Alternative Christmas Gifts to Beat The Post Strike

Christmas is twelve days away lovelies - twelve - days - away! 

If you still feel like you haven't got it together for the festive season, rest assured you're not the only one feeling that way right now *puts up hands* also with the impending Royal Mail strike next week, ordering gifts and expecting them to arrive (even amazon Prime is taking ages to arrive now) then you may be left short. 

So, the one solution I found to this problem was to order online and have the item directly sent to the recipient (or yourself if you will see your loved one before Christmas) that way you can ensure quick delivery or direct delivery. Most florists use couriers which should bypass the whole Royal Mail escapade that's about to hit us next week. 

Now don't get me wrong, I love a soft jumper, some shiny shoes and the luxuries of the festive periods but, I don't think you can beat flowers, chocolates and plants. The zanier the better. Especially if your loved one has that sort of personality. I also particularly adore festive styled flowers such as the ones below from
If you stay in Australia then you can check these out over on the Flowers For Everyone Website and I recommend you do as some of their gorgeous flowers are more than gift worthy. They even have zany Willy Wonka Roses! These are like tie dye roses guys, they have tie dye type pastel ones too - you just can't get those here. 
However, if your giftee isn't into flowers and prefers foodie type gifts why not mix the two? A bouquet of chocolates anyone? Or why not gift a Sweet Pineapple plant? I mean it's a pineapple plant. What's not to love about it. Note also that they have varied packaging colours for their chocolate bouquets. I love the festive reds and golds, but you know some people may prefer a more neutral palette of black and gold or even pastels (also available on the website). 

There is also the option of sending nappy cakes to new parents or plants. Take for example the gorgeous seasonal poinsettia plant. I adore these plants as they go with all interiors, don't give off horrible smells, don't stain your house with pollen and are a dream to keep alive. 

If you don't stay in Australia, why not take inspiration from these and also seek out some suitable flower or alternative bouquet gifts that can be sent directly to your loved ones this Christmas? 

Which of the flowers or alternative gifts would you have loved to receive this year? 

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Festive Partywear || Take One Pair of Silver Heels

It's nearly Christmas, oh my goodness I am so excited. Holidays, glitter, food, alcohol, and the festive party season. What's not exciting about all of that?

Since I was young I have loved wearing dresses and heels. Sometimes I would get dressed up just to stay in the house but I rarely get to dress up these days so, having a reason to get dressed up in pretty clothes and shoes and to then let my hair down excites me more than it really should. Like a lot more than it should but it's the season of prettiness and glitter and food, and family so I'm not all that worried.

Recently, I have been having a look online at clothes and shoes and trying to pick something to wear between now and New Year and it's been tough. Typically I struggle to find things to purchase as my size fluctuates between an eight and a twelve. Currently, I'm more of a 10-12 but at 5ft 1 with the shortest legs in the world finding something that fits my hips and my short legs isn't an easy feat.

Footwear tends to be easier purchase although I do have wide feet ''sometimes'' so knowing what is going to fit or what needs to be sized up also isn't easy because most stores don't offer half sizes or varying widths. I know this isn't something that only I fight with, ladies it's a real pain in our butts huh!

So what do you do? My resolve for tricky style choices is to start with the footwear. Spend a little bit more on the these if you have to because like my dad says 'you can't replace your feet but you can replace your clothes' He was such a wise man. After you have sorted out what you are wearing on your feet,  work your way up. Good shoes can make the outfit and make you feel so confident. If you are too shy to wear pattern or colour in your outfit, why not do it via your footwear?

I really love a bit of colour in my footwear and I saw these beauties on the Simply Be website, you can check these out in their Partywear section and thought 'ah-ha' metallic silver, non-fussy and very sophisticated. These heels will go with everything! They will give me the height needed to lengthen my legs and make my chosen outfit flow.

I don't need to worry about the sizing because these come in various widths. This means I  don't have to size up or down due to the width being too tight or narrow. The widths currently available in this style are an E up to EEE. Also, the ankle strap takes pressure of the ball of the foot and the simple design means these can be worn with trousers, skirts or dresses seamlessly.

If you are not a fan of metallic tones they also come in black. I personally love the silver metallic, though - maybe I was a magpie in a previous life, who knows. If you team these with a gorgeous festive glitter nail polish or  vibrant glossy red you'll be ready to go.

At £25 why not steal both of the colours for any upcoming parties too? So what would I team these Sole Diva Platforms with? Here are a few of my favourite picks to inspire you guys...

One option was to team the heels with this AX Paris dress which looks like a gorgeous black v-neck top and feminine flouncy skirt. I adore this shape because it suits all body types. If you're curvy the floaty skirt will skim and accentuate. If you are straight up and down, team this with a skinny black belt to accentuate the a-line in the skirt and to give the impression of curves. Sizing also is from a 12 to a 32 so ladies, no need to worry about squeezing into a size that is too small. I've heard from others who have this exact dress that it's a comfortable but true to size dress. 

I love that they have teamed the dress with tights and booties and it's certainly an option if you want to stay warm. However, teaming the dress with the heels and a simple silver toned accessory will really make this outfit stand out further. I would recommend the rectangle cubic zirconia and sterling silver bracelet due to that gorgeous teal tone which mirrors the colour in the skirt. 


This dress is everything. I really love the colour, the fabric and the shape. This is by Simply Be and comes in sizes 12 to 26. I don't have much boobage, however, the wrap style of this dress ensures that my hips and bum will be streamlined rather than squished and my chest area is covered securely (I hate when tops and dresses gape due to my lack of boobs. 

Unlike the image, I wouldn't team this gorgeous princess dress with those black shoes. They feel a bit too heavy for the delicate pink velvet material. Instead, the silver heels would be my option along with a simple earring like the silver droplets pictured. 

This one is a little bit more extravagant looking I think compared to the other two. This is by Frock and Frill and is the Zeta Dress. It's great for any ladies that dislike showing their arms or want something more subdued and modest. Sizes for this are 10 to 26 and again this is another style that lends itself to most body shapes.

You can see they have the same shoes pictured but in the black colour. Again I really would team this with either colour. The black blends into the overall looks but the silver would really enable the beading and detailing to pop don't you think?

My favourite out of these three looks is by far the pink velvet dress by Simply Be. I seriously adore this and think it's the winning option for me personally. I know I will also get plenty of wear per cost throughout the festive season, into New Year and even into the first quarter of 2017. Oh my gosh, I can't believe how close it is to 2017 already!

Which of the three options would you have chosen and why?

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