Eight Awesome Must-Read Tips For Young Mums

Hubster and my eldest bubba Coley-Moo 8 or so years back

As a young mum, I know what it takes to look after little ones. When people first have a baby, they have no idea what it will take to take care of it. I found that, as time goes by, it gets easier to do simple things with your kids. Becoming a mother is a massive change, and at first, you might find the prospect of it all a bit much. Here are some awesome tips to help you when you enter this new phase of your life. 

1. Get used to feeling sleepy 

New mothers tend to feel sleepy all the time. Until now, you had the luxury of sleeping through the night with no interruptions. Suddenly, there is a screaming baby in your home, and you have to jump out of bed to look after it. There is no point moaning about your tiredness - get used to it.  

2. Ask people for some advice

If you think that you know just what to do when it comes to parenting, you are naive. Until you have children, you have no idea how difficult it is to look after them. Before you have your baby, it is worth chatting with some of your friends who are already parents. They will tell you what being a mother is like and give you some helpful advice. 

3. Get support (you will need it)

There will be times when you need a day off. If you plan to be a stay at home mum, you still need to give yourself a break now and then. Now is the time to contact a nanny agency. If you sort out your childcare before you have your baby, you will not have to worry when things get tough. There is no shame in needing a little extra support sometimes. 

4. Let your parents help

Your parents will be desperate to help you when you have a baby, and you should let them do so. Some mums make the mistake of shutting people out when they first have their children. If you do that, you will alienate the people around you for no reason at all. 

5. Talk to your partner before you have your child

Your partner knows you better than anyone else, and so he will help you with this new experience. Remember, parenthood is something that you do with your partner. You are not going through this phase alone; he is right there by your side. Let him help. 

6. Teach your kids new things

You know loads of exciting and interesting things. From the moment you give birth, it is your duty to teach your child about the world. As soon as your baby can talk, it will start to ask you questions about things. Children expect you to know everything, and so you better prepare your answers. 

7. Put your kids first 

When you are a young person, you have a million different things that you want to do. One of the hardest things about being a mum is learning to put your children's needs first. If your money is tight, you will need to buy things for your children before you get yourself anything. 

8. Make your home child-friendly

Before you have your baby, you need to make your home child-friendly. You should make some changes to your house and garden so that your kids are safe. If you change things now, it will mean that you have one less thing to worry about later. 

Soon, your life will change forever. Being a mother is a gift and an enormous responsibility. Enjoy it!

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Espirit || Transitioning Spring Styles

I'm eagerly anticipating spring guys. I've even taken to wearing my ballet flats in the snow even though it's freezing simply because this cold and rain isn't doing it for me anymore. Around this time of year I start the hunt for some capsule pieces that will team well with my cold weather clothing yet can be transitioned into the warm seasons...like SPRING!

I've found what works for me over the years and also what works for my overstretched budget and that tends to be pieces which come in neutral tones, classic shapes and have great lines. I suppose that statement sounds pretty blase but what I mean by classic pieces is items of clothing that come in a pattern that's not necessarily on trend, stripes and spots are classic, dainty florals are classic and even plain colours such as white, black and navy are perfect classic pieces. Great lines pieces simply describe clothing that suits the wearer's body shape, normally they're made from a better fabric mix so they hold the original shape or can be ironed so that they hold a neat shape. Body con, lycra, some polyester mixes all tend to wash badly leaving the hems all over the place and wouldn't make it onto my clean line list, ever. 

To make the change I've been browsing lots of online websites and of course Pinterest for inspiration. After viewing and pinning umpteen images  I can't shake the need to own some classic French styles. It just never goes out of style does it and it looks good on all shapes and all ages? I'm also loving simple pops of colour and pieces with interesting textures so, I think this is the direction I'll be going in for what's left of 2015 and I'll be starting with these two hand picked outfits from Espirit

This striped dress is so cute. French sophistication mixed with playfulness non? This is exactly what I would describe as a dress that has clean lines, the type you could just pull on and go and still look incredible.

Because of it's put on and go qualities I figured flats would work for a casual daytime look and also the tan bag slung over your shoulder with your sunnies on and your hair pulled back would be sublime. To enable this to work you'd need to keep your accessories to a minimum. Mixed metals or a hint of a primary tone would look amazing.
This second outfit ticks all of my capsule wardrobe needs.

The dress somewhat resembles the lose shape of a shirt dress and can be worn casually with those amazing Leo boots or other similar ankle boots. String on a long tassel necklace and kink your hair into some boho waves and you're set for spring-summer. If you want to dress up the look for work or play I recommend teaming it with the lemon textured cardigan for a pop of colour and added texture as well as a dainty necklace like this cute Sterling Silver heart. Again mixed metals will keep this looking chic and the Aurora ring by Links of London is simply beautiful.

These two outfits stood out because I know I'd get so much use out of these because the styles never truly go out of fashion. I'd definitely describe myself as a classic, fashion lover than a current trend maven as there's no way my bank balance and my stress levels could deal with changing up my wardrobe every three months. Don't get me wrong, I love fashion and current trends but within reason and I don't stop myself from purchasing on trend pieces that I adore as long as they work with the capsule basics. Espirit currently have some amazing bohemian pieces available that my inner magpie just wanted to feature - but - the sensible me decided to stick to the capsule needs.

You know I'll probably still snap up the gorgeous crochet kimono which I'd class as being on trend but you know, a girls gotta buy what a girls gotta buy and that kimono is calling my name. I've learnt the hard way though and over the years I have been an impulse shopper, snapping up things that appealed to my love of pattern or colour only, to get them home and they didn't go with anything I owned. I think my husband got sick of my regular 'I have nothing to wear' cries and mentioned that I had to cut back or rethink my purchases. It was probably the best fashion advice I've ever had.

Have you ever purchased any classic or capsule suitable pieces from Espirit or other online stores? check them out over on www.espirit.co.uk 

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10 Majorly Important Things Your Parents Should Do When They Retire


Since we are in our thirties, now is the time when our parents start to retire and take things easy. Loads of my friends' parents have already taken the plunge, and I know that many are just about to do it as well. When your parents leave work, a whole new world opens up to them. As their child, you can help them enjoy their retirement. Here are ten majorly important things they should try. 

1. Travel the world together 

If your parents are still together, they might want to take this time to go to new places. I am a massive advocate of going abroad and exploring the world, and so, of course, I think this idea is incredible. They could take a romantic trip together or even embark on a world cruise. Have a chat with your mum and dad to see what they think about this neat idea. 

2. Update their wills

If it has been years since your parents updated their wills, now is the time to broach the subject. If the worst should happen, you need to know that they have taken care of all the details. If your parents die before they update the documents, you will have to go through the process of contesting a will. It is not an easy thing to talk about (or even think about), but you ought to discuss this issue with them sooner rather than later. Pick up the phone now, and have a talk with them. 

3. Start a healthy eating routine

You want your parents to have as much fun as possible in their retirement. If they are not healthy, their golden years will be horrible. You should suggest that they start a healthy eating routine. As people age, they need to be health conscious so that they can feel younger for longer. You could even help your parents create a diet plan so that they look after themselves well. 

4. See (more of) you and your siblings

The best thing about your parents taking their retirement? They get to see more of you than they did before now. When they don't have to go to work each day, your family can drop in on you at any time. You ought to make loads of plans with your parents so that you see them all the time. Check your schedule and see when you are free. When you have some spare time, you might want to take a trip with them or just visit them at home for a weekend. 

5. Start volunteering for charity

Before now, your parents probably didn't have a great deal of time to spare. When people have full-time jobs, they find it difficult to do everything they want to do. If they care about charity and doing good things for the local community, they might wish to start volunteering. There are thousands of causes that need volunteers and helpers all the time. You should take the time to look at a range of charities and help your parents find a cause that they believe in and want to help. 

6. Get a new household pet 

Again, in the past, your family may not have had time to look after a pet. Now, is the perfect time to get one, though, and your parents should consider doing so. If you worry that they won't get out and about as much as they used to, you might want to suggest that they get a dog. That way, they will have a reason to go out every morning, and they will also have a way to meet new people. As you know, dog walkers are sociable people and enjoy chatting with one another. 

7. Meet new people 

If your parents decide that they don't want a dog, they still need to find ways to meet new people. It is crucial that your parents have an active social life. If they don't see people, they might start to suffer from mental issues, such as depression. Now is the time when they can begin to enjoy their lives and do whatever they want. Make sure that they always have plans. Ask them what they are up to and listen to their answers. 

8. Start a hobby 

Hobbies are an excellent way to fill time and learn new skills. If your parents have any particular interests, they ought to look into them and get serious about them. For example, your dad might enjoy playing a round of golf while your mum takes up salsa lessons. Sometimes, people need a little push to try new things and so you might have to persuade your parents to take a class or two.

9. Write a novel 

The old saying goes that everybody has a novel in them. There is no doubt that at least one of your parents has thought about writing a book in the past. Sometimes, people fail to start writing because they don't think that they can do it. All your parents need is a little ego boost to get them started. If one of your parents has an idea for a book, you should listen to it. Encourage your parents to start writing and show them that you believe they can do it. 

10. Learn about technology 

Our parents' generation is not as tech-savvy as we are. If you want to help your family out, you might want to teach them to use some of the latest technology. For example, they probably know how to use a laptop, as many workplaces insist that everyone learns, but can they use a tablet? Ask them whether there is anything they want to learn about and see whether you can help them out. 

When your parents retire, they get a new lease of life. This period should be an enjoyable and exciting time for them rather than a stressful one. It is your duty, as their child, to help them along the way and make sure that they relax. Sometimes, people find the transition from working to retirement tricky. To help them out, you need to give your parents all the love and support they need!

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Simple Tips to Keep Your Pet-friendly Home Clean


Most parents know the pain of having their children begging for a pet, even if you already have one. But you can be understandably reluctant to give in and let them have their wish. Apart from the fear that you will be left doing all the work to care for the animal, a lot of them aren't the cleanest creatures. Sure, they might not be tracking mud into the house all the time, but even house cats will leave fur everywhere. So how do you keep your house clean when you have cats or dogs? Luckily, it doesn't take much more work than normal.

Tackling Fur

Fur is one of the main worries when it comes to cats and dogs. Some of them can leave hair everywhere, especially if they're shedding a winter coat. One solution to this is to vacuum regularly with a quality hoover. You can find ones that are specially designed for hoovering up pet fur, which may help even further. It's also a good idea to have lint rollers on hand at all times, for removing hair from furniture and clothing. Alternatively, you can get a dog or cat that doesn't shed.

Keep the Pets Groomed

Keeping your cat or dog well-groomed is essential to having a clean and tidy house. Regular brushing will stop them from leaving so much hair everywhere. You can also take them to the groomers for a trim, so their coat isn't so long. If they get particularly dirty, a bath is acceptable on occasion. But you shouldn't bathe your cat or dog too often, as it could be bad for their skin and coat. It's also important to ward off parasites, such as fleas. You can buy preventative treatments from www.petfleas.co.uk and similar sites, as well as asking your vet.

Tidy Feeding Areas

Dogs and cats aren't known for their tidy eating. Some like to drop their food on the floor before they eat it, some play with it and some slobber all over the place. Firstly, it's a good idea to feed them on a hard floor that you can wipe, not on carpets or rugs. You can also put a mat down, where you can place their food and water bowls.

Litter Trays

Whether your cat's an indoor or outdoor cat, you're likely to have a litter tray in the house. No one likes the thought of them, but they're better than finding cat wee hidden in a corner. There are some things you can do to make them more hygienic and reduce the smell. Firstly, buy a hooded or enclosed tray. You cat may be reluctant to use it at first, but they have charcoal filters to help with the odour. You should also experiment with litter and deodorisers to find the right one for your cat. To stop them tracking litter all over the house, place litter tray mats by the door.

Another tip for a tidy house is always to have a towel by the door, so you can dry your cat or dog when they come inside. It's easy to keep your pet-friendly home clean with a bit of forethought.


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