Moving Home || Stage One Complete

A lot has changed for us over the last six months; the main thing was our house move back in November. We moved into a larger detached house still in the same area, which was great because we were starting to feel like sardines in our two bedrooms, one bathroom (between five) semi-detached. But, wowsers, I had no idea just how big a change it would be going from a small two bedroom semi-detached to a large three bedroom detached house. Hubster and I have moved house a couple of times before the boys were born so we knew how stressful it was.

To reduce stress, mostly for the boys I unashamedly become a crazy organisational addict (more so than normal). The organisational addict in me made a list of what we needed to do and what we needed to buy to make the transition flawless for the boys. I mostly broke down each task into a stage – stage one being the basics, stage two being more about adding personality to the property and stage three being mostly about organisation and storage. As crazy and OCD as it sounds, I do thin it helped smooth the transition immensely. 

So, now six months on we
ve finally passed ''stage one''. The house is starting to feel like a home and our next aim is to make it more homely. I decided to blog about stage one in hope that it will help someone else out – these are our must have items if youre moving with children and want to help them and yourself settle into a new property quickly.

Must Haves - Stage One 

Flooring We opted for affordable flooring and haggled where possible as our room sizes are off roll sizes. Completely recommend haggling guys because it does work and will hopefully save you a lot of money in the long run. We chose a light grey stain resistant carpet for most of the house, as it was neutral without being too light or dark. Slate tile lino in the kitchen and the bathrooms. This can be upgraded as we move along the stages. 

Now I realise not everyone can afford new flooring, if you can great, if you can't then I recommend asking on your local selling sites or even with your local council who may have grants if you are on certain benefits.

Accessories I'm not talking about expensive accessories here, instead this included little things like a new washing up bowl for the kitchen, bedding for the boys, toilet seats for the bathrooms, a few new cushions for the living space, a new candle for the house and hair removing cream - for the drains. I kid you not, it's a must have, no-one wants to go through a major drain issue when they move in due to the previous owners clogged drains.

Sleep The bedding we purchased was from Groupon believe it or not. All three single bed sets were in the clearance section and cost £5, so we basically snapped up three sets for the price of one. The boys love them because they've transitioned from character styles to teenager designs. That being said, it's no good having nice bedding if you can't sleep.

One of my sons doesn't sleep that well due to a condition he has so helping him to settle into his own room was so important. The easiest way to tackle it and to tackle the decor aspect came down to window treatments. The windows are pretty big and face onto a road with streetlights so there's a lot of unnatural light that floods in to his room. During the day it's fantastic but at night - there was no way he was getting a decent sleep.  

Our way of combating this was simply by purchasing blackout blinds and lighter curtains - Roofblinds have a great selection of blackout blinds from the company Velux. We considered the black and white graphic print (which is pictured in the main header image) but eventually settled on a neutral grey so we wouldn't clash with any future wallpaper and bedding choices. Blackout blinds are the number one expense for us, even when they were babies we would forgo curtains and get blinds instead just for the darkness and privacy. These days they're so much more affordable and come in some cute prints and styles.

Extras Once we'd achieved all of above, we then decided to brighten up the tile grout by using a whitening pen to touch up and brighten - I can't recommend it enough. We even changed up the kitchen unit handles for less than £20 by purchasing handles in bulk on EBay. Let's just say the last handles we had were not great, they were filthy black (even after being cleaned) and kept falling off.

So now we're happy and settled. It feels like our home and while we still have lots of changing to do in this new abode it's not so stressful.

Home Personality - Stage Two 

Expect more posts and photos on this stage. It's the exciting one. Stage ones was about getting the basics in place and stage two's about giving the house personality and effectively making it a home. We've got plenty of wallpaper options to go through, organisational products such as shelving, baskets, risers and cubes to choose from and some final touches.

Cole wants something a bit lighter and brighter but still colourful so we're thinking of adding some cushions, circular rugs, wall planners and 'teenage' things. Coop and Rome they want more organisation in their cupboards so they can see their ''stuff'' which has sat unopened since Christmas believe it or not. Oh and then there's lighting. The hardest thing in the world to settle on as everyone has their own opinions.

So, if anyone has any insight into awesome teenager suitable items for bedrooms please give me a shout.
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My Favourite Shoes || My Natalie Lace Flats

Long gone are the days where I would only wear heels, even kitten heels were a no-no for me in my early twenties. These days I appreciate a well made flat and on rarer occasions a kitten heel or short wedge. I still remember the day that the ballet flat and the pump hit my radar, browsing through my Marie Claire I saw a photo of Kate Moss rocking her ballet flats pre-pregnancy and I fell in love. It's crazy though that even though I'd fallen head over heels for the flat I still didn't purchase my first pair for until around 2004 when I was pregnant with Cole.

Every year since I've purchased so many pairs in every colour. I've tried the lower priced flats from New Look and Primark in their range of shiny, patent and silk flats, I've tried more structured ones from Next and Schuh which were mostly leather or canvas and I've even tried rubber ones from Mel Shoes. The thing is when you try so pairs you become a bit of a shoe snob. Fake leather shoes I find leave me feeling deflated as I can't shake the image of Kate Moss in her weathered leather flats. The patents caused me ulcers every single time and the rubber ones were fab but mud and dusk seems to get into them really easily. Structured flats are hit or miss. If the sizing is right these make me feel like a professional superstar, structured flats are one of those styles that go with everything and anything and can't fail to make you look put together.

It's nearly spring so it's flat shopping time, keeping my shoe irks in mind I decided to start on my spring and summer wishlist.

Butterfly Twists have really upped their game this year. So much I literally took a week to decide which pair I was going to opt for. I know I wanted the structured look rather than the comfort fit that comes with the silks and canvas round toes. I knew I wanted pointed fronts and I'd narrowed it down to Gabriela Leopard Shoes and these beautiful Natalie Lace shoes. 

They come all neatly housed in their slide out box with a little cotton bag. The reason being is they fold in half and can be popped into the bag and slid into your gym bag, handbag or any bag for that matter. 

Hubster thought I'd gone crazy, he said 'lace, they look like granny shoes' but I could see the bigger picture. I knew these would look amazing with some skinny leggings or denim teamed with some clean lines or a plain top and minimal accessories. I really wanted a basic colour and minimal details - dotty animal prints or texture were ideal as they could still team with clothing that had print.

I do tend to wear these at the weekend and at the end of the week I keep them in my work bag just encase I have to nip to the shops or see a friend after work. It's so much easier swapping into these as they don't cause my feet to blister, I can wear them for hours upon hours within getting any sort of foot ache, heel ache or pains (which is rare as my feet are weird) and I just love how they look - they're prettier than my work shoes.

Before I got these Natalie Flats I did think the 'twist' part of the shoe might deter away from the overall style, I thought they might be a little bit too flimsy to have any real wearing power and I was worried about the quality too. I presumed they were popular because of the novelty factor too but I'm so glad I was proved wrong, oh-so-wrong! 

These were comfier than any other brand I've worn in the past. These were less bulky on the foot and the novelty factor allows me to take these everywhere without making my bag too full. Plus they're lace, they're so sophisticated but feminine and I don't look like a try-hard hipster wearing a style that's too young for me.

If you're not into lace however there really is a style to suit all tastes - the Gabriela slipper is a fun heart print shoe that's suitable for all ages, the Sophia is a nude faux leather that's similar to the style that Kate Moss wears and the Samantha shoe is all sparkles for that little bit of glitz. I have my eye on all three styles and also the Gabriela leopard print too. Now that I know how amazing these are I will be buying more over the next few months that's for sure, my problem however is knowing which style to opt for next. 

You can check out all of these styles as well as their wellies over on the Butterfly Twist Shoes website. 

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Busy Mums || Tips For Re-energising

If you’re a busy mum, you’ll know what it feels like to be exhausted. Running errands, taking care of kids, and even taking care of your other half can take it out of you. It’s essential that mums take the time to re-energise and make themselves feel good again as often as possible. I know how it feels to have mummy guilt, wanting that little bit of time to yourself to do something silly or small but being unable to because your child must come first. 

Well, here's an invisible mummy card that you can pull out when you feel that way, if you don't look after yourself first and foremost how can you give your all to your bambinos? Also, if you feel your best, you’ll be happier, you're health will improve, you're relationship with your child will be strengthened and there really is nothing negative that will come from it. These tips should help you feel great again! There's also a great post over on covering tips to energise your body which I recommend.


When you eat nourishing food, you energise your body. The food we eat will either help us or hinder us making us feel fantastic or, ill and lethargic. Ask yourself if what you’re putting into your body is helping you and I get that your busy or tired, I really do (big mama hugs) and that it's sometimes easier to pick off your child’s plate, or grab easy things to eat while rushing out of the door. But, hear me out - this isn't helping us mama bears whatsoever. Try to plan in advance what foods you're going to need for the week, spend a little bit of time either at the weekend when you have someone to help or early morning preparing foods and snacks that can be popped into the freezer or fridge for the week ahead. When you're super tired you'll be so grateful that you've done this and you’ll feel so much better in the long run.


Drink plenty of water to keep you going. You’ll find that when you drink lots of water, you automatically feel more awake, alert, and ready to go. If you feel rubbish for no apparent reason, it might be a case of getting some more water in. Many busy mums live off coffee, but too much of it can actually cause more stress! Make sure you’re getting at least 2 litres of water a day. 

Exercise - It's not a swear word, promise.

You might feel like you don’t have time for exercise and I would agree to disagree. Believe me I used every excuse and the scary thing is I 100% believed I didn't have the time nor the energy for keeping fit. I came to realise that it's not something I can pick and choose because let's face it you're body and health are going to fight back at some point - getting into exercise before you're body is literally screaming out for it, makes the whole process so much easier. If you missed my previous blog post covering health tips you can check it out here: Health tips to pass onto your kids.I'm including that post because but everybody has time for a 15 minute session before starting the day, or even a few minutes stretching as a bare minimum. Youtube is an excellent motivator as you can create a fitness play list, look for local walking groups, mummy fit groups or simply use your stairs and household chores (squats, lunges etc) as a keep fit tool. You really don’t need a gym membership to be apart of the fit squad. All you need is a bit of space and you can make a workout up wherever you are, adding five to ten minute increments throughout the day will really add up.

Pamper Yourself

If you don’t feel good about yourself, you can hardly expect to feel happy and energised. Make sure you spend time pampering yourself. Give yourself a facial, do your nails, catch up with your favourite box set or tv programmes or dabble in a hobby or two. What ever you relaxes and unwinds you then make the time for it. You’re worth it. You could even go and have massage treatments to release stress or book your parents, partner or husband to look after the morning schedule so you can have a lie in. But, remember to return the favour.

‘You’ Time

Making time for yourself time is so important. This is different from pampering because you time should be a regular thing. Everyone needs time to unwind and destress daily. Whether it’s reading your favourite book whilst having a bath - alone, taking time to make goals for yourself or even just peeing without any children banging on the door you need to make time to do this otherwise each day blends in to the other and you lose sense of who you are which can be a scary place to be in. You can’t simply forget who you are in the throes of motherhood. 

Focus on yourself as much as you focus on others. When you feel on top form, the people around you will too. I hope you like these tips and they help you to feel the best you’ve felt in a while!

Weddings & Renewals || Planning a Vintage-Inspired Wedding

Every wedding needs a personality or a theme. If you’ve always dreamt of having a wedding that’s wonderfully magical, romantic and unique then the perfect theme for your big day is vintage. Think wild flowers in jam jars decorated with beads and ribbons, lots of lace, and timeless glamour; that’s what a vintage theme is all about. The great thing about this theme is that it’s simple to pull together and works well with almost any budget. Here are some of my tips for organising a pretty, vintage-inspired wedding?

Choose a suitable venue

The first thing to focus on is finding a suitable venue. For a vintage-theme, it’s not so much about the venue itself but about the potential it has. With the right decorations, you can turn almost anywhere into a beautiful vintage haven. Of course, if you could find somewhere with beautiful outdoor views, that would be a bonus when it comes to the photos. When it comes to choosing your venue, the most important thing is to take your budget into account. As well as looking for somewhere that has the potential to be beautiful.

Transport that matches your theme

For a some ideas on this topic Wedding Ideas Magazine posted some inspirational tips which I'd recommend here: vintage style wedding. If you're going full out vintage it's not in keeping to turn up in a helicopter or sports car unless, it's of an older era. However, if you're having a vintage and collaborative theme (i.e your partner has always dreamt of a specific thing that's not in keeping with the vintage theme) then why the hell not. Just go for it. Failing that a traditional horse and carriage or a retro car, such as a Ford Thunderbird or a Rolls Royce - or - a cute touch could be that instead of driving off with your new husband after the ceremony, you ride off on the back of a retro motorcycle, if you're brave enough that is...

Pick the perfect dress

When it comes to your wedding day outfit, it’s crucial that you get it right. Of course, a suit is a suit and a dress is a dress so it really shouldn't matter, but believe me it does. I had two dresses, the first I purchased due to being affordable, the second I purchased because the first got so big (weight loss due to stress) that it couldn't be altered - what I learnt from those dresses looking back is that neither of them were the right dress for 'me'. I literally felt like I'd put on a costume. I chose those dresses because of what other people thought instead of putting myself first and throwing caution to the wind. So, if you're someone who never wears full length dresses, then don't feel you have to for YOUR big day. Similarly if you like understated, vintage or out of style clothing don't feel you need to change your preferences to suit what the wedding norms are.

Get the invitations spot on

As for the invites and save-the-dates, you have plenty of options. The most important thing is that they are pretty and showcase the theme of your wedding. You could make your invites yourself. However, that would take a lot of time and effort. Especially, if you want to make them look as pretty as possible. Another option is to use Pure Invitation - wedding invites, as they’re pretty,  and offer a laser service that can create a lace-look which is so gorgeous. For a vintage-inspired wedding, this style of invite is perfect. Oh, and don’t forget to make or order your save-the-dates at the same time as these get sent out first.

Go DIY with the decor

While there are plenty of places that sell vintage-style wedding decor, it’s best to try some DIY. Again Wedding Ideas Magazine have a great inspiring post here: DIY wedding inspiration (not sponsored by this magazine may I add). 

This will not only save you money but will also help to make your celebration look and feel unique. Pinterest is fantastic for inspiration, so make sure to have a browse on there. Aim to start making your decor no later than four months before your wedding, to ensure that you are able to make everything that you need.So there you have it, everything that you need to know about planning a pretty, Vintage-Inspired Wedding.

5 Ways || Get Your Kid's Gardening

Gardening can be a great hobby to encourage your kids. It allows them to learn all about plants and taking care of things. It is a great activity to do in the summer months. Especially during the summer holidays when children can get bored. Actively getting them involved in the garden could be a lifesaver. It may even save you a bit of money because you won’t have to be going out all the time. So if your kids are at the perfect age to learn about gardening here are five ways you can encourage them to get involved. 

Let their senses run wild

Many plants are extremely sensory. Things like the strong smell of the curry plant leaves and garden mint right through to the textures of some flowers and bushes. It’s a great opportunity for younger children to learn all about different smells, and how things feel. As well as the older children learning about different plant types. It’s a lot of fun for them to experience it all and it may just encourage them to want to learn more about it.

Plant fruits & Veggies

Planting fruit and vegetables are a great way to encourage children to get more involved in gardening. Especially because they can eat what they grew. Once it has all been washed of course. It’s a great lesson for them to see exactly where some foods come from. It may even encourage them to try a few new foods because they have had involvement in the growing process. Sometimes fruit trees and vegetable patches grow at different times of the year. So this should also keep their interest throughout. A great place to buy some is from websites like

Inspire them

Attending big gardens where amazing flower displays have been planted is one way you may inspire your children to get involved. Specialist garden shows and festivals are also great. They tend to have some amazing displays which should spark the creativity that resides in our children. 

Let them have their own tools

We all know everyone can get a little possessive over their things. Especially children. So a great idea would be to let them have their own set of gardening tools. These will be perfectly safe for them to use and the right size. Meaning they will get much more enjoyment out of the gardening experience. 

Let them show off what they create

Finally, document their gardening experience. This will encourage them to continue to get out there as they will be able to see the changes that are happening. They will be so proud of what they achieve so make sure you make a big deal out of it to keep the encouragement going. 

Gardening is not only a lot of fun for children and adults alike, it can also be extremely educational. There are even studies to show that children who are actively involved in gardening concentrating more in school. Now, I’m not too sure how much truth there is to that, but if it can keep the children away from TV and computer games, then it’s got to be a good thing, right?

Interiors || Feminine Home Design For Adults

When hubster and I first moved in together twelve years back we both loved modern simplistic designs. In our second home we made changes based on what we'd learnt over the years - cream carpets are nice but unrealistic for the long term and if you have babies you're throwing money away, chocolate and beige colours were lovely back in the early noughties but dark colours in average sized homes absorb natural daylight and MDF based wooden flooring looks chic but can be cold, slippery and too modern in some homes. 

Over the years, I realised I do love a good modern design. Your house is an extension of your personality rather than showcasing decor trends, show off your personality. Textures in a range of varieties, patterns and finishes are sure to make any home feel warm and comforting and if you're going down the 'trend' route then watch how you mix it in a room setting. I've always loved colours, prints and feminine designs - so much so at one point I craved prints, pastels and glitter everything but like my wardrobe, I realise those younger girl decors are gorgeous but really not suited to a thirty-something. Taking a step back to reconsider my options I realised there's a fine line between having a grown-up, feminine style and a younger feminine style. 

So, younger girls feminine decor looks something like this... 

These rooms consist of pink - lots of pink tones, fluffy textures, bold tones, heart and pretty furniture, gold, leopard and chandeliers. Grown up decor looks something like this... 

So what's the difference? 

Colour | All rooms feature one very feminine colour - pink. The difference between the younger and the more grown up room relates to how the colour is used. The younger room design has pink covering more walls space, it's bold, pink and monotone. The more adult rooms have partnered their bold tones with cooler neutral walls. 

Clean colours always look chic and set a great base for all rooms, the key to keeping it grown up, however, is to take your base and then add layers - a layer in the form of textiles, another layer in the form of lighting and another layer in the form of accessories. Each layer should be in a variation of colours and textures rather than just one or two colours in the paint box. 

Textures | Feminine looks are all about soft textiles typically, in younger rooms you tend to see fluffy carpets, cute shapes rugs, bright plastic lighting, accessories in sequins, glitter or fluffy boucle pillows, blankets and throws. Prints wise there tends to be less print but when you do it tends to be leopard print, hearts, animals, characters, polka dots or cute quotes. Again the lack of colour and the huge dose of cute is too young for grown-ups. 

The more mature rooms have variations in the tones of colours, flooring tends to be neutral or wood, including wood effects. Cushions are normally in a variation of sizes and materials and it's best to clash your prints to get a really personal feel for who you are and what you like. As for bedding you want to work your yin and yang - if you have bold accessories it's best to opt for more neutral toned bedding, don't be shy about going for textures or prints as long as it's a neutral toned set; this also works in the opposite way, if you have bold bedding you can opt for more neutral textures or a lighter palette for your textile accessories. 

Factor in your flooring, your headboard, any light shades or curtain treatments. Mixing light curtain voile's with heavier cotton curtains, mixing wooden flooring with tightly woven rectangular or circular rugs and soft faux cashmere or boucle blankets draped over a chair or the bed so not to take up too much of the bedroom's overall look. Glass, plastic, brushed textures, raw looking Hessian's, nude canvas or wrought iron, beaten up metals, silks, satins, faux furs, leather, suede's and vintage woods or wood effects all look great together - yes you really can go all out on the amount of textural materials in your room, just consider the colours. 

Shapes | Decor suited to younger children tend to have a lot of the same shaped accessories and furniture styles - hearts, cutouts and standard furniture either painted with pretty chalk paints or in pink wood effects looks great for younger children but as an adult it looks too cutesy. 

To up your game why not consider using unconventional pieces, shelves made railway sleeper beams as side tables, headboards made from reclaimed metals or woods to give it a unique appeal - if you prefer to deck out your room with more conventional pieces why not consider personalising them with varied drawer pulls in mixed textures, adding leather pulls to drawers and chest with no pulls at the point of purchase or giving new life to a vintage chair with great curves. The key is to make the most of your space and to give your space an injection of your own personality - maybe you have some amazing cut out style paper bins that you adore, why not spray paint those with a metallic gold paint to really get a wow but sophisticated effect, you can also always use those as side tables in the same way the image above has pink ones? 

Geometric shapes and clean lines are always going to look chic, take for examples the photo frames in the room above, they look classic but put together in that setting they really pull it together - children's room, however, may opt for the coloured frames, in a range of shapes with diamante and crystals.  

Setting The Room | Once you have your base down and you've decided what colour palette you're going for it's now time to set the rooms atmosphere. Children tend to set the room with toys, fun gadgets and computers - as an adult you want to steer away from lots of gadgets if you can. Photos and pictures in frames are a great way to add personality, vases with flowers (faux or real), trays with your favourite bits and pieces, hooks to hang your favourite jewellery from or shelves with your favourite books. If there's a dress you adore why not make it a focal piece - hang it from a beautiful hanger on a hook so it takes pride of place on your wall. If it's a gorgeous outfit that your baby wore, why not frame it and hang it on the wall? Basically, take a few of your favourite things and have them on display or nearly on display (in accessible boxes, wire baskets or similar storage is fantastically chic). 

Scent | The last thing to consider is fragrance. The scent of a room can really instil a specific emotion so considering the scent in your bedroom is key to setting the mood. Reed diffusers, candles, drawer liners and even burners are all excellent choices. I know you may be thinking, drawer liners - Is she crazy? I swear I'm not crazy and scented drawer liners are so perfect for adding that little bit of scent to your undies and knitwear (and junk) as well as protecting your drawers, they're even better in junk drawers and makeup drawers as you don't need to deal with scrubbing stains and marks off the base. You can get so many cute liners too these days. As for candles there's nothing better than a heavily scented one that releases scent even when it's not lit - Yankee Candles, Hunter London, Diptyque and Jo Malone are all luxurious options which can be reused for storage once burnt, reed diffusers can be refilled and just left to envelop your room and burners can look chic but of course are the most risky. If picking more than one scent try to consider how they'll smell layered up such as baby powder, white floral and amber scents smell amazing together, berries scents go with everything and floral notes tend to smell terrible with food types of scent. 

So, who's going to start their room re-plan? 

Kids Birthday Party Organisation || Quick Tips To Get Organised

Organising a children's party can be quite an overwhelming process. There can seem to be a lot of competition or expectation these days. The best thing to remember is to know that whatever you organise your child will love it. It’s all about having the special people they love around them. However, I thought I would share with you some ways to get organised so that it doesn’t have to be such a tough process. 

Sort out the guest list

First of all, you need to think about how many children you are going to invite. Sending an invite to the whole class could end up being quite costly. So it might be worth sticking to the children that are closest to your little one. Once you know the numbers, it will be easier to decide on a few other things. 

Decide on a theme

Are you going to have a theme for the party? Perhaps their favourite TV Show or character. There are many different ideas that you can consider. The venue that you choose may offer some options to you; they may even be able to get the character to visit on the day. Princesses and princes are always a good choice. Or even superheroes. Party wear that is theme orientated tends to work with younger children rather than older ones though so bear that in mind. 

Where will you host the party?

You need to figure out where you will host the party. Are you going to go with a specific event or just choose a venue that you can dress up yourself? Your numbers will help determine the type of venue and location to consider. 

Think of some unique ideas

Older children may not want to have a party at a venue or a play centre. So you may need to get a little creative with the ideas you have. Perhaps considering a sporty party or even something like Paintball. I’m sure your child may give you some suggestions as well. It’s best to ask just to make sure you are all on the same page. 

Give plenty of notice

When it comes to organising a party, the last thing you want is to go to all this trouble and have no one turn up. So make sure you give the parent plenty of notice so they can make it. You could send out invites, or you could be more modern and use social media and create an event. That is if you have everyone on your Facebook friends list. 

Relax and enjoy the day

Finally, the last piece of advice would be to enjoy the day. While your child’s birthday is a day of celebration for them to be a year older. It is also a day of celebration for you. It will be another year gone since you became a mother to them. 

Those memories are worth celebrating just as much. Besides, when everyone is surrounded by their loved ones it will be difficult not to enjoy the day. 

I hope this guide helps you if you have a child’s birthday party to organise.

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3 Years Later Update || Mood Lipsticks & Magic Babies

Do you remember the last magic mood lipstick I posted about? I did mention I'd ordered a few others and they finally arrived. If you missed the original post on my magic colour changing lipstick you should check it out. 

So, this lipstick is awesome I initially purchased it because the lilac shade attracted me - It was only after I applied it I thought 'What the heck is going on' because what should have been a gorge shade of lilac, resulted in a fuchsia pink that got brighter as the day went along. 

What I eventually figured out is that these La Femme colour changing lipsticks is that they actually do what they say on the tin and that is - turn different shades depending on your body chemistry and your body heat. As soon as I saw this myself I turned into a crazy addicted adult-teen, similarly to how I was as a teenager hunting down International lipstick shaped glitter sticks in the red, blue and silver shade - big up the 90's teenagers! I wanted more colours like a drug addict wants drugs purely and why....? because I wanted to see what colour they'd turn *duh*  I was I suppose getting a tad crazy over them ...

So, I headed back to Ebay; got into a little Ebay scuffle with the seller who was completely asshat. Apparently the seller figured it would be OK to invoice me for a random postage amount. When I asked to get the invoice altered to the right amount the response, 'oh pay the invoice at the higher amount and well eventually refund you' erm..... how about 'No' Mr Seller! 

So when I received my lipsticks knowing that the seller was irate about me not paying them the higher amount as they requested I received BOTH with the tips knocked off. The seller had blatantly twisted these up until they'd smooshed into the cap... BOTH of them (not obvious in the pics as the OCD cray-cray in me smoothed the tops). 

So here are the lippies.   

When I swatched these they were blue and red. In this picture, the blue turned into a pretty lilac and the red started to turn pinkish. Eventually, these turned into a real lavender lilac and a pretty pink shade. The blue is my favourite by far. 

The lipsticks feel balmy once applied which means these are so comfortable to wear, it also means that these are suitable for younger ladies or those who prefer a more natural lip. There's no furrowing and you don't have to worry about re-applying every time you eat or drink because they do have a gentle staining ability - I'm unsure if this is intentional or unintentional, though. Either way for the £1 that they are, these lipsticks are worth it and so much more. 

I'm hooked now just like I wasSimilarly to how I was way back in the 90's when those Magic Diaper Babies toys came out. You know those little blind bags that contained a collectable toy? Well this collection were ones that contained babies with nappies on that you dipped into water; if their nappies changed to pink they were obviously girls and if they turned blue then they were, of course, boys. Until you got it home and dipped it's butt in water you really had no idea what colour it was going to be. Imagine these days if they launched these, the gender neutrality police would be all over those blind bags. 

If you can't remember them? Here's a pic to jog your memory.

Do you remember those toys? No-one I know can ever remember them? 

Edit 3 years later: These lipsticks are still going strong. I absolutely adore them and they're really nourishing too. I still wholeheartedly recommend these to ladies and gents of all ages - see gender police I am gender aware.