Tips || Beauty Decisions

Making the right makeup choices is something that has become more complicated as options have increased. There is a wide market for different products, products for different skin types and colours. Whatever look you're aiming for, there are products out there that will help you achieve it. The flip side of this is, of course, that there can be some confusion over which is the best product, and what the pros and cons of different products are.

Never has the phrase "spoilt for choice" been more apposite than now. And perhaps we really are spoilt. There was a time when if you wanted to wear makeup, there were a few products and that was it. If you wore this makeup, you recognised that the impact on your skin wouldn't be ideal. You realised that it might smudge as the day went on. You hoped that it didn't rain, for fear of the consequences.
Arguably, because there is more to choose from, the style stakes are now higher, and as a result, you have more decisions to make than once was the case. Making those decisions can be tricky, but the benefits are greater than they once were too.

No makeup bag is ever really complete without some foundation. The number of foundation options has exploded in recent years with more shades, finished and brands being released almost annually. There are also more ways to apply it; Use a sponge or a brush? A lighter tone or something darker? Liquid foundation vs powder: maybe both? How you make your decision will depend on a number of factors, the most important one being your own preferences - do you prefer a light, natural look or are you a full on old-school fan?
Mascara & Lashes

It's not that long ago that you could tell for sure when someone was wearing mascara. Their lashes stood out for miles around and, if they cried or it rained, their mascara smudged and ran and that was a disaster. No-one wanted to be called panda eyes. Now, the options for mascara are so diverse that they can accentuate your lashes without making them stand out too far. There are different shades and different styles, you can opt for natural tones, full on length defying blacker than black finishes and even ones that moisturise and enhance lash length via serums added to the product. What look are you after because you can be sure tehre is a mascara for that look.

Red. Thick. Obvious. That's what lipstick used to be. Over the years, different colours have been added, and lipstick has been more diverse for longer than a lot of other makeup products. With that said, the evolution has not stopped. Once upon a time, you had to be prepared for the fact that wearing lipstick would have a detrimental effect on their lips. If you had a drink, your glass would show the evidence. Now, there are more options which don't have these drawbacks.
With great power comes tremendous responsibility, you could say. These days you can put together a look that will turn heads in the time it used to take to carefully apply blusher. With that comes the necessity to think about how that look will hold up and what effect it may have on your skin going forward. If you choose carefully, you can look amazing without all the old drawbacks.

Home & Money || Don't Take The Risk....

In my local area, there have been numerous break-ins, thefts and random acts of vandalism. While this may seem pretty normal, for my area it's really not and you know, that worries me. I do get anxious about my house being broken into or my car being damaged [again]. It was only a few months back that our shed was broken into, granted there wasn't much but still my son's scooters were in there, the lawnmower and some toys that were all as new. We didn't have insurance. We lost out. We had just moved house and were covered in our last property but you just never think it's going to happen to you and so I presumed holding off would be fine.

Now I can't stop worrying about it and so I'm on the hunt for new insurance providers - hopefully. my shed break in and my search for reliable providers that cover the items that may get stolen helps you in the long run. My aim is to find providers that will save me money in the long run, will cover my goods and won't cause hassle if the worst happens - gosh I sound like a TV advert now don't I?

Whether it’s home insurance, car insurance or, even pet insurance. Here are some of my current tips to get insured without breaking the bank.

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Consider what’s most important to you

To ensure you find cheap insurance, you need to consider what is most important that you need the cover for. If you feel like you wouldn’t need a courtesy car, for example, you could easily take this off so that you will get cheaper insurance. Or you may want third party insurance rather than fully comprehensive which will also result in a cheaper bill. Whatever insurance you are taking out, check the policy and decide if there are any extras you could take off which will save you some money.

Fill out details correctly

Another way you can make sure that your insurance is as cheap as possible is to make sure you fill out the details correctly. So for home insurance, you need to ensure you put the right amount the house is worth if you want to keep it down. If you just guess, you could end up putting the insurance up higher than it should be. Make sure you fill out details such as date of birth correctly as this could affect your bill. You should also ensure you make sure you put your job role down correctly as well, as this can affect your insurance as well.

Compare deals

You can also keep insurance down by making sure you are switching insurers when necessary. If you stick with the same insurer year after year, they will keep slowly putting your insurance up and won’t be offering you the best deals. Use compare sites to ensure you are getting the cheapest deals available to you. If you aren’t, it’s time to switch provider and reap the benefits. Check what’s covered in your contents insurance. It might be cheaper to get separate insurance for bikes such as comprehensive cycle insurance, which covers you in the case of theft or vandalism.

Keep it safe

To ensure you get the cheapest insurance possible, you need to be making an effort to look like you are keeping the house or car safe. Install burglar alarms and window locks so that you can put that on there to show you are trying to deter burglars. Get a car alarm and also a steering wheel lock so thieves won’t be able to take your car. Adding these when you are applying for your insurance will go in your favour and will keep costs down.

Use it less

Another way you can keep insurance down is to make sure you are using it less. For example, when you are getting car insurance, and you say you are using it to do thousands of miles a year, it’s bound to be higher. Therefore, start walking more and it will keep the bill down as you are using the car less.

Hopefully, these tips will help you save money that you can spend on other things for your family.

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Professional Home Style || 5 Interior Design Tips

Updating your interior design is exciting. Your home is like a blank canvas. You can explore your personality and creativity, and experiment. Sometimes, though, the blank canvas can be daunting. There are so many ways you can update your home. How do you know where to start? Follow the experts and style your home like a pro.

1. Be Inspired

Before you begin, gather some inspiration. Look at professional designer portfolios. Sites such as are invaluable because you can browse through their commercial projects to pick up hints and tips that can be used in all types of homes - not just ones suited to the rich and famous.

Design blogs and sites like Pinterest are useful. Create a board for each room of your home and pin like crazy. And don’t forget magazines. These are a great source of style tips and innovation. Compile a folder or scrapbook of your ideas.

2. Know Your Theme

A good place to start is with what is in place already. What do you like about your property that you could build on? If you have an ultra modern home, it might make sense to follow this aesthetic. Similarly, if you have a vintage home, you may want to keep the traditional features in place and work around them. Use the architectural features to inform the design.


3. What Is Your Style?

What is your style? What look appeals to you most? You’re going to be living with the design each day and so being comfortable with the outcome is important. So decide what colours you like. Do you like feminine or minimal styles? Are you luxe or shabby chic?

4. Use Light Wisely

Light is important. During the planning stages, decide how this will work in your home. If the natural light is minimal, decide how you can make the most of the this. And find ways to enhance it. There are lots of blog articles on how to achieve this, such as post from Pop Sugar:Tips for Brightening Dark Rooms.

Keep windows as open as possible to maximise the daylight. Keep curtains light. Avoid placing furniture in front of windows. Similarly, in the garden, avoid planting trees and large bushes in front of the window. When deciding on artificial lighting, start by considering the function of each room. Your lighting choices should support and enhance this. Avoid common pitfalls.

5. Choosing Colour

Colour sets the mood of a room. When making colour decisions, think about how you want the room to ‘feel.’ Are you looking for something vibrant and full of energy? Or, do you prefer a calming, more serene mood? A simple, classic look will last for longer. Bold, quirky decisions may be great in the short term. But once that trend has passed, it may soon feel dated. This is fine if you intend to make lots of regular updates. But if not, it is best to opt for a design that will date well.

Use samples to see which colours work best in each room. Try a few different shades and look at them at different times of the day. Use the colours in light and dark areas of the room to see how well they work. Once you have gathered ideas and made a start, the process becomes easier. With the basics in place, you can have fun building on the mood and style of the rooms. And remember, nothing is forever. If you really do hate that paint colour, you can always paint over it.

So, be bold, experiment, and have fun.

Father's Day || Celebrations

Happy Father's Day! 

Wishing you all the most amazing day and this really does go out to all dad's, those that have taken on the role as daddy, those who have passed to heaven, those who are alive and every other person out there who are raising kiddies.

Today my little brood are celebrating hubster and all the fantastic things he does every.single. day. Typically we celebrate low-key - a card, a small random gift, a good home cooked meal and family time. For us that's far more important than anything extravagant however, over the last twelve months we have been through hell as a family unit and you know, hubster has been our rock throughout, he'd tell you ''it's his job'' but you know, not many people would stay so calm and rock steady throughout. He's seriously amazing, incredible, supportive, selfless and he really amazes me every single day so this year we decided to celebrate him that little bit more.

Yesterday we headed out to Livingstone to check out the shops - this year we were going a bit more upscale with our gifting purely because there was a few things we knew that hubster had coveted for a while and he wouldn't buy himself (again due to being selfless, he'd much rather purchase something for the boys or me). The first was a Superdry hoody. Personally I don't see the appeal with Superdry - it's overpriced and very bland but hubster had spotted one he really wanted and hadn't purchased it. He'd been coveting one for around six months, so you know, it was clear it was something he really wanted. The second item we knew he wanted or at least loved was the Deadpool movie. the boys also wanted to pick up a Flash, Funko Pop Vinyl - hub is a huge Marvel and more so, Flash fan.

In the end, we did pick up the grey Superdry hooded top which was around £50 (crazy right??), the Deadpool DVD for £9.99 - but - instead of the Pop! which we couldn't find in the Flash design, we opted for the Lush Father's Day charity gift. Basically the boys got the opportunity to be hands on with the creation of a bath bomb. They wrote a message to daddy which was rolled up and popped into the middle of their bomb. Along with the bomb came the small tub of Charity Hand & Body Cream all for £3.50. Bargain! The proceeds of course going to charity which made it even more special. Hubster doesn't use bath bombs but honestly I know he's going to love this gift more than any of the others as the boys actually made this themselves.

While our gifts were splurges we are well aware that this isn't something we'll be capable of every year. Not with birthdays, the car MOT coming up and then of course Christmas. I tend to get really stressed out when it comes to forward planning but a few friends did advise that Ocean loans are a great reliable provider for handling this sort of situation if it comes to it and we're strapped.

I'll close just now as we're away out for the day, hubster's just about to open his gift and, no doubt we'll be enjoying the hilarity that is Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool later on this evening.

Wishing you all the most amazing day guys! I'll let you know what hubster thought tomorrow.

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British Flower Week || Injecting summer Into Our Lives

British Flower week has been running all week and ends today. I was challenged by Four Walls to discuss how I inject flowers into my own life - it was barely a challenge because flowers are something I believe should be in everyone's lives. As a pagan and all round nature lover, flowers are important to me all throughout the year, even my sons prefer having fresh flowers in the house. 

I really wanted to show you my newest flowery purchase but it didn't turn up on time (hence the late posting) but, here are some of our floral purchased over the last few months. I don't really have a specific flower preference, I tend to go for the colours and shapes more than one type of flower family - thistles, heather's, cactuses, sage, herbs, aloe plants, grasses and tulips have been on the top of my buying list lately but, I'm easy to convert so if you have a favourite flower, flower shop or flower bunch please let me know guys. 

Thistles are gorgeous. I love how they're a mixture of feminine and masculine. Being Scottish I feel an affinity to these flowers. The ones pictured above were dried but they still look pretty fantastic don't they. The lilies were a Mother's Day purchase but we typically have to snip out the pollen stems as my eldest son is allergic. In all honesty lilies were our go to flower, that is until we had children. The gerberas were the most gorgeous shade of fuchsia so warrant this flower selfie, I believe this was a £3.99 bunch from ASDA's or Morrison's. 

The cactuses again were an ASDA purchase - I purchased these at a low point when my depression had come back. Weirdly these little cuties made me feel happy, who would have ever thought that something so prickly and unobtrusive could make a difference? Music, flowers, colours all help towards improving my health when depression hits. I know many others feel the same way, this is even more excuse to have these things in my life.

Tulips! nothing says spring and summer like a gorgeous bunch of tulips. The colours are absolutely amazing, I still remember my sons buying these for me, not for any reason other than they knew I loved them. How cute is that...? This summer we will be adding to our garden, we recently re-turfed which has been an absolute bitch over the last six weeks, I had no idea there was so much work into ensuring the turf survives. At least now we have a blank canvas to work with. The coloured heathers in the main photo are being considered, small vegetables and herbs. I'm just so undecided but if you have any recommendations give me a shout.

Plants not only look wonderful, they have the ability to heal, soothe and I suppose kill if you want to take it to the extreme. Similarly colours have the ability to heal and soothe as does perfume. Well colours + perfume = flowers! Adding flowers in all variations will improve your life, I swear on it.

Ways to bring flowers into your life: 

🚩Bouquets | Fresh flowers or ones cut from your garden. Remember weeds are just un-marketed flowers and look equally beautiful in a bunch.

🚩Interiors | Fabrics and textiles are the easiest ways to get flowers into your life, however, you can go full on flower power with your furniture or wallpaper too. If you're not so brave cushions, floral scented candles, linen sprays or lighting are a great option.

🚩Garden & Exteriors | This is a no brainer really given this is where they grow however you can add more by using super cute pots, troughs and planters with varied flower types to really boost your mood and health. I recommend covering all areas - herbs, wild flowers, gorgeous coloured flowers, succulents and flowers for bees, oh don't forget your veggies - a small potato pot is all you need to start growing fresh potatoes.

🚩 Houseplants | OK so this is something you maybe scared about. I'll put my hands up right now and tell you I have a tendency to kill houseplants, even the ones that are seemingly indestructible. I since found out it's because hubster was also watering them. I would recommend aloe plants, cactuses, spider plants or even miniature fruit trees to get you started.

🚩Fashion | It's hard not to find a floral print on the high street, keeping in mind you can still wear your normal clothing but add a small amount of floral with items such as a cardigan, a scarf, a belt or even just a top with a hint of floral bias tape on the edges. If you don't like floral prints why not opt for floral shaped accessories?

What's your favourite flowers, did you celebrate British Flower Week in any way? Here's hoping my latest mini tree arrives this week....

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Saving Money At Home || The Easy Way

Let’s be honest about it, running a home can be expensive. Especially, when you have a young family to think about. It’s no secret that a lot of families struggle with their finances at one time or another. From covering the cost of childcare to making sure there’s enough money left over for dance lessons, being a parent doesn’t come cheap.

One of the best ways you can ensure that you always have enough money for swimming lessons is by saving money at home on things like energy bills. It might seem impossible, but there are plenty of ways you can cut your spending. Want to know more? Then keep reading for all the best tips and tricks.

Become a budget shopper

Did you know that one of the most expensive costs for families is food shopping? That’s right, on average families of four spend over £100 on food each week. That means most families are spending over £400 a month on food alone. That’s an insane amount of money to be spending.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that expensive. The truth is, you can save on your groceries by making a few small changes. These include being smart about where you shop - Aldi and Lidl are the best options if you’re on a budget, as well as by couponing when you shop. It’s also a good idea to leave the kids at home when you shop; else you’ll have them begging and clamouring for various items as you go around the store.

Find ways to use less energy

One of the most expensive bills for families tends to be energy. That’s why if you want to save money and make family life more affordable, you need to find ways to use less energy. Despite what you might have heard, reducing your energy usage doesn’t have to be expensive. There are lots of small, simple changes you can make to your home.

For instance, to reduce heat coming into your home, you could have your windows tinted. This would reduce how often you would need to put your air con on as the house would stay cool for longer. You can find out more about this from the SolarTex, Inc. Window Film website. Or, how about having your home re-insulated? A lot of companies offer this for free, so it’s something that’s worth finding out about. This means that your home would be more likely to stay at a perfect temperature, rather than get too hot or too cold.

Take advantage of deals and discounts

Last but not least, make sure to take advantage of all deals and discounts. Whether they’re for your food shopping or for discounted swimming lessons, take advantage of all deals and discounts. The more money you can save the better, as this means that each month, you’ll have a little more left over. This can be your buffer. This is important to have as it means if for example, your car was to break down, you’d be able to afford the cost of getting it repaired.

Hopefully, these ideas will help to make it easier for you to save money at home. Family life can be expensive and lots of families struggle, but there’s always ways to make things easier.

Life || When Life Get's Tough...

Life can be an up and down ride, don’t you agree? There can be times when everything seems to be going right. The routines of daily life just merge in sync. The washing get’s done, the house is tidy. You feel like you are winning at life. The there is the downhill struggles we can often face. Some people have more than other’s I agree. But we all face those tough times at some point in our lives. It can be anything. There might be a specific reason but for every bout of depression, anxiety or low mood there's not always one.


It doesn’t matter how strong we think we are, every one of us can be hit with something hard to handle at some point. So I thought it would be a good idea to discuss with you what you should do if things aren’t going your way, and how you can overcome them. You are always stronger than you think.

Talk to your employer

If you head out to work each day, then your employer and colleagues are the people that see you most. We may not like them, or perhaps you get on great with them. But it's a fact you spend a good chunk of time in your office or workplace. So it would be an obvious next step to talk to your employee about what’s going on in your life. This could be affecting your work without you even realising. Or before it does it’s advisable to give them the heads up about what's going on in your life. They may be able to offer time off for appointments, or funerals. They may be able to help create a better working environment. Some employers have Health Assured's employee assistance solutions. Which could offer a range of services including counselling. You won’t know the additional support available unless you ask for help. So don’t be afraid to do that.

Consider your mindset

The way we think can be the first thing to affect us mentally. Our mindsets can have a massive effect on how we handle things. Depending on your situation, if it happens to be a particularly negative and distressing thing to go through, you are likely to feel down Even upset and emotional. All of which are very normal feelings to have. But the difference is not to let them overcome you. This is where more harm than good can be done. Look at how you are thinking and working things out in your mind. No matter how hard it may feel try and overcome them and accept the feeling for what they are. An emotional response at that moment in time.

Seek help from family and friends

Your family and friends are the constant that can keep you going. So make sure you let them help you as much as they can. They can be someone to offload to, and they will listen. They may help with childcare to give you a little breathing space. Sure they may even bring food round and offer to cook or clean in the home. Accept the help. Sometimes we just need a moment to shut off and recuperate our thoughts. Family and friends are the best people to surround yourself with during difficult times.

Take a hard look at your lifestyle

Depending on the situation you may find your lifestyle has a lot to do with it. If you health has been affected then how have you been living your life? Have you been burning the candle at both ends? Not getting enough sleep or taking care of your diet. Perhaps you have been drinking more alcohol than you should be to help you get through. Our lifestyles can have a big impact on how we live our lives. So look at what you are doing and how you are living. If things need to change, then try and implement them to feel better.

Try and develop a positive attitude

Finally, developing a positive attitude will always help you get through a difficult situation. It may seem bleak at the moment, but turning a negative thought into a positive one will help you move forward. It’s about being grateful what is good in your life, no matter how tough things get. There will always be something that you can feel pride and gratitude towards. It may be your children or your family. It might mean your partner or friends. Focus on those good things and see the difference your attitude can make.

I hope this helps you through any tough times that you may have.

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Home Design || Space-Saving Storage Tips

Whether you live by yourself or with a your growing family, over time you can accumulate a lot of things that take up valuable space. The thing is we probably only use a quarter of the items we have but can't bear to part with them. I remember when we packed up to move to our current property thinking I wouldn't even miss most of those boxes if they were to go missing from the removal truck. Once they were unpacked I remember thinking that I could never part with them *sigh* It's a no-win situation unless you take action early. If you fall into this category I recommend you visit  BBC Home for these innovative space saving tips

I've come up with some great space saving ideas that can also help to give your home a stylish makeover, so why not have a look and let me know what you think?

Dining Issues 

When you live in a small flat or house, every inch of space is precious, and contemporary designers have created some ingenious ways to save space without detracting from the beauty of your home. Fold away dining tables are a fantastic way to ensure you don't have to eat dinner on your lap each night, and also mean you don't have to allocate a huge amount of space to a specific dining area in your home. There are many different designs available for diminutive households, including wall mounted tables that can be flipped away when not in use, and extendible tables that can accommodate for larger groups when required.

Beds - Not Just For Sleeping

An Ottoman bed is a fantastic option for those with small bedrooms or those that have a lot of clothes and other items to store. This type of bed offers storage underneath the mattress area and can be easily flipped up to reveal extensive space inside. Bedding, towels and even shoes can be stored safely in these types of beds and if you don't have much money to spare, you can find an Ottoman bed here from Bedstar is sure to suit your budget.

Wall Storage 

Wall space is often a neglected area when it comes to storage, but floating shelves and cupboards are perfect for homes with limited floor-space. Floating shelves are also extremely stylish as their brackets are not exposed like ordinary shelving, but are housed inside the shelf and are hidden from view, this is fab if your looking to fill your wall space with running shelves. However if you're looking for storage with a decorative appeal then upgrading your current shelves with new brackets is an excellent way to do so on a budget - brackets are the in thing at the moment. Don't want to spend the money on new fixtures, why not upgrade them with some spray paint in metallic tones? 

Sofas Storage

When purchasing a new sofa you may not have considered it could also serve as a place to store everyday items, but there are several shops now selling couches with storage in the armrests and underneath the seats. You can say goodbye to random piles of magazines or heaps of shoes when you purchase a sofa with storage.

Coffee Tables

More than a place to place your coffee cup these days guys. A coffee table can provide the perfect storage solution for your living room. If you have a lot of magazines or coffee table books, buy a table with drawers or with hidden storage, so your items can be easily tidied away. I remember coveting this style of coffee table when my sons were babies, just so I could hide away their toys, new nappies and baby wipes. Coffee tables can be used also for seating, there are more designs now than ever before where the tops are fabric, padded or have a simply glass topping so you can in fact sit on them - this is especially great when visitors come round. 

Multi-Purpose Stairs

If you have the budget, consider turning your stairs into an amazing storage opportunity. Each stair can be made into an individual drawer and simply pushed back in when you have found what you are looking for. If this poses too much of a safety hazard for your home, perhaps consider using the space beneath the stairs to house drawers. 

Further Inspirations 

Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest. Oh and Instagram. They are my bee-all-and-end-all. I no longer buy expensive magazines because I can literally find all of the inspiration on those sites. That's why I recommend them to everyone who's looking to do some DIY, change up a style or find a solution. We literally just saved a lot of money by using a Pinterest tip instead of getting a plumber in! 

This Pinterest board is a huge inspiration for useable but innovative space saving pieces: creative space-saving furniture. I can't get my head around some of these pieces and more so how the hell they're not seen commonly on the internet given the size of properties these days. 

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Grace Cole Boutique || One Year Later, How Did They Do?

One year ago I reviewed Grace Cole Boutique range. At the time I was thoroughly impressed with both products but you know and I know continual use of a product and the inception of new and more exciting ones can change how we view an older product. 

So, did Grace Cole perform any less or any better than I initially reported on? Read on to find out. 

In 2015 the brand added two new scents to their Boutique Special Edition range. This range offered larger sizes in Vanilla Blush and Peony scented products. The line's aims were to give the impression of opulence while softening and balancing the skin as equally well as any other luxury skincare brand. Both scents hit my radar and I initially purchased two products - White Nectarine & Pear Softening Hand & Nail Cream and also the Vanilla Blush & Peony Moisturising Body Lotion. There range also included: 

Hand Wash | Bath and Shower Gel | Body Butter | Relaxing Bath Soak | Hand and Nail Cream | Body Lotion

My products came in really large 500 ml sizes and only cost £6 each. Budget wise these were excellent especially given how much lotions and creams I go through in a year - at £6 I had high hopes I could swap out some of my more expensive body care creams and lotions therefore saving a ton of money. 

I also loved the pump top application. I can be lazy when it comes to certain things - lazy in the sense of having so much to do, I love when I can skip a little time on regular activities (such as exercising, lotion application, shopping and hair washing) so the top on this allowed me to quickly pump and apply. Simples! The scent was delicate - definitely suited to more of a thirty upwards age range but at the same time it wasn't so delicate that you couldn't smell it - did I wish they did a scent free range? Hells yes because I am not a huge fan of perfumed face lotions and creams. 

So did my views change over the year? 

'' When it comes to using the product I find it really enjoyable because it's fuss-free - just push the lid down and squeeze or push the pump. The creams absorb really well and leave me feeling comfortable and hydrated (and smelling lush) for hours without the addition of a greasy or overly balmy texture. I actually don't think I have any negatives about this - if they made an unscented version for my face then I'd snap it up straight away and if they made much smaller sizes I'd probably buy it more regularly. Oh, actually the only negative is I can't slip this in my handbag to take to work. I think I'd get a fair few looks if I did that........''


I think my overall opinion is the same but what I came to realise is that as the seasons change, and hormones change this wasn't actually enough to hydrate me as my skin changed. In the summer months, this is perfect because it's light while still being moisturising. Every other month you may need something with more butter and substance to it. That being said it didn't cause any nasty rashes, sores or skin discomfort which many brands did later on in the year. The packaging and that tassel detail is also super cute. 

Overall I would still recommend the brand as a low-cost option for normal to combination skin types. I believe this scent range isn't available but the base recipe for their products is the same so the rest of their range should perform equally well. 

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