Help your Child Heal After An Accident in 3 Simple Steps

There is only one thought worse than being involved in an accident and that is one of our children being involved in an accident. As all accidents, car, sporting, falls or a burn are unexpected, they always come as a shock. Dealing with that shock and knowing how to look after our children after an accident can sometimes be a challenge, particularly if we have never been in that kind of a situation before. So today we wanted to share our top tips for helping children to recover after a shocking accident.

The Psychological Effect
It is no wonder that accidents often have an emotional and psychological impact on children. Car accidents involving children are not just about whiplash personal injury claims they are about the psychological effect that being involved in a shocking incident can have on a child. A dog bite or an accidental burn can be equally shocking and can also require significant care and attention in order to allow the child to process what has happened and to feel normal and happy again.

It is not a one-size-fits-all approach as some children bounce back really quickly and cope really well whilst others take more time to adjust again. Every accident and every child is different but it is wise to familiarise yourself with the common responses.

Common responses
Again, all different children have different responses to being involved in an accident however some of the common responses that your child might have include feeling anxious, worried, withdrawn and sad. There can also be physical changes and these can range from being jumpy, having problems sleeping, fast heart beat, headaches and feeling nauseous. Your child may also have changed in the way that they think. They may have more difficulty concentrating and struggling with everyday life. They may also become more withdrawn and will not want to be around people or may even not want to be alone.

All of these symptoms can be hard for a parent, but it is important to know that they are normal and they are temporary so try to stay relaxed for yourself and for your child. Most children do move on from these symptoms reasonably quickly, some gradually adjust over a couple of months and some children experience distress that goes on for longer than others.

How Can You Help?
One of the most important things you can do to help as a parent is to try and get back to your normal routine as soon as possible. It sends the message to children that everything is absolutely fine and back to normal. It is also natural to feel extra protective of children after they’ve been involved in an accident, however try not to do this too much and encourage them to participate in all their usual activities and hobbies.

Talking about the accident is also a good idea but it is wise to think carefully about how best to approach it. So bear in mind that although it is usually better to talk about it than not to to talk about it, remember you are a role model and you must stay calm and soothing throughout the conversation. Answer your child's questions simply and honestly and show them that they are safe, loved and protected and that you are there whenever they need to talk about it, or just need you close.

These situations can be upsetting and frightening for everyone involved. So make sure that whilst you look after your child in their recovery, that you are also looking after yourself to get over the shock of such an upsetting situation. Be good to yourself and heal together as a family.

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Getting Family Game Night Just Right

Family game night is simultaneously the most and least fun night of the week.

On the one hand, you get to spend time with your loving family and play some silly games. On the other hand, you have to first organize the night and ensure that you choose the games that will make everybody in the family happy and also avoid any unnecessary squabbling or arguments. So, as with any fun family activity, there’s a slightly stressful and not-so-fun element that comes with it. Here are some tips to help you get family game night just right.

✓ Get some board games.
You might be laughing at that idea, but it’s not quite as ludicrous as it might sound on the surface of things. Yes, you’ve probably heard the joke that board games make you bored (and, most likely, you heard that from your children), but you might just be suggesting the wrong ones. Forget all the complex games with endless rules, cards, instructions, and other obstacles that will stress your kids out to no end. Go for games like the Jenga-styled Igloo Mania game we reviewed; essentially, you only have to stop the parka guy from falling into the igloo, but the simplest games are often the most effective. The point is that you shouldn’t dismiss all board games. Just think outside the box and surprise the family with something a little more creative than a dull quiz game.

✓ Try out bingo.
It’s a straightforward game, and you don’t even need to buy anything other than some paper and pens. You can create your own bingo game quite easily, and it’s certainly one that’ll get your family’s competitive juices flowing (hopefully, not in an argumentative way). Bingo is the kind of game at which we all roll our eyes, but it’s another simple and effective one. You’ll get into the excitement of playing bingo if you give it a chance; there are lots of great online sites like Unibet on which you could play it too. Everybody likes to win prizes, and if there’s something appealing at the end of your family bingo game (e.g. the winner gets to pick the film you watch) then everybody will be far more pumped to play it. Better still, it’s not a game of skill; there’s a definitive answer as to who wins, so there shouldn’t be any arguments.

✓ Drawing games.
Drawing games are always fun. Pictionary is a classic, of course, but you might want to think outside the box on this one to keep the family excited about game night; you don’t want to be repeating the classics endlessly. You could try a game like Pass It On, which involves drawing a picture, passing it on, and then seeing what the person guesses your drawing to be. It’s usually a funny game because the guesses are way off the mark. You get the idea.

✓ Scrabble.
At the end of the day, you can’t beat some of the greats. Scrabble is a fun one because you learn about new words without feeling like you’re in a stuffy, dull English lesson. You can all have fun and joke around about whether words actually exist or not (just make sure nobody’s using their phones to cheat because games like this do become more difficult to govern in the technological age).
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Small Changes That Will Make A Big Impact To Your Bathroom

Whether you have lived in your current home for a while or have just moved in, if there is an area of your home that you dislike, it can have a big impact on how you feel about the property as a whole. Whatever the room is that you don’t like, be it your bedroom or your bathroom, there are little ways that you can change up the look and feel of the space without too much hassle.

That being said, there are some rooms that a lot of people tend to find the hardest to make changes to, such as the bathroom, for instance. However, the fact is that even though the bathroom might seem like a difficult space to make changes to, it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of ways that you can change up your bathroom, to make it a space that you love.

For ideas and inspiration for making more of your bathroom, read on.

Incorporate a feature wall

If there is one simple change that can make a huge impact on the look and feel of a bathroom or any room for that matter, it’s a feature wall. It’s amazing how much difference changing just one wall can make to the look and feel of the space. Whether you opt to use pretty, patterned wallpaper to create an accent wall, paint, and stencils, or another material such as reclaimed timber, it doesn’t matter; you can have a big impact on the look and feel of the space. A feature wall can draw the eye away from other areas of the room that you don’t want people to focus on, and can give your bathroom more a luxurious feel.

Change the hardware

To give your bathroom a new vibe, consider switching out the hardware. Do you dislike the design and style of the taps that your bathroom incorporates? If the answer is yes, it could be time to swap your current tap design for something new. There are lots of styles to choose from when it comes to taps, so it pays to take the time reading up about them, to get an idea of what style would work best for you. For more information about the best types of taps to incorporate into your bathroom, the internet is an incredible resource. As well as changing up the taps in your bathroom, you could also opt to swap the door handles or light fixtures, for newer and more stylish pieces.

Accessorise the space

One of the simplest ways to make a big impact to a room without doing too much work is incorporating a few well thought out accessories into it. Think quirky rugs - bathrooms can have rugs incorporated into them - pretty towels, stylish soap dispensers, and soap trays, pretty plant pots with house plants in them, shower trays with unique patterns and designs - the list could go on and on. Head to your favourite home and decor store and spend your time doing some browsing of the bathroom accessories section, to see which accessories you like the look of, and think would fit well in your bathroom.

There you have it, tips and ideas for making small changes to your bathroom that will have a big impact on the look and feel of the space.
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Life | Important Insurances You Should Always Have In Place

When it comes to your family, you can never be too careful. You may be a kind and considerate parent, but there are some things that are out of your control. So, you may want to make sure that you have some plans in place, just in case. Spending time with your family and being a hands-on parent is something that you care about, but you should also make sure that you’re practical too if you want to be responsible. So, to protect your family and make sure that they’re cared for, here are a few things that you may want to put in place.

Have Actual Insurance
First of all, you might want to think about getting an actual insurance policy. Now, it’s highly likely that you have medical insurance to cover you all. But, you may also want to think about getting life cover too. This is sometimes required of you in order to get a mortgage, but it’s also a responsible form of insurance to get too. If something should happen to you, having a policy in place should mean that your family are taken care of.

Write A Will
Then, you should also think about writing a will too. Now, this all may sound a bit morbid for you, but it’s important to be practical and realistic, just in case something should happen. If you’re not sure how to go about this, working with probate solicitors would be the first step. They can advise you on what you need to do. Then, you will ensure that all of your affairs are in order and, again, that your family are cared for in the event of something tragic.

Have Family To Hand
Next, it’s often a good idea to have family around you if you can. Because having insurances in place isn’t just about the formal affairs that you need. Should you get sick or have an accident, you may need someone to care for your kids or even pick them up from school. Family or close friends are great for this. So, it’s important to make sure that you have someone there who can step in if need be.

Have A List Of Emergency Contacts
Similarly to this is the idea of having an emergency contact list. Now, not only is it important that you have an emergency contact for yourself, but you should also have lists that you or others can access in the event of an emergency too. There are lots of emergency numbers that you should keep in your cell, like doctors and specialists, but you may also want to tape them to the fridge and even keep a list in your kid's school bags too, should others need them.

Save Some Money
You may also want to think about putting some money away for a rainy day. This isn’t always easy when you have a growing family and money is tight, but if you can, it could be a great security. It’s handy to have any spare cash, just in case you need it.

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Household Habits: Little Things to Add to Your Weekly Routine

Routines dominate most areas of our lives. Work rotas dictate when we need to head to the office, social calendars allow us to allocate sufficient time to our nearest and dearest and that leaves us with days dedicated to domestic chores. Most of us already have certain days of the week when we’ll vacuum the house, dust the shelves and do the food shopping. But there are certain little tasks that you should allocate a day or time slots to in order to ensure that we don’t forget or neglect them. Here are a few varied habits to add to your regimen to reduce your stress, encourage organization and leave you feeling content.

Regular Personal Health Checks

We head to the doctors when we’re feeling unwell, but you should also perform more regular health checks on yourself at home, even if you don’t have any particular complaints or problems. Conduct regular health checks, such as breast self-examinations, when you are in the shower or before you go to bed. It only takes a few minutes, but it could make a massive difference to your overall health and well-being.

Playing the Lottery

Every week, hundreds of thousands of us play the lottery. The majority of people will have steadfast numbers that they play every week. These numbers are often special to us: birthdays, anniversary dates and lucky numbers. But imagine seeing them be pulled out on a day that you forgot to play. Or even worse, seeing them pulled out on a day where you did remember, but you didn’t have the time to head to the shop to purchase your ticket. Remove this worry from your life. You can play lottery online. This allows you to play your numbers without having to go out of your way to purchase a ticket in person. It takes hardly any time and can be done from your laptop or even your smartphone.

Pack Lunch Early

Chances are that you’re familiar with the morning rush of packing lunch in a panic, working against the clock to leave your house on time without sacrificing your mid-work meal. Get organized and start packing your lunch the night before you need it. You can store it in the fridge, ensuring that it is crisp and fresh in the morning. This will save you unnecessary stress in the mornings. You can use the spare time to sit with your coffee for a moment or to leave early and avoid the traffic.

Take Vitamins

While you should aim to get as many of your vitamins and nutrients as possible from your diet, supplements such as vitamin tablets are always a positive addition to your lifestyle. So take a couple of minutes out each day to take your vitamins. They will help to build a stronger immune system and to ensure that you aren’t lacking anything you need to function to your fullest.

These are just a few additional routines that can make your life much more practical. You will reap the benefits in no time.

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