My Ideas || 5 Fun Things To Do In The UK

Sometimes the best places to travel are right on your doorstep! In the UK, there are many fun things that you may just want to try. Whenever I am traveling around the country, I try to fit as many things in as possible. If you are about to go somewhere, why not take note of my ideas? You know you want to!

Attend a comedy festival

I love comedy, and so I can't think of anything better than a comedy festival. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is pretty close to home for me. It may surprise you to learn that loads of cities host these fests every year. If you want to make the most of your trip, look for one near your destination. After all, if something makes you laugh and smile, it has to be worth the price of the ticket!

Go Ape (and have fun)

Have you ever fancied climbing through the trees like an ape? Well, you're not alone. There are 'Go Ape' parks all over the country, and you might just want to check them out. When you go to these parks, you get to complete an assault course in the treetops. You have to book well in advance if you want to take part. These places tend to book up super fast.

Take a helicopter ride

There are loads of heliports all over the UK. Fancy taking a ride in one of these incredible vehicles? Look on where there are lots of deals. You might want to fly over the Yorkshire Dales or even the Cornish countryside. You should check out where the ports are before you plan your trip. That way, you can plan your break around where the heliports are.

See some museums

If you want a free and fun activity, you'd better head to a local museum. There are many excellent museums in the UK that you might just want to visit. You can enjoy looking at some art and even some sculptures in these places. You ought to make sure that you find out the opening times of the place before you arrive. Often, you will see that museums are not open as late as you imagine.

Go climbing in the country

Climbing is an excellent pastime and one that you ought to try for yourself. If you head to the Peak District, for example, there are loads of edges you can climb. You should have all the best gear before you set out. Remember, climbing can be dangerous. You will need to learn some climbing rules before you go out there. That way, you can be sure that you will have a great time and avoid hurting yourself.

I hope that my ideas help you when it comes to planning a UK break. You don't have to go abroad to have fun - not when there are lots of things to see and do right here!

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Halloween 2015 || 3 Yankee Candle's US Accessory Collections

It's nearly Halloween!!!

If you're a wax lover or more so a Yankee Candle lover then you'll have been patiently waiting the release of their Halloween range. For those like myself in the UK, the launched products were a huge letdown, especially in comparison to Americas collection which is utterly amazing.

Here are three amazing accessory collections that I want need in my life. The bad thing is I'll need to wait until they hit Amazon, FB or Ebay before I can get my Yankee addicted hands on them.

△ Steam Punkin Collection 
Steam Punkin Witches Hat Burner | Steam Punkin Pumpkin Illuma-Lid | Steam Punkin Gears Illuma-Lid |  Steam Punkin Gears Candle Holder

I'm only just getting into Iluma-lids as I used to want to spend that money on more wax. I can absolutely see the pretty factor for them now though. I adore the Gears one because it's a good for all seasons and not just Halloween. The same applies for the Gears jar holder too.

I seriously want that Witches Hat Tart Burner, why-oh-why haven't they released this awesome collection in the UK.
Steam Punkin Boot | Steam Punkin Pumpkin Jar Holder | Steam Punkin Hat Votive Holder | Steam Punkin Pumpkin Tea Light Holder

Cute factor. Not my style but I have seen images of some online friends who have the jar holders and they do look so cute. 

 Spellbound Collection 
Spellbound Flying Witch Votive Holder | Spellbound Sophia Votive Holder | Spellbound Mirror Mirror Tealight Holder | Spellbound Dancing Skeleton Votive Holder

Again another simple collection. The Mirror-Mirror tealight holder has sold out in many places for good reason - it's awesome! The votive holders remind me of last years Ghostly Treats packaging. 
Halloween Potion Tea Light Holders | Witches Cauldron Electric Tart Burner | Spellbound Flying Witch Shade | Spooky Gates Tart Warmer 

The potion bottles. who hasn't already decided to purchase those? The cauldron burner is my top pick from this collection, though.

△ Halloween Silhouettes 
Crow Votive Holder | Haunted House Jar Shade | Jack 'O' Lantern Pedestal Tea Light Holder | Foggy Nights Multi Tea Light Holder

Some of this collection has a Snow White evil step mum feel to it and I love it. Again this one's selling out so fast (which is why there are no links to some products).
Flying Witch Tart Burner | Batty Bats Jar Holder Lantern | Sophia Jar Holder | Batty Haunted House Jar Holder

Silhouettes seem to be a big thing this year for Yankee. Although they have their place I'm not feeling the pull but that being said many of them are still far better than our UK offerings. I'd have still considered that lantern of the Haunted House jar holder. 

What's your thoughts on these three collections? Which if any is your favourite? 

Bloom & Wild || Letterbox Flowers For £1

Bloom & Wild have been going strong for the last two years, I first heard about them right at the start of their business during the period of subscription box mania. It was one box however that I genuinely wanted to order but for some reason I've always stopped myself, not because of the brand but because it was flowers.

I adore flowers but have never purchased any for myself. I've always felt that I was being too frivolous and greedy whenever I've gone to purchase them for myself especially since becoming a parent and so have relied on hubster purchasing them. Strange I know, I think it's due to social marketing that flowers are for 'gifts' and are a 'luxury' I really needed to break that train of thought though because there's nothing more pleasing than some fresh flowers bringing colour and scent into the home.

I've hinted about Bloom & Wild to hubster before, he got my cue about wanting flowers (it was thistles I hinted at) but went to a normal (overly hiked priced shop) flower shop and purchased lily's. Got to give him props for taking the hint even though he was way off and we can't have lilies in the house haha.


Last night, I saw some gorgeous Instagram pictures over on the Bloom & Wild Instagram and the need to purchase overtook me. I headed over to their website and found that they had a £1 offer on! It's not heavily marketed which is why I'm writing this post and I literally only found out as I went to subscribe.
I still haven't purchased any flowers for myself though because I picked up my £1 bunch to say thanks to hubster for doing so much recently and being utterly amazing. Unlike many other husbands I know he will appreciate them and I deliberately chose a bunch that were lily free, although there's a tick box at the bottom of the subscription section so you can choose to opt out of lilies if the one you pick happens to have lilies - our eldest son is allergic to them which is why we're going lily free.

I chose The Frances bunch which includes some gorgeous yellow and white flowers such as white alstroemeria, Madiba and solidago. This bunch is inspired by a classic English country garden and has the right amount of Summer in it to brighten up our home for a little longer.

As for the subscription you can opt to continue your subscription (weekly, monthly etc) at a cost of £15 per month - or - you can cancel at any point. Even after you've received your £1 bunch you're under no pressure to cancel - and - I checked out how easy it was to cancel because that's so important and it's as easy as going to your account and clicking edit subscription. It's because of how easy it was to cancel that I actually subscribed because there's nothing worse than being held into a subscription with a company that are a pain in the butt at cancelling even when you request them too.

So how do you get your flowers for a £1? 

You can get your £10 off a bunch of flowers here and enter code ELYSE1 at checkout so you can get your flowers for £1 (just remember when you choose your flowers, click the subscription box rather than the one-off box to get your £1 flowers).  If you fancy popping my name into the ''been referred by a friend'' section then I believe you will get extra credit and so do I (my name's Elyse Silver). I would be grateful but of course, don't feel that you have to.

So basically getting 2 bouquets for £6 if you decide to use your £10 credit. The next bunch I promise will be purchased by me and for me. Time to shake off this guilt when I just want pretty flowers.

Edit: Bloom & Wild found out about my post and kindly gave me the code ELYSE1 so you guys can get your bunch for only £1! 

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*** Not Affilited & Not a PR Sample - These were purchased myself and off my own back***
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Easy Ways To Improve Your Confidence Before A Big Event

Confidence plays an important part in a woman’s life. Whether it’s trying to find love or achieve more in her career, being assertive can help you greatly.

I don’t care who you are; every woman feels more confident when she looks her best. If you’ve got a first date or a big business meeting, it’s imperative that you look and feel the part. Here are a few tips to ensure that you do.

Dress To Impress

The difference that the right fashion style can have in your life is simply phenomenal. A good outfit will boost your figure, and your confidence too.

Different people suit different styles, and you are probably the best person to find the right outfits. However, it’s imperative that your clothes actually fit. Getting measured in a shop is a simple process that I cannot emphasise enough.

Wearing the right outfit isn’t the only way that you can dress yourself to impress, though. Jewellery can play an equally important part in completing the look, and you can’t go far wrong with the eternal collection. Your clothes and accessories should be there to enhance your physical look. Prior to any major event, you should be certain that they do.

Good Skin Care

We’ve all been there: it’s the morning of the big event, and a massive zit appears bang in the middle of your forehead. It’s the stuff of nightmares and underlines just how important good skin care is.

Taking care of your skin isn’t just about doing it on the day of the event. You should be employing good habits on a daily basis. You can’t prevent the odd blemish from appearing. But keeping your body’s biggest organ in great condition will go a long way to improving your look.

Having great skin might not feel like a big confidence boost. But suffering issues will drain your spirits. Don’t let it become a problem.

A Good Hair Style

There are few things more unappealing than greasy split ends. However, treating your hair with regular maintenance isn’t the only important factor to remember.

A woman’s hair can shape her entire face. Finding a style to compliment your natural features can make vast improvements to your overall appearance. Not only will look better, but people will also comment on it too.

There’s no better way to boost your confidence than hearing kind words from friends and acquaintances.

Unleash The Pearly Whites

Arguably the first thing that anyone will notice about you, though, is your smile. After all, the mouth is our focal point of all conversation. If you’ve got a winning smile, it will instantly set a great tone for all your human interactions.

A great smile makes you look more attractive, and friendlier too. There are plenty of great teeth whitening products on the market, with my favourite being the strips. It’s far easier (and cheaper) than paying expensive dental fees. Taking care of your oral hygiene will also bring huge benefits to your general well-being. Don’t underestimate how important it is.

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How I Avoid Getting Colds When The Weather Drops!

Since the weather is freezing (especially here in Scotland!), it's fair to say it's officially cold season. That's terrible news for us all. I don't know about you, but the last thing I need is a cold right now. Every year, I try my best to avoid getting one. More often than not it works Want to know how I do it? Well, you've come to the right place! Here is my advice for avoiding colds and staying healthy.

Boost your vitamin intake

Okay, the first thing you need to do is get more vitamins than you get now. If you are one of those people who doesn't eat much fruit or veg, you need to cut it out. There are many things you can do that will help you along the way. For one thing, you can make sure that you get all the vitamins you need in your diet. That means you need to include more fruit or veg than you usually would. Aside from that, you might find that it is helpful to take vitamin tablets too.

Wrap up super warm

How warm do you wrap up? If you're still wearing your summer clothes, you have a problem. You should get some sweaters and heavy coats to see you through until the spring. You can get these items online and view more here if you need to do so. When you have a wardrobe of warm clothes, you will find it easy to ward off illnesses. The warmer you stay, the less likely you are to get an infection or a cold. Remember this piece of advice because it is priceless.

Start a healthy lifestyle

Do you have a healthy lifestyle? If you get ill all the time, you might need to change the way that you live. There are loads of things you can do. For example, you can start hitting the gym every day. You could also change what you eat. When you change your habits, you will see that you can avoid illnesses. Often, when we are not healthy, our immune systems will be low. That means that you can get ill all the time.

Avoid people with colds

When people have colds, they can pass them to you. That is the last thing you need in your life. If someone has a cold, you need to keep your distance. That means that you shouldn't hug them or get too close to them. If you can cover your mouth when you're around them as well, it could make a big difference.

Always wash your hands

If you want to kill all the germs on your hands, you have to wash them on a regular basis. If you take the bus somewhere, you might find that the door has loads of germs on it. When you touch it, you start carrying those germs. Wash your hands thoroughly, that way, you will find that you can get rid of the bacteria on them.

If you want to avoid getting ill, I hope that my tips help you out. I know the cold months can be hard, but we will get through them together!

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Yankee Candle || Fall 2015 Collection

The Yankee Candle Fall collection is inspired by the colours, scents and flavours of the fall season. This is the type of scent collection you expect with a fall release and although it's aimed at the US market there are candles trickling over to the UK market.

There's something for every wax lover - the foodie can enjoy Sugar & Spice, Brandy Pear Tart or Vanilla Bourbon. The fresh scent lover can enjoy Crisp Morning Air and the fruity fan can enjoy Cranberry Twist or Lush Berries. See such a good all round collection.

Here's the line-up:

Sugar & Spice //  A mouthwatering swirl of cinnamon, buttery vanilla, and sugar crystals all baking together - guaranteed to fill your home with smiles.

Vanilla Bourbon // A traditional warm-me-up on a cold winter's day, a mug full of something steaming. Topped with a layer of thick vanilla cream and laced with a dash of strong bourbon.

Crisp Air in the Morning // With the crisp scents of eucalyptus and mint layered beneath soft pear and sage, it's like the first deep breath of bright, clean air on a morning far, far away.

Cranberry Twist // A medley of sharp berries, a hint of citrus zest, and a dash of fresh ginger make a refreshing concoction.

Autumn in the Park // The scent of freshly peeled apple and the crispness of fallen leaves. It's definitely fall. With a dash of lemon zest and a hint of pumpkin, we've captured a gorgeous autumn afternoon.

Lush Berries // A basket of just-picked berries, sweet and juicy and full with harvest sun. Savour the freshness.

Brandy Pear Tart // The rich scent of baked pear in a sugary confection with a hint of brandy - a delicious reminder of your favourite cafe pastries.

There's three out of the seven that I want to try really badly, I'm not much of a fruity fan and really love scents that go out of the norm. That's why Vanilla Bourbon and Sugar & Spice are hitting the top of my wish list pronto.

Which of these scents have peaked your interests?

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