Simple Ways To Slash All Your Bills


We all have bills to pay, but few of us take measures to lower these bill payments. Here are just a few ways that we all can be paying less each month.  

Consider switching providers

Never stay loyal to one provider. Changing things up every few years can save you a lot of money. There are plenty of comparison sites out there such as which can help you to find the best deal out there on energy bills. In other instances, simply threatening to leave could get you a better deal from your current provider. This is especially the case with mobile phone contract providers and TV/internet providers that will stop at anything to claim you back as a customer.

Up your insurance deductibles/excess

Insurance can be huge cost for many of us. Whilst there are plenty of ways to lower your premiums through installing security features, one of the simplest ways is to raise one’s deductibles or excess. This is the amount of money that you’re willing to pay towards any claim. Obviously, you need to be able to make sure that you can pay this amount in the event of a claim. However, given few of us need to regularly make a claim (compulsory car insurance being the biggest culprit), it can be a great way of saving money.


Go green

Living a more eco-friendly lifestyle can also vastly reduce the cost of your bills. For example, to stop you reaching for the gas thermostat as often, installing insulation such as double glazing and loft insulation can help to trap the heat in your home. A greywater recycling system meanwhile can recycle waste water from your shower and kitchen sink to be used for processes such as toilet flushing and gardening. Solar panels meanwhile are a way of slicing your electricity bills, allowing you to power your home using the energy of the sun. All of this costs money to install, but you’ll make you’re guaranteed to make your money back in a few years. Even if you do choose to move property, such eco-friendly features are certain to add value to your home. Besides, there are plenty of grants out there that could be applicable to you – this site offers some information on such grants.

Check for billing errors

Utility suppliers, insurance providers and phone companies will all make billing errors on occasion. In fact, there are figures to suggest that billing errors are far more common than we realise. Reading all your bills and not simply paying them blindly can help you to spot such errors. When it comes to energy, you may even be able to measure your own rates with an energy meter. Smart meters are able to relay information directly back to your energy provider so that there’s no chance of billing mistakes being made.

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Quick Tricks For A Bigger Body

If you're the kind of man that's always on the go, but need a few tricks to maintain the body you've worked so hard for, or sculpting the one you want - here are a few of the easiest ways to get big while on the move.  

Resistance Band

Everyone should own a resistance band. Not only are they practical, but you can use them in so many different ways to increase the intensity of the exercise you are doing at the time. If you want to improve your strength in certain areas but not others, then just use this on the part you want. It can challenge any muscle in your body by creating a constant form of tension, meaning in engages and works the muscle the whole time until you finish your reps.
Another great thing about this is that you can use it wherever you like, whenever you like. Even if you're on a lunch break at work, you can pull it out of your bag and have a quick five-minute arm session before work calls again.

Pull Ups

It's very easy to focus on the arms when lifting because there are plenty of exercises and it's satisfying to watch as your muscles engage when doing your reps. But don't let this make you overlook other areas, such as your back. If you keep building up your arms but haven't got the back, you will end up looking unproportioned and odd, plus you won't have the right support as your arms get bigger. So make sure you work all the muscles that you have in your back too. Pull ups can be a great exercise for this, and there are many different varieties you can do, and it doesn't take up any room. On sites like, you can find pull up bars that easily fit to your ceiling or doorway, so you easy access whenever you want to work up a sweat.

Swiss Ball

If you want to get those rockin’ hard abs, then get yourself a swiss ball. These are often associated as a woman's exercise tool, but that is not the case at all. These work wonders for doing crunches on by challenging your core muscles, all while having to balance and stay coordinated at the same time. It can be very tricky at first so requires persistence, but the results are so worth it. You can even do chest presses and pullovers once you get used to having to balance. You can find more plenty more exercises on
You don't need any other equipment to intensify the workout because you will already be getting everything you need. Your abs will be crying the day after, but you'll have a killer six-pack in no time at all.

So who said you need huge weights and machinery in order to get the body of your dreams? All these workouts can be done from the comfort of your own home whenever you fancy a quick session. Plus, they don't cost much either! So get your body ready to show off this summer - you have no more excuses not to!

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Skincare Woes | How to Beat Rosacea

I've written many times about my struggles with skin problems which for some reason worsened as I hit thirty. Not as thirty-three-year-old, my skin is starting to balance itself however, it doesn't stop me worrying that those past problems could return.

I started my menstrual cycle very young at age nine. This meant that my skin was also temperamental from a young age. While my friends were all fresh faced I was a blotchy, bumpy and bright red young lady. It was always commented on that my cheeks were red, the slightest difference in heat or coldness made my cheeks burn bright red which in turn made me embarrassed which, as you guessed it - made them even redder. 

Growing up I was very insecure about everything, the redness of my cheeks only made me quieter than my friends and even the slightest bit of attention such as the teacher calling out my name in class, or as I grew older, my work colleagues drawing attention to me for both good or bad reasons resulted in the big bright red flush that I was known for. I hated it. There seemed to be nothing I could do and the only positive that I could see from this was I never had to purchase blusher. 

As I grew in confidence and visited the doctor about my issues I was given a range of skin treatments to try out. Everything from diets to try, topical creams and gels to tablets and capsules. Some worked and some didn't. It was pretty much hit-or-miss but having spoken to others that suffered from acne and rosacea there seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel as many of them were in remission from these conditions. It was simply finding what worked for me that would be the resolve to my skincare issues and let me be clear, it was tough going.

So what is rosacea? 

Rosacea is similar to adult acne but it doesn't have exactly the same symptoms. Unlike acne rosacea causes redness of the face (or the cheeks for many people) which is brought about by a flushing sensation that can at times burn. Each time it flushes the burn or intensity can vary. 

Other symptoms of rosacea can include tiny little red pimples across the central part of your face, some sufferers have mistaken this for the lupus butterfly rash. For some though they may never have pimples but may find fine red lines (telangiectasias) on the face, especially on the cheeks and around the nose. You can get these treated with laser's at beauty salons if they are causing you any upset. 

Unlike acne rosacea is incurable but, it can be controlled and managed so it goes into remission. Changes in lifestyle, diet, stress or temperatures can cause flare ups but I found that changes in hormones were what worsened mine. Of course, your lifestyle, stress, and diet can affect your hormones causing an imbalance which leads to a flare up. It's a vicious circle. 

Again when it came to treatments for me personally, it was a change in my diet (I went through allergy testing to find out my problematic foods), meditation to reduce my stress, antibiotics which helped reduce nasty bacterias and calm the immune system - more so it was erythromycin that really helped as it's a skin based antibiotic,  and treatment gels that helped me. You can check out more about these treatments such as the Mirvaso Gel online .

I would definitely advise anyone who thinks they have rosacea or who has been diagnosed with rosacea to re-assess their own lifestyle. Look at what could be causing your condition to flare by writing a diary, use apps such as Fitness Pal to log foods and drinks as well as symptoms and find a pattern. Nightshade foods can cause inflammation so take a look into those, find ways to reduce your own stress by either reducing what you do, ask for help, go to counselling if need be or find some calm in an exercise class or even yoga in your own home. 

If you're still struggling with rosacea or acne, then definitely go to see your dermatologist or skin care professional. Don't be scared to speak up about your worries with your skin as keeping it hidden will only make it worse. 

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