Yankee Candle || Out Of Africa Collection

What's your favourite Yankee scent? My favourite has to be Soft Blanket which is the perfect blend of white flowers and sultry amber. It's a long lasting, warming and slightly sweet scent that travels throughout the house even when it's not lit. When Soft Blanket isn't available at my favourite store I tend to veer towards unisex, musky and resinous scents such as Blissful Autumn, Witches Brew, Patchouli (when it's available) or Frankincense. I rarely purchase airy scents or fruity scents for some reason.

Anytime YC release a new collection I can't help but wish it's going to be made with my favourite resinous and earthy notes that are suited more to the autumn season - most of the time there's one or two scents in the latest release that scream 'buy me' but so far I've never had that pull to purchase a whole collection.

That is until now.

Yankee Candle's summer-autumn 'Out of Africa' collection consists of Egyptian Musk, Kilimanjaro Stars, Madagascan Orchid and Serengeti Sunset.

This collection screams romance, inspiration and high summer don't you think? I love how they've taken somewhat blasé notes and blended them to become sultry and mature - Egyptian Musk has been sweetened with vanilla to create a more unisex appeal, Serengeti Sunset's dull blend (in my opinion) of fruits and flowers have been sexed up with amber and Kilimanjaro Stars airy scent has been completely overhauled with patchouli! Who'd have thought of combining cool mint and airy scents with patchouli......? A genius that's who!

The line-up includes:

Egyptian Musk | A prized treasure... a captivating musk with hints of vanilla bean and cedar wood.

Kilimanjaro Stars | Like nightfall on the ice-covered peak, crisp clear mountain air is laced with cool mint and earthy patchouli.

Madagascan Orchid | 'Intense and intriguing... the exotic perfume of this rare orchid holds an irresistible allure.

Serengeti Sunset | This enticing blend of fruit, citrus, lotus flower and amber celebrates the haunting beauty of the African sky.

I'd say I'm most excited about Serengeti Sunset and Kilimanjaro Stars, the thing is even is Kilimanjaro Stars had been a terrible scent the label alone would have lead me to purchase it as it's so beautiful. I keep planning to purchase these but in all honesty I was blinded by the Halloween scents so this collection fell to the wayside. I do however plan to rectify this blip this month.

The collection is now available from the usual waxy stores online and offline. Which scent has you intrigued or have you sniffed these already?

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How I Cook More Healthily With Clever Kitchen Appliances

I always try my best to have a healthy diet, no matter how much time I have to cook. It's important that my whole family gets all the nutrients they need, especially the boys who are still growing. Sometimes everyone needs a little help, though so I like to turn to gadgets and tools in the kitchen to help me cook more healthily. You can always find a healthier way of cooking something, whether it's steaming instead of boiling or using a low-fat fryer instead of a lot of oil. Here are some of my favourite healthy cooking gadgets that help me keep our meals nutritious.


It's not always easy to choose healthy drinks and snacks. That's why I think single auger juicers are essential for kitchens. You can turn any fruit or vegetable into juice in one quick and easy step with no cutting or peeling. I love to make lime, parsley, green apple and mint juices *yum*

Juice isn't just a drink either; it can make an awesome snack or even breakfast or lunch. Plus, you can heat it up and have it as a soup too if you want to (vegetables are recommended here). You can pack so much nutrition into one glass of juice. And a lot of people swear it's better than making a smoothie or eating the fruit and veg whole.


I use my blender a lot to make anything from smoothies to soups. It's another great way to get lots of vegetables or fruit into one meal or snack. An immersion blender, which you hold in your hand, is really handy for plunging into your pan of soup and whizzing some of it up. You can make it all smooth or you can leave some tasty chunks of vegetables. And if you have a glass that's big enough, you can stick your blender right in to make a smoothie without creating any extra mess.

Low-fat Fryer

Not too long ago, you would have to use a deep fat fryer if you wanted to deep-fry your food. While they might make delicious meals, they use an awful lot of oil. But with new low-fat fryers, you can use as little as a teaspoon of oil to fry lots of things. They make light and fluffy chips, and you can use them to make anything that you would usually put in a deep fat fryer. The difference however is that everything is much healthier because there's less oil and, you don't have to worry about causing yourself an injury when you put it away after dinner.


A lot of people boil their vegetables, but I often like to steam ours. If you boil them too long, you can be in danger of extracting all the useful nutrients. Plus, vegetables that have been overcooked give me bad memories of school dinners, who remembers their school dinners?. 

Steaming your veg gives you tastier food and helps to keep all the nutrients locked in too. Steamed carrots and broccoli are two of my favourites, and the boys love them too. You can buy an electric steamer or a simple steamer lid to go on top of your saucepans. Your choice of kitchen gadgets can make a difference to how healthily you eat. I love the tools that help me make healthier choices when I'm cooking. 

What's your ultimate kitchen gadget?

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Thierry Mugler Angel Passion Star || Covetable 2015 Perfumes

Thierry Mugler's latest perfume creation is called Angel Passion Star and comes in this gorgeous bottle in time for the holiday season. I can see this sitting awkwardly on my dressing table but still being the shining star, there's something very festive with the bottle but is there anything festive about the scent itself?
The note line up includes:

Top notes include melon, coconut, mandarin orange, cassis, jasmine, bergamot and cotton candy. Middle notes are honey, peach, apricot, jasmine, blackberry, plum, orchid, rose, red berries and lily-of-the-valley on a base of tonka, amber, patchouli, musk, vanilla, chocolate and caramel.

Well, it's a rehash of Angel which isn't a bad thing. Angel's always been one of those Marmite fragrances for some, working in harmony with some people's body chemistry and overpowering the rest. I adore the scent and its complexity - but - it's simply too strong with no dry down on me personally.

The thing is these notes are the exact same ones that they use in Thierry Mugler's Angel. I can't really see how they've rehashed Angel with exactly the same notes unless they simply add more of the same note, personally I think it's a cop-out. I'd loved to have seen less sweetness with the caramel and chocolate notes and maybe they upped their game with an addition of amber notes instead? It would be similar to Angel, of course, but it would have a smoother, sexier appeal.

So basically Angel Passion Star is a bottle launch. The bottle is limited edition and so gorgeous so I'm not going to grumble. If you want to get your paws on the launch I believe it's coming in a 50ml refillable bottle size with more sizes being considered.

What are your thoughts on the launch having the same notes as the original Angel?

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Miu Miu's First Perfume || Covetable 2015 Perfumes

Miu Miu was created by Miuccia Prada and born in 1993 selling high fashion clothing to young ladies. Miu Miu believed that women should be able to show all aspects of their personality rather than boxing themselves into one style personality such as sporty, serious, girly etc. Twenty-two years later and their values haven't changed, but there has been one change with the brand...

This month saw the launch of their first perfume - Miu Miu

The bottle alone is worth considering because it's so ornamental. Opaque blue, white and cherry red make this the perfect dressing table addition. I wouldn't really expect any less from the brand and this shapely design is a real selling point. In my opinion at least. 

So what does this perfume smell like? 

Described as being a bright floral which is also ''unique, youthful, brightly coloured and sophisticated'' it's easily a scent that's more daytime than nighttime. The nose behind the scent is none other than Daniela Andrier who was also the nose behind Prada's Infusion Perfumes, Prada Candy Perfumes, Very Valentino, Marni For Women, Gucci For Women and Bottega Knot to name a few. This nose knows her way around a good powdery scent so I'm sure Miu Miu is going to be nothing other than utterly amazing. 

Akigalawood is the secret weapon with this blend because it was a note that Givaudan created to gives perfumes a warm vibrancy without being overpowering. Akigalawood is created with fractioned patchouli oil which can be described as being peppery and woody all at the same time. It's not quite, patchouli but smells just as good - honestly I do feel the akigalawood is a bit of a financial cop out just so they can save money but if the scent meets expectations then I suppose I can't really grumble too much. 

The rest of the scent blend contains lily-of-the-valley, jasmine and rose floral notes to open which are brightened with some fresh green middle notes which then settle on the specially created note above. Overall it's a very simplistic blend that's going to smell like a softened natural skin smell that should warm and develop according to your own body chemistry. 
If you only wear in-your-face perfumes it's not going to be the scent for you, unfortunately. If you're looking for a fragrance that's a perfect extension of your natural daytime scent - or - you work somewhere that you need to keep your scent to a minimum then it's a great option.

Prices range from £48 for the smallest and £92 for the largest; there will be three sizes available - 30ml, 50ml and 100ml's which are all available at House of Frasers and Harvey Nichols who also stock the body lotion and shower gel. 

What are your thoughts on that cute bottle guys? 

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Nivea Eau de Toilette || Covetable 2015 Perfumes

In the next twelve months, we'll see the launch of some pretty amazing fragrance launches which of course, I'll be covering here in my little bloggy abode. Next month Nivea launches its first perfume in it's iconic Nivea scent that we've all come to love which is so exciting. Forget celebrity scents and forget your top designers because this launch is going to be hot. Expect this to sell out in many local stores as there's already a huge buzz around the launch. 

Growing up the little blue pot of cream was used in our house for everything from dry skin, toes, cleanser, acne and everything in between see this wasn't just a cream - it was a cold cream and I'm sure it was sprinkled with magic because funnily enough the cream worked. It soothed my skin woes, softened my hardened body parts and enveloped me in a scent that made me feel comforted and loved - I linked this scent to my mum because she was the original user of it in our house. I know others link the scent to their past and also their parents too and if you were a child of the eighties and beyond I'm sure you'll also describe it as being ''iconic''

The perfume will come in a simple disc-shaped glossy white bottle with the Nivea typography in the centre. It won't look out of place on a dressing table and it won't look crass or tacky unlike many other random perfume launches do. As far as I'm aware it will also initially launch into a 30ml sized bottle with talks of other sizes coming available at a later date. 

So will this smell like the cream? 

Here's what makes up the Nivea Eau de Toilette. Top notes include mandarin orange, bergamot, and lavender; middle notes include lily-of-the-valley, rose, freesia and ylang-ylang and finally base notes of sandalwood with a powdery dry down. It's described as being a clean and citrus scent but everyone and anyone who's ever used Nivea might disagree with that description. It's so iconic it should have a scent description category of its own - childhood, fresh, home or powdery I feel are more suited to this scent. 

The typical blue Nivea cream is made up of the same notes with the exception of a violet note. I'm guessing that it's possibly been altered through the years or that violet wasn't a financially suitable addition to the perfume. Either way I'm sure this fragrance smells nearly [or exactly] the same as the cream and I for one am super excited about this fragrance launch! 

Will this be a blind buy or will you be steering clear? Did you use the blue Nivea cream when you were younger?

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