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Every wedding needs a personality or a theme. If you’ve always dreamt of having a wedding that’s wonderfully magical, romantic and unique then the perfect theme for your big day is vintage. Think wild flowers in jam jars decorated with beads and ribbons, lots of lace, and timeless glamour; that’s what a vintage theme is all about. The great thing about this theme is that it’s simple to pull together and works well with almost any budget. Here are some of my tips for organising a pretty, vintage-inspired wedding?

Choose a suitable venue

The first thing to focus on is finding a suitable venue. For a vintage-theme, it’s not so much about the venue itself but about the potential it has. With the right decorations, you can turn almost anywhere into a beautiful vintage haven. Of course, if you could find somewhere with beautiful outdoor views, that would be a bonus when it comes to the photos. When it comes to choosing your venue, the most important thing is to take your budget into account. As well as looking for somewhere that has the potential to be beautiful.

Transport that matches your theme

For a some ideas on this topic Wedding Ideas Magazine posted some inspirational tips which I'd recommend here: vintage style wedding. If you're going full out vintage it's not in keeping to turn up in a helicopter or sports car unless, it's of an older era. However, if you're having a vintage and collaborative theme (i.e your partner has always dreamt of a specific thing that's not in keeping with the vintage theme) then why the hell not. Just go for it. Failing that a traditional horse and carriage or a retro car, such as a Ford Thunderbird or a Rolls Royce - or - a cute touch could be that instead of driving off with your new husband after the ceremony, you ride off on the back of a retro motorcycle, if you're brave enough that is...

Pick the perfect dress

When it comes to your wedding day outfit, it’s crucial that you get it right. Of course, a suit is a suit and a dress is a dress so it really shouldn't matter, but believe me it does. I had two dresses, the first I purchased due to being affordable, the second I purchased because the first got so big (weight loss due to stress) that it couldn't be altered - what I learnt from those dresses looking back is that neither of them were the right dress for 'me'. I literally felt like I'd put on a costume. I chose those dresses because of what other people thought instead of putting myself first and throwing caution to the wind. So, if you're someone who never wears full length dresses, then don't feel you have to for YOUR big day. Similarly if you like understated, vintage or out of style clothing don't feel you need to change your preferences to suit what the wedding norms are.

Get the invitations spot on

As for the invites and save-the-dates, you have plenty of options. The most important thing is that they are pretty and showcase the theme of your wedding. You could make your invites yourself. However, that would take a lot of time and effort. Especially, if you want to make them look as pretty as possible. Another option is to use Pure Invitation - wedding invites, as they’re pretty,  and offer a laser service that can create a lace-look which is so gorgeous. For a vintage-inspired wedding, this style of invite is perfect. Oh, and don’t forget to make or order your save-the-dates at the same time as these get sent out first.

Go DIY with the decor

While there are plenty of places that sell vintage-style wedding decor, it’s best to try some DIY. Again Wedding Ideas Magazine have a great inspiring post here: DIY wedding inspiration (not sponsored by this magazine may I add). 

This will not only save you money but will also help to make your celebration look and feel unique. Pinterest is fantastic for inspiration, so make sure to have a browse on there. Aim to start making your decor no later than four months before your wedding, to ensure that you are able to make everything that you need.So there you have it, everything that you need to know about planning a pretty, Vintage-Inspired Wedding.

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