Not For The Kids! Geeky Things For The Grown-Ups

If you have a grown-up geek in the house, chances are you’re already aware of some of the things on our top list of great geeky goodies here. Of course, it’s not all about playing with toys, or reading comic books. These things are very serious, you know, and definitely not kid stuff! If you’re looking for ways to make your beloved geek super happy, then why not invest a little time and money on some of these amazingly awesome things that are strictly for the grown-ups only?


Most children have had a bag of lego bricks and about half an hour of trying to assemble something reasonably recognisable. Lego for grown-ups is a world away from that. For a start, sets to build VW camper vans, or Star Wars Death Stars cost over £100. That’s not play money! Much of the joy in this for your beloved geek is in displaying the finished assembled item. This means a dedicated room or substantial cabinet complete with childproof lock and key are essential.


On the face of it, anime might look like a highly stylised cartoon. In essence it is, but it is the content, the story, and the nature of the characters that make this form of entertainment strictly for adults only. You can sometimes find two different releases or versions, such as with the anime Kite so that these films can get past the censors. Strong stuff at times, but anime has an enormous fan base both in the West and in its original Japanese territories.


With more and more rules and regulations applied each year, flying a drone has become strictly an adult-only pastime. You might also have heard about one or two injuries including head wounds and cut-off fingers! Yes, these things can be dangerous, but they come complete with safety instructions that simply need to be followed. For a bird’s-eye view of your favourite landscapes fit a camera to your drone and enjoy.

Star Wars Figures from the 1970s

It’s been forty years since the original film was released, and the popularity of Star Wars merchandise has reached dizzying heights. The first wave of figurines are now highly sought after and coveted as collector’s items. If they’re in the box and never opened, that means they’re worth even more. Definitely not to be played with! Instead, they require their own bulletproof, triple-locked cabinet so they can be adored from behind the yellow line.

Superhero Movies

Despite originating in comic books (sorry - graphic novels), these movies are definitely not for the wee ones. We're talking about Deadpool, Logan, Suicide Squad and other recent superhero hits. They contain graphic depictions of violence, lots of foul language, and humour that children should never be exposed to. In other words, these films are brilliant and well worth a full evening on the couch with your favourite geek friend.

What does the geek in your home get up to once the kids have gone to bed? Perhaps it’s time to jump onboard and have a little more grown-up fun yourself? Are you ready to release your inner geek?

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New Addition | Meet My New Baby

Yeah OK that was naughty of me to put such a click bait title but I'm not sorry because this posts is about my new baby - a non human one. 

We've moved home twice in less than a year, for me I've moved three times in just over a year. That's a ton of moving and sorting and organising and with that comes expense. Lots and lots of expense. 

When you have to prioritise what you buy on a shoestring things such as hoovers, beds, mattresses and small gadgets are never at the top of that list. Luckily we were given a pull along hoover that was on its last legs. It had no extension pole or sucking gadget but you know, it sucked a little, at least enough to get up the major messes. It did the trick but it was seriously stressing me out. See I like to have a clean home, maybe a little bit too much but we couldn't splurge on a hoover. 

Until I found out about Shark hoovers and how well they performed. 

Reading the reviews and seeing the glowing reports and images on Instagram I knew I needed one of these babies in my life. What stood out was that normal hoovers are either push along and upright or they're drag along. Drag along hoovers don't do it for me, they are messy to store and I get sick of whipping my ankles with the plugs when they roll back in. Drag along hoovers again your limited by the cord and, as a petite person they can be tough to move backwards and forwards especially if they have strong suction (gives you a real tough core workout that's for sure). 

The Shark hoovers didn't seem to be like other hoovers. I wanted in on that action so....

I got one!  

I received my Shark Duo Clean  at the beginning of last week. It came in a small box and at first I thought, how the heck did they fit a hoover in a box so small, and a box so light. 

Opening the box I found a range of parts and started freaking out because I was tired and worried this was going to be a nightmare to build. I don't have time for fiddly things but, I managed to easily pop these bits together without even reading the instructions. 

Inside the box you will find the main (pink) pole with flexology tubing inside, the main hand piece, the ION rechargeable battery, the charger, a bag with a range of attachments and the main two rollers head. 

Once built you simply press the push button to go, as you can see this lights up. You have further options for various types of floor coverings too. 

When I first used the hoover as a full length hoover I was surprised because it didn't feel like I was hoovering. You know when you push about a hoover with no suction and it's very light and airy. Well, that's what this was like, only it was sucking up tiny grains of dirt with ease. I didn't feel like I'd have my workout like I normally do. Hoovering under the side tables and the beds was a doddle and I didn't end up with backache. 

This hoover was so awesome that Connor from A Pirate's View Blog also took the hoover out of my hands so that 'HE' could hoover. Now ladies and gents this in itself is an absolute miracle because Connor doesn't hoover. He just doesn't, I think he has dust blindness but since getting this hoover he has in fact used the full length and the handheld without being asked and, actually battled me (I joke) to hoover the kitchen. 

So not only do Shark make awesome hoovers but they also make miracles happen. Thank you Shark! You may have made a husband out of him yet. 

In addition to husband-to-be miracles, here are the main benefits of this hoover in particular, just in case you fancied trying it out yourself. 

 Cordless | The ION battery once charge lasts for 3.5 hours worth of hoovering time. 
 Duo-Cleaning | Two ways to clean - handheld or via full stick. Use full stick for normal hoovering and stick for corners, on furniture, in the car or for small messes. Suitable for a range of floor coverings. You don't need to adjust the heads. Ideal for pet owners. 
 Suction | Super suction, more so than the Dyson V8 which means that you can pick up ground in hairs in one swoop.
• Flexible Cleaning | The stick bends! (flexology) making it easy to get under furniture or beds without hurting your back. 
• Storage | Easy to store, this folds in half. It has a handle to move it easily and is so lightweight. 
• Ease of Use | Rollerball type movement to make hoovering easy and so you don't need to drag or pull at it. 
• Warranty | This comes with the standard one year warranty but if you register your product on the website they will extend it to a five year warranty.
• Night-Cleaning | It has lights! Yes that's right it has a light on the front so if you're hoovering in the dark you can see where you're going. It also has lights on the on and off switch which you can see below. 

Pretty amazing huh, what do you think about the Shark brand or hoovers in general? 

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* Collaboration * 

7 ways to help you make money through blogging

Making money online is one of those things that a lot of people want to do, I mean, who doesn't want to make money from the comfort of their own home? 

There are a few methods out there that you can use to make money, but none of them will make you money over night  this isn't a get rich quick scheme, you have to put in a lot of work.

So what do you need to do?

Well, assuming you don't have a blog already, be it with Blogger or Wordpress, then the obvious first step is to create one. There are a few blogging platforms out there, but Blogger and Wordpress are the main good ones. 

Write about something you love and it wont become a chore for you, don't pick something that you have no interest in as you will quickly get bored and most likely give up. Research your niche on Google and come up with original and interesting content that will drive traffic to your posts.

Below you will find some ways to help you along your journey to making money with your blog. 

• Skills as a service
Use your own natural attributes and skills then promote it through your blog. For example, if you are good at writing or have knowledge about a subject then why not create an Ebook and publish it on Amazon Create space?  Likewise, if you are good at organising why not offer your services as a VA (virtual assistant) on websites such as Fiverr

• Affiliate Marketing
You can use affiliate marketing websites such as Awin, Skimlinks and Rakuten to supplement your earnings by converting standard links to affiliate links. These websites offer a huge range of brands under one virtual roof, which means there will be more scope for larger earnings.

• Look for opportunities
You can check Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms for specific keywords such as #bloggerrequest, #prresquest, and #bloggerswanted for opportunities like sponsored posts or other collaborations that you can apply for. 

• Offer advertisement slots
Use your blog as a space to advertise products for a fee. This could be through in-article ad placement or side bar placement. Ensure you have an ad page to make it easy for companies to see what you are offering.

• Post your articles on Social media
Social media is a great way to get more coverage for your posts and ultimately generating more revenue from your site. Use platforms such as IFTTT to automate this process for you which will save you a lot of time and effort.

• Collaborate
Join blogging groups and make friends. Not only will these groups help you with hints and tips, but they will sometimes offer valuable opportunities and you will meet some amazing new people along the way. 

• Create a brand or product

Use your brand to create products that fit with what your readers want. Whether it be home, lifestyle or clothing. Listen to your readers and create or collaborate with others. For example, if your readers like style articles then why not try creating your own style brand via websites such as Spreadshirt and Printful

There are always ways to make money especially if you are doing something you love, have a think about what you enjoy rather than trying to make money doing something you hate. Your readers will thank you for it. 

Do you have any other ways which you have made money from your own blog? Good luck trying some of the ones listed above!

Stop Smoking | 4 Tips to Help You Stop

Quitting smoking is not easy. Even though global health campaigns have been waged against tobacco companies, the habit of smoking stays strong and still grips many people in its addictive grasp. It’s likely that you’ve experienced a stint of smoking or light social smoking yourself. If you have and haven’t fallen prey to its constant health subtractions, you should be proud of yourself!

However, being addicted to smoking isn’t a cause for shame, so long as you understand it’s bad for you and you take steps to ensure your health. Not everyone desire to get healthy, but if you’re passively smoking around the public or much worse, your children, you might not be the best authority to dictate whether it’s a problem or not. Luckily, quitting smoking is easier than ever, and it can be achieved by the following eight tips.


Nicotine is addictive, and a cold turkey withdrawal from it can be nasty. Using nicotine patches can slowly release a low supply of nicotine into the skin pores, without any need for the tar or smoke combustion which usual methods of smoking injure you with. This will help satiate your cravings to a degree which will keep you able to take each day at a time.


Many smokers report that they miss having something to play and fidget with during smoking breaks. For this reason, eating lollipops, purchasing Ace Vapes or even nibbling on dulled toothpicks carefully can help you get something in your mouth and trick your body into thinking your daily ritual is progressing. Whatever will help you lighten the load when it comes to tackling such a difficult addiction can be incredibly psychologically helpful.

Diet & Exercise

Living healthier needn’t be directly related to quitting smoking. It absolutely helps, but it shouldn’t be the only method you use of getting yourself back in shape and feeling whole. Exercising in some form of cardio can be difficult if you have the ‘smoker's lungs,’ and you may enter into coughing fits, but walking or at least jogging for a small period of time is all effort towards the healthy safe maintenance of your life which is so important to feel like you’re making progress. Making progress in any avenue of life helps you rely less on the shallow, short term and surface pleasures which give you a dissatisfied feeling.


Meditation helps you overcome impulsive behaviours of which smoking is the king. It does this by literally increasing the size of grey matter in your brain, which is linked to increased self-regulation of emotions and controlling impulsive habits through a more rational and less primitive brained approach. Meditation is not a frivolous spiritual pursuit as some rationalists might argue, but it’s a scientifically validated technique to increasing your mental health and helping overcome addictions, providing you do it right.

These tips can help anyone overcome smoking and get back in the driving seat of the habits they enjoy. No matter who you are, you are sure to glean some benefit from this, especially if you have a smoker in your life you’d rather see quit.

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Connor's Top 12 | August Must Buys

It's August already, well really it's nearly September yeesh! Where did the year go? So to get you into the season I wanted to kick off August with a top twelve wishlist. These are my current favourite picks for the season, can you tell I'm not ready to let Summer go? 

Drinks By The Dram - This is one I'd like to get for the festive period as, let's face it, we are (probably) a bit too old for the chocolate advent calendar tradition. I've spoken about this brand before here: Taste Testing Expensive Rums. They do offer other spirit types and I really like their wide range of products. 

Recycler bin - The woman is always telling me to recycle, so this is me making an effort. This bin features two 10 litre buckets made of plastic and is ideal for offices or small rooms.

BBQ Tool Box - This BBQ looks like it would be great for those who want to go to the park on a warms summers day and bust out the BBQ, whilst pretending to be on the job.   

Tiki Glass - Don't these glasses look amazing? I think they'd look great beside some Deadhead rum bottles displayed on your drinks cabinet. What do you think? 
BB8 App Controlled Droid - Who doesn't love BB8 from the new Star Wars movies? This robot is app controlled and by using your phone you can send it voice commands, have it record and view holographic videos and also watch it's "personality" evolve and grow.

T-shirt - This ''Why is the rum gone?'' t-shirt is great and as it sums up the end of a Saturday night very well. It would be a great addition to my wardrobe.

Spider Catcher (Sale) - I don't think I know anyone who genuinely likes spiders so this little tool is a god send. It is trigger operated and uses little spiny bristles to capture and hold the little buggers. 

Grow Your Own Chillies - I enjoy growing things and I enjoy chillis so this is something I'd love to add to my collection. This pack includes seeds for growing Tabasco, Demon red chilli, Hungarian Hot Wax chilli, Jalapeno and Anaheim peppers. 
Kilner Barrel - I really love these novelty drinks dispensers as they make drink storage fun and not to mention, Kilner is the main and best brand for preserving and fermenting all types of products.

3-in-1 Grill - I absolutely love how compact this is and the fact that it comes with automatic rotating skewers! This features a reversible grill, which means that one side is a griddle and the other is a standard hot plate. 

Hot Headz Gift Set - I first tried the Hot Headz brand when I picked up some Hot Headz habanero crisps from Rafi's spice box in York, and they were really spicy but tasted great! I'd love to get my hands on this gift set, as the flavours sound really intriguing and claim to be really spicy!

Apple iMac (Sale) - I'm not usually someone who purchases Apple products, but you have to admit that they have got a lot of things right when it comes to their iMac range. Featuring a 27" Retina 5K display, 3.2Ghz i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 1TB fusion drive this is a great option if speed and performance is something you are after. 

So that's it guys, that's the August wish list. Would you buy any of these? What are your thoughts on these items? Please let me know below!