Parenting || Summer Holiday Things To Do

Are you stuck for activities that are fun for you and the little ones? Do you like to make lasting memories, but want something that will get you excited as well as the kids? Look no further for some parent and kid friendly activities.

Harry Potter Studios
Another fantastic activity for young and old alike is the Harry Potter Studios tour. This is run by Warner Brothers and is located just outside of London. You get to see a full-scale model of Hogwarts, drink Butterbeer (Butterbeer recipe here if you fancy making it at home) and check out the Dursley's house. Then take a peek inside Dumbledore's office, and look round the fantastic exhibits on how the man the magical creatures were created. Make sure you don't miss a walk down a real-life Diagon Alley! While it is all child-friendly, adults will find lots of things of interest too, so it's perfect for the whole family.
While the activities listed above are focused on going out,  you can always do a cheaper activities at home. Try building a fort, making a fairy garden or a even try a movie night - check out our blog post about our own Disney Descendants movie night here: Descendant's Movie Night.
Firstly to keep the kids and the parents happy what are you trying to Build-A-Bear workshop. You can find these in most UK city shopping centres. They are medium-size shops, and they sell a huge range of different stuffed animals. Your child gets to pick an animal, fill it with stuffing, add at heart, and make a wish. The you receive a birth certificate, and you can dress and accessorise it from an excellent choice of different items. It's great because your child has a keepsake, the experience itself is fun and is something that you can do together and share. Why not get yourself one too?
If you're a bit more of an active family why not try This is a fantastic activity for children over eight, teenagers and parents. You can go on a team together up to five people. The aim of the game is to complete timed challenges in four different zones. Each challenge you complete, win points for the team,  and you are trying to get as many points as possible. There are physical, skill and mental activities on offer so there will be something for all the family. It's a great way of bringing the family together and doing something a bit different. Great for a weekend away or if you're local make it a regular challenge.
Pottery Painting
Pottery painting is a fantastic activity for the creatives in your family. You get to choose an item to paint. These can range from mugs, pet bowls, ornaments, teapots, plates and even piggy banks. Then you get to sit at a table with the kids and paint the items in just the way you want to! While the kids are painting a magical unicorn in pink, or an ugly troll in green, why don't you pick a lovely serving platter? This means everyone is involved in the activity, and everyone gets something to take away with them at the end. Remember though the pottery shop will have to fire your artwork before you can take it home.

Parenting | Computer Game Safety & Angst

Children love video games. Nowadays, gaming is a regular feature in the modern family home. It’s something that many parents tend to worry about. And there is good reason for those fears, especially if you aren’t careful. But as long as you take the necessary steps, gaming can play a useful role in their lives. Here are five top tips to ensure your child’s relationship with video games remains positive.

Choose The Right Titles

We’ve all seen the scare stories about how video games are turning children into violent thugs. Well, there is a simple solution: buy suitable titles. Or monitor your child's usage. Even if the news is sensationalised, GTA and similar titles aren’t always suitable for youngsters. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to know these things and to check the guidance age prior to use. Why not Youtube the game for some real images of the game in action or, try it out before they do (keeping in mind you'll probably hear a few moans about that option).

Ultimately, you’re the person that will be buying their games. Stick to child-friendly titles, and you’ll have absolutely nothing to fear. And if you’re not sure, talk to other parents or read reviews on the internet.

Keep It Cheap

Alongside the potentially negative impacts, most parents worry about the costs. Let’s face it; you’d rather save your money for family vacations and trips. Spending thousands on various games is not an attractive prospect.The easiest way to keep gaming affordable is to limit your child to a small number of titles.

Ncsoft's games are affordable and available online but you need to purchase Nsoft's NCsoft NCoin at to improve their current gaming activities. Failing that Stream also have a great virtual option with a larger age range of games. This way you can purchase games quickly and virtually with the safety of Paypal behind you and and the kids won’t need to think about new games. Meanwhile, it’s easier for you to monitor their activities this way too.

Insist On Moderation

Gaming can be beneficial for your child’s development. But too much of it can bring negative repercussions. As a parent, it’s imperative that you encourage them to partake in other activities too. Dedicating their lives to gaming is not a healthy solution.

Hobbies like sports and playing instruments are fantastic options. Even at home, you can look to film nights and similar activities. It’s not just a case of gaining variety, but it also promotes a happier family life too.

Go Interactive

The main issue with too much gaming is that your child isn’t getting exercise. That used to be the case anyway. Nowadays, though, computer games can actively teach motor skills while burning a few calories.

Using the Xbox Kinect or similar interactive items lets you become the controller. Your kids will be combining physical activity with gaming. It’s fun, suitable for all ages, and will tire them out before bed. What more could you ever want as a parent?


The easiest way to monitor their activities is to play an active role. Video games aren’t a substitute for parenting. Instead, they should be used to actively enhance those activities. You don’t need to be an expert to get involved, particularly when they play games that are meant for children.

There will be times when they don’t need your supervision. But, as with something like reading, your presence can enhance the vibes in certain situations. Whether you like or not, gaming plays a huge role in modern society. If you can’t beat them, join them.

Parenting || Creating A Secure Life For Your Kids

You don’t need me to tell you this, of course, but kids need a lot of tending to as they are growing up! They are delicate little flowers that take in so much information from their environment. And, the slightest little incident or change can often have a lasting impact. Obviously, this can go one of two ways. You can make their environment safer and better, and they will thrive. Or, you can change things for the worse, and it might have a negative impact. 

With this in mind, I thought I would spend today going through a few things you can do to create a safe and secure space for your child to grow. Take a read - and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section!

Don’t move too often

According to research, children who move house three or more times before they are five can develop issues. Moving home is stressful enough for us adults, so imagine what it’s like for your little ones. And it has a significant impact. Children who frequently change homes are more likely to fail in school, smoke, and drink, and even attempt suicide. Those are stark statistics - so maybe bide your time a little before you move house again?

Save money

Raising a child is expensive, and most of us struggle to manage the costs. However, if you can just put aside a little each month, you will be providing them with a nice little security blanket. Accidents and emergencies happen all the time, and without any savings, they are going to hit your regular finances. It can lead to debt and stress - and it can all rub off on your kids. So, build a financial buffer so that you can remove those impacts from you child’s life completely.

Legal advice

Sensible people have family lawyers - they are not just for the wealthy. A good solicitor will be there for you whenever you need advice, and help point you in the right direction when trouble rears its head. And, should your relationship start to break down, they might be able to help you salvage things in the best possible way


Kids thrive a lot more when they have a reliable routine. It helps give them the space they need to grow, but at the same time keeps them within boundaries. The more changes that occur, the more confusing it can be for the poor little mites. And, given that their thoughts and bodies are changing almost every day already, they already have a lot on their plate. 

A loving environment

I know how hard it can be when you are under pressure to tidy the house or get the shopping done. And, it’s easy to forget about the needs of your kids when you can’t think straight. But, every once in awhile it’s important to take a break and remind yourself and your children about how much you love them. It has a positive effect - more so than you can imagine. And, it helps give them that nurturing, secure environment they need to thrive.

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