely special occasion, like a birthday, so let yourself away by cutting a few corners!


Easter decorations are by far the most fun decorations to make or buy. All the bright colours and the cute motifs make it a very enjoyable experience. Buying your decorations is obviously the easiest way to do this. But this doesn’t mean you don’t get to have a creative input. I use to customise balloons for the Easter party. However, if you do want to make your decorations yourself, there are loads of easy DIY tips and techniques available online. And get your kids to help you arrange spring flowers and paint eggs - they’ll love it!


The food is another enjoyable part of planning an Easter children’s party. Again, buying the food will be easiest but there are also a lot of simple recipes you can make at home to save you money. Raw carrot sticks with dip is a healthy and tasty savoury option. Boiled eggs with a variety of dippers such as traditional soldiers or asparagus wrapped in ham. Sweet nibbles like carrot cake pops, chocolate nest cupcakes and decorated Easter biscuits and cookies will also go down a treat. 


An Easter party is not complete without games! Traditional games such as the egg hunt, egg rolling and painting eggs can all be done relatively easily. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement but try to keep your egg hunt simple and small-scale. Just around the garden will be fun for the kids but low effort for you. Lay out arts and crafts materials on a table for egg decorating and just let the kids get stuck in. 

Party bags 

If you want to give the little one’s a lush Easter gift away with them, fill a party bag with little treats. The bags could include a variety of mini chocolate eggs, an Easter decoration for their room and an egg cup. Give everyone the same thing and keep it simple to avoid spending lots of time and effort on this element.

Happy Easter party planning lovelies.


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Mummy Tummy Getting You Down? Easy Ways To Make Things Better

Having babies is a wonderful gift. To be able to nurture and bring a new life into the world to care for is a great privilege. When we first hear the little cry from our newborn to know he has arrived safely we can breathe a sigh of relief and know that all the hard work of pregnancy and labour was worth it. Yes, we know little one will be incredibly hard work from now until forever because we love him so much, but we don’t care. We know the task ahead is a big one and will be very challenging, but now we’re a mummy, taking care of that little bundle of joy is all we can think about.

Fast forward six months. Your body is sore from breastfeeding, your mind is fuzzy from sleepless nights, and your stomach is still riddled with unattractive stretch marks. You would be forgiven at this stage for feeling a little bit hard done by. Very few of us are naturally blessed with a body so elastic everything goes back to how it was before the pregnancy. We may have a little mummy tummy left over, and our breasts are certainly never going to fit back in that sexy bra the other half liked. But it is the stretch marks that get us down the most.

Our tummies may never see the light of day again, as our bikini bodies have been given up for life. But still, the marks left on our skin from the days we were heavily pregnant can make us feel very unattractive. They feel peculiar like a sort of rough, wiggly texture, but they look like they are the colour of bruises and other nasty marks. While we would never blame our children for ruining our bodies, we do tend to think that way for a fleeting moment once or twice in our lives.

Fortunately, there are some remedies to help reduce the appearance of these marks. You can look online for the best stretch mark cream reviews to make up your own mind which products may be best for you to try. Keeping the skin clean and well moisturised is essential to protecting any vulnerable areas. A good diet will help your skin regenerate and give it a healthy glow all over your body. Gentle exercise to the area will also help keep the skin supple.

Rapidly losing weight can make that area look even worse, so if you are planning an exercise programme, choose one that helps you tone up and slim down gradually. Don’t resort to crash diets and exercise fads. Working gently, little by little, you can achieve more permanent results as you take on the amount of exercise you can keep up for life. Try not to get down about your stretch marks. Some mums say they are proud of the marks as a reminder of all the hard work they put into creating life. At the end of the day, we are perfect in the eyes of our children, and that’s what really counts.


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Great Ideas To Keep The Kids Occupied Over The Holidays


Spending some valuable time over the holidays with your children can be both fantastic and a little stressful. It is a great time to bond, but it can also be quite a task trying to think of great things to do with them. If they aren't properly engaged or entertained they can sometimes act up due to boredom. Below are some simple, fun and entertaining ways to keep the little ones amused over the holidays.

No matter if you have boys or girls, kids love to get their hands dirty and get involved. Simple cookery such as cakes and biscuits are usually the best option to go down. Depending on the age of your children you can go a little bit further and try something more advanced. One of the best ways to do this on a budget is to see what you already have in the pantry and then give the kids a choice or various different things you can make. That way you clear out some of your ingredients that have probably being around a while and the kids buy into it because they have a choice of what to make.

Whatever age your kids are they will no doubt enjoy arts and crafts. This can be as simple as painting or Play Doh to more advanced things like card and jewellery making. Remember to supervise your children if they are under a certain age as many small items are easily swallowed. One great time-saving bit of advice is to pick a glue gun from a site such as, this will allow faster gluing for impatient kids. Just remember to make sure it is only you who uses the gun as they can get hot.

Treasure Hunt
One of the easiest and inexpensive ways to keep the kids busy for hours is a treasure hunt. This can be done either inside or out depending on the weather, and can be scaled for different age ranges. For example, the smaller kids version can be done with little notes ready for them. The older kids version can be a little more educational using trivia questions with the answers pointing to various objects around the home or garden.

Making music doesn't have to be hard. If you have actual instruments around it is obviously much easier but with some imagination and a few household objects you can easily make a band between you. Music has been known to benefit your child's development too.

Film Something
Most kids these days have access to phones or tablets, or with a little supervision they can borrow yours. This is a great way to let those little creative juices free and get them to make a movie using their favourite dolls or action figures. Better still let them document their holidays of playing at home with you. Giving your child a boost up on technology is a no brainer in this day and age. Simple programs are usually packaged free with most computers that allow simple video editing.

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Which Dress Style Suits You Best?

If you’re fashion conscious and love to dress up, you’re the same as around 99% of women around the world. We all like looking good, so it helps to know what suits us best. One way to do that? Know our body shape and then dress accordingly. If you know your body type and embrace it with clothes that suit you, you’ll always look amazing. There are so many body types, we couldn’t possibly list them all. There’s the pear, apple, and banana to name just a few. Here, we’ll discuss different dress styles and who they suit. 

Shirt Dresses

If you have an hourglass shape, a shirt dress will really show that off. Boyish figures can look fantastic in a shirt dress too. If you’re not too confident with the way your body looks, it’s usually safer to steer clear of a dress like this, as it can be unforgiving at times. 

Wrap Dresses

If you’re a pear shaped lady, you need a wrap dress in your life! They make your waist look tiny, and they can hide an unsightly stomach. It’ll show off your curves in a way that you love. If you have a small bust like most pear shaped ladies, this sort of dress will make it look bigger too!

Mini Dresses

You can rock a mini dress with confidence if you’re a petite lady. Mini dresses can help to make your short legs look longer! It shouldn’t look that short on you either, as you’re quite small yourself. If taller, banana shaped ladies want to wear a mini dress, that’s fine too - just be prepared to have legs up to your eyeballs! 

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses can look amazing whether you’re going to a formal event, or simply dressing for warm summer weather. They look wonderful on ladies who might be on the taller side of things. Smaller ladies can still wear them, but they need to be careful. If you’re really short, choose a print that isn’t too bold. Something subtle is enough and won’t swamp you. Add a waist belt to make the outfit. Maxi dresses help to build curves, so if you want more of those; this is the dress for you! 

Peplum Dresses

Broad shoulders? Then a peplum dress is just right. The peplum feature will balance you out, helping you to look more hourglass. It can even be a very flattering style of dress if you feel you have some tummy to hide. 

Skater Dresses

Skater dresses are great for any occasion, as they can be dressed up or down. They skim over the hips, and can hid particularly large hips if you’re self conscious of them. They flatter a waist, and will skim your tummy too. A great flattering dress that can hide curves and create them depending on who’s wearing it. A fashion all rounder! 

Hopefully, you now understand a bit more about the clothes that suit you. However, I’d just like to clarify that if you like something, you should go ahead and wear it!

Bye for now!

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Top Valentine’s Day gifting ideas for him and her

From cards and candies to flowers and balloons and now to gadgets and gizmo's, Valentine’s Day has greatly evolved over the past few years.  Finding a unique gift for the one you love isn’t as easy as it may seem because the gift has many expectations attached to it.  And of course, you don’t want to let your lover down, not on Valentine’s Day at least. So what are the best and safest Valentine’s Day gifting options? The following are the top Valentine’s Day picks for him and her:

Valentine’s Day picks for HER

Pair of Shoes

All girls love shoes. Yes, not just ‘most’ but ‘all’. So why not gift your girlfriend or your wife the perfect pair of shoes this Valentine’s Day?  If you know the size and the choice of your partner, then ordering a pair of shoes online is also a brilliant idea. Websites like offer amazing vouchers to all the popular shoe stores and web based shoe sellers. So log on and find yourself a good deal.


Just as much as they love shoes, they love their handbags too. Be it a tote, a purse, an evening clutch or sling bag, bags are a favourite of all females, irrespective of the age of course.   Moreover, you cannot go wrong with a bag so why think further, just get one and see her face brighten up!


Again, this is another top pick for Valentine’s Day and is a gift with which you can never go wrong. Buy either a makeup set or handpick good quality products of neutral shades that your girl will totally love!


Undoubtedly, one of the best items that you can bring for a lady not just on Valentine’s but on any day or occasion of the year is a wonderful piece of jewellery. Get a ring, a cute heart shaped pendant or a bracelet, no woman will ever say no to it!

Valentine’s Day picks for HIM


What shoes and handbags are to women, gadgets are to men. If you want your man to fall for you all over again, make him feel that you care by gifting a cool gizmo's or gadget. There is no dearth of cool items like electronic shavers, Smart phones, portable Bluetooth speakers and gaming devices and what is even cooler is that you can purchase these for reduced prices by availing a voucher on Electricshop.Com.


Make your partner feel special on Valentine’s Day for gifting him something he will use and love. Get him a pair of jeans, a shirt or a jacket of the brand and colours he loves.  Make sure whatever you bring can be exchanged so that there is an option of getting the size or the fit changed.


Another amazing option to gift your man on Valentine’s Day is a good quality wallet/tie/belt. These accessories are a must for any man and complete their overall look. It is said that the kind of wallet or belt a man carries is a sign of how classy he is. So ladies, time to go shopping for the perfect piece for your boyfriend or husband.

Do you have any plans to celebrate Valentine's Day with your loved ones? 


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Family || Where to Take Your Kids for a Day Out in the UK

Looking for a fun day out in the UK for you and the kids? You're not short on options! Here are some of my favourites:

Blackpool is a great day out for the entire family, and it can be made pretty cheap too if you plan things in advance. I would definitely advise you to go to Pleasure Beach, as some great rides your kids are sure to love are located here. Go in the Pasaje del Terror if you dare! When you’re done there, you can shop for tat at many of the shops and stalls dotted all around. If you go when the lights are on, you can see a great light show too. Kids love it here, just don’t expect 5 star luxury.

West Mids Safari Park
West Midlands Safari Park has every animal your kids could ever want to see; giraffes, lions, tigers, goats - you get the picture. You drive round the park in the car, a bit like you would on safari. If you like, you can buy some food to feed some of the animals, like the goats and giraffes. Just be warned; they will probably want to stick their head in your car to see what’s going on. Have the windows up if you’re worried about this.

Lego Land
Legoland Windsor is a fab place to take the kids. They don’t even need an active interest in Lego. There are more than 55 rides, and it’s all set in a beautiful parkland area. It’s a really unique theme park your kids will love.

Alton Towers
I couldn't miss the famous Alton Towers off the list. This is one of my favourite theme parks of all time, located in Staffordshire. The rides just don’t get old, and new rides are always eagerly anticipated - like The Smiler. Have questions? Alton Towers customer service 0844 545 7923 should be able to help.

The Harry Potter Studio Tour
Your kids must love Harry Potter. I’d be worried if they didn’t. This tour will allow them to explore so much of the magic that helped to create the wonderful films. They can wander through movie sets, check out the props, and have pictures on the night bus and Privet Drive. The perfect treat for Harry fans! 

Cheddar Gorge
Cheddar Gorge, in Somerset, is a wonderful place for the whole family to learn and have fun. You can explore caves, go rock climbing, and learn a lot about our prehistoric ancestors that you never knew before.

Go Ape
There are a number of Go Ape courses dotted all over. Let your kids go wild and get active on one of these fun obstacle courses! 

Stratford Shakespeare Festival 
Want something educational for your kids? Take them to Stratford Shakespeare festival. It makes Shakespeare easily digestible and fun for kids.

Do you know where you’re going to be taking your kids yet? Do you have any favourite places of your own? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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How To Throw An Awesome Baby Shower

If one of your friends has recently become pregnant, it could be up to you to throw the perfect baby shower. While a lot of planning might be involved, it’s important you don’t overlook the basics. Most people choose to hold baby showers in their home or the home of the parents. However, there is nothing wrong with booking a venue and celebrating in style. It all comes down to the type of person your friend might be. Do they enjoy extravagance, or would they prefer something a little more low-key?

  • Send invitations at least one month in advance to ensure that all of their closest friends and family can attend. Make sure you also invite male friends. While this was a “women only” event in the past, things are now more equal.
  • Stipulating the type of gifts people should give the happy couple is a wise move. In some circumstances, the couple may have more use for money then personalised products. That said; nobody will be disappointed with some custom baby grows.
  • Asking that all guests refrain from drinking alcohol during the celebration is also sensible. The person you’re congratulating isn’t able to drink, and so neither should anyone else. A baby shower is not an excuse to get drunk.

So long as you take all that advice, your friend should be more than happy with the event you organise. Now all you have to do is go out and find the perfect gift. There are so many cool items to choose from that you will be spoiled for choice.

With thanks to My 1st Years