2015 || The Top Wedding Songs

Weddings are great for many reasons. You get to dress up in your finest; enjoy catching up with friends and families and, best of all, dance the night away.Music is a big part of any good wedding. When the play list is good, everyone has a fantastic time. The right mix of tracks, played by a great band, keeps everyone up, dancing, and having a good time.
If you are planning a wedding, you will love this overview of the top reception tracks for 2015. Use it to both inform and inspire you.

John Legend – All of Me || Romance at its finest. 

This romantic classic is the most requested‘first dance’ tune, although Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight is not far behind. Both songs are slow, gentle and are all about the special bond between couples, so they are perfect for a first dance.

Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud || No-one trumps Sheeran. 

This beautiful song has a timeless quality and wonderful lyrics that are perfect for a wedding. It is great to dance to. Every wedding set needs to feature a few romantic tracks like this one, and it is perfect for that special first dance.

The Temptations – My Girl || A great father and daughter dance song

For the father and daughter dance, this track is perfect the lyrics are right and the tempo is good. Not too fast, so there is no danger of your father breaking into a bout of ‘dad dancing’ halfway through. 

Leon Bridges – Coming Home |Something mellow to break up the night

This wonderful modern song has a classic R&B feel and plenty of soul as well as lovely lyrics. It may not turn out to be an all time favourite, but right now, it is a very popular wedding song.

Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk || Guaranteed to get everyone up dancing. 

Many are calling this track the new ‘happy’. It is fun, up-tempo and energetic. Importantly, it is easy to dance to, so is one of the most popular wedding reception songs for 2015.

Walk the Moon – Shut Up and Dance || Energetic and lively. 

This lively track will get even the quietest wallflower up and on their feet. Walk the Moon is perfect for getting everyone moving again, later in the evening, when energy levels are low.

Timeless classics || Oldies but goodies. 

You will have noticed that some of the tracks on this list are golden oldies. It may surprise you to see these songs featured in a 2015 wedding song list, but they are there because, even after all the years, they are still popular. Some are family favourites. Other songs have been covered; sampled and re-covered many times meaning that multiple generations recognise and enjoy them.

There is quite a mix of genres here, so you need a great band to pull this kind of set list off. 

We were lucky enough to hear an award winning Harrogate wedding band cover all of the above, and more, for a friend’s wedding. To find a group that is versatile enough to play such a varied play list takes a bit of research, but it is really worth doing. The right band can help to create a great atmosphere.

What was your wedding song, what made you chose your song?  

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Hylamide || Photography Foundation

The Abnormal Beauty Company are at it again with this incredibly forward-thinking foundation which was created by their Hylamide Brand. I previously wrote about Hylamide's SubQ Anti-Age Serum (link) and now their Photography Foundation is in the spotlight for the same reason. Because. They. Work. These products do exactly what they say on the tin bottle with little fuss and no flamboyant promises. Hylamide really just let the product do the talking. 

When I first heard about the launch of Photography Foundation I was hesitant to try it out because I've had terrible experiences with foundation in the past and presuming this was just like every other foundation I hesitated and didn't purchase. After seeing a few reviews, I figured it was worth giving it a try because it clearly wasn't at all ''foundation'' like - you know the thick full coverage foundation that results in orange patches or tide marks, well this isn't that. 

Foundations are suppose to improve the look of the skin, giving the appearance of an airbrushed and healthy appearance - I personally don't wear foundation because I rarely find out that can actually fulfill those promises but I do use concealer. My skin is super light so I find applying concealer to my problematic areas works better than applying a full face of foundation.

Hylamide's Photography Foundation comes in three shades - Transparent, Golden Tan and Dark Tan. I have the transparent colour because let's face it, Casper the ghost would look hideous with the other shades and so would I. This shade looks like a milky light lotion and it works by blurring your lines, textural irregularities, pores and pimples by correcting the varying shades in our skin to give the effect of a soft focused filter on a camera. You don't have to purchase varying colour-correcting powders and liquids anymore because this product does that.

You only need to apply a little and then blend it out to see how it works - rather than applying a thick coat of coverage it instead blurs the appearance of pores and bumps quickly which is completely unique because no other foundation does that.

The swatch above was actually a square. You'll notice there's a gap in the upper left hand side (to the left of the little squiggle and above the thicker part below) you'll also notice that it looks super soft and blurred, you can't see the pores in that area that you can see on the rest of my hand. That's simply because I've blended in product to that area - pretty amazing huh! 

I also found this is an amazing base to use with loose powdered eyeshadows and face powders. The result is colour but with a soft satin finish and the staying power is second-to-none when I use this as a base, just the same as when I use Benefits POREfessional as an eyeshadow base.

This product looks like a milky light lotion, you only need to apply a little and to blend it out to see how it works - rather than applying a thick coat of coverage it instead blurs the appearance of pores and bumps which is completely unique because no other foundation does that.

The best part is that it's so light. I despise certain makeup practices because I tend to feel like I'm wearing a mask, this is so light you forget you're wearing any coverage and it's buildable. I know my t-zone needs extra coverage but at least I don't have to worry about patches of orange showing up. I also don't need to worry about buying two shades to suit the changing seasons (how I miss Summer) which is a total bonus.

Photography Foundation is available instore at Boots guys if you fancy changing up your makeup routine to something lighter and easier.

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Quick Tips || Keep Your Health In Check This Winter

Winter can be numbingly cold! Ferocious winds, terrible rain and even snow can cause your healthy body to nosedive into a horrible flu and the week off work. It’s important to stay as healthy as possible during the festive season. Nobody wants to be unable to enjoy sharing it with friends and loved ones alike. Here are some quick tips to keep your health in check this winter. They’re worthing sharing with your family to keep them healthy, too!

Wrap Up Warm

Whenever you head outside and the temperatures are sub-zero - don’t forget your coat! Wrapping up warm in winter is crucial to avoiding nasty viruses or even simply just catching a cold. Dig out the scarves, hats and gloves and be sure to avoid frostbite! Even more crucially, be sure to dress your children appropriately for the weather. Your hyperactive 10-year old might seem quite happy to go and play football in just a t-shirt but he won’t be when he comes home all snotty that evening! 

Crank Up The Heating

Don’t be stingy this winter, energy bills are worth the cost and there are always ways to ensure you benefit more from your heating being on. Be sure to keep a warm and cosy home for your family to live in. There’s nothing worse than coming in from work to a house that’s no warmer than the weather you just braved to get to it! Be sure to turn up the radiators to a comfortable heat and be sure to set them to come on early in the morning too, not just for the evening. 

Sleep Well

Getting enough sleep is crucial to the health of your immune system. During sleep is when your body recovers and rests. So, by not getting enough, you’re doing yourself more damage than you may have thought! Adults need a solid seven hours each and every night. Your cosy bed must never look more appealing than during winter, so make the most of it and get plenty of shut-eye!

Stay Hydrated

Likewise, drinking enough water is just as important as getting enough sleep. Staying hydrated stops your body from weakening. It keeps your immune system strong enough to fight infection during the vulnerable time of winter.  Keeping hydrated can keep you healthy as long as you do it right! Ideally you should be drinking enough water before you get a headache or feel thirsty.

Take Supplements

Having a healthy diet will sadly only do so much during winter. You need to jam-pack your body with vitamins and minerals to stay truly in check this festive season. Online retailers like Revive Health Care can provide you with quality health supplements that’ll keep your health on track this winter. If you’re one of those people that struggles with your 5-a-day fruit and vegetables, then supplements could well be ideal for you! They’re worth considering. 

Ultimately, if your focus is on keeping your health in check this winter, then you should be okay. These quick and easy tips will go a long way to keeping you well and feeling cheery over the festive season. So, don’t ignore them! Be sure to eat, sleep and drink well while staying warm and you’ll survive the harsh winter weather. 

Good luck!

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Flamingo Gifts || Cutest Gift Guide

I find I'm different from many of my friends when it comes to spending my money and what items hit my wishlist. Some of my closest friends think nothing of dropping hundreds on a top, shoes or the latest hair gadget - honestly the thought of spending so much on one items freaks me out. I much prefer little things that look nice, are functional to my day to day life or have multiple purposes. 

When I come across websites that house hundreds of products that make me go 'ooh' and 'aaah' then I know I'm going to become a long time fan, Flamingo Gifts are one of those websites. They stock many covetable brands such as Bombay Duck, Orla Kiely, Wu & Wu and Sass & Bell. 

This recent haul was made up of cute little items that are functional, affordable and look amazing. It's these types of items that I feel give any visitors to my home an understanding of my personality and style preferences. 
▼ ▼ ▼
Sass & Belle Roe Deer Jewellery Dish  // It's so cute and a great place for laying my favourite pearl earrings in once I'm home from work (adore pearl earrings) or my necklaces. At least I'll know where they are and hubster won't attempt to clear them up and lose them in the long run - he's naughty like that. This is also in the Flamingo Gifts sale guys.
▼ ▼ ▼
Enchanted Unicorn Plasters // Yes they're plasters but they're unicorn plasters! Let the magical unicorns heal your ouches. These come in 2 designs, in a cute metal [reusable] tin and a fee (non-magical) looking skin tattoo is included - yes, I also was slightly confused by the mean looking skull head?? 

True fact - Did you know the unicorn is the national animal for Scotland, no...? Well it is *big cheesy grin* 
▼ ▼ ▼
Pyro Pet Kisa Candle // This has been on my wishlist since before its conception, well kinda. It had been designed but hadn't hit creation stage when I started coveting it and now I have my own. Pyro Pet have since made quite a few animal variations and while this is a cool candle I can't bring myself to burn it. If you're not into grey tones this actually comes in two colours - pink and grey; I opted for the grey because grey goes with everything in my home. 

This is an image of what the Pyro Pet will look like once burnt...
▼ ▼ ▼
Ah scary! 

The inside holds a metal kitty skeleton. It's so awesome isn't it. 

The great thing with this is it looks cute and modern before it's burnt but once you've burned away the wax (apparently there's 20 hours worth of burning) it suddenly changes from being a cute kitty to an evil, jagged toothed kitty skeleton - if you watch your wall as it's burning you'll also see the change happen due to the shadows on the wall. 
▼ ▼ ▼
This Retro Kitten Makeup Bag has ample storage for my must have cosmetics and is wipe able too. I have no problem popping this in my bag and pulling it out when the need to boast about cuteness takes me. 
▼ ▼ ▼
I am that woman who takes her mug to and from work. My work call my Folk Owl Mug the 'barrel' because it's really large and circular and holds p-l-e-n-t-y of coffee which saves me having to continually refill it and make everyone else coffee (evil laugh) - a bit mean I know but I know that you're all now contemplating buying this to get out of coffee making  at work aren't you?

The Folk Owl Mug comes in two colours - this pretty pink and there's also a mint green option. 

The Enamel Folklore Teapot also comes in varied patterns but, this one called my name as it reminded me of a Rob Ryan design and I adore his work. It's perfect for filling up before I start work on my blog posts so I can just re-pour as I need to, the 950ml capacity means I can get about two barrel sized mugs out of it in one sitting. Honestly though I had planned to use it as a vase. Once it arrived I decided it was too cute to not use it as a teapot. 

▼ ▼ ▼
I have many jumbled cunning plans in my head which need to be organised. Will I take over the world? Who knows but at least I'll have my cunning plans down on paper. Of course you can use Great Ideas Notebook for project planning, learning, blogging and even business. 

These were all from Flamingo Gifts  who stock the cutest and most unique gifts. You know at Christmas when you've bought all of your loved ones gifts and you get to the wrapping part and there's always a few things you consider keeping for yourself... well this store has those types of gift. You have been warned guys, you have been warned. 

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* Items sent for review - all words are my own & I chose these items *

Annick Goutal || Luxury Noel Festive Candle

It's definitely candle season guys. Candles make the perfect gift as well as being the perfect luxurious treat, as a mum to little boys I definitely feel that candles give me a time-out and I rarely get shoppers guilt when splurging on them as we all benefit from them being in our home. They make me feel house proud, happy and calm too. I adore all scent products especially a good perfume but the same rings true for candles - a good candle filled with gorgeous notes such as woods, earthy resins, blackcurrant (in autumn and winter rather than summer), tonka, mandarin and orange and cinnamon are by far my favourite and are an excellent way to fill your home and your life with scent. 

As far as design goes I like my candles to look good especially because they are used in place of ornaments in my house. You can't containers with metallic touches and simplistic labelling. I'm not a huge fan of coloured waxes and I will always opt for waxes that contain no nasties or synthetics where possible. I love Yankee Candles as do many people but these are my average buy candles, the labelling lends themselves to being average but, candles that have rose golds, gold tones and silvers automatically make me feel like I've really treated myself. I know it's silly especially as a good candle is based on scent and what it's made of but I can't shake the need to judge my books candles by their covers look. 

My latest candle addition is the Annick Goutal Noel Candle for 2015. This was another candle that was received before we moved two weeks back, again I didn't want to break it out before in fear of it breaking in transit or being scratched mid-move. 

There are a few Noel Annick Goutal Noel candles which vary in design but this is the latest one. The glass tumbler is thick and heavy which is deceptive because I presumed it would be just like any other standard candle tumbler. The design is made up of the Annick Goutal monogrammed initials and matching stripes in a gold tone and the candle holds 175 g of wax which apparently burns for around 40 hours. 

The Noel candles scent is made up of Siberian Pine, Orange, Mandarin and Citrus natural notes. Cold sniff this candle hits you with gorgeous resinous forest pine notes. The orange, mandarin and citrus notes come into play once you've sniffed and walked away as they sit delicately in the background taking the acid edge of the pine notes and warming the whole scent. 

Once lit, the warmth amalgamates the resinous pine and the bright citrus notes. The result is a beautiful but unique scent that's both warming and wintery. It doesn't sound like a typical Christmas scent but like the Neom Perfect Peace candle (link) this is definitely seasonal. The brand describe it as:  

''the clarity of snow and the warmth of a house filled with impatient, excited children on Christmas Eve'' 

While that's a bit of an OTT statement I would completely agree with the outside snow and the inside warmth parts - this is the perfect example of a candle that brings the outdoors and indoors together in one candle. 

It's expensive but then aren't all luxury treats. For me candles hold the same appeal as any branded fragrance product, the difference being is that I'm deciding to make my house rather than myself smell gorgeous. My sons even enjoy a good candle being lit in the living room and they have preferences over which scents we should buy. They weren't completely sold on this scent because it smells too ''perfume like'' (their words not mine) and especially because they're more into foodie and citrus scents but I personally love the complexity of this scent. 

You can purchase this candle from quite a few places but Amazon seems to be the cheapest place with it being sold for £13 under the RRP, I love to give gifts but I also love to save money, £13 is a pretty amazing saving in my opinion.  

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