Loose Ends to Tie Up Before the New Year


It's less than two months until 2015 is over, and you might feel like the end of the year is closing in on you. It always seems to come around so quickly, and not everyone is happy with what they've achieved over the year. Even if you are, the new year is a chance to have a fresh start and plan to do some awesome things. Getting your affairs in order before New Year's Eve is a good idea. You'll be all ready to go when 2016 arrives, with nothing hanging over your head. Start off next year on the right foot by getting some of these essential tasks done before it arrives.

Check Off Your New Year's Resolutions

Some of us may have been following our 2015 resolutions all year; others gave them up in the first week. Whatever you did, there's still time to do some of the things you were hoping to do. So maybe you didn't manage to workout three times a week, every week. But there's still time to do it for the next eight weeks or so and carry on into the new year. You might also have some small resolutions that you can complete in a day. Maybe you wanted to visit somewhere new or start learning a skill. There's still time, so get going!

See Your Doctor and Dentist

When you're an adult, you're meant to start making your own appointments with your doctor and dentist. But the reality of it is often that you just put it off forever because your parents are no longer doing it for you. If you've been ignoring that weird pain or avoiding your checkups, it's time to face things head on before the holidays. Make an appointment to get that dental implant with DentalFX. Go in for that cervical screening you've been putting off forever. Get a flu vaccination if you need one. Go into 2016 feeling healthy, or at least knowing what's going on with your body.

Have a Clear Out

Do you promise you're going to get rid of all that rubbish every year? And yet, whenever you move house, you end up taking it all with you. If you want to feel refreshed and carefree for the new year, clearing out your house will help. Go through all those boxes of stuff you've never unpacked and decide what to do with it all. Be strict with yourself about what you should keep. Some things might be nice memories, but is there any point in them if they just sit in a box? Do something with them or get rid of them.

Set Goals for Next Year

Before the new year arrives, you can decide what you want to do. You might already have some things planned, like a holiday or a course. You don't have to have long-running resolutions. Chances are, you'll give up on them within a few weeks. But you can think about what you want to achieve during the year, whether it's visiting a particular place or getting fit.

Finish off your year by tying up all your loose ends. You'll feel ready to start a new year when you've got everything in order.
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Date Night Cheats To Maximise Your Time With Your Partner

When you have children, date nights are a really great way to ensure you still have a little quality time with your husband each month. The trouble is, they always fall on a date when you are super busy! Getting ready for an evening can be a challenge when the kids are around your ankles getting excited about the babysitter. You might already have had a long day at work too. So how do you make the most of those precious couple of hours?

The first thing to do is start preparing the night before. If you’re treating yourself to a new dress or some new makeup, you need to start even earlier! It doesn’t matter whether you’re shopping for plus size clothing for women, a size 6 or anything in between. You should treat yourself to make this date night extra special. Go for a glamorous and chic style that suits your body shape. 

Put all the parts of your outfit on a hanger, including the accessories. You can even hang your jewellery choices on if you pop them in a little jewellery bag. This will save you a lot of time on the night. Make sure your shoes are with it too. Hanging it all in this way lets you have a look at the outfit altogether to be sure it all works as an ensemble. 

Next, prepare the makeup you will be wearing. Do your nails ahead of time. If the kids start to get more demanding, you might have a problem getting it to dry. Try to do it the night before if it’s hard wearing. Set out the shadow, blush and gloss you want to wear. Finally, pick out a good eyeliner that you can apply in a hurry if necessary.

Getting your hair right can take some time. If you can’t get to the salon in your lunch break, then give yourself enough time to style it before you head out. Find an activity to keep the kids amused for twenty minutes. A board game or a DVD can be helpful in these circumstances. If you have your date night on the weekend, why not see if you can enjoy a pamper day at the spa, to make the whole day special for you?

Booking a taxi in advance saves you having to wait for a car to head out for your date. Many firms are happy to take orders early in the morning for the evening. Book your babysitter to arrive thirty minutes before you have to leave. If the babysitter is late, you should still be able to get away on time. Prepare your handbag the night before, so you only need to slip in your phone and keys to head out the door. Finally, withdraw some cash during the day ready to cover tips and cabs.

Getting ready can take hours if you’re not properly organised, especially if the kids want to play. To maximise your time with them, but still enjoy a wonderful night out, try some early preparations. Have a wonderful evening.
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My Top Picks || OPI Festive Trio

OK not quite a ''festive'' trio but definitely three polishes suited to the impending festive season. Christmas nails for me are less about overly painted trees and spangly rhinestones and more naked nails with either a hint of polish (in green, red or gold obvs) or glitter! I love me some Christmas glitter...

I tend to choose reds and glitters because they work for me and my style. The reds (and it has to be vampy pillar box reds with no metallics or duo-chrome effects) are my top picks simply because red makes me feel confident and sexy. I feel crap some days which causes my sex appeal to completely run away, all it takes is some smoothly shaved legs, a few coats of red polish on my fingers and toes to make me feel human once again. On those days I am more than willing to take my time to apply a coloured polish. On those days I'm also more than willing to do whatever it takes to feel feminine and sexy so the time versus useage principle is absolutely worth it.

In general day-to-day living I just don't have the time to deal with application and chipping paint to bat my eyelids at an opaque coloured polish and, that's where the glitters come into play. Glitter is like nail Polyfilla, it hides the worst nail bases while making everything look chic and sleek. If your glitter polish coat chips, just add another layer. No-one will be any wiser. It's really a lazy girl's dream [lazy beauty I mean of course].

While I adore the spangle and glitz of glitters there are so many to choose from. Hexagons, mixed sizes, mixed colours, strands, circles and rainbow effects, oh and let's not forget your holo's. Some work as stand-alone base polishes - and - some simply don't. Those latter polishes will only work over colours as a top-coat. 

I was recently asked if I wanted to choose a polish or two from Nail Polish Direct and of course I said yes because let's face it who wouldn't? I was allowed free reign and these were my picks. It took a while to narrow down my glitter choices but I had the red in mind from the get-go as I'd already planned on purchasing this due to my Nails Inc Tate nearing it's end. I've grown less fond of Nails Inc  since they introduced their new bottling and price hike. This red seemed to be the closest colour to Tate and has great reviews. 

The three I chose are:  

I Snow You Love Me | This is a large circular rainbow glitter with an almost holographic quality. It's really beautiful in the bottle but you'll note it's not completely filled with glitter. Because of this it doesn't really work as a stand-alone glitter polish without a lot of readjusting and fixing of the glitter pieces. The above swatch (left) took quite a bit of work as some coats resulted in one or two pieces, this took three coats to get this many discs. 

Minnie Style | The two central swatches are both Minnie Style. The base coat shows good spread of glitter pieces which come in both metallic red and opaque white. As a base polish it worked really well, the only thing I found is that the clear polish turned yellow and peeled around four days in. The other swatch is Minnie Style over What's Your Point-Setta? I choose the two because I love that the red glitter isn't in your face but with certain light it really glows and looks festive. The yellowing of the base clear coat doesn't show once it's been applied over a coloured base polish. 

What's Your Point-Setta? | The most perfect red ever. I don't say that lightly because I've swatched many ''pillar box'' reds that failed to stay red-red once applied. This is a super glossy, fully opaque in one swatch firetruck or pillar box red. One. Coat! 

These only cost £6.95 each in the sale over on Nailpolishdirect.co.uk. There's so many more OPI glitters I want to add and with plenty of time to Christmas (don't burst my bubble here folks) I'm sure I can squeeze in a gold and a green... I hope.

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