Helping Hands: Keeping Your Hands in Good Health

We use our hands every day. Some people spend their days typing, while others use them for something more physical. Whatever your hands do all day, it can take its toll on them. Looking after your hands will help to keep them healthy. If you don't care for them, then can end up feeling dry and rough. You can't prevent natural calluses forming as you use your hands for the same things every day. But you can ensure that your hands are otherwise in good condition. You'll feel healthier and ready to do anything with your hands, whether it's holding someone else's or carrying your shopping. HHHHH

Keep Your Hands Moisturised

Your hands are often the one part of your body that's most exposed to the elements. They can go through a lot of things, from biting winds to doing the dishes. It's easy for your hands to get dried out and even for your skin to start peeling sometimes. If you always seem to have dry hands, keeping them moisturised isn't hard. However, it might take you a while to find a product you like. You can pick a special hand cream or use a more general moisturiser or lotion. You probably don't want anything too heavy or sticky, or your hands will end up being out of commission for a while.

Protect Your Hands

You also need to protect your hands to stop them getting dry, red or cracked in the first place. If you're doing anything with cleaning products or chemicals, it's always best to protect your hands with gloves. Wear gloves when you're out in the cold too, so that the cold air doesn't affect your skin. Your hands also see the sun more than other parts of your body. To avoid sun damage, use a sunscreen or another product with a sun protection factor to protect them. It's also a good idea to avoid washing your hands too much, as this can dry them out.

Choose Gentle Products

When you pick products to use on your hands, make sure you choose gentle formulas. It's also important to think about what you use on the rest of your body if you usually apply other products with your hands. If you have sensitive skin, you might benefit from using natural skincare products. They're often more gentle on your skin and more environmentally friendly too.

Take Care of Your Nails

Don't forget to pay attention to your nails, cuticles and nail beds when you look after your hands. The skin around your nails can become dry or ragged, and your nails can be brittle. Moisturising the skin around your nails helps to keep your cuticles healthy. You can also use products to strengthen your nails and keep them healthy. But remember that your lifestyle can make a difference too. Staying hydrated helps to keep your nails and hands healthy.

Your hands are precious, and you need them every day. Looking after them is just a small part of keeping your body happy and healthy.

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Does Being Body Confident Mean You Have To Just Accept Your Flaws?

The need for confidence in your body is obvious - but it's something we all have issues with. Given the society, we live in and the emphasis that it places on physical beauty, there are no grand questions as to why so many women have issues with their body to the point of losing sleep. We already have the answers; we're just not doing much to rectify them.

There are two schools of thought competing with one another. The first tells us that natural is beautiful; that, in fact, we are all beautiful and should embrace our differences. This is a wonderful, if naive, point of view - because it competes with a reality that's very different. A reality where already-slender models are photographed to proportions unattainable in reality; where Disney Princesses are drawn with eyes that are larger than their wrists.

The reality is, if we have a body flaw, then we want to fix it. Is this vanity? Subscribing to a notion that only perfect will do? Or is it smart? If there were something we disliked about one particular area of another thing - such as a car or house - no one would suggest we just learn to "love it as it is." We'd try and fix it. The same should apply to how we feel about our bodies - it doesn’t mean we have to love them any less.

To stop things from getting out of hand, pick one perceived flaw that you believe you need to fix - and work on it. For everything else, try and find acceptance, knowing you have rid yourself of your biggest concern.

The most common issue is one to do with the figure so, it will make sense to begin with that. Your body's appearance is often pushed into the weight category, but it's perfectly possible to be at a healthy weight and still not be happy with your figure.

Know Your Limits

Anything to do with your bone structure - your height, your proportions - obviously can't be altered. Anything that is going to change such a fundamental part of you should not be tampered with, especially when surgeries to gain height are so unreliable.

What Can You Do?

For everything else, there's usually an exercise that can make a difference. Hate your thighs? Running and cycling are the perfect antidote, and what's more, you can do them from home with gym equipment in your bedroom. Check out this website to learn more about treadmills for running if the idea applies.

Cycling is also useful, though be careful - it can build thigh muscle past what you are comfortable with. Try and vary it with other workouts that utilize the rest of the leg.


For everything non-cardiovascular, you have yoga, pilates, Tai Chi and a whole other range of exercises that will help with toning.

So don't be restricted by the idea you have to accept your flaws. You don't; you just have to be careful, choose wisely what you focus on, and only tamper with areas you can afford to.

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Wellbeing | Pro Sleeping Tips For All The Family

As soon as you have a family of your own, you will start to recognise the importance of routine. A strong routine can be the difference between living a stressful lifestyle and living a relatively calm and happy one. It doesn't need to be a routine that runs to the hour - just a basic one for different aspects of your day will do just fine. It means that you will be able to ferry your children around, keep on top of the housework, cook healthy meals and even get enough sleep. The latter is particularly important for the whole family, but in all honesty, sleep is probably something you are lacking in your home.

Here are some ways you can make sure that every member of your family is getting the right amount of rest every night.

Your children

Finding a workable night-time routine into your children is something that you should try and do from an early age. The younger they are when you start, the more likely they are to adapt to and therefore stick to the routine. Obviously, it will start to change as they get older, but by doing this you can ensure that they will never be sleep deprived throughout the day. Pick an appropriate time for bed and stick to it - the time you choose will be very dependant on their age. Then, help them to wind down - getting a hyper child to go to bed is near enough impossible. A bath or a bedtime story is usually one of the best ways to help your child relax and get into a sleepy mood. Also, make sure that their bedroom is cozy and inviting so that they actually look forward to going to bed.


Being low on sleep as a parent is never fun. We have so many responsibilities that often, being tired is simply not an option. Once the children are in bed, it can be worth working on your own bedtime routine, to ensure that you wake up the next day feeling well rested. Start with making your bedroom a restful place to be. Look at mattresses such as vi spring mattresses to make sure you have a comfortable place to lay your head. Dim lighting or some burning candles can also help to put both your mind and body into 'sleep mode'. Also try to eradicate anything distracting from your bedroom, whether that is work related or a social device like your phone. Once your brain starts to associate your bedroom with sleep alone, you will find it much easier to switch off once you are in there.

Your pet

Sometimes, it's not your children who are keeping you up at night - it's your pet! Dogs especially can be difficult to get to sleep, and the last thing you want is to be kept awake all night by incessant barking and whining. In order to make sure your dog sleeps throughout the night, make sure he or she gets enough exercise during the day. Avoid playing energetic games with your pet late at night - make bedtimes calm and collected. Also, it is important to make sure that their bed or cage has plenty of comfy blankets inside, and that he or she has gone to the toilet before you shut them in for the night. The whole family getting a good night's sleep might sound unachievable at first, but by putting some of these tips into action it can be easier than you think!

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2017 New House | My Dream Home & Life Update

I promised an update on what's been happening before New Year and here it is, it's been a hard one to write but with the negatives comes positives. Last year my husband and I separated and as you can imagine it's been tough. I won't go into the ins and outs because it's still pending and I would prefer to keep some privacy with it but it was a case of growing apart and nothing sinister. Fast-forward and things have started to move for me, I am finally going to be moving house at the end of the month, but unlike last year, this time I am starting with nothing.

It's been a frantic panic, to say the least, and I’ve been trying to figure out what's important and what I should be spending my money on first while the budget is fixed so low but, I find it makes me dream about my ideal decor more and more. What's a girl to do? 

Dream more of course! So, here is my ultimate winter to Spring 2017 home décor wish list.

Colour Palette: I wanted to go for a warm and homely colour palette this time around but I don't want it to look too dark and dismal. My resolve was to go for a neutral wall and flooring choice but to use a variety of textures and warmer colours with the accessory choices. At the moment I love the look of warm yellow tones, rich reds and neutrals like black or creams but never had the courage to really try these out, well, things change folks and this lady is going to brave it. Not all of these colours at the same time of course as they will be spread about a whole house. The colour palette will also be broken up with suede's, check prints and woven materials. 

Windows: From past experience, it's far easier to spend on window treatments as quickly as possible to ensure you get a good sleep and save money on keeping your home warm. For years I've always made sure we had blackout blinds so that my sons slept well and in this new house, this will be no different. My sons are older now so I considered opting for a neutral tone but, little boys don't really care for neutrals so I will most probably opt for a red roller blind like the 4572 Flash Red colour tone (pictured in this post's header) which I feel, is a great colour for growing boys and adults. Rooflinds have a great selection of VELUX blinds and they even have Disney ones which are so adorable but, unfortunately, my little monsters have long outgrown the Disney channel and wouldn't be grateful for a Minnie Mouse blind. 

Furnishings: Before I would opt for pieces that were more modern but now I really crave sturdy pieces of furniture in raw wood styles that are made to last and as they get old, scratched and battered, they look even better! Great shapes and storage are important to me and I currently also love chairs that work as a focal point. The Sherlock check armchair from Next above is absolutely amazing and would be perfect for what I am aiming for.

Cabinets: If you move to a house that has a nightmare kitchen or wardrobes, but don't have the funds to replace or rip them out and start again. Why not consider purchasing cabinets or cabinet faces to replace the ones you hate? You can check out some options from Reviews Bee. And you know, you may surprise yourself and love your newly upgraded cabinets far better than shelling out a ton of cash. 

Accessories: This is where I get excited. It's so easy to change your decor with these simple accessories and this season I am opting for sunny yellows, white, black and blues. While I am working with a pre-decided colour palette I will also be looking at textures! I mean look at that cushion, the textures coupled with some rougher checks, some soft downy blankets and the gloss of the hello sign above is pretty amazing. This will also ensure the overall look doesn't look 'flat' and gives a little personality to the rooms. I'll be adding these pieces slowly from our moving date to spring to really turn our house into a home. 

Is anyone else moving house soon?

Keeping What's Yours, Yours

Think of the amount of items and objects you’ve gladly accumulated in your lifespan. The treasures, the valuables, the heirlooms. They may be worth quite a bit! Now, think of all the tech in your household - the laptops, the 4K HDR UHD curved TV set, the PS4 Pro with an attached Sony PlayStation VR, the iPad and iPhone.

We’re getting quite a bit of value here, aren’t we? If you think that, and we know it - so does a criminal who will look to take it off of your hands.

The most valuable items in your household will not be bolted down. You can’t bolt down a Playstation or a laptop, and they can hit over one thousand dollars of value which can easily fit under both arms. The portable goods in your home are worth a hell of a lot and can be taken without hassle.

That’s not fair - they are yours. Unfortunately, that doesn’t matter. Criminals exist for a number of reasons - desperation, the thrill of the crime or even a product of our times and environment, the fact remains, though, that the items they want, are rightfully yours. Let us try to keep it that way.

Now, criminals will have the know-how and experience that will allow them to instantly assess the worth lurking inside a property. What your job here is, is to keep your property off their map. If it’s deemed an attraction, that will invite a closer eye. A closer eye means that they will assess the risk of breaking-in and if the risk is lower than the reward? Well, you’ll be out of pocket, and your home will have been broken into.

How do you keep it off the map, though? Maintain your property. Criminals will look for properties that show off any sign of negligence. If there’s items that are broken, an untidy lawn or explicitly unlocked doors, this will warrant an inspection from the prying eyes of a criminal. If you don’t want to be a target, show clear care for your property.

You don’t have to spend a great deal to deter criminals, but you might want an alarm system that will scare them off. Even if you can’t afford the luxury of a security system, then you can use security signs to deter burglars. These are the same signs and stickers given to owners of alarm systems, so you can at least have the same deterrent.

Finally, lock your door. It’s so simple, because if you don't then someone might try to break in. Don’t make that mistake because it could end up with you losing a lot - all for the sake of a simple twist of a lock.

Make your property a risk for any criminal who chooses to assess it and you’ll likely find that it will be ignored. Don’t advertise the value in your home and keep what is yours, yours.

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