How to Give The Perfect Mother's Day Experience

With Mother’s Day a couple of weeks away, we thought we’d give you some inspiration on how to really show you care. We often take our mums for granted, so now’s a great time to give back and show her that you appreciate her! 

Spa Day

A mum deserves the very best on her special day. Treating your mum to a mother daughter spa session is the perfect way to share some quality time and show her that she’s important. Who wouldn’t love the chance to unwind and take a day off from the stresses of everyday life? So why not pamper and spoil her and show her she’s worth it! Let her choose from a range of therapeutic massages and beauty treatments. You’ll both finish the day feeling fresh and re-energised. 

Afternoon Tea

Show your mother she’s special by treating her to a good old British afternoon of tea, scones and jam sandwiches. It’s a great way to spend the day in style, and satisfy your sweet tooth. There are many hotels in central London to choose from, but make sure you book in advance and there may be a dress code. 

A Walk in the Park

It’s the little things that matter, and a stroll in the park may be free, but it all about spending quality time together. Some of us don’t get the chance to see our mothers that often, so a gesture like this would be much appreciated. It’s an opportunity to have a proper face to face conversation, while making the most of some pretty surroundings. Plus if there’s a cafe around, you can always treat her to some lunch to make the most of your time together.


A voucher from her favourite shop shows you pay attention to what she loves. Why not surprise her with this discount, or buy her a gift card from her department store. This way your mum can spend the money on what she wants and you don’t have to worry about purchasing something she’ll hate. Another alternative is to take her for some retail therapy yourself, and spoil her for the day.

Cook Her Dinner

Make up for all the times mum has cooked for and looked after you, by knocking up her favourite meal, complete with all the trimmings. Maybe even throw in her favourite dessert and she’ll really appreciate that you’ve gone to all the effort and taken the time to cook rather than take her out. You can really get innovative and fun with it, by creating a menu, so she can decide what meal takes her fancy. 

Ultimately, most mums will be happy with any small gesture, but since they do so much for us, it’s not asking too much to go that extra mile, just one day a year!

Health || A Beautiful Smile Starts With Your Mouth

Welcome to my latest health blog post guys. Today, we’re going to talk about the mouth. More specifically what the dangers are, how to keep it clean and ensuring you have the perfect smile. I don’t know about you, but I know a few people who don’t seem to look after their teeth. They drink fizzy drinks eat sugar and every so often forget to brush. They don’t floss and have never touched mouthwash in their life. Sound familiar? But, when they do to the dentist they have no problems at all. This might be your dad, your sister or your partner. You’re probably wondering what their secret is, and the answer is that they don’t have one. They’re just lucky, but you might not be. That’s why you need to know how to look after your oral health. 

Mouthwash Is Your Friend

If you’re not the best at brushing your teeth, you should try to use mouthwash each day. You might head out on a Friday night and find yourself in someone else’s apartment on Saturday morning. Just make sure you have a little container of mouthwash in your purse. This will help keep your teeth clean even if you miss a day of brushing. Mouthwash also helps you eliminate bacteria that develops when you eat food that’s bad for you. 

Braces & Retainers

How many of my readers had braces in their youth, I wonder? Or more interestingly, how many still wear their retainer to this day. There’s a fact about retainers that you might not be aware of. If you don’t wear your retainer after you have a brace, your teeth start to shift. They won’t go back to the way they were, but they certainly won’t stay straight. You just have to wear it once every other night, and you’ll be fine. This will keep your teeth and maintain that hollywood smile. For those of you who are still wearing braces, remember to be careful with what you eat. Hard foods can damage the brace and cause you to pain if the wire comes loose. It can dig into the inside of your mouth and cause an infection. If this happens, it’s best to seek emergency medical treatment straight away. David Hazan DMD will provide you this service with walk in treatment possibilities. 

Whitening Wonder

Are you worried about the colour of your teeth? We all want a beautiful pearly white smile. But not all of us are lucky in that department. You can brush your teeth every day and they might still look yellow. But there is a natural teeth whitening treatment you can try. Mixing baking soda with lemon juice and forming a paste provides a natural teeth whitening treatment. You’ll be amazed how white your teeth look after that. 


Flossing is a pain, I think we can all agree. But guys if you don’t floss bacteria builds up between the teeth. Not to sound too much like a dentist, but that’s not good. It could again cause an infection or even tooth decay. You don’t want to be like Charlie Sheen and need fake teeth do you!

I hope I haven’t bored you too much because this is an important topic. You may not worry about your teeth now but if you don’t look after them, you’ll regret it when you’re older. If you found this post interesting have a look at my thoughts on keeping your skin clear.

Date Night Tips || Make YOURSELF Feel Extra Special

If you’ve got a big date night coming up the best way to approach it is with confidence. To be confident you need to feel confident so instead of doing certain things to make yourself look a certain way, chose to do things because they make you feel confident. That way you can enjoy you night and really let your hair down.

Whiten Your Teeth

Are you embarrassed or self-conscious about your teeth, smile or tooth colour? Then solve it by treating your teeth ahead of your date. You can do this at home or via a dentists, of course doing it at home will be much cheaper and quicker. I've tried so many products over the years and found that whitening strips give the best results, this is why they're so popular in the U.S but I'd recommend that you read reviews first and make sure you buy from a reputable retailer.

Have a Soak in the Bath

Do you suffer from anxiety ahead of important events? I'd recommend a long soak in the bath with a new mask, hair treatment or bath treat. Take your time, have some champers and put on some music. Really take your time, make sure you draw your bath early on in the day and enjoy it. You'll find that you're much more relaxed once you get out.

Prep Your Skin

Worried about dry skin, your foundation not applying smoothly or hives? Whatever your skin issue is make sure you spend time by prepping before your big date. If it's your complexion you're worried about I recommend using a face mask, as the pores will absorb the active ingredients and improve in tone. Planning on tanning then you should exfoliate your face and body, as this will get rid of dead skin cells, stop product buildup and make you glow. 

Hair Removal

After exfoliating, it’s the perfect time to remove any excess hair you don’t want. Shaving after exfoliating will allow you to get a closer shave for perfectly smooth legs! Some people like to do this the night before date night, depending on how sensitive their skin is. You don’t want red legs with open pores! 

Make Your Lips Kissable

Dry lips ruin a kissable your pout. Make your lips look soft and kissable by exfoliating them and applying a lip balm. It’s up to you whether you use a gloss or a lipstick when doing your makeup later on, but getting rid of any dry skin first is a must. 

Bouncy Hair

Having bouncy hair can also make you feel amazing. That's why we feel awesome when you come out of the hairdressers. Don’t go crazy with the hairspray trying to keep your hair in place, as you’ll only get crunchy results! Loose waves are a great hairstyle to go for and you only need minimal products and time to achieve great results. Salt spray is recommended and you can use curl-definer also if you want to really spoil yourself. As for the curls you could use a hot tool, curl barrels or even your normal hair straightener. Youtube is your friend for tutorials.

Layer Your Fragrance

Fragrance has the power to make or break you. Flower based scents are romantic, girlie and feminine. Wood and earth based tones add some confidence and amber notes just add sex appeal. You can really customise your own scent ahead of your date by layering. Why not wear an amber note in your body cream, a white flower based perfume spray and an earthy EDT to really balance you. This customised scent will make you feel womanly, confident and powerful. Plus, layering you can be sure your scent will last all night!

Plan Your Outfit Carefully

You should plan your outfit carefully if you want to look and feel your best on your date. It’s tempting to buy a new outfit, but what if you discover something you don’t like about it afterwards? Instead, choose something you know you look great in, and you won’t feel the tiniest bit self conscious. Sure you're outfit may end up being comfortable and plain but you can dress it up and glamourise with your accessory choices. Tacori rings are a real treat and will instantly make any outfit look amazing. Don't wait on a partner to be to purchase it for you, buy that piece of jewellery yourself and I promise you'll be strutting with confidence whenever you wear it.

Watch What You Eat and Drink

Uncomfortable wearing tight clothing or showing your lumps and bumps? Worried your breath is going to smell or that you may smell? Then watch what you eat ahead of the day. Earlier on in the day you might want to avoid foods with garlic and drinks like coffee. Carry some mints with you too, so your breath is nice and fresh and you don't spend time worrying. As for the bloating, try to reduce your carbs right before you go out. Make sure you're hydrated and if you do get peckish, fill up with fruit or veggies to keep the bloat at bay.

Overall, be yourself and have an amazing time!

Money Making || Rewards For Your Daily Activities

It’s important to save money where we can, and to get more bang for our buck. But we don’t talk about actually making more money all that often. With a family to raise and a job to go to, where do we get the time to make more money?

There are several ways technology is rewarding people for doing things they already do. They’re not large amounts, but every family knows that every little helps. Small amounts of income and gifts come in so handy over time. 

Get rewarded for watching television and listening to music

If you've got a family, chances are you're watching a lot of television together. You will also be driving around quite a lot, going to work and picking the kids up from school. That probably means you’re listening to the radio a lot, too.

Have you ever turned on the TV and wondered what that television show is? Or turned on the radio and wanted to know the name of that funky track? There is a way to easily find out while also earning rewards.

Viggle is an app that rewards users for watching TV and discovering music. It’s an alternative to the popular app Soundhound. You can tap a button on the app; it will use your phone’s microphone to listen in for a few seconds. The app rewards users with points, which can be redeemed for things like song downloads and gift cards. Users have redeemed about $19 million in rewards since the release of Viggle!

Earn by talking to friends and family with online messengers

We’re always communicating with each other over the Internet. When your children are old enough to have a mobile phone, the whole family can keep in touch using fun messenger groups. New software is actually allowing people to earn rewards for doing things like this!

There’s a free Skype alternative that shares its revenue with its users. WowApp is a chat app available for Android and iPhone. You can also use it on your Windows computer or your Mac. Much like Skype and WhatsApp, you can make cheap calls with it as well as exchange free text messages. If you’ve used either of those two apps, you will be very familiar with how WowApp works.

According to WowApp, they share 70% of their advertising revenues with their users. Users are rewarded by inviting others to join WowApp. You can choose to keep the rewards for yourself or to donate them to one of two thousand charities. 

Get paid to download apps for Android and iPhone

We’re always downloading apps these days. Even the other two things mentioned in this article are apps! But did you know you could get rewards for doing just that?

AppNana is an app that promotes other apps. When an AppNana user downloads one of these apps, they are awarded ‘Nanas’. How does it all work? Well, AppNana has become a great way for companies to make their apps popular. So those companies will pay AppNana to feature their apps. AppNana then passes a portion of that profit to their users. 

You can trade AppNana points for cash or vouchers. One really cool thing you can do is get vouchers for Xbox Live. If your kids are gamers, this is a great way to save money on their hobby.

Get paid for completing surveys in your spare time

OK so this one takes a little bit of time but how much time do you waste each day procrastinating? I've tried so many sites that offer money for surveys only to find that midway through the [lengthy] surveys you're thrown out for suddenly not matching their required demographics. I've also tried other sites were I they promised good money per survey only to find you were never matched to actual surveys. How infuriating. It actually turned me off survey sites for around a year.

Then came along Prolific Academic and Mintvine. These two sites are different in their approach to surveys however, both allow you to earn point that are then converted pretty quickly. Prolific is basically a survey site that uses the data for research. It's purely surveys. Mintvine you can cash out at 1,000 point (equal to $10 gift card for example Amazon). Prolific you need to have £5 or more to cash out via Paypal. You'll meet the cash out points pretty quickly.

So, hopefully this helps you get started in order to make 2016 your best year yet guys.

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Relationships || 5 Fantastic Date Ideas

Last week, we published a popular blog post about how to prepare for that all-important date night. It went down so well, we thought we’d do a follow up post about the date itself. It’s always tricky picking that very first date location. You don’t know each other very well, and you’re still trying to gauge each other’s interests. Unless, of course, you’re going on a date with your better half, and you know exactly what you want! So, whether you’re heading out on a first date, or trying to spice up your existing routine, here are some ideas.  

Dinner and a movie

Dinner and a movie is a classic combination. It might not sound particularly adventurous, but it’s best to stick to the basics on a first date. Going to a quiet restaurant with low lighting is incredibly romantic. You can begin to see if the sparks fly, without too much pressure. It’s a good amount of time to get to know each other, and the choice of movie at the cinema gives you an instant talking point. 


Going for coffee is a laid-back alternative. There’s much less pressure than a dinner date, and the atmosphere is a little more relaxed. A morning or afternoon date is a whole different experience to a dinner date. We often think it’s a better alternative for that first meeting. You can chat casually, and get to know each other. Even better, it’s a flexible date. You can call it off quickly if things aren’t working out, or you can extend it all afternoon.

Gig or concert

If you know your date is into music, this is a brilliant first-date idea. The anticipation and atmosphere all adds to the butterflies in your tummy, and creates all sorts of excitement. It’s an incredibly charged way to spend an evening. Of course, always find out what type of music your date is into before you organize it! You can buy cheap event tickets online, and share a memorable experience. Finish things off with a quick drink after the gig, and you’ll have plenty to talk about too.

Go for a walk

It’s easy to feel intimidated on a first-date. So, take out away some of the pressure by suggesting a long walk. It takes you out of the busy cafes and restaurants, and gives you some space to be alone. You might feel a little more comfortable without so many people around, and you can talk openly. Who knows, maybe you’ll be holding hands by the end of the date?

Shopping together

This is a risky choice, but it will work with the right person! Spend an afternoon wandering the shops together. Perhaps you have to buy each other one item along the way. It’s a great idea because it keeps throwing up new conversation topics. Whether it’s fashion, books, music or films, you’re never short of something to talk about.

Take your pick, and enjoy your date night! Have you got any other great ideas?

Getting Rid of Those Niggling Problems And Living Your Life

Fatigue. Aches. Head pain. There are some niggling pains and problems that can feel like they’ll never go away. A lot of us won’t see the doctor unless we think we have a major reason to. Although we should try be less stubborn, sometimes we can get rid of our pains on our own. This article is a guide to just some of the ways we might be able to cure those lingering ails. Keep reading and see which of our five points might be your key to a much more satisfying physical state.

The practice of meditation isn’t just spiritual. It has a lot of practical benefits, too. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, meditation can distance you from the sources of those feelings. It can allow you the distance to objectify and organise your thoughts. It is even known to actually reduce the hormones that cause stress in the first place. If your problem’s with your thoughts, meditation is always a good bet for getting rid of it.

We already know that dieting can help us lose weight, gain nutrition and grow healthier in general. However, that’s not all it does. There are diets that can specifically help us with certain problems. A lot of these problems may, in fact, be due to underlying causes such as deficiencies that dieting can very easily help with. Aching legs, particularly in the morning, can be vanquished with the help of a banana every day. There are even diets that can help us get rid of fatigue.

As an exercise, there’s no reason not to give yoga a good try. As far your health is concerned, there’s a lot of potential benefit, too. If it’s an ache in your back or bones that’s driving you up the wall, yoga can relieve the tension that’s causing a lot of the pain. It also builds the muscles supporting your back, so you’re a lot less likely to suffer the same kinds of pains in future.

Of course, there are some pains that just won’t shift no matter what you do. A herniated disc won’t be going anywhere by itself. If your pain has grown severe and is drastically impacting your life, surgery might be the necessary next step. There are specialists who deal with back and neck pain, the most common kind of long-term pain. To see the kind of treatments that specialists will over, take a look at the information available from Dr. Sandro LaRocca.


A good, healthy sleep is very important. Way too many of us underestimate the effects, negative and positive, that changing our sleeping pattern can have. If you’re tired, aching or suffering headaches, poor sleep could be the explanation for all of it. Get an idea of how good your current sleep regime is and, if it’s looking bad, take steps to make sure you get a more restful sleep. Your body will be coping a lot better in no time flat.
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Free The Vagina || Let's Talk Lady Parts

Happy Valentine's Day guys. Let's celebrate it by talking about the vagina on the day of acceptance, romance and love. The day that most folk expect a bit of a fumble with their body parts. 

V-a-g-i-n-a, it's not a dirty word, it's not one that makes me snigger uncontrollably after saying it out loud and it's not one that's said with any embarrassment. There's too many people who are so ashamed by this word and what it portrays and you know, that kinda makes me sad. I'm not on the rampage here to change everyone's opinions on this taboo topic but, I am here to write about my opinions, give you some facts in hope that it increases your acceptance - if it inspires the inner feminist in you then even better (both male and females). 

Let's chat about those lady parts. 

What is a vagina? It's officially described as the ''muscular tube leading from the external genitals to the cervix of the uterus in women and female mammals''. Nothing grotty or disgusting with that is there? So there's been quite a bit of vagina shaming over the years and on the same hand there's been quite a growth in vagina warriors. 

The latest major shaming was Celebrity Big Brother where the housemates blatantly shamed Stephanie Davies about her discharge while sorting through the housemates undies. The terms used for this discharge was shocking, immature and downright infuriating as a woman and someone with common sense. It's this sort of behaviour that leads younger ladies to feel shame and embarrassment about their natural lady parts and that just makes me so sad. 

While it's easy for us to switch off a show but it was the shaming that came from the general public, social media and even celebrities after the episode had gone live that further propagated the idea that Stephanie's discharge was a shameful and hideously disgusting thing. I seriously thought that those spouting unnecessary hatred over that period had been hit with a stupidity stick. Maybe they had. 

So here's the down low on lady parts.... 

Discharge. It's normal for the bodies of girls of all ages to make discharge. Even girls who have yet to start their menstrual cycle can have discharge. Discharge amounts vary almost daily but the average amount of daily discharge released by the vagina is around a teaspoon (4ml apparently, like who seriously has the job of measuring the discharge for scientific value?). In the lead up to ovulation the consistency and volume increases and can include watery discharge and thicker stringy discharge which will vary in colour, and this can increase to thirty times more after ovulation as your body prepares to hold a baby or start a cycle. 

The colour of discharge can vary too. It can go from thin, watery and almost transparent, to a stringy egg yolk consistency to thick, white, lumpy or yellow tinged. Of course nearer the cycle or at the end of a woman's cycle this can become pink, red or almost brown as normal discharge becomes tinged with fresh and old blood. All of these colours are totally normal colours though! 

Vaginal discharge is made up of bacteria-both friendly lactobacillus bacteria, vaginal cells, proteins, amino acids, normal vaginal mucus which is released from the bartholin and skene glands to keep the vagina from drying up. You know it would actually be more worrying if a woman who was of menstrual age had no discharge. This would mean that the cervix and uterus wasn't cleaning itself, the vagina wasn't removing what it was supposed to and that the lady would probably be having a lot of pain down there due to vaginal dryness, thinned skin, cuts and tears, fissures, cysts and of course the inability to get pregnant or maintain a pregnancy. 

So why is the vagina such a taboo topic? I just don't get it? 

The worrying thing is that more brands are targeting these worries and creating unnecessary health and beauty products aimed at cleaning, deodorising (which makes me so mad), spritzing, tightening, bleaching, fragrance, grooming and even dying down there. One of my ultimate bug bears is that Always sanitary protection have added fragrance to their towels. 

Yes someone did say to me that I should buy ''unscented towels'' after I write the Vagina Flowers post but, here's the thing, I checked all of my local supermarkets and none of them had any unscented Always towels. I checked on Amazon and yes they have them but you're talking about £28.60 for two packs of 20 (this was the minimum price by the way) which is over seven times more than the normal cost of £2 for 18. It's so unfair. There's no way I was forking out that price either even when it would mean I could suffer through my cycle without vagina pain caused by an intolerance to the fragrance. 

I wonder if it was a male product if they would add fragrance to hide the natural scent of a penis? Hmm.... 

And you know what, don't even get me started on the miracle of birth, I mean a full baby being pushed out of a body part. I know that people talk about having a mangled vagina afterwards but seriously, the look of it doesn't really differ that much. Yes some people can get stitches, it does take a while to tighten up your pelvic floor but come on. A human baby comes out of the vagina. You came out of a vagina. Are you embarrassed by your house? The place that keeps you safe, warm and comforted? No? Then why be embarrassed by the word vagina and what it entails. 

Five random facts: 

Apple will let you engrave the word 'penis' or 'dick' on an iPad but not the word 'vagina'. 
There are many ladies who will go through life never having orgasm's during sex but can through masturbation. Again that's totally normal as statistics show that only 30% of ladies will orgasm through penetrative sex. 
There is still a tax on tampons which means that tampons are deemed less necessary in comparison to shelled nuts, cold takeaway food and bingo. The
The vagina will let you know when there's something not right but changing the colour, consistency or smell of your discharge. It will also tell you when you're fertile too. 
The vagina can expand up to two hundreds times the size during childbirth. 

I'll not keep this rant going but keep in mind vagina's are self cleaning. Don't use those heavily marketed products because they will throw off your PH and cause thrush. Keep in mind the vagina is an incredible and logical body part, it does amazing things guys. 

Free the vagina! 

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