Tough Choices || Jumping On The Mobile Bandwagon

Guys, my mobile phone died last week!

I've never been someone who cared all that much about mobile phones, texting, and apps that is until my mobile became my main contact source. Ironically as soon as it did - it decided to die. Now, I can't be all that mad because it was an older Samsung Zoom camera (awesome camera).

The dilemma I have now, and it's this dilemma that's holding things up is I don't know whether to go for another Samsung or another Iphone (I have had an Iphone in the past). My issue is that Samsungs are versatile, the cameras are amazing but, let's be honest as a Macbook user getting an Iphone would be more beneficial. However, everyone has Iphones...

Believe me, I have considered every weird aspect of owning a new mobile. I'm not someone who wants a mobile that screams 'look at me' but I do want one that looks different (because believe me, I will lose it if it looks normal) and I want it to be functional - yes, more so than just being a phone. It's the same mentality I have for most of my tech.

So, looking about it's clear that a) I need a phone, b) I need a case as I will drop/bump/bash the communication device - I am a clumsy-saurus and c) I need a useful but sophisticated case.

I don't care all that much for selfies, lighting up my phone when I need to use the camera, bedazzling, spangly, crystallised or equally kawaii types of case. But, I do love the flip out cases that double as wallets and purses. I love that these types of cases protect the phones, hold my cards and money and are far easier to carry about.

But, then I just don't know because the red high grain leather case really does it for me. I love how simplistic it is, sometimes I really think it's best to pair things back and to just enjoy them rather than overdoing it, you know?

When I was looking about I came across some 'nice' cases and some really crazy cases that made me cringe. The ones pictured above are really practical and look great, especially the blue one, which is definitely suited for a child so they can easily grasp the sides and in turn protecting your expensive technology.  So if you also like useful and functional cases that are a bit more serious, grown up and, well, in my opinion, the best Ipad and Iphone cases, then you can find the ones pictured above over on the Case Haven website.

So guys, what should I do - Samsung, Iphone or the three phone case above? Which should I opt for?

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The Heart Of The Home: Keep It Clean!

The kitchen is the heart of every home.  Regardless of whether you cook like Gordon Ramsey or are more a microwave domestic goddess, this is a family gathering zone.  Very few people don’t like to eat and when we eat, we love nothing more than to come together.  It takes us back to our caveman days.  Sitting around the campfire with all of our pack.

Your kitchen is a reflection of who you are.  If you are a messy, creative individual then it is likely your kitchen will have bright, bold colours and will often be found with splashes of flour or loud and proud ingredients, you cook from the heart and you don’t mind a little mess along the way.  If you are more logical your kitchen may feel like a clinical and calm area.  One such as the home of celebrity chef, Nigel Slater.  All your meals are considered with care, your ingredients perfectly measured.  Recipes followed to the letter.  

Whatever type of cook you are, it is important to have a clean and hygienic work space that looks tidy.  It is different when we are merrily buzzing around in it.  But if you aren’t cooking, you need to show your guests you are neat and clean.  There are some great ways of ensuring housework in the kitchen is easier than it used to be.

Most modern kitchens will be fitted with an extractor hood and fan.  This helps to suck up all the grease, steam and smoke that you create whilst making your next culinary masterpiece.  However if you don’t keep on top of the cleaning, this will become clogged up which will result in your home filling with smoke and all that grease heading straight for your roof and walls.  Within the extractor you will have range hood filters.  Sometimes these can be removed and cleaned in your dishwasher.  However you may need replacements.  Check with the manufacturer of your hood if you aren’t sure.  

Washing up is never any fun.  It doesn’t matter who you are, there are very few people who can sit down to eat a meal.  Enjoy great conversation and then jump up and feel good about getting elbow deep in dirty dishes.  Even if you have a small kitchen you can install a dishwasher.  Most top brands make slimline versions of their dishwashers.  These are just as effective and in some cases, a little more efficient.  The storage design has been thought out to maximise the use of space, so you could find you can get a lot more in than you might in the big boys.  Keep on top of dinner parties by loading as you go.  Putting the heavier greasy things in for a cycle on their own, then adding the plates after you eat.  

If you choose to display your food then you need to keep a really close eye on it.  A gloriously colourful fruit bowl may look amazing whilst everything is ripe and your bananas are a bright yellow. Less so when things start to rot.

Take time to keep your kitchen clean.  It will make your guests feel more at home.

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Why Loving Your Body is Loving Your Life

Taking care of your body is one of the most important things that you can do in this life. It’s the thing that gets you around, that carries you. You can adorn it in any style of clothing and feed it anything you want, but at the end of the day if it’s not working properly then there’s no amount of style or food that will be able to fix it. You need to nip any problem that you may be experiencing in the bud as soon as it happens.


If you’re not already registered with a doctor, either because of a house move or you’ve never needed one, get registered. Go for a general checkup and make sure that everything is as it should be, and raise any concerns that you may have. It doesn’t matter how embarrassing they may seem; your doctor has probably heard it all before, and it is their job to help you with whatever medical problems you may have. Remember that it’s not just physical health that can be assisted with - any mental health queries or issues that you may have can be either referred to a specialist or dealt with in later appointments. It’s up to you to take it into your own hands and get it sorted; unless it gets to emergency point, nobody will come looking for you to get yourself better.

Keep Appointments

It may seem scary with all the appointments that we are being sent to adhere to, such as mammograms and cervical smear tests, but if they weren’t worth doing then the letters wouldn’t be sent out asking us to attend them. It may be that you will need to go outside of the NHS to get some treatment or help with any issues that you are having, for example looking up a local chiropractor for when you are having back problems. Although these are generally private practices, the money issue shouldn’t put you off - if you make an appointment, you still need to stick to it. You have made the appointment to get something important resolved, and there is no amount of money in the world that will be able to get your health back to where it needs to be when you’ve gone past the point of it.

Stay Healthy

There are certain things that you can do in your day-to-day life to keep you on track. It is advised that you follow the 8 x 8 rule - eight ounces of water eight times a day - to keep you refreshed and hydrated enough so that your body operates to the best of its capability. This is relatively easy enough to incorporate into any routine, but so many of us don’t do it. If you don’t have any form of exercise regime, you could consider taking on the Couch to 5k challenge that is currently promoted on the NHS website.  It is relatively slow-paced and it doesn’t matter how unfit you are - you’ll be up running with the pros in no time.

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