4 Activities That Will Really Push You To New Limits

If you are worried about becoming too stale or stagnant, then you might want to start thinking about what you can do about that. Generally, when this happens, it means that you have not done anything outside of your comfort zone for a while. Fortunately, this is relatively easy to fix - so long as you are keen on working to improve your life experience as much as possible. If you are looking for something that will really push you in a big way and get you out of your box, then take a look at the following list. Here are four things that are guaranteed to get your blood pumping.



One of the most common fears in the world is public speaking, and at first glance you might wonder why you would make yourself do this. However, if you want to push yourself, there are few better activities than this, as it combines so many different positive acts which it is worth looking into. This is something that will build your confidence, improve your social skills, and enable you to see yourself in a new light. If you are not sure where to start, consider an open mic night at a comedy club. Worse case scenario, you get booed off - and develop some pretty thick skin!


If you’ve never been for a long trek before, then this is definitely something that you should think about doing. Trekking is great because it is a fantastic source of exercise, and it also helps you to develop more robust and positive states of mind. When you have to really push yourself physically in this way, that carries over to your mental life as well, so it is well worth doing this if you want to improve both your body and mind. You could consider an official trek, such as the mount toubkal trek, or you could just go where you feel the wind takes you. Either way, this is a great experience which is bound to help you develop in many ways at once.


For the really daredevil ones out there, this is something that takes real guts. If you have always wanted to skydive, but you’ve never had the nerve, then maybe it’s time that you pushed yourself and went and did it. You might be surprised at how easy you find it, and it could even become something that you want to do again and again. Skydiving gives you a real confidence boost, and it is a lot of fun too, so it is well worth considering if you want to open yourself up to a new experience.

Start A Business

Finally, if you have a good head for ideas, then why not put that to use in the form of a business? When you start a business, it requires a great deal of different skills, and it  is for that very reason that this is something you might want to think about doing. Seeing a business of your own succeed has to be one of the best feelings in the world.

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Eating out | The Fettykil Fox

So last night we went out for dinner and The Fettykil Fox, here in Glenrothes which is run by Vintage Inns was the venue of choice. Located just off the Leslie roundabout, beside the Holiday Inn Express this so-called "Country Pub" is a great place to stop off for a drink or a meal, especially when the sun was shining late into the evening. 

The decor inside was so rustically eclectic. I love that they went for a rustic, Scottish chic interior style and Elyse was in awe as each section was decorated differently. 

Although part of a food chain, the food is of excellent quality and the service is superb. Our waitress for the night was cheery, had a joke and a laugh with us and made us feel very comfortable. She catered to our somewhat eclectic needs and was genuine through and through. There really was no fake kindness in order to get tips - this is a rarity! 

While most people have a starter, main and pudding (if they can fit it in) we opted for a more unconventional approach to our meal, starting with the main course followed by a second course - Elyse chose a pudding as her second meal, mamma bear opted for a pudding also and I opted for a starter - although I secretly regretted it and kept eyeing up their puddings. 

All I can say is monotony sucks, what's life without a few nonconforming decisions?

For the Main

Elyse went for the Chicken Pie, accompanied with a creamy mashed potato and seasonal vegetables, which was portioned very generously, but not too much. The chicken pie came in its own stoneware dish and the pastry was crispy and flaked nicely. The potatoes tasted freshly made, there was no horrible instant mash in this dish! The vegetables were fresh and consisted of broccoli, carrots, and spinach, which made a nice side dish.

I chose the T-Bone ribeye steak (10oz), with chips, seasonal vegetables, and a peppercorn sauce. Cooked medium, just how I like it, the steak was cooked perfectly, had very little fat and was not chewy at all. The chips were chunky but the portion could have easily been doubled, I think. I also had a portion of seasonal vegetables, but my ones were seasoned with rosemary.

For the Starter/Dessert

Elyse fancied the sticky toffee and apple pudding, which tasted absolutely amazing, and as a woman with a sweet tooth, this was a great way for her to finish off her meal. Being a sticky toffee pudding, this was sweet and had a very nice toffee flavour and but didn't overpower the apple finish. Both flavours went very well together, something that she did not expect.

I decided that I wanted to have a starter in place of his dessert, but that didn't stop me trying some of Elyse's! For my starter, he had the broad bean & asparagus risotto, which was covered in cheese but following my large dinner I was unable to finish it, I did think that it tasted very nice and that the combination of asparagus and cheese was a very tasty one.

The decor and ambiance

When you enter The Fettykil Fox you will be greeted by a comfortable and classic pub feel, where the lights are dimly lit and the atmosphere is very inviting. The decor is homely-Scottish country, with a nice collection of pictures featuring people of the past, cozy fireplaces, and comfortable wooden chairs.  If you don't feel like sitting indoors and want to sit outside in the sun, a rarity here in Scotland to say the least, then you can enjoy the fully furnished beer garden where you can have a nice drink with friends.

In conclusion

This was a pleasant place to have dinner, and with the nice and inexpensive menu, it was a good way to spent the evening. I'd totally recommend this for a couple, people with kids or if you want to go out as a large group, they cater for these all.

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Noisy Neighbours Nixed

To someone who has never experienced them, noisy neighbours probably don’t sound like that big of a problem. “Let people enjoy themselves!” You might be told, from someone who has never had to try and sleep while their walls are vibrating with sound. “They probably think you’re noisy too!”

To those who have lived it, though? Oh, we’ve lived it. We think it’d be more appetising to set up a tent inside this kind of venue...

… than have to go through another night of living next to the noisiest of neighbours. At least you’d know what to expect if you were in a club, and there’d be a closing time to look forward to - unlike with noisy neighbours.

Not that it’s even just music! Oh no - there’s the door banging, the shouting, the loud conversations in public spaces… and all the other little ways that your life is set on edge by inconsiderate people. People you have not chosen to spend your life near, that you wouldn’t choose, that you are just thrown next to because of circumstance.

People who have never lived next to noisy neighbours don’t know what it’s like to feel like you are a prisoner in your home; like the sound will never stop. They won’t know the fear that the noise will actually stop… only for you to be on your guard waiting for it to begin again.

If any of the above sounds familiar, you’ve a few options for bringing the situation to a quiet resolution.

1. Talk To Them

If it’s banging doors and loud conversations, then there’s a chance that your neighbours from hell don’t even know they are neighbours from hell. A simple request might be enough for them to tone it down. You can write a letter (signed from “your neighbours” - no need for specifics about who) if you can’t face a verbal confrontation.

2. Check Your Soundproofing

While that message is percolating in their minds, you can check your own home to see if there are any fixes to help limit the problem. Noise-blocking curtains can be very useful, especially if you’re willing to spend - the better quality, the better the noise block. It’s also a good idea to call the the experts like Buckingham Double Glazing during your next home maintenance run through; modern, well-maintained double glazing can make a huge difference when it comes to blocking out external noise. These might be small changes, but both curtains and well-glazed windows can really minimise the noise you experience.

3. Don’t Call The Police - Call The Council

Did the message not got through? What a shame, but not an unlikely outcome - some people just genuinely have disregard for the problems they might be causing others.

You will likely receive advice at this juncture to call the police. Frankly: don’t - you’ll be so low down the priority list it’s not worth bothering with. The only exception would be if there is a single incident, late at night, that sounds like an all-night party - but the police have little concern for chronic issues.

Instead, call your council and ask to speak to the antisocial behaviour section. This is the department with the power to make a report, monitor, and potentially even prosecute those who are persistently making excessive noise. If your polite requests have been ignored, then this might be the only way you can move forward.

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It’s A Nice Day For A White (& Black) Wedding

I don't know about you, but I believe that wedding should be stylish occasions, and what is more stylish than pulling off a monochrome themed wedding? Black and white will never let you down. But how can you make it work for your big day? Read on to find out more.


As the bride, your dress is probably the first thing that you are going to start thinking about when you are getting married. But if you are going for a monochrome wedding you do need to be careful about the colour of dress you pick.

If you are going for true white and black theme, then it's advisable that you go for a true white dress. Otherwise, your dress might end up looking dirty, when really it’s just off white!

However, if you are going for an ivory and black theme, which can look very 1940s film star and quite classy, then you can go for an ivory dress.

Bridesmaids dresses

In monochrome weddings, you really only have a limited choice of colours that you are going to dress your bridesmaid in.

If you want to be super popular with them all and make their day, then put them in black dresses, short or long. Who doesn't look and feel their best in a black dress? They will even be able to get wear out of them afterward!

However, you shouldn't discount dressing them in the same colour as you. You can accessorise them with black sashes or headpieces if you like. This can look very striking, and it clearly delineates the wedding party from any of the other guest on the day.


Picking the right venue for a black and white wedding is essential. It no good having a strong colour theme, if the room you are using is decorating in bold reds and blues.

That is why you need to choose somewhere like The Wood Norton, which offers neutral wood panelled room for a more vintage vibe, or a white-curtained backdrop like a blank canvas that you can choose to dress as you will.


Of course, you will be adding your own decorations to the venue as well, and in particular paper pom-poms in black and white can look very classy. Flowers will, of course, need to be in tones of white, but you can add some black accents in, with dried or silk flowers, or even the odd ostrich feather for texture.


One of the biggest advantages of having a black and white wedding is that it makes the invitation so easy to do! You can quickly, and reality cheaply makes your own. Buy some that are ready made, or even get a professional printer to create some for you.

The benefit here is that whichever route you choose there are bound to be loads of options in this colourway. So you won't have to spend a lot of time trying to get the shades and tones of everything to match properly!

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Summer Home Maintenance Tasks You Won't Want To Miss

A lot of home maintenance jobs are perfect for winter when it’s cold enough to want to stay inside. However, your home obviously has an exterior too, and the warm, dry weather of summer makes it the perfect time to do these jobs, and catch some sun and fresh air while you’re at it. There are also a couple of interior jobs which are far better in the warmer weather since you won’t be reliant on central heating for maintaining a comfortable temperature. As the weather starts to warm up and the sun digs out its hat, give some thought to getting these home maintenance tasks while the weather is good.

Get the roof checked

The ice, wind, and rain of winter can play havoc with your roof, but these problems are usually completely undetectable from inside. Checking your roof annually, in either spring or summer, will enable you to find a small problem, such as a loose tile or a little hole, before it becomes a huge, leaky catastrophe. A quick visual inspection is all it takes it avoid little problems becoming much larger, far more expensive issues.

Clean gutters

Autumn and winter will see roofing gutters filled with decomposing leaves, which can quickly lead to drainage problems and even damp and leaks into the main house. After spring, blossom and seeds can also clog the gutter. It’s best to try to clean them twice a year, once in early winter and once in early summer in order to ensure drainage is never affected, especially if you live in quite a leafy or suburban area.

Check out your central heating

In winter, a boiler breakage can result in a few chilly days. In summer, it goes almost unnoticeable, save for the growing pile of washing up and a couple of rather nippy showers. To save money, ensure your central heating is turned off, and if you have a combi boiler, turn it to hot water only. If you use gas oil to heat your home, now is a great time to stock up as prices tend to drop over the summer when it’s in lower demand. Turn your heating on once a month and allow radiators to start to warm, just to ensure everything is still working smoothly. If something does go wrong, you’ll have a far more comfortable wait, and usually, a far shorter wait, as plumbers tend to have longer waiting lists in autumn and winter when most people discover boiler problems which come about in summer.

Give the exterior some TLC

Summer is the perfect time to paint the window frames, do some gardening, pressure wash the driveway, or clear out the garage. The warm weather makes it almost a pleasant job, and it’s a great way to ensure you get outdoors. Freshly repainted woodwork is far more protected from the elements as the autumn rolls around, so leaks or possible rot are kept at bay. When you want your home to look beautiful, make the most of the summer to beautify it.

Summer is the perfect time for many home maintenance tasks, so make sure you don’t miss out!

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How to Go Botanical at Home

How to go Botanical at Home

Spring is finally here; the days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and flowers are beginning to bloom.

It’s also the time that we begin looking at doing the ‘big spring clean’ at home. Whether we’re looking to rejuvenate our living spaces, breathe a fresh lease of life into our home or even just dusting off the cobwebs and giving every nook and cranny a thorough deep clean, there are plenty of ways to introduce botanical elements into our space.

But, why botanical? Not only does the introduction of plants and flowers help to promote healthy mental attitude, foster creativity, eliminate harmful pollutants from the air and make us feel better. Also, Pantone has announced that its colour of the year for 2017 is ‘Greenery’, proving that nature-inspired décor is big news for the year.  

So, how do you achieve the natural look at home?

Be Bold

Sometimes, bolder is indeed better. Whilst some of us shy away from creating a dramatic look in our homes, now has never been a better time to go bold and bright.

For those looking for subtler ways to introduce botanicals into the home, choose one wall and create a feature wall by introducing full-length mural wallpaper. Don’t be afraid of making the most of bright colours as you can balance the space by keeping the rest of the room relatively neutral.

Look out for unique and interesting accent pieces such as poufs, ottomans or armchairs in natural shades to finish the look.

Go Green

What better way to use the natural trend than by introducing fresh plants and flowers into your décor?  

Super simple and cost-effective, choosing new flowers to place along dining tables, sideboards and even coffee tables can create a whole new sense of bringing the outdoors in. Not only with the smells remind you of spring, but flowers and plants can instantly help to lift your mood making it a happy home all round!

If you’re feeling up for a weekend project, consider buying geometric vases or plant pots and work the geometric trend at the same time by planting your own terrariums or even consider hanging glass terrariums for those that are short on space.

Then, once you’re feeling green fingered enough – try planting your own mini allotment or window containers ideal for growing your own fruit and vegetables.

Totally Tropical

We’re seeing a huge rise in the tropical trend for 2017 and so expect to see lots of banana-leaf inspired décor and other jungle-esque looks.

Introducing accent pieces such as floral cushions, floral throws and floral artwork work to introduce the trend without overpowering the room. To do this look really well, it’s important to keep other décor simple as these exotic prints and designs are statement pieces.

Choose a neutral coloured sofa or a distinctive leather settee and play around with the tropical theme through the use of accessories and accents.

Choose statement artwork to hang on the walls incorporating these jungle themes and you’ll be on to a winner. Alternatively, do the jungle trend but keep it monochrome if you’re not up to transforming your home into a scene that could rival Jumanji!

Have you tried botanical décor? How did you do it? We’d love to hear from you so get in touch.

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Short And Sweet Tips To Make Your Home Your Haven

Everybody’s home should be their safe haven at the end of the day. You don’t want to come home from work to a house that you don’t enjoy spending time in! You should feel comfortable and safe. Here are some short and sweet tips to make your home your haven:

Include Lots Of Texture To Make It Cozy

Lots of texture stops your home from looking boring. The more texture you introduce, the comfier it will feel to you. Make sure you add rugs, throws, cushions, and anything that adds a bit of texture to the place.

Give It Your Own Personal Touch

Make sure you don’t just try to make your home look like a catalogue or something from Pinterest. If you do this, it just won't have a soul! Give your home your own personal touch, including your favourite pictures and colours so you really love spending time there.

Keep Your Home Maintained

Keeping your home properly maintained is so important. Make sure there are no repairs that need to be done, and if there are, get them sorted out ASAP. Make sure you also keep it clean and free of clutter. Clutter can weigh heavier on your shoulders than you’d think!

Reduce Noise Levels

Did you know that the noise levels in your home can actually contribute to illness? They can make you feel stressed, interrupt your sleep, and have even been linked to heart disease. The following link can tell you whether your HVAC needs to be replaced (if it’s making noise, it probably does):

Infographic created by Home Comfort USA

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