Mind-Clearing Activities You Can Do At Home

We all know how hectic modern life can be. There’s the long hours at work, lengthy commutes, a social life to keep on top of, and that’s before we even get to thinking about keeping our household and family life all in check. With so much going on, it’s no wonder that there are more stressed people than ever before. The good news is that our stress levels usually rise because we’re not giving ourselves enough attention, and that’s something that can we change. It’s all about feeding the right kinds of energy into our minds and bodies. Below, we outline 4 of the simple activities you can do at your home that’ll relax your mind and get you back to your best self.


Repetitive Exercise

If you thought exercise was just for getting your body in shape, think again. While having a regular exercise regime will give you a pretty healthy body, it’ll also give you a healthy boost to your mind, too. You don’t have to go out and get an expensive gym membership, either - invest in some equipment and do it right from your own home. Because it’s a repetitive motion (which relaxes the mind) and a really effective exercise, one of the best machines you can invest in is a rowing machine; take a look at https://bodygearguide.com/best-rowing-machine-reviews/ and you’ll soon be relaxed and happy. A running machine is also just as good, as it’s the same repetitive motion and also gets those endorphins flowing!


It’s understandable that some people might be skeptical about the benefits of yoga, but you’ll soon find out that there’s a reason that yoga has boomed in popularity over the past decade: it works. Aside from strengthening your core muscles and improving your flexibility, it’s a fantastic tool to help calm your mind and provides a gateway for self-reflection, which is crucial when you’re feeling extra frazzled and stressed. Take a look at http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/workout/yoga/poses/beginner-yoga-poses/ and give it a try; you won’t regret it.

Settling into another World

Yes, it’s highly likely that you might initially prefer to watch Netflix or browse the internet more than reading a book, but set aside the electronics for a night and you’ll see that there’s something unspeakably relaxing about lying on a couch with a good book. Try it one evening. Light a candle, get comfortable, and immerse yourself in another world. After 2 hours, you’ll feel relaxed and refreshed, much more than you would if you had spent the whole time scrolling through Facebook!


As we enter spring and make our way onto summer, the evenings are going to be staying brighter and warmer later and later. If you have a patch of green at the back of your house, dedicate two evenings a week to gardening. You’ll soon find just how therapeutic it is. Something to do with getting your hands dirty and reconnecting with nature will put your heart at ease - and you’ll have a beautiful garden to show for it at the end too.

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A Party for Grown Ups

When we think about throwing a party, our teenage brain might go back to red cups and beer pong - but when you reach adulthood, it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way (but if you want to it to be , then go ahead, nobody’s stopping you, enjoy the nostalgia!). There are so many ways to have a fabulous evening - the grownup way.

Fancy Dress

You don’t necessarily have to do fancy dress as in costume characters from your favourite movie; you can take this as an actual fancy dress, where you don your best outfits. Whether it’s ball gowns, tuxedos or old prom dresses that haven’t seen the light of day in a good few years, giving yourself the opportunity to utilise these clothes outside of a wedding or formal event is definitely the way to go. It makes for a proper evening, one that you can go all out on - while pretending that you’re someone you’re most definitely not, which is the most fun thing about it.

Set the Scene

Whether you’re having a themed party with pineapples or a throwback to the 1920s, you will always need to set the scene. Even a simple chill party can be made better with a few scatter cushions thrown around and candles to bring you into the mood and vibe of the party that you want. If you are having a themed party, make sure that you get everything right for it, and well in advance; you don’t want to be rushing around on the day putting stuff together haphazardly in high hopes that it’s going to look good for the evening. People appreciate presentation rather than a lack of effort - so put in your best!

Utilise the Rooms

Think of the rooms that you have in your home. You could throw a dinner party and make good use of your dining room if it’s not sat in regularly; make sure that you have all of the correct dining room furniture to host a sit-down meal rather than scraping around for spare chairs. It’s a good excuse to finish off this room if it’s never really received any love and attention, too - if it’s got a specific event to be ready for, you’ll be more inclined to get it up to scratch. Making sure that everything matches isn’t necessarily key here - it’s more about creating a room which reflects your style first and foremost, but also being able to be used correctly as the room it was intended to be.

Keep to Character

Again, if you are having a themed party (even a themed dinner party - murder mystery nights are great fun!) make sure that you stay in character. It’s easy enough to break if you need to, but it makes the party all the more interesting - especially if your guests have to uphold accents and demeanours which they totally can’t. It sets a precedent for the rest of the evening and can be something that you look back on to with fond memory.

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Your First Home: How To Make It Perfect For You

Moving into your first home can be one of the most exciting times in your life, whether it’s a tiny rented studio apartment or a house that you’ve spent years saving up for. That doesn’t mean that it’s always easy, however - but there are some things you can do to make it easier on yourself...

Budget Carefully

First of all, it’s absolutely crucial that you make and stick to a budget. There’s no point in finally getting on the property ladder, only to get into debt because you’ve developed an addiction to buying kooky mugs from Urban Outfitters! Make sure that you don’t go over budget and that you prioritise what you need to buy - for instance, a shower curtain is probably more important than extra pillows for your couch. Putting aside a sum of money each month to buy house supplies will help you focus on what exactly you need to get first instead of doing too many huge furniture hauls and buying way too much.

Buy Some Quality Pieces

You might not want to blow too much cash to start off with, but you should bear in mind that one way to stay financially healthy in the long term is to invest in good quality items that will last the test of time. Chesterfield leather furniture, for instance, will look better the more battered it gets over time (and remember that leather couches are always a good call because they wipe clean, so you won’t have to be too distressed when something scary happens on TV and you accidentally spill your spaghetti). Ideally, you’ll want to keep some pieces with you as you move into different places and your life changes over time, so bear that in mind when you’re choosing your furniture.

Focus On The Flow Of Your Home

Make sure that your home is a comfortable place to be - you want to make sure that there isn’t anything out in the way that’s easy to trip over or walk into, and you want it to be a comfortable environment whenever guests come over (after all, what’s the point in moving into your first home and decorating it carefully if you don’t get to show it off?). Make sure that you utilise your space carefully - make sure that there’s plenty of floor space, and invest in plenty of storage so you don’t have too much clutter. Remember that the more you have out, the more you’ll have to clean and dust, and no one wants to deal with that.

Add Personal Touches

Finally, it’s important to really make your new home your own by adding as many personal touches as you can. No one’s saying that you have to put framed family photographs on every single surface, but it’s time to start figuring out your own taste and what you really like. Pick out pieces of art that you can display on the walls, whether that’s prints by your favourite artist or pieces that you’ve picked up at your local markets and thrift stores.

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5 Simple Steps to the Home of Your Dreams

5 Simple Steps to the Home of Your Dreams

How can you make your home better? This is the big question everyone asks these days, and it’s important to consider. There are so many changes you can make that might not involve spending a lot of money these days. Look at what you can do to change your home and make it a more homely and enjoyable place.

Making alterations and changing things might be a process that happens over time, or it might be something that you want to action immediately. Whatever the reasons, you have to make sure you are taking the time to build the home of your dreams one step at a time. Here are five steps to follow that will help you achieve this.

Have a Spring Clean

It’s that time of year again, and you need to start thinking about spring cleaning the home. This is a rite of passage that all homeowners must go through, and it’s essential for helping keep the home in good condition. The home of your dreams is unlikely to be messy and dirty - so keeping it clean is important.

Bathroom Renovation

So often the bathroom gets overlooked in favour of many of the other areas of the home. But, there is no reason why you can’t make your bathroom look as great as possible without having to put it out of action for a few days. You can make small changes that will have a big impact on the bathroom moving forward.

Get New Furniture

New furniture is also an excellent way of making the home better and turning it into the home of your dreams. You would be surprised by the impact new furniture can have on transforming the entire look of the home. Think how great a glass dining table and chairs would look as the centrepiece to the home. This is going to have a big impact on the property moving forward.

Create a Gallery Wall

What better way of enjoying your memories and displaying your photos than to create a gallery wall? This is a wonderful form of showcasing your personal pictures as a family and making the house feel more homely and personal. The home of your dreams will no doubt have pictures of everyone, and the gallery wall is an excellent way of displaying them.

Tend to Your Outside Space

If you are lucky enough to have an outside space you have to make sure you tend to it and look after it. There are so many ways of doing this, and keeping the lawn trimmed and in good condition is a great place to start. The better the outside looks, the more you will add some wow factor the property.

These are just some of the important steps involved in the process of creating the home of your dreams. You’ve got to make sure you do as much as possible to improve the home and take it to the next level. These are changes and alterations that make a big difference to the property.

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Garden Grooming: Ideas For Creating A Garden That Requires Less Care

Do you lack a green thumb? Are you someone who loves to sit outside and soak up the sun but dislikes getting their hands dirty? Do you love the idea of a beautiful garden but aren’t passionate about gardening? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people that aren’t blessed with a love of gardening or a green thumb, so if gardening is not your forte, don’t worry because you’re not the only one.

back garden 1.JPG

Now, the good news is that even if you’re not a keen gardener, you can still have a gorgeous garden. You could hire a gardener to deal with your gardening needs for you, or if your budget won’t stretch that far, you could find little ways to make your garden an easier space to keep looking spick and span.

Swap to artificial grass

Never have time to mow the lawn, then why not look into getting artificial grass? Sure, it might mean making an investment, but if it makes it easier for your garden to be kept looking nice, then it’s something that’s worth considering. To find out more about having artificial grass installed, it’s a good idea to speak to an expert. It could also be a good idea to look online on sites like the George Hill Timber website, to get an idea of the price tag that artificial grass tends to come with, as well as the different types. It’s also worth finding out how long artificial grass can last and what care it needs if any.

Install sprinklers

To keep your plants looking healthy, installing automatic sprinklers can be a good idea. If you’re prone to forgetting to water your plants, then having sprinklers that come on automatically installed could be a good idea. That way, you don’t even need to worry about watering your plants, all you have to do is set your sprinklers to come on at a certain time each day. How much easier would that be, rather than having to remember to water your plants.

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Have decking or patio installed

If you would rather not have to worry about any grass in your garden, artificial or otherwise, opt to have decking or patio installed. The great thing about swapping grass for patio or decking is that the upkeep is much easier, plus it means that you will be able to use your garden all year around, as you won’t have to worry about the grass turning into a mud pit.

Choose easy plants

When it comes to picking plants for your garden, what you want to do is pick ones that are easy to look after. You don’t want to have to be worrying about feeding them at certain times of the year and making sure that they get just the right amount of water. What you want are plants that need a little bit of water, and that’s it, as that way you don’t have to worry about ensuring that you’re giving them the right care.

See, creating a garden that’s easy to take care of is possible, it’s just a case of making smart choices when it comes to how you design your garden, that’s all.

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Are You Making These Mistakes with Your Entertainment?

Nothing helps us kick back and relax after a stressful day like indulging ourselves in our little home entertainment hub. I’m not talking about a home cinema or a $10,000, five-monitor gaming rig - these entertainment hubs of ours can be as simple as whatever PC you happen to use, or whatever TV you have in the living room.

But are you realising the full potential of your entertainment technology? The odds are you aren’t. And when you’re not realising all of that potential, then your entertainment simply isn’t going to be as sharp and exciting as you can get it!

You may worry that improving your entertainment experience will result in you getting a little too hooked to your entertainment. Well, we trust that you have slightly more self-control than that outcome implies! Here are the simple ways in which you can improve your home entertainment setup.

Slow Internet

If your Internet connection isn’t very good, then your streaming services won’t work properly. Your gaming console will take ages to update and download games. Another problem is that you may not get the streaming quality that’s best for what you’re watching. Some streaming services will make up for a slow Internet speed by reducing the sharpness of the image for the film or the series you’re watching. While this means that you’ll have less buffering time and fewer freezes, it still means that you’re seeing a dulled version of whatever it is you’re watching. These things have been shot in high-definition for a reason! Talk to your Internet service provider about improving the service, or find another supplier.

Better picture

When people talk about upgrading the image quality they get at home, whether it be on their TV or their gaming monitors, people tend to imagine insanely big screens that are of ultra-HD quality. And hey, if you can afford them, then by all means go for it. But you don’t need to splash out an insane amount (or take up all the space in your room) to improve the quality of the video and games you experience. Something as simple as a sharp monitor will do. It depends on your purposes, though - some will be better for watching movies, others will be better for games. GamingBuff reviewed the best monitors for gaming if you’re more interested in the latter.

Film rental services

It’s possible that some of you haven’t even heard the term “film rental” for years. It may bring to mind renting DVDs or even VHS tapes from Blockbuster in the mid-2000s or even the 90s! Why the heck would we need film rentals when we’ve got all these streaming services? The simple answers are this: quality and choice. Companies like Netflix and Amazon rent out DVDs and Blu-Rays - and you can rent pretty much any movie you can think of this way. You have so much more choice than you get with a rental service, on which you often don’t see new releases for months. If you rent Blu-Rays, then you’re getting much better visual and audio quality than with streaming. Even when measured against high-end streaming, Blu-Ray smashes the competition.

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House Hacks: Get The Most Out Of Your Tiny Home

Re-Jig The Layout

Sometimes you can make better use of the space simply by reworking what you already have. Downstairs, knocking down walls to create a more open concept space can make everywhere feel much more roomy without adding anything extra. If you have large bedrooms upstairs, how about splitting one into too to give you an additional room? While you’ll be losing space here, if you have children who have grown up and need their own room or you want to add a home office it’s a cheaper way of doing it.


Get a Home Extension

If you simply don’t have enough room in your home and need additional space, a home extension is the best way to go. It’s not cheap and you’ll need planning permission, but if it’s a choice between moving and extending this way can allow you to keep your home. Extending to the side, front or back of the home can give you a larger living space downstairs and if you go with a double story extension you’ll get another bedroom and bathroom upstairs too.

Have a Conservatory Built

If you want to extend out but don’t want to splash out on a full extension, conservatories are a good choice. They’re less expensive and yet you still get a full extra ‘room’ to enjoy in your home. Whether you want an additional living space, a dining room or want to extend your kitchen in a way that lets in a whole lot of gorgeous natural light, this is the way to go about it. People have been put off building conservatories in the past due to them being cold in winter and warm in summer- not to mention them being poor energy wise due to losing a lot of heat in the home. However conservatory glass is now better than ever, and you can even have an ultra efficient conservatory roof fitted. Perfect for keeping it well insulated and the perfect temperature all year around.


Convert The Attic and Basement

Extending either up into the attic or down into the basement can give you a huge amount of additional space. In some houses these spaces are enormous so it’s a shame to waste them and let them be just storage for old junk. Basements make great games rooms or hangout spaces for teenagers. Nicely converted attics work well as home offices, guest bedrooms or you could even add an ensuite and turn it into a gorgeous master suite.


Do you feel like you need more space at home? Will you make any changes to your property?

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The Best Films About Life You Will Ever See

We have compiled a list of the best life changing films of all time.  These are movies which might make you think a little differently about life and could give you a new way of looking at a situation you are in, so sit back, open the popcorn and enjoy!

Richard Kelly’s cult classic Donnie Darko stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a troubled, sleep-walking teen who insists on challenging authority and who is often visited by Frank, a monstrous rabbit that urges Donnie to perform dangerous and destructive pranks.

This is a haunting work and focusses on the human desire for companionship.  Mixed with 80’s nostalgia and a little bit of science fiction mythology Donnie Darko is a film you need to see.

What makes Donnie Darko especially fascinating is its take on multiple realities and universes. The film explores concepts of imploding universes, black holes, and alternate timelines, leaving most scratching their heads and itching for an immediate second viewing. Richard Kelly stated that the film has varying interpretations, which is why it remains the object of analysis and debate to this day.

If you Download ShowBox APK then you can stream these movies for free, alternatively you can find them on itunes.  The next film is one of the most groundbreaking films of all time.  The Matrix.  To understand it you need to watch it, we think this film will go down in history as one of the all time greats.

A smartly crafted combination of stimulating action and mind-bending philosophy, The Matrix is a film that casts doubt on our perception of reality. The film’s premise finds Neo (Keanu Reeves), an office worker by day, computer hacker by night, suddenly stripped of “the grand illusion.” That is, the idea that life as we know it is false, a simulated and constructed reality in which mankind is unknowingly imprisoned.

The film is an allegory for the concept of a spiritual awakening. Neo is woken up to the fact that he’s been enslaved to the system, the matrix, his entire life. He is re-taught about his unlimited potential as a creator-being, and stands up against the dark forces that hold humanity captive. Amazing in every sense, The Matrix has a lot to offer, with the potential to change the way you understand the world in which we live.

Our last film is sad but romantic and might make you think twice before your next conversation with Siri

Her follows Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix), a lonely, introverted middle-aged man who hears of the new OS1, the world’s first artificial intelligent operating system. When Theodore meets Samantha (Scarlett Johansson), the charming female voice of his OS1, he soon finds himself drawn to her romantically. As he becomes closer to Samantha, Theodore must decipher where his desire to be with her is really coming from.

There are many themes in Her that parallel the issues of our current technology-obsessed culture. We’ve become so attached to our phones, laptops, and tablets that we’ve begun to lose touch with an essential aspect of life, authentic human interaction. Her reveals how technology is propelling isolation and loneliness to a frightening degree, something we all should consider.

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