Historical York | Our First Visit & Not Our Last

At the end of last month, we decided that we were going to take a trip to York, as it was somewhere that we both wanted to visit and as it was coming up to the Summer Holidays we thought that the time was right. We both love history and York seemed to be one of the best places to go to get our fill. We will be showing you some of our holiday pics in another post. 

We had decided to take the train down to York from Scotland as at only 3 hours to get there, as at the price of £42 each it seemed the money to travel time ratio option. Train travel doesn't bother me to much, but the leg space can be an issue as having 42 inch legs, outside not inseam! (that is 35 inches) tends to have me awkwardly bunching them up or having them stretched out into the passage way. Extra leg room is something that wouldn't go amiss! 

Once we arrived at the train station we had to walk for about 15 minutes to get to the hotel, however, we had to go through all of the main sights, including the gigantic York Minster, so it was a really nice walk! 

The hotel we stayed at was the newly built Travelodge in Layerthorpe, it's literally been open for about one month and the location was perfect as it was five to ten minutes walk from the major tourist sights. The walk into town each day was gorgeous as you could travel via the York wall and miss all of the hustle and bustle.  

I really love staying at Travelodge hotels as I have always found that their rooms are modern, consistently immaculate and very well cleaned. The staff are very accommodating, polite and really take customer service seriously. 

Upon entering the hotel, after the mandatory visit to the Costa that is built onto the side of it (Yes there is a drive-through bloody Costa on the site!),  we were greeted by a very polite reception staff member who checked us in promptly and gave us our key cards and offered her help if and when we needed it. 

Just to the left of the reception is the bar which opens around ten o'clock. The bar is stocked with craft beers, ciders and a large selection of spirits and liquors and is priced fairly, you can choose to drink in the bar or restaurant or, take your drinks to your room. I quickly got myself a bottle of Kopparberg Naked Apple as it's not something commonly seen in the shops in my local area. I've wanted to try it for a while and it didn't disappoint. 

There is also a restaurant in the lobby area, that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, but we didn't try any of the food as we spent all of our time walking around York enjoying the sights. 

As I mentioned above, the rooms are spotless and very modern, and feature very comfy king sized beds. Each room has a decent sized TV (I believe they are 32 inches) and Wifi is available for 30 minutes free of charge, after which you have to pay £3 for 24 hours. Air conditioning is also available if you need to adjust the temperature!

The bathroom features a large head shower, toilet, sink, large mirror with adjoining storage area. There are also two soap dispensers available for free - one beside the sink and the other inside the shower. We used both of these and they clean really well without drying out the skin. 

Overall, we really enjoyed staying at this Travelodge so much so, that when we traveled to Nottingham later that week and stayed in a Premier Inn, we wanted to go back to Travelodge to correct the dismal experience we had in the stain [and hair] filled Premier Inn experience! One major difference we noticed (other than the cleanliness) was that you had silence in the Travelodge but the Premier Inn you could hear people in the next room, in the halls and doors opening and closing. 

Believe it or not, the Travelodge was cheaper than it's competitors. Worth a visit guys for sure. 


Just Arrived | Le Mini Macron Hits The UK

I just heard on the grapevine that Le Mini Macaron have just hit the UK this month (!!!)

If you haven't heard of this brand then let me tell you some more about them *winks* first off this is in no way linked to the company itself. It's not sponsored, collaborated or well, basically anything other than me reiterating what I've heard and having seen the Kickstarter back in 2015.

Le Mini Macaron from what I know created a Kickstarter that showcased the products and received double the amount of their initial $15000.00 This itself tells you how awesome it is. But I'm being vague here, aren't I?

Their main base products are gel manicure kits - we've all seen these kits before and they're nothing new. The difference here is that the brand has reinvented it so there are fewer tools needed and therefore your gel manicure will cost less.

The little macaron shaped cutie is actually the gel lamp. In order to use it, you simply plug it into your laptop via the USB. Then you apply the gel polish before curing. It's as simple as that. Once you've prettied up your talons you simply unplug your USB and pop the cute macaron away.


One Gel Polish - Colours are pink, red, cassis, grape, peach,  baby blue, rose creme, sweet mint, midnight blueberry, rose gold, chocolate sparkle, and pinot noir.
Power Cord & USB Adaptor - This explains itself really. 
Tools - Necessary for a good finish. You'll find a cuticle stick and a mini nail file is a must.
Gel Remover Pads - You'll receive 10 pads in each pack.
Step-by-Step Instructions - English, French, Spanish and German instructions. 
Led Lamp - Shaped like a cute macaron. This is suitable for curing one finger at a time and can be plugged into any USB port. 

Additionally, the high-shine, chip free polish features an innovative 3-in-1 formula which combines base coat, colour and top coat all in one for speedy application. I love that they've created a full system that packs away neatly and easily. 

There are so many colours to choose from and they continue to add more like their Champagne kit which features, err, champagne polish. 

You'll find these popping up in Feel Unique, QVC, House of Fraser and strangely Gordons Chemist. I believe these are priced around the £34 mark. Is this DIY kit something you think you would try or are you more of a spa gal?

Awareness | The Parenting Struggle & Power Inequality

Recently my fiance, A Pirate's View posted about his situation with his son and the mother of his son.

The article can be found here: Long Distance Parting Rights | My Story. 

It was a tough article to write and he's not found it so easy to put himself out there into the blogging world, but he knew he had to do it because there are so many dads out there who want to be in their child/children's lives but don't get the chance. So many mums stop dads from seeing their children, can you imagine being away from your kids? 

But why, why does this happen? Because there are no equal rights for parents when they separate. 

Well, OK, there is equal rights but more often than not the other parent has to fight hard for them. They have to find a good solicitor, they have to attend mediation or court and even then they still have to deal with the other parent while they try to keep constant in their kid's lives. When the only reason for breakdown is unhappiness then why should parents have to fight so hard? It is so unfair? Why should parents stay together if they're incredibly unhappy just to have equal rights? Where is the fairness of that? 

I understand the concern if the separation has come about because of alcohol, drug or other forms of abuse. I one hundred percent get it, but if the separation has arisen because the two parents are so unhappy being together, if they have become different people, if they argue a lot, if they cannot be the best possible versions of themselves and therefore the best possible parent, then it's obvious the clear choice would be for them to separate. 

Separating so they can be happy, separating so they can be the best version of themselves and therefore the best possible version of a parent is so much more important than sticking together because society deems that they will only have equality if they do. What does that teach the next generation? Depression levels will rise, illness levels will rise and no-one benefits in the long run. 

When one parent hold power over their children (whether legally given or because they presume they own that power) it doesn't benefit the children. Children need two parents (unless one is an addict for example) as it helps them socially, it helps them emotionally and it gives them stability. But, more often than not one parent uses this so called 'power' to bully and threaten the other parent into doing what they want, giving them what they want. This type of parent has no care about the long term detriment that it will cause the children and it's this type of parent who thrives on controlling and manipulating others. 

It hurts my heart. It really does. 

So Connor is going through a similar situation, with that comes some added newly found inaccuracies based on conception dates, pregnancy notes and the lies that his sons mum told him during her pregnancy and beyond. After these inaccuracies being highlighted, he emailed her to ask and was met with abuse [as usual]. See it's typical for the manipulating and controlling parent to answer with abuse, to turn it around on the one with less power and then to go crying to their online network, their friends and those who aren't aware of the whole situation to bleat that they are being bullied. They basically turn it around so that they get attention - again they manipulate the situation. 

So I fully recommend that you check out his post. It's a real one and an honest one and something that affects the both of us equally every single day. 

Please show him some love in his comments or this comments as at the moment, as we try to tackle this situation with strength, love, respect and most of all - with the children in mind. 

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