Bring Me Some Sunshine

When was the last time you’ve gone out and enjoyed the warmth of the great big ball of fire that shines in the sky? If you’re like any of us, you probably remember when was the last time the sun probably shone this year, because it made the headline in all the national newspapers. Needless to say, most people are now sitting indoors, waving an angry fist at the sky. It may not be raining where you live, but it’s probably grey and a little bit cold.

There’s no fun in those sad and cold days, especially when we’re are getting so close to the summer season.

What do you do when you dream of sunny days?

Admittedly the best thing to do when you’re desperately dreaming of a warm and sunny day is to plan your own sunny vacation. If you want an American adventure, you should try heading to Florida over the summer, especially because there’s nothing that says hot holidays like visiting Disney World in your best shorts.

Or, maybe you’re more of a Mediterranean kind of tourist? It doesn’t really matter where you want to go, as long as you’ve figured out that if you want a sunny summer, you need to look outside of the UK.

Make your outdoors inviting instead

Does it mean you can’t enjoy the British outdoors? It would be unfair to claim that it always rains during the summer. But, so far, we haven’t been really lucky with the weather. However, with an insulated patio you can tame the cold spring and summer days and still stay outside. You might even be able to enjoy a refreshing glass of homemade lemonade while keeping warm on your patio! After all, just because it’s cold, it doesn’t mean you can’t get warm.

Nobody is cold around the fire

What you really need to enjoy the outdoors is a dry day. As long as it doesn’t rain, you can spend time in your backyard and throw a rustic garden party. Forget the warm jumpers; you should build a fire pit instead. You’ll be pleased to know that such pits are relatively easy to make using online tutorials. More importantly, they’re absolutely ideal to grill marshmallows on a stick, and that certainly gives a delicious and sunny taste to your summer days, even if it’s cold outside.

Get that cute rain outfit

Who said that you couldn’t get out when it was raining? Try to remember the fun times when you were a child and you jumped in every puddle of water. With a pair of rain boots and a cute raincoat, you can have tremendous fun outside. Sure, it may not be the summer you expected, but isn’t it part of the British mentality to make the most of rainy days? Besides, you’re in luck, motive raincoats and transparent plastic coats are back in trend, meaning that you can look your best without getting wet. And having fun can make you feel just as happy as lying in the sun, so get your wellies and jump in the puddles before it’s too late!

Sun, sun, sun. Where have you gone? In the meantime, don’t despair and make the most of the British weather. There’s still a lot of joy around!

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