Ways to Ensure Your Party Makes an Impact!

If you’re throwing a party, you want to be sure that it makes an impact on all of your guests. To do this, you need to plan carefully beforehand. It doesn’t matter whether you’re having a house party or a big party in a fancy venue, these tips will help you. Take a look and see what you think:

Make a Playlist

The playlist is going to determine the atmosphere of your party, so it needs to be good if you want to make an impact. Create it well in advance so you can keep on adding songs to it if you need to. You can easily make a playlist using Spotify - you can even find some ready made playlists! However, it might be better if you create your own so you can personalise it to the party. You could put some of the guests favourite songs on there, for example. If you don’t have Spotify, use a blank CD and do it the old fashioned way. Just make sure you make it long enough to last the duration of the party, so you don’t have the same songs repeating over and over again. 

Focus on the Decor

The decor is another huge element that will affect the atmosphere of the party. If you want it to make an impact, the decor needs to reflect the sort of event you’re trying to put on. If you’re throwing an upmarket shindig, you’ll need to look into things like chair cover hire to get the expensive look you want. If you’re throwing more of a fun event, then lots of balloons and banners could be just what you need. Make a plan for the decor. You could even theme it if you like! 

Arrange Entertainment

Entertainment isn’t always necessary at a party. I mean, people are pretty good at entertaining themselves, especially when alcohol is involved. However, it might be a good idea to arrange a little entertainment depending on the party. You could hire a bouncy castle, a photo booth, or a live act. Whatever you think will match the theme of the party.

Serve Great Food

Great food can take an OK party to a great party! People love food. They especially love it when you can put a spin on traditional boring party food. You could try to think of new, exciting ways to create the party food to keep people interested and get them talking. You could even get a caterer if your budget stretches that far. Food is always the way to people’s hearts. 

Don’t Run Out of Drink

The key at any good party is not to run out of drink. If you’re supplying the booze, make sure you have enough to keep everybody going. You don’t want to have to make last minute dashes to the shop! If there’s a bar at the venue, make sure they have enough to keep everybody happy.

Above all else, make sure everybody is having a good time. Get them talking. Be a great host!

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Nutty For Nutella || Crazy Festive Gift Ideas

Nutty For Nutella

In the run up to Christmas you're going to see a ton of wish lists, a ton of shopping guides and recommendations to buy things that are the same as every other shopping guide on every other blog. While I can appreciate a cute shopping guide I also appreciate guides that host a variety of weird and wacky gift ideas because let's face it, we all have that inner kooky-weirdo somewhere inside us. 

Maybe you have a BFF who's into Coca-Cola, maybe your boyfriend's into HP Sauce or maybe your sister loves Nutella. Well I have one of those covered - this gift guide tackles gifts for the nutty Nutella lady [or gent]. 

Nutella's tastes delicious as icing on cupcakes and inside sandwich cakes, on toast and even just spooned out of the jar - don't tell me you haven't whipped out a jar and a spoon? Well, the first gift idea is a super large jar of the good stuff, who wouldn't love that? Not into that or your special someones a bit more special? Why not upgrade the 750 g jar for a mega sized 3k bucket of the sweet spread. 3 kg imagine the sugar high you'd get from that. 

Wowsers. Get your dentist on speed dial guys. 

I'd recommend teaming on of those jars with either the cute tee or the incredibly wild sweater. The tee being the safer option of course. The thing is even if the sweater looks OTT if you size up so that's it's slouchy it would look fab with some black skinny jeans and some casual shoes. 

Don't know your bestie's clothing size then there's always the hamper option where you could compile a few themed products in a cute box or basket. The cookbook contains lots of useful recipes, the Nutella Stretcher ensures you get every single drop of chocolate spread out of the jar (overall that knife alone will save you money because you're getting to use up all of your Nutella) and the Nutella B-Ready bread with chocolate spread inside would be great options. I’d also search out a chocolate scented candle and add some Ferrero Rocher chocolates too. 

Who's feeling hungry? 

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Models Own || Twilight Hypergel Collection 2015

Everyone loves a good lick of polish from time-to-time to make you feel glam and put together, I know I do. The only thing that stops me from wearing polish all the time is my frustration with chipping - who has time to apply, remove and reapply almost daily? Not me that's for sure. Because of my chipping bug-bear I am a little bit snobbish with what brands I use - I adore Nails Inc, Nailberry, Seche, Models Own and Barry M from time to time. OPI's always been pretty hit or miss but it doesn't stop me from fawning over their new shades every time there's a new collection launching.

This time round the fawning is over Models Owns Hypergel Collection for AW15. Just launched, this collection boasts of thirteen high-gloss, gel-effect shades that will carry you throughout the year let alone autumn.

The lineup includes:

Jet Black // As black as midnight. This isn't shown in the image above but it's a true black.

Lunar Grey // Metallic silver because autumn wouldn't be autumn without some metallics. This is on the bottom row, second from left.

Everyday Grey // The perfect on-trend grey that would fit right in with your rich tones in autumn and your pastels in spring. This is on the bottom row, third from the left.

Grey Storm // Yeah don't be fooled by the name, personally this is beige with a warm hint of caramel. This shade is on the bottom row on the right.

Teal // Typical teal mid-tone. This shade is on the bottom row, third from the right, although in person it's more teal than blue.

Deep Sea // This colour is amazing. It's the best of a blue-green world, I'd akin it to a gothic teal with a teeny touch of grey tone behind it. This is on the bottom row, second from the right.

Hot Chocolate // Rich and luxurious chocolate. This is on the bottom row on the left. It's less black-brown and definitely more chocolate in person.

Sweet Sherry // A sherry wine tone red with a brown undertone. This is on the top row, second from the left.

Heather // I'd have expected some mauve, almost lilac tone this shade but Models Owns 'Heather' is just one shade down from the Sweet Sherry tone above. This is on the top row, on the left.

Robin Red // Robin Red or letterbox red, either way this is red! This is on the top row, fourth from the right.

Marsala // A spicy red. This was the colour for 2015 according to Pantone. This is on the top row, third from the right.

Loganberry // A gorgeous red with a pink undertone. This is on the top row, second from the right.

Cashmere Rose // A pretty rose-pink. This one was a surprising addition as it's typically more suited to spring but I think it pairs really nicely with the richer tones in the collection. This one's on the top row, on the right.

I've always found hi gloss colours last longer than say, metallics or certain textural polishes. Models Own have always been good in terms of wearability and durability and they only cost £4.99 each so are affordable too.

While these are gel effect polishes they are easy to remove with nail polish remover. I used to get gel polishes but found my nails went through hell, they become seriously dry, no amount of balms or creams were making them look normal and it took months of continual upkeep to get them back to a somewhat normal state. Even now I find my ability to wear nail products is reduced because my nails dry out really badly. So, I do think that opting for gel effect polishes is a safer option, at least your nails really can maintain their moisture and you get the added benefit from hi-gloss, plump looking colour for as long as you wish.

What are your thoughts on this collection? Are there any colours you find you buy in autumn over others?

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Winter Is Coming! || I've Got Some Fun Activities In Mind

I had to put extra layers on this morning I was so cold! It seems we are truly past all the delights that summer brings. We’re definitely heading into the throes of Autumn if all the brown leaves are anything to go by. Of course, the kids love it. I think they pride themselves on making the biggest pile of leaves to jump in. I’ve already pulled a few yucky ones out of their hair this week.

Boys will be boys. What’s really exciting them though is the promise of winter just around the corner. There’s nothing they love more than rolling around in the snow. Each of them made snow angels a couple of years ago, and it was just the most beautiful sight. Then they jumped up and had a snowball fight! My boys love being active and having as much fun outdoors as they possibly can.

This year, I’m sure they’re hoping to get stuck in some snow drifts and make giant snowmen. I can just see them now strapping tennis racquets to their feet pretending they’re snowshoes. The snow boots for boys are already in the stores, so I’m guessing the retailers are confident we’re in for some.

To be sure of snow, though, you have to head out of Britain and toward more Northern parts of Europe. I’m pretty sure you can’t go wrong with places like Sweden or Norway and Finland. For the amazing wealth of winter activity ideas, it could be worth a winter holiday away this year. Trekking through the snow and seeing some of the wildlife that lives there would be an incredible experience now the three boys are a bit older. I think it would be pretty amazing for Hubs and I too.

Then, of course, is Lapland. The three of them are just about young enough to be pretty impressed with visiting reindeer and the home of Father Christmas. I always dreamed of doing that when they were tiny, so maybe it’s something to try this year. I can just imagine the kids and I dog sledding across the snow toward polar bears!

Back home, the kids will be keeping busy with preparations for Halloween and Fireworks Night this month. We’ve been looking at themed candles and candle holders already. I think they’re all pretty excited about dressing up for a Halloween party. I’m going to be putting on a few things around that time, so I’m secretly even more excited than they are! Of course, if it snows as well, the boys will be in heaven!

As it gets colder, the thought of heading somewhere even colder can be a little bit much for some. But when you’ve got excitable and energetic boys like mine, the look on their little faces will be enough to warm anyone up! So I guess it’s off to the clothing stores now. It’s definitely time to pick up some scarves, hats and gloves to keep us going for another wintry season. I might just pop by the travel agent and pick up some winter holiday brochures too!
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