Want a Healthier Lifestyle? Use This Guide

We could all probably make some improvements to our lifestyles. The key is to make small changes slowly, so that we're more likely to stick to them. If we make too many changes at once, it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed and give up. Take a look at these tips and focus on one at a time to lead a healthier lifestyle! 

Cut Out Bad Habits

What bad habits do you have that you could cut out? Maybe you eat a lot of junk, smoke, or drink too much. Not getting enough sleep could even be classed as a bad habit. Try your best to cut these out, and get some outside help if you need it. It can be really hard, but it’ll be the best thing you ever do. 

Get Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is a must for everybody! It doesn’t matter too much which type you do, so long as you enjoy it. Exercise is great for our mind, body, and soul. If you have goals, exercise to reach those goals. If you just want to be healthy and happy, you can go for pretty much anything. 

Eat for Nourishment

Instead of eating for enjoyment all the time, eat for nourishment. Nourish your body with the things it needs to flourish and function. If you exercise, make sure you’re eating foods that will support this kind of exercise. Eating for enjoyment is nice occasionally. It should be for every single meal! 

Focus on Your Mind

Your mind should be healthy, not just the things you can see. There are lots of things you can do to make your mind healthier; meditation, number challenges, reading, and more. Make a habit of exercising your mind! 

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep is the key to functioning properly. People need different amounts, but generally it’s 7-8 hours a night. Just beware that getting too much sleep can be bad for us too. Anymore than 8-9 hours and you might find you feel even worse after you've woken up. 

Laugh and Have Fun

Laughter is good for the soul, and having fun will help to destress. Do things you enjoy just to make yourself happy. Focus on hobbies and spend time with your friends. 

Improve Yourself 

Take a look at the ways you can improve yourself and then take those steps to improvement. Don’t just think about them. Actually do something about them! Don’t get stuck in a rut. You might feel you need to improve yourself physically with treatments like vaser lipo. If you feel you’ll be happier afterwards, then go for it - just be sure you’re in the right frame of mind.  

Live in the Moment

Living in the moment takes practice, but it always helps us to leave a happier more satisfying life. Stop focusing on the past and future. Focus on right now. Don't worry; take deep breaths and take in everything in the present moment. It’s all we have! It might sound silly to you, but you don't want to spend your whole life without truly appreciating the here and now.

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Wrinkle Prevention in 4 Easy Steps

I might only be in my thirties, but that doesn't mean that I’m not panicking about the onset of wrinkles which seems to be coming in thicker and faster than I'd really like - initially I always thought wrinkles slowly progressed, I never considered that you could wake up and 'WHAM' you're sporting some mighty fine new facial creases. You may not realise it, but for most of us ladies, the first signs of aging start to appear between 30 and 35 years of age, depending on your health some are lucky enough to make it closer to forty, some [like myself] have fought the battle of impending fine lines since their middle twenties.

No one wants crow's feet to appear on their youthfully smooth skin - something that most of us spend our twenties dreading. Sadly, wrinkles are unavoidable - at some point or another, you will see the first signs of aging. That being said, there are a few things that you can do to prevent them, or at least, prolong their arrival.

Intrigued? Of course, you are - who wouldn't want to know how to prevent those pesky lines from appearing?

Eat lots of healthy foods

Did you know that a balanced diet can do wonders for your skin’s health? If you want skin that is happy and takes longer to age, you need to make sure that you are eating all of the right foods. Just like what you eat can affect your body’s health, if you eat the wrong things, they can also wreak havoc on your skin.

As well as following a diet that’s low in fats and processed foods, it’s also important to eat lots of fruits and veggies. Any foods that contain vitamins A, C, and E are great for your skin’s health, so make sure to eat lots of these. 

Give your skin some love

Don't leave your skin to fend for itself, take the time to look after it. Just like you take care of the rest of your body, your skin also needs some love.

Start off by putting a daily skin care routine in place - this should include cleansing, toning, and moisturising. You will also need to exfoliate, at least two to three times a week. For your moisturiser, make sure to opt for an anti-aging night cream, and a day cream with an SPF factor. A day cream with an SPF factor is crucial, as one of the most common causes of premature aging is sun damage. Many people don't realise it, but even on cold, cloudy days, your skin can still be damaged by the sun’s rays. 

A night moisturiser that’s anti-aging is a must. As when your skin ages, it loses some of its natural proteins - collagen and elastin, and without them, the skin starts to sag, and fine lines appear. However, if you use an anti-aging moisturiser that contains these proteins, you can prevent your skin from aging too quickly.

Sleep Time 

Sleep is so important for our health and it allows our body to rest while it recuperates from the daily damage, stress and hectic lifestyles we all lead. Getting a full restful sleep is key to good health and wrinkle prevention so make time to wind down before you catch some Zzzz's. Why not dim the lights, read a chapter of a new book, listen to some music or catch up on a show. Meditation is important in our home as we can relax our bodies into quick REM while also detoxing built up stress too. Youtube has some excellent beginner meditation lessons and guided tutorials. 

Some say that the material you sleep on too is important and many of Hollywood's leading ladies use silk or satin pillowcases to ensure there's no rubbing of their skin which can cause damage. Finally why not spritz your pillow or bottom sheet with some lavender essential oil spray or apply a few drops to the inside of your pillow so that your body heat activates the calming benefits of the oil.

Dermal fillers

If you aren't happy with the results from anti-aging products, the next step is to consider cosmetic surgery. While I have never been a big fan of fillers and injections but for some they're a great option and can look very natural. 

Dermal fillers are also known as wrinkle injections. They can be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Improving your appearance, and making your skin look younger and healthier. Fillers are quick and painless, compared to other cosmetic treatments, like face lifts and they can be done within a matter of minutes, leaving minimal bruising and scarring, unlike many other methods. So are ideal for giving your skin an instant boost and reducing the signs of aging. 

If you want to keep your skin looking youthful, all you need to do is take the ideas above into account and take it a step at a time, stopping where you feel comfortable. While most of us strive to retain our youthful looks you also need to work on feeling comfortable in your naturally ageing body. Care and attention to your skin is good but trying to iron out every line, wrinkle and blemish isn't.

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The School of Art Book Review || By Teal Triggs & Daniel Frost

As a mum to three boys, it's so important that I encourage them to continually learn and develop their skills and to find new ones. All three of my sons are different and we embrace that, although they are different there are a few base skills that they're all interested in as are most children; maths, telling the time, sports, creative writing and art. 

I remember being around six when my own dad decided to teach me about 3d objects, how to shade and how to draw realistic images - I was engrossed and I think it was the start of my passion for the creatives. These days I do teach my sons all I can, I also find that they respond well to visual lessons such as books or Youtube videos. 

The School of Art by Teal Triggs and Daniel Frost is one of those visual aids that have been a huge hit in our house with all three of my sons. The book itself although it's very educational the illustrations stop it from becoming boring. 

The books a pretty lofty sized square with forty lessons split into three terms. Each lesson covers a teachable art lesson that simply makes sense. Some of our favourites were: 

How does a line begin? || Lesson one sounds very basic but it's also one of the hardest things to do freehand. This lesson gives great examples and ideas for line work such as creating dots first and then joining the dots to make lines. 

Can we see colours that aren't there? || You know, this is a question I had never considered and I took advanced art and then art and design at college - not once did our teachers ever really discuss this topic. This lesson covers eye tricks and how looking at certain shapes or colours together can trick the eyes into seeing 'in-between' tones. 

How can we tell a story by using pictures? || This is lesson thirty-five you can actually see the illustration for this below. 

Not only is the wording easy to follow but the illustrations lend themselves to the lessons really well. It's sort of like the dummies guide to art by pictures. 

My eldest son loved this section which came under the ''What different things can we use to make art'' it got him thinking about the other types of art that he's made that would still be classed as genuine art. His understanding was that art equalled paper and colour - he has Aspergers so his literal thinking is very black and white, reading this section and seeing the almost engineering type of illustration helped something 'click' in his genius brain. 

This is the illustration for ''Why are ideas important in art and design?'' I absolutely adore this image and this section as it gets the boys thinking about how they can take an obscure image and turn it into a real tangible art form. When we reached this section my youngest son who's six was asking if he could actually draw a sword made of chips or would that be silly, personally I thought it was genius because who doesn't want a picture of a sword made of chips?

This was my middle son's favourite section as he's always been a huge fan of comics and short stories. This lesson taught him how we could move through his ideas in a limited amount of spaces, the illustration of a butterfly's life was the perfect example to teach him about transitioning. 

My eldest is nearly ten and my youngest is six - this is the type of book that isn't limited to an age range of gender. As an adult, I found I also learnt lots of new ideas and skills and will happily pull this out when I'm planning my next creative project. 

The book costs £14.99 RRP but you can pick this up for less over on Amazon. If you're child's still of school age and you know you're going to be roped into many home art projects then I'd fully recommend picking this up. 

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** This was sent for review from Mumsnet but I accepted as it was on my wishlist on Amazon. All words are my own and I wasn't forced to write any reviews unless I wanted too **

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Want To Stay Sane? 4 Items All Mums Should Have!

As a mother, I know just how stressful parenting can be. Being a mum might be one of the best life experiences, but it is also one of the hardest. Don’t get me wrong, my children are worth all the stress and worry but there are times when staying sane can be a struggle.

I know I’m not alone feeling like this, as I know so many other parents who are at their wits ends. We love our kids, but sometimes, we just want things to be a little easier, right? It might seem like making life as a mum less stressful is impossible, but believe it or not, it’s not.

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If you want to make life a little bit easier, there are four items that you absolutely must have. Trust me on this, these things will change your life.

1. Tablet

Okay, so I’m not the type of mum who believes in sticking her kids in front of the television for hours at a time. However, on long car and plane journeys, while we’re in waiting rooms, and doing boring chores, I’ll make an exception.

If you want to prevent your little ones having meltdowns caused by boredom, having a tablet or iPad is a must. Kids hate being bored; they like to be up and about and doing things all the time. Having a tablet comes in handy, as it’s an excellent resource for keeping them entertained.

2. Watch

Have you ever told your kids that they have just ten more minutes at the soft play centre, only to realise that your phone has died? We use our phones for everything, from taking photos to keeping an eye on the time, but the problem is that the battery can die. We lead hectic lives and often, we forget to charge our phones. We know that we should be more organised, but with a million and one other things on our minds, it happens.

If you want to be able to make sure that you are always able to check the time, wearing a watch is the perfect solution. You can pick up some great watch designs online - the Esprit watches are an excellent choice, for an affordable price. 

As a mum, a watch is a must as being able to check the time is vital. But as well as that, watches are also a great way to add a little extra glamour to your outfit. Us mums often feel like we could be a little more fashionable, and by adding a stylish watch, we can be. 

3. Washer dryer

Yes, these are expensive, but they are also a great investment. Kids make a mess wherever they go; they throw food over themselves, jump in muddy puddles, fall over in the dirt. Children are notorious for getting whatever outfit they are in filthy, in just a few short minutes.  

For us mums, the stress of having to get everything washed and dried can be a nightmare. That’s why having a washer dryer is something that you should consider, as it allows you to get clothes cleaned quickly.

4. Easy to fold stroller

One thing that causes the most panic for us mums is having to get out and put down our strollers with one hand. In the other we have our key, changing bag, little one, and goodness knows what else.

If you are willing to make an investment in a new stroller, you should be able to find one that folds up and down with a simple touch. No more faffing about pulling this and that, you can get pushchairs that take one simple touch. How amazing is that?

Anything that makes our lives easier, us mummies should have. Whether that’s a tablet to keep the kids occupied or a pram that can be put up and down with one finger, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we find ways to reduce our stress and stay sane.

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