Muscle Foods? Yes please!

With almost all forms of shopping migrating to the online domain, it isn't any surprise that you can purchase hampers full of high protein food to help fuel your fitness endevours.

Muscle Foods, a family owned business and one of the leading meat suppliers in the UK, is one supplier that I have always returned to. With their quality, value for food and excellent customer service, it is easy to see why they are at the forefront of this industry.

Normally, we'd go to Morrisons or Asda (Big supermarket chains here in the UK, for all of our non-UK readers!) to do our weekly shop and deciding what meat to buy is often a daunting task. The fact is, meat isn't cheap and finding good meat that isn't injected with water costs more pennies. 

The guys at Muscle Foods have been so kind to send us a few hampers for reviewing purposes and what we received looked awesome! 

The pictures are made up of three different hamper sets: The Outstanding Summer BBQ Hamper, the Super Fresh Fish Taster Selection and the Next Day Meat, Fish & Snack Variety Hamper. The Summer BBQ Hamper is currently out of stock, but keep your eyes peeled with Summer being just around the corner. 

The food arrives in Muscle Foods iconic custom boxes, which are packaged really well and ensure your food arrives fresh and in pristine condition. As you would expect, the food arrives really quickly, but in the unlikely event where it is delayed, the food will stay chilled for up to 48 hours!  We were really excited when our box came, so we went all out and had to get some pictures of the food laid out.

As you can see from the pictures below, this is ALOT of food! 

What you will get in the Outstanding Summer BBQ Hamper:

* 2 x 170g Free Range Pure Rump Steaks
* 2 x 170g Free Range Centre Cut Steaks
* 2 x 113g Premium Buffalo Burgers
* 1 x 450g Sticky Peking Rack of BBQ Ribs
* 2 x 170g Chicken Breast Fillets
* 6 x 75g Meaty Pork Sausages
* 4 x 113g Rump Steak Burgers
* 2 x 113g Chicken Breast Burgers

In the Super Fresh Fish Taster Selection you can expect to find:

* 2 x 113g Fresh Salmon Fillets
* 2 x 125g Fresh Tuna Fillets
* 2 x 4-5oz Fresh Swordfish Loins
* 150g of Cooked and Peeled King Prawns
* 500g of Broccoli Florets
* 250g of Curly Green Kale
* 1kg of Baby Potatoes
* 1 x 25g sachet of Luxury Meat Seasoning

And finally, In the Next Day Meat, Fish & Snack Variety Hamper:

* 2.5kg of Premium Skinless Chicken Breast
* 2 x 6-7oz Free Range Hache Steaks
* 2 x 6oz Dragon's Fire Hache Steaks
* 2 x 4oz Extra Lean Steak Burgers
* 400g of Free Range Steak Mince
* 342g of Giant Free Range Beef Meatballs
* 1kg of Frozen Tilapia Fillets
* 454g of Low Fat Cumberland Sausages
* 454g of Pulled Pork Sausages
* 10 x 35g of Low Fat Back Bacon Medallions
* 50g Lemon Crunch Protein bar
* 30g High Protein Pork Scratchings
* 1 x Loaf of Wholemeal Protein Bread
* 1 x Sachet of Deep South Seasoning

As you could imagine, this would take up a whole lot of space in your freezer (You must freeze the food on delivery, unless you plan to eat it all in 2-3 days!), if it was purchased from anywhere else, but Muscle Foods have clearly had storage in mind when they were designing their individual packaging. All of their Steaks, chicken and other filleted meats are all vacuum packed, to allow for optimum storage - I'd rather have simple, but practical packaging over bulky and fancy packaging that takes up half of your freezer space. 

Be pre-warned, you will spend some time individually wrapping up some of the larger portioned foods, namely the chicken, when they arrive - just don't do what I did and froze the whole 5kgs of chicken, resulting in a monstrous slab of protein that I had to hack down with a meat cleaver.... 

Lets talk about value. Muscle Foods sources it's product directly for suppliers allowing for a lot of it's food to be sold for discounted prices. When compared to the some big supermarket names, the price difference, their frequent discounts and offers, and more importantly - the quality, is substantial enough to merit it as a viable alternative to visiting your regular markets. 

Will I be using Muscle Foods as and alternative for buying my meat? The answer is absolutely! My experience with them has been great, and don't let the name scare you away, even if you aren't someone who is in to keep fit, give Muscle Foods a go. 

You can find Muscle Foods over on their website here, be sure to check it regularly as they update their website with awesome new deals and offers weekly!

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Could Board Games Be Due A Revival?

Let’s say that you’re in a bar and you get talking to someone. You bond over shared amusements, talk a little about your partners, and it’s clear you’re on your way to making a new friend. You ask her what she likes to do for fun: “Oh, I like gaming…”

Where does your mind go? Chances are, it goes pretty much anywhere but to the games that once made childhood what it was: board games. Now, if someone tells you they enjoy a game every once in awhile, you’ll think of mobile apps, console games, even those games you can play in your browser at work when you’re bored.

So while there’s no doubt that we’ve not lost our desire to game, it seems we prefer to do it in a digital space. There’s been plenty of articles and opinion pieces that suggest board game usage is well and truly dying out. However, on the flip side, there are also signs that board games are at the beginning of their journey rather than the end.

It’s not hard to see why, when you think about it. The major attraction of digital games is how immediate they are. You can be having a chat with your new friend about her online casino experiences and within five minutes, you can be having a go yourself. Or she could share the latest must-have app that seems to pass you by; 30 seconds and you’ve downloaded it.

Take away the convenience and the take-anywhere aspect, it’s worth considering if maybe board games do have a place in our oh-so-modern lives after all.

1) They’re Easier To Do As A Group

Gaming with a group of people can be one of two things. It can be a lot of fun, as everyone involved already knows the game and enjoys it. Or it can be a nightmare. You spend half the time explaining the rules or how the controls work to one set of people, while the others sit idly by waiting for everyone else to catch up.

Board games, however, don’t have that drawback. They’re always relatively simple; a quick five-minute conversation and a pass around of the rule book should be enough to suffice. There’s no need to ensure everyone has a console or is synced correctly; just a space at the table and someone is involved.

2) They’re Easier To Play As A Group

So let’s say you get through the problems noted above and actually get to playing your digital game as part of a group. It’s chaos in a very short time. Following the progress with so much going on on the screen can be tough, and then you have the inevitable failures in how the console and controllers (for example) sync with one another. It’s not pretty.

With board games, it’s simple: you have your turn and then you wait while everyone else does. It’s easy to track progress, and everyone knows where they are.

So while digital games have their place in the world, it’s perhaps time to consider there’s a second place - for group entertainment - that board games are just waiting to slot into.

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How to Make a Horses Coat Shine

Like any horse owner, you’ll probably want to know that you’re doing your best for your horse. One way to know that your horse is thriving is to look at its coat. Every horse owner strives for a beautiful, glossy condition, but there may be times when your horse’s coat dulls. Don’t worry, it isn’t a sign that you’re doing something wrong. But, if you’re concerned, here’s what you can do to get that shine back.


Just like humans and any other animal, your horse will need the right nutrients to produce a shiny coat. Check if your horse is eating a balanced diet. If you’re feeding it manufactured foods, the correct amount of nutrients should be within your horse’s diet. You also need to make sure the hay your horse is eating is nutritionally rich. It can help to feed your horse vegetables and fruits like carrots and apples but it’s important to monitor your horse’s weight. Overfeeding could damage your horse.

A Healthy Environment

To keep your horse healthy, you need to ensure its surroundings are in the best condition. You must clean your Vale Stables on a daily basis and provide clean bedding for your horse. A horse that lives in dirty conditions isn’t going to thrive. It’s a difficult job to do but it’s worth doing when you see a horse with a healthy body shape and shining coat.


Your horse’s coat will produce natural oils to make it sleek and shiny. The best way to encourage these natural oils to work is to brush your horse regularly. Grooming your horse once a day will go a long way to protecting its coat. It’s also a good chance for you to bond with your horse and develop trust. This is especially important for show horses who compete regularly. It’s killing two birds with one stone; you’re ensuring your horse looks its best and you’re building a strong relationship.


It can be tempting to bath your horse regularly, especially during the Autumn and Winter months when the ground is wet and muddy. However, the natural oils that work within your horse’s coat can be damaged by too much bathing. It’s a common mistake and it can make your horses coat coarse and dry. If you feel you need to bath your horse, use only water instead of using shampooing and conditioning treatments.

Is Your Horse Well?

If you notice odd behaviour along with an unusually dull coat, it may be an indication that your horse isn’t well. There are many types of parasites that can affect your horse’s health and coat. One of the best ways to avoid this is to keep up with regular worming. Your horse will need to be wormed to avoid intestinal parasites. If you think your horse is suffering from something more serious, it’s best to contact a vet immediately.

A healthy and shiny horse is a wonderful repayment for all of the hard work you do, so look after your horse and it will look after you.

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Wellbeing | Get a Summer Body

Summer is nearing and that means two things - it's hot, we're all happy and the overall feeling from the general public is happiness, I mean it's summer after all, but, the second is there will be a huge outcry of body shaming as companies pull out their 'Summer body' advertising which in turn will cause a huge outcry of people posting about taking their bodies to the beach equals 'summer body'.  

You know it and I know it because these are the same things that happen every year.  

So, this post will cover some Summer beauty and body tips. It won't cover dieting, it won't cover exercise and it won't include body shaming whatsoever. What it will include is tips for getting your body healthy in time for the summer season. 

Let's start from the top and work our way down... 

Summer Lips | You cannot beat EOS lip balm when it comes to achieving the perfect summer lipsIn the hot weather, sensitive skin can become dry and parched, your lips are no different. Drinking can help somewhat (water not alcohol) but adding a slick of balm regularly helps to keep moisture where its needs and that is on your pout. 

Summer Body | Elemis Body Brush is one of my top tips for getting a summer-ready body. This isn't a scrimp worthy item, however, you can use it with the handle and without and dry brushing or wet body brushing topped with some body oil (fully recommend Mama Mio Tummy Rub Oil) and cream or lotion (depending on how dry your skin is) is the best way to get a healthy glow this summer. So don't worry about dieting, or don't worry about missing the gym for an hour or two because healthy skin starts initially from being hydrated and dead skin being sloughed away. 

Along with body brushing you should drink, drink, drink. I really mean it, without adequate hydration your body will become dehydrated and your skin sags. This automatically will leave you looking older and less like your best self. So hydrate to help your body heal and stay healthy. 

Summer Nails | Much like everything else the nails can be prone to drying out and when that happens, they split! *ouch* there's nothing worse than newly manicured nails splitting is there. So, I fully recommend Nails Inc Superfood to help prevent splitting and bending. 

Summer Toes | Tootsies need some love too and that's why I cannot recommend This Works Perfect Heels for getting rid of dry skin  which, just like body brushing works in the same way but on your tootsies. Skin take a battering and therefore the cells die off quicker leaving the nasty build up that you see sometimes on the sides of the toes or on the heels. Exfoliating your feet gets rid of this build up, leaving your feet looking smooth. 

Also, because it's the summer I cannot recommend bright polishes such as OPI Birds Do Not Tweet yellow polish for the nails just to give you a bit of a summery brightness or Do You See What I See blue police. 

When it comes to colour therapy yellow is said to ''stimulate the solar plexus chakra which helps to increase our feelings of self-worth, intellect, self-confidence and ego'' 

And, overall the most important part about getting a summer-ready body is to have fun. Don't listen to what's in and what's out and take care of the basics. Once you do, you'll realise that your head ends up in a good place and you're more likely to have lots of fun, and, that's what summer is all about isn't it. 

What plans do you have this summer? 

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