Tips || Improve Your Natural Health & Beauty

There’s never a bad time to improve your health, whatever your reasons may be. Although, you don’t want to end up taking medication for it, like so many people do. They have a headache, they take medication. They have a cold, they take medication. Everybody turns to medications before trying out natural remedies. Here are some of the most natural ways to improve your health to help you. 

Stay Hydrated All Day

Staying hydrated throughout the day is key to improving your health. You can’t drink lots of water one day and then neglect to the next. Carry a bottle of water with you and remember to drink from it, even when you’re not thirsty. 

Consume Only The Natural Herbs For Weight Loss

Don't get fooled by commercial supplements and drinks. Those are very suspicious and could damage your health. Instead, try to incorporate these natural herbs for weight loss into your daily nutrition as much as possible. 

Drink Herbal Teas and Green Teas

Herbal teas and green teas are perfect for improving health. They contain a tonne of antioxidants and can promote healthy sleep, weight loss, and even reduce the risk of diseases like cancer. Matcha green tea from Kiss Me Organics is 10 times stronger than regular green tea!

Cut Out Rubbish in Favour of Vegetables

Take a look at your diet and cut out the rubbish. Take it slow if you need to, but don’t kid yourself into thinking you eat healthily if you don’t. Having lots of vegetables each day will help you to improve your health. Try to find healthy alternatives to your favourite unhealthy foods. 

Find an Activity You Can Stick to

Getting active will help you to improve your health, but you need to be sure you can stick to it. Make sure you really like it! Try lots of different types until you find something you know you can stick to.

Make Time to Pamper Yourself

Make sure you make time to pamper and treat yourself. If you’re always rushing around working hard for others, you’ll exhaust yourself! Take a nice bath, paint your nails, do something to make yourself feel good. It’ll be good for your overall wellbeing. 

Get Lots of Sleep and Rest

Sleep and rest are two very important things. You need to make sure you’re getting enough sleep each night, This will vary from person to person. If you exercise quite a bit, make sure you rest in between sessions and have a few rest days a week. There is such a thing as overtraining

Monitor Your Mental Health

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Make sure you monitor it so you know how you’re doing. Check in with yourself. How do you feel? What’s bothering you? What can you do to feel better? If you’re thinking lots of negative thoughts, this isn’t going to help any situations. Learning to think positively will change your whole outlook on life. 

Use these natural ways to improve your health and you’ll barely need medication for anything at all. Curing yourself with these methods will always make you feel better, and make you realise medication isn’t all it's cracked up to be. Most things can be cured with a healthy diet, exercise, and a clear mind!

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Make Your Eyes Pop In Less Than 5 Minutes

As a mother of young children, you have to accept that there will be times when you go out looking like the walking dead. It’s par for the course; I’m afraid. All those sleepless nights soon add up, and it can have a significant effect. Are there any mums out there that have never been out without makeup or that guarantee they always put matching shoes on? If so, I’d love to know how you do it!

Anyway, there are some occasions when you just have to reach for the makeup bag. You might be going out, or someone could pop around at an inopportune moment. So, what you need is a quick and easy way of sprucing up your personal appearance in as little time as possible. Today, I thought I would concentrate on the eyes. They are, of course, the window to the soul. But, after a tough day with the kids, I don’t think I would ever want to inflict my soul onto read on to find out more!

Eye drops

First of all, let’s attack those bloodshot eyes. As sure as eggs are eggs, you can guarantee that on your big night out the kids will have kept you awake all night long beforehand. My go-to tool for this is the Optrex eye drops for bloodshot eyes. I just haven’t found anything else that does the job as well. I’m open to suggestions, though, so let me know if you have any knowledge nuggets!


When you have to wake up every five minutes throughout the night - for weeks on end - it’s going to take its toll. Those sparkly eyes you had in your late teens and early twenties? They are but a distant memory. So, why not make use of modern technology and cheat? If you’re a contact lens wearer, try these Freshlook Colorblends. They will give your eyes an instant lift and add that little bit of life that has been missing since your first child was born! 

Prime your lids

Next, get some primer on there - something like NYX HD Eyeshadow will work a treat. You don't’ have to do this, of course - and you can skip this part if you are only popping to the shops. But, if you are going out for the day or evening, it will help keep the rest of your makeup in place.Shadow

A quick brush of your favourite shadow will do the trick. I would go for just a shade darker than your natural colouring as it will show up less of a mess if you are really in a rush. Then, add a darker hue to the crease and corners, and you’re done - all in about 90 seconds.

Liner and mascara

I can draw eyeliner on quicker than the time it took Billy the Kid to draw a pistol. It’s worth practicing if you get the chance, as a good liner can make up for many mistakes elsewhere. Regarding products, again, it’s a case of finding something that you can use with ease. Little short dashes rather than long lines will help you get the job complete quicker - and it will look just as good. At least, it does to me! As for mascara - it’s up to you. To be honest, I will happily leave it if there is no time, as it can be tricky to do when you are in a rush. Or, if you must, just add it to your top lashes only.

And that, ladies, is how to make your eyes pop in less than five minutes. Enjoy!

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The Ultimate Guide To A Healthier Lifestyle

Everyone wants to be healthier, especially in this day and age. Like a lot of people, you might have had a shot at improving your lifestyle and found it extremely hard. There are all kinds of reasons why this can happen. A lot of the time, the stresses of everyday life can totally screw up our health regimes. I’ve found that a lot of the times I’ve copped out of healthy living is down to not having a proper plan of action. Making a significant change in our lives takes some preparation and a well thought-out approach. Here’s a guide to changing your lifestyle for the better. I hope it helps!

Before you so much as look at gym memberships, you’ll need to pay attention to your own mind set. In a surprising amount of cases, the main thing holding people back from the life they want is their attitude. Although it may not always feel this way, your life is completely up to you. All of us have the power to change the paths we’re on, push ourselves closer to our goals and create the lives we want. This, believe it or not, is the easiest part. The hard part is believing you have that power. A great way to start off your healthier lifestyle is by being mindful of your thoughts and attitude. Pay attention to the way all your thoughts and emotions are affecting your lifestyle. It’s easy to stick with bad habits, I know. Once you get used to checking your own thoughts and feelings, it will be easier for you to form a good attitude. This will keep you away from fats and out doing runs! Keeping a journal, positive visualisations, and generally encouraging yourself are great ways to keep yourself on track.

Once you’ve got the right attitude, it’s time to set yourself some attainable goals. Sit down and take some time to think. Pin down what’s made you want to be healthier. There are probably things about your life which you’re not happy about. Break down everything you want to change, and write those attributes down. This will help you create a more organised plan of action. Whether it’s pimples, excess weight, or anything else, write it all down. Then, figure out both short-term and long-term goals for tackling those things you’re not happy about. Long-term goals are great, but much easier to slack off from. This is mainly because you’re not measuring often enough. If you want to be (x) weight two weeks from now, you’ll be under a little more pressure to meet your goal. Although you should expect the best from yourself, make your goals realistic. It’s going to be tough to kick coffee, ice cream and cocktails all within a month. Feeling like you’ve failed to meet your goals can really be a blow to our self-esteem and overall progress, so don’t ask too much of yourself.

So, you’ve got your attainable goals and you know how you’re going to reach them. Next, I advise you to find someone to support you through your work. I know, I already went on about how you’re responsible for your own success. However, there’s nothing wrong with finding a few friends or relatives who you can count on for support. After you’ve got a plan in place, make a point to mention it to your entire family and all of your friends. Let them know about your workout schedule, the kinds of food you’re eating, and the kinds you’re not eating. This will bring on a little healthy pressure to stick to your plan. The best thing you can do is find someone who will carry out your plan with you. It’s a lot easier to get up and go to the gym when you’ve got a friend who will meet you there. By the same token, when you’re both facing the temptation of unhealthy foods you’ll be more inclined to keep to your diet. Neither of you will want to let the other person down. If you don’t have a health buddy ready, then join a class and start talking. I’m sure you’ll find someone facing the same difficulties as you.

Next, make some changes around the house. Go through your average shopping list, and cross out anything which doesn’t coincide with your new health regime. This can feel horrible, I know. However, once you’ve weaned yourself off of various treats, you’ll be looking back and thanking yourself! You don’t have to do this all right away. As I’ve said before, if you expect too much of yourself, you could just be setting yourself up to fail. One good way of improving your eating habits is by swapping things out gradually. Like so many of us, you probably go through several cups of coffee a day. I love a good mocha as much as the next girl, but unfortunately they don’t love us back! You can find a pretty good substitute here at Kiss Me Organics. Chocolate’s another big sin most of us are guilty of. I find the best alternative for this is healthier snacks. On your next big shop, get some mixed nuts and dried fruit. Keep these in good supply, and you’ll know where to look the next time you feel like a bag of minstrels. Weaning yourself off of everything can be gradual, but don’t be too soft on yourself either. It’s much easier to avoid binge eating when there isn’t much to binge on!

Next, the real work begins. Get moving. They say that if exercise could be given in a pill, it would be the most effective pharmaceutical on earth. When you’re getting enough exercise, you’ll be burning calories and fat faster than ever, and also doing a lot to help your mood. The method of exercise you choose is entirely down to you. One of the most popular exercises for people looking to improve their health is circuit training. This involves moving from one place to another within a gym, and doing a few given exercises in a sequence. For many people, this is a miracle cure-all. Circuit training improves strength, mobility and stamina at the same time. Although highly effective, you may not have the time or mettle for circuit training just yet. There’s nothing wrong with starting off small, provided you’re getting closer to your goals! At the end of your work day, go for one little walk around the block before you slump into the sofa. The next time you do it, go a little further, or maybe run a minute of it. Do whatever kind of exercise works for you, but make sure you get some in. When you first start, you might be reminded of why you’ve been neglecting your health! The first couple of times in the gym can be agony, true. However, once you get more use to it all, finishing your workout will start feeling fantastic!

Finally, plan some rewards for hitting your short-term goals. A healthier, happier lifestyle is the overarching reward here. That may be a little way off though, so find other ways you can motivate yourself. You may not think that you can offer yourself much, but remember that you haven’t started your regime yet! One of the added benefits of a healthier lifestyle is the sheer amount of money you’ll save. After a fortnight of cutting down on takeaways and deserts, you should have built up quite a bit of money for yourself. Use this to see a show you’ve always dreamed about, go for a spa day, or simply go on a massive shopping spree. When the going gets tough, think of the reward you’ve got in store for yourself, and draw some motivation from the thought. Obviously, you can’t go completely crazy here. Steer away from any rewards which would hinder your progress towards a healthier lifestyle. Fatty treats every now and then won’t hurt, true. However, if you sample some of these too early on, it could totally wreck your fragile self-discipline. If you have a fitness buddy, it’s probably good to set yourselves some ground rules before starting anything! Whatever your reward is, enjoy it with the right attitude. When you’re fawning over a dress you’re going to buy, remember all the work you put in which earned it. This will help you to stick to your routines, and ensure that you don’t become lost in the treats you’re trying to wean yourself off of.

I hope this guide has made the road ahead of you seem less daunting. My final tip may sound a little harsh, but it’s certainly relevant; stop making excuses! There’s almost certainly someone in a worse situation than yourself. Whether you’ve got problems with your boss, relationships, or you just feel like you can’t put in the work, chase it out of your mind. No one has the power to make you as healthy as you want to be, and nothing has the power to keep you unhealthy. It’s all down to you!

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My Advice For Surviving University

Are you planning on heading to university at the end of this year? I bet you’re already exciting and optimistic about the challenges and experiences that await. I can tell you that you’re in for a fantastic time, and you’re going to love almost every minute of it. But there are some pitfalls of uni that you want to avoid, and that’s where this advice is going to help you a lot. I’m going to tell you some of the mistakes students typically make during university so that you can avoid them when it’s your turn.

Appreciate Being A Fresher

A fresher is the affectionate term people who survived the first year of uni give to newbies. You might be wondering why they refer to you like this and it’s quite simple. You’re so innocent that you have no idea the trials and tribulations yet to come. But you should appreciate your first year for one simple fact. The climb only gets steeper from here. Believe it or not, university isn’t a time when you’re thrown in at the deep end. You are standing with your feet only ankles deep in water when you start university. You can think of it like this. Try to remember how difficult the first year of high school seemed. Now think about how easy it would be for you now.

Don’t Underestimate Multiple Choice Exams 

Multiple choice exams might seem at first like a gift from the heavens, but they are anything but. Ah, but the answer is written down on the page, you say. I just have to find it. Yes, but there are two pitfalls here. The first is that once you learn it’s multiple choice you’ll study less and fail the test. The second is negative marking. Negative marking is a form of grading that some university professors love. It means that you lose a mark for every wrong answer that you give. It’s a death sentence for a multiple-choice section of the exam if you’re not prepared.

Find A Way To Study

Believe it or not, one of the first things that you’ll learn at university is that everyone is different. You don’t all band together. You will be separated into different clubs, societies, friendship groups and halls. In a way, it’s just like high school and that’s why you’ll need to find your way to study. It’s not always beneficial to group study. Particularly if the group is using a method that doesn’t work with your type of mind. If you want my advice, try Revision App. Using this, you can craft and create your own multiple choice questions to help you study. It’s a great way to learn. 

Don’t Go Out Every Night 

Some students make the mistake of thinking they can go out every night and still pass with flying colours. They think this because there’s always one person who manages it. But like I said we’re all different and just because they can, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to. Go out a maximum of two nights a week and spend the rest of your time relaxing at home or catching up on work. 

I hope you find this advice useful and love your time in higher education.

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3 Ways || Have A Better Night's Sleep When Heavily Pregnant

Whether you’re having your first or adding to your brood, having a baby is a magical experience. But a combination of hormones, bathroom trips and the inability to get comfortable can reap havoc with your sleep patterns. While lack of sleep is one of the top things that comes with motherhood, it doesn’t mean that you have to put up with it. You need to maintain your strength, especially in the weeks leading up to the birth. So instead of feeling exhausted, use these three way to improve your night's sleep which will benefit both you and your baby.

Prop yourself up

Having a large baby bump can make it difficult to get comfortable in bed. Many pregnant women find that a firm pillow can enhance their comfort and offers additional support to their back and neck. It is best to position the pillow under your upper body and head as this will support your bump and ease the pressure on your diaphragm. This will make it easier for you to breathe and to drift off to sleep. There are full body pillows available, or you could try a V-shaped pillow too. These pillows are designed to reinforce the neck, shoulders and back and are ideal for chairs and bed use. You can also find an array of V-shaped pillow cases that will match your current decor, and they are also perfect for maternity use. You may have to experiment with positioning and combining different sized pillows. But you should feel more at ease when in bed than previously.

Don’t snack before bed

Even though you may be experiencing cravings, try to refrain from eating two hours before bedtime. Otherwise, you may find yourself getting up to go to the bathroom multiple times during the night. This can stimulate your brain making it harder to go back to sleep each time. You may also find that you experience acid reflux and heartburn as a result of your late night eating. This can make you feel highly uncomfortable and cause a choking sensation in some cases. So even if your baby is desperate for food late at night, try your best not to consume anything. This should hopefully improve your chances of an uninterrupted night's sleep.

Experiment with temperature

It’s common for expectant mother’s to experience hot flashes and sweats which can make falling asleep difficult. Your body temperature will naturally increase during pregnancy. So you may feel continually warm throughout the night. If you’re too hot in bed, it can make you toss and turn. So experiment with your thermostat to find a temperature that is comfortable for you to sleep in. Or you could invest in an electric fan that will blow cold air around the room or open a window. Consider your partner’s needs when you try out different levels of temperature to avoid them losing sleep too.

With these suggestions to help you, you should find that your nights sleep are less interrupted and more comfortable all round. So get some rest and conserve your energy, you’re going to need it.

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Essential Ways for Carers to Improve Their Lives

When you need to have extra care, it can make your life difficult. But it's also hard for the person doing the caring, which is often a family member. Many carers are young people, while others are adults who care for their parents or disabled children. If you're a carer or know someone who is one, you're sure to recognise how difficult it can be. Fortunately, there are ways to make it easier. It's important for carers to have time for themselves so that they can look after their own physical and mental health too. Here are just some of the ways carers can improve their lives.

Access Available Support

If you're not doing it already, it's essential to see what support you're entitled to. A carer's assessment will tell you whether your council can provide you with help. You should contact your council's social services department for an assessment. They might be able to provide someone to help around the house, training in providing care or advice about benefits. You could also get assistance improve your wellbeing, including things like gym memberships. They could also help you with travel and various other practical and emotional needs you have as a carer. You don't need to be a full-time carer for an assessment, so make sure you get one.

Get Carer's Allowance

Money can be tight when you spend your time caring for someone else. You can apply for Carer's Allowance, which is a benefit to support you. There are several conditions you need to meet as a full-time carer to receive it. You must spend at least 35 hours a week caring for someone who receives a disability benefit. You can't earn more than £110 a week after taxes and care costs, and you mustn't be in full-time education. You could also be ineligible if you receive other benefits already.

Carer Support Groups

One of the best things that can help carers is to spend time with people who do what they do. Sometimes being a carer can make you feel very lonely, and you might think no one else understands. Meeting with other carers can show you you're not alone and give you some time to yourself. There are lots of organisations you can turn to if you want to find a support group. For example, Carer's UK or Carer's Trust can provide support at your local carers centre. You can also use online forums to find support.

Accessing Respite Care

Respite care is designed to give regular carers, and the people the care for, a little rest. It gives you some time to look after yourself while a professional carer takes over your responsibilities. Social services may offer you respite care when you have a carer's assessment. However, you can also look for it yourself. Find a live in care agency that provides respite care for you to access. It could be for a day or a week at a time.

It's important for carers to take time for themselves. If you don't feel healthy, it's difficult to care for someone else as best you can.

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