Christmas Inspiration | Jo Malone Green Almond & Redcurrant

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Want to keep a little bit of Summer with you throughout Autumn? Well Jo Malone has it covered with their latest limited edition launch. 

 In July they presented their 'Green Almond & Redcurrant' fragrance which is said to be both Summer and Winter suitable. The cologne will also be launched as a limited edition within their Christmas 2017 gift sets and looking at the bottle design alone - count me in - I simply can't get enough of this opaque millennial style bottle.

The scent itself is a unisex fragrance although I don't feel the bottle is going to be enjoyed equally among the sexes. The note selection is also very simple but, I doubt it's going to transfer to the wearer as a simple scent. Check out the short note list below...

Notes include: Red currant, green almonds, creamy sandalwood.

Its a scent that intrigues me due to its mix of green almond and sandalwood, see this could either be very delicate in its wooded, sultry Winter approach or very Redcurrant and berry like akin to a Summer scent. I do wonder if this will swing depending on the body chemistry wearing it also? 
 So far I'm aware that there are two absolute products launching, as for the gift sets I'm unsure as they will no doubt be released nearer to Christmas.

Jo Malone Green Almond & Redcurrant 
  • Limited Edition 100 ml bottle in Eau de Cologne | Available in October. This is set to cost £92
  • Limited Edition Candle | Available in October. This 420g candle will set you back £120. Pricey but possibly worth it.  
As with anything Jo Malone they are definitely more of a splurge but, I've tried a few items from their collections and always been wowed mostly due to the strength and complexity of the scent themselves. You really feel that while the descriptions are very simplistic and give the buyer a feel of 'is this worth it' once you actually receive your items you kick yourself for every doubting Jo Malone's worth.  

Once launched you can find all products over on the Jo Malone website.

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Reverse Bucket List || 50 Things Before 30

I've seen many reverse bucket lists on a variety of blogs over the last few years and while I seem to always click through to read everyone else's I never thought I would be publishing my own as I just couldn't think of fifty things I had done. In comparison to others lives, I've had a pretty basic and unexciting life. Each time I came across another blog post I would try to think about the amazing things I've accomplished and be met with a blank that is until I decided to strip it right back - I knew I had an amazing life and I was damn going to think of reasons as to what made it amazing.

Now that I've accomplished my list of fifty it's completely changed my outlook. I no longer read other blog posts and envy the fun-filled lives that I'm reading about. I no longer wish I'd done things differently and I feel like I'm constantly giving myself an inner high-five for recognising the good things that I've accomplished.

So here goes:

 Dyed my hair wild and crazy colours (when it wasn't in style).
✓ Had my nipple, nose, belly and ears pierced (before they were in style).
✓ Abseiled down a small cliff wall (while desperately needing a wee may I add).
✓ Found a true love in archery.
✓ Donated blood a lot (until I was told I can't anymore).
✓ Offered to be a donor for someone who needed bone marrow.
✓ Lost a parent. Lived through the grief and came out the other end a-ok.
✓ Lost a sibling. Came to recognise that everything happens for a reason.
✓ Researched my ancestry and found some pretty amazing stuff.
✓ Got married. Stayed married (11+ years and counting).
✓ Being called mummy by three separate little humans.
✓ Spend a whole day sleeping. It wasn't nearly as great as I seem to imagine it will be every Monday morning.
✓ Ate cake for a whole day. It was amazing and I didn't regret it at all.
✓ Flown in an aeroplane and didn't crash.
✓ Travelled abroad. It made me realise how much I love my own country.
✓ Moved to another country and lived alone.
✓ Saved a life.
✓ Gave evidence in court against a family member for the greater good - and survived.
✓ Got my degree after leaving school with no qualifications (not through choice but outside reasons)
✓ Build a website.
✓ Learnt to meditate and to introduce mediation to my three sons lives also.
✓ Trained as a practising herbalist.
✓ Studied towards my yoga teaching certification while struggling with a pain disorder and never gave up.
I've climbed an inactive volcano.
 I was sterilised.
✓ Slept homeless. Came to realise you need to take ownership of your own shit because other's can't always be relied on regardless of your age.
✓ Stopped smoking without any help. Other than my kids to drive me forward.
✓ Stopped drinking completely. Would never go back.
✓ Survived my lowest point. Realised I'm here for a reason.
✓ Watched every episode of Lost. Episode 1 I had no children. By the end of the series, I had three children. 'Nuff said really.
✓ Slept under the stars. I've never felt so calm.
✓ Slept out in snow all night. Why? Just because I like a challenge.
✓ Went camping without complaining and actually loved it.
✓ Got tattooed. Regretted my tattoos.
✓ Learnt a foreign language through choice.
✓ Helped raise money for children's charities independently.
✓ Donated to medical research.
✓ Started my own business.
✓ Beat debilitating health.
✓ Found inner peace.
✓ Tested my genetics. The best thing I've ever done for my health.
✓ Sponsored both children and animals.
✓ Travelled to an island in a fishing boat for the day (Isle of May). The water was choppy, the life jackets were dubious, I am hugely fearful of open water and can't swim.
✓ Beat infertility.
✓ Randomly paid for items while shopping when someone hasn't had enough money. Children and elderly tug on my heart strings.
✓ Been bitten by a spider. Three times. Still fucking hate the wee basterdos.
✓ I was adopted by true angels.
✓ Seen plenty of ghosts and learnt not to be scared of them.
✓ Found comfort with being myself.
✓ Gained and lost a lot of body weight.

And breaking the rules a bit here but the most important one for me was number 51...
 Turned down plastic surgery (tummy tuck) because I realised living and being a mum was far more important than a flat stomach. Why would I put my life at risk when I had three utterly amazing little babies who couldn't give a hoot about mummies loose belly skin? If they didn't care then why should I. 

While it's not as out of the box as some other bloggers I definitely think the reverse bucket list has therapeutic qualities regardless of how big or small your accomplishments are. Would I recommend this list to others? HELLS YES!

So I challenge you all to come up with your own 50 (or more) reverse bucket list and see how it changes your life. Post your comments and links below. I'd love to read your posts.

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Moving Home Across A Large Distance? Practical Advice You Should Know

We all go through life trying to find the perfect home. No matter if you live in the same town all of your life, you will likely go through stages trying to find the most perfect and stable homestead to truly call your own. Even if you live your entire life in the same house, you will likely change it to suit your tastes over time. The home spaces we call our own are not stable, but dynamic, and hopefully filled to the brim with love.

For some of us, that means moving large distances, to new villages, towns or cities. It can mean completely leaving everything you know in a current area to start afresh somewhere new, or somewhere which can offer you much better job prospects. If this sounds like you, we would like to wish you the warmest good luck with your future adventures in a home much more to your liking.

We would also like to extend the following advice to help you make the whole process easier. That advice is as follows:

Find Great Removalists

The removal company you use can either make the entire move stressful or help you forget about the responsibilities of moving your belongings in the first place. Finding local removalists who can offer you a great rate on long distance transferrals, ones who can adhere to the many other moving considerations you have and operate quietly, doing their job under instruction from you, is something to be prized and prioritized. This will help you stay certain and safe in the knowledge that your most treasured belongings are secure.

After all, setting up in a new property will require a little taste of home at least, even if you’re planning a completely fresh wipe of your living situation, transferring your belongings can help you get set up with the basics as soon as possible. Going for an extra price plan to carry all of your goods, as opposed to carrying some weight in your car to save money, can help your drive stay a smooth, pleasant, and less-heavy experience. Perfect when trying to adapt to the harsh reality of moving to somewhere you have trouble recognizing with familiarity.

Community First

As soon as you’re set up, you need to introduce yourself to the local community. This should first and foremost mean you knock on the doors of those who live near you, and if looking a little further introducing yourself to those at the local amenities, such as the stores, cafes and places of worship (even if not religious.) These connections can help you network and come to more of an understanding of how your local area works. At the very least, it can help you feel connected to the people around you. The only way to feel integrated into a new place is to do this, no matter how antisocial you may enjoy being.


Because you likely have nowhere to fall back on in the new place, no family to visit, and no second choices, it’s wise to have your property inspected before you even move in by a professional. This will help you assess any security flaws, damp damage, wiring shoddiness, general difficulties of safety, and pest infestations amongst other things. This can help prevent you being left high and dry after a massive move, having to place your family in a motel or hotel until the issues are sorted.

With these tips, you are sure to experience a wonderful new home journey. Good luck, and have fun!

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The Internet: An Incredible Resource When Times Are Tight?

Every now and then we all hit hard times; sometimes it’s because an unexpected bill came in, other times it’s because of problems at work, but whatever the cause, when times are tight it’s important to get creative. The fact is that you could sit around feeling sorry for yourself, panicking about what your next steps should be, or you could be proactive and start looking for ways to top up your savings account and get your finances back on track.

By far, one of the best resources for giving your bank balance a boost is the internet, at least that’s what a lot of people think. The question is: can the internet act as a fantastic resource for topping up your bank account when times are tight? Read on for everything that you need to know about how you can use the internet to give your finances a boost.

online a.jpeg

Take part in online surveys

You may have heard that taking part in online surveys to earn money is, in fact, a scam. However, that isn’t the case. Obviously, there are some sites that are scam sites, but if you take the time to research which survey sites actually pay out, you can earn a little extra cash by taking the time to fill them in. It’s just a case of determining which sites are reliable when it comes to payments, and which aren’t. You may only earn a small amount from each survey, but it’s important to remember that every little helps.

Playing games online

Did you know that there are certain online games sites that you can earn money on? So if you are somewhat of a master gamer, then this could be an excellent way to earn a little extra cash. There is also a range of online betting games that you can play risk-free by taking advantage of deals for new members and £10 free bets. It’s just a case of using resources like New Casinos Online to find out what all of the best new sites are. It’s amazing to think that you can go online, play a couple of games, and earn a little extra money to boost your income. Just ensure that any games you play are risk-free or low risk, so you don’t end up wasting money.

Review websites and apps

Are you a critical person? If the answer is yes, then perhaps you could earn a little extra money online by reviewing websites and apps. Owners of new sites and apps are always looking for people to try out their sites/apps, have a play around with them, and then give them feedback, as well as writing up a review and rating the site. The money for this can be good, while the work is quick and easy, so it’s an ideal option if you want to earn quick money without spending too much time online.

There you have it, a few examples of how the internet can be an amazing resource when times are tough. Aside from offering you various ways to make easy money, the internet also boasts thousands of deals and discount sites, that can help to make living on a smaller budget that little bit easier. There’s no denying it; the internet is an incredibly useful resource when money is tight.

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Festive | Get Your Home Christmas Ready

It might be a while before you have to head up to the attic and hunt for the Christmas decorations or erect this year’s Christmas tree, however, now is the perfect time to start preparing your home for the upcoming holiday and all that it entails. Here are a few things, which if you do them now, will ensure that your home is Christmas-ready come December:

Clear Out the Cupboards

One thing that will really help you out come Christmas is having lean, clean and organised kitchen cupboards. If you’re like almost every other family in the country, you’ll buy way more food (and eat much more of it too) in the festive season, and that means that you need all the cupboard space you can muster if you don’t want your kitchen to be a cluttered mess. So. start going through the cupboards, checking for expired foods and foods you no longer want. The foods that you’re never going to eat, you can donate to a local food bank or give away to a family who will eat it and the expired stuff can go in the trash. Once you’ve completed this and a few other steps in this post, you can hire a Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal company to get rid of it all for you. That way, you won’t ever have to worry about it again.


As well as cleaning out the cupboards, you might want to take this opportunity to declutter your home as a whole because not only will you probably acquire a lot of new stuff at Christmas, but you’ll also have a lot of people over and have them try to squeeze in between your clutter isn’t exactly the mark of a good hostess! Make a real effort to get rid of the things you no longer need, either by trashing or donating them, and your home will instantly feel cleaner, more spacious and much more inviting, which is exactly what you want at Christmas.

Of course, when you’re decluttering, you should pay some special attention to your living room, if that is where you usually put your Christmas tree. Make sure that you clear enough space to fit in your tree and create an impressive display, even if that means rearranging the furniture somewhat.

Turn the Junk Room into a Guest Room

If you plan to have family staying with you over Christmas, or there’s a chance that someone may have too much to drink and end up crashing at your place,  it’s a good idea to take some time deep cleaning the junk room. Getting rid of all those old books, toys, and clothes that you no longer use and instead installing some furniture to make the space comfy as a bedroom. You don’t need to spend a lot - a camp or air bed, lamp and set of drawers should suffice, but it will ensure you’re always ready to be the hostess with the most this Christmas.

If you do these three things and you clean the house from top to bottom, as well as investing in extra glasses and cutlery, you will be absolutely ready to enjoy yourself and entertain effectively when the holidays roll around.
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Wellbeing | Let Your Smile Do The Talking

Most of us think we take pretty good care of our teeth already, right? Yet, some people seem to have much better teeth than others. While genetics may play a role, the ones with the brightest smiles tend to have better dental habits than the rest of us - and we frequently find them in the office bathroom, brushing their teeth after lunch.


As it’s impossible to ask them for dental advice while they’re busy brushing their teeth, we might as well start to implement a few of their good habits to make our own smiles a bit brighter. Here is a quick guide to how you can prevent stains and practice excellent gum care so that you’ll be able to confidently show off your smile for a long time to come. Do you brush properly?

As a bare minimum of what a decent person should do to maintain their teeth, brushing is still something a lot of us do wrong. While they may brush for the right amount of time, and even right after a meal, they tend to use the wrong techniques while cleaning, such as only focusing on the top of their teeth and neglecting all the corners and angles. Keep the brush head at a 45-degree angle; that way, you’re removing the bacterias that are close to the gum line. Don’t brush too hard as you might start bleeding, and finish it all off by giving your tongue and the roof of your mouth a quick scrub.

Make sure you do it at least twice a day, and you should be able to smile a bit brighter.

Are you flossing once a day?

Once you get into the habit of flossing, you’ll have a hard time giving it up. It’s the kind of detailed work that will make you quietly occupy the bathroom until someone asks why you’re spending so much time in there.

Floss once a day and do it before you brush your teeth; the water and toothpaste make it tricky for the string to get a proper hold of whatever may be stuck between your teeth still. Some people seem to think that flossing is an unnecessary and borderline obsessive habit and, as long as you brush twice a day, you’re doing an alright job. Brushing doesn’t clean between your teeth, though, and it’s not even designed to get in there, so you have to go through the extra work if you want healthy teeth and gums.

Prevention is key when it comes to good dental care so visit the dentist as soon as you notice any pain; a private health plan should be comprehensive enough to cover trips to the dentist too, which makes it a lot easier to get there before any serious damage occurs.

What about rinsing between meals?

While we don’t always have access to mouthwash at work, it’s a good idea to at least rinse your mouth with water in between meals. You will avoid stains, first of all, after drinking several cups of coffee - and you’ll also help eliminate that bad breath after a hefty lunch.

Think about what you drink during the day and try to eliminate the teeth-decaying stuff you’re able to live without, such as sodas and alcohol. Have a glass of milk instead to stock up on calcium, drink loads of water to rinse your mouth and, of course, to stay hydrated throughout the day.

A mouth that is closed and not really in use is a breeding-ground for bacterias. Just think about how your mouth feels when you wake up in the morning after several hours of not drinking, eating or talking - it’s practically begging for a good rinse.

Treat it to several of them during the day, and your teeth will both look and feel a lot better.
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York | The Scenery & Architecture

We went to York. I mention it again because it was utterly fabulous and we are so desperate to return as soon as is possibly feasible. We've travelled to a few places over the last year and York has to be one of the best because of the design of the buildings, the history, the things to do, see and eat and, the people. 
Let me show you some of the views that sucked us in and captured our heart. 

* Taking a Sunday stroll you'll find so many gorgeous designed buildings and architecture that you won't realise where the time has gone. There's always so much to see in York.

* The Shambles is an absolutely beautifully quaint shopping area with cute private and big brand stores all housed in these cobbled lanes. It really felt like I was shopping at Diagon Alley in Harry Potter. My absolutely favourite shop was The House of Trembling Madness which stocks every single spirit, beer or liquor that you could ever want or need. The staff are totally awesome also! Excellent product, amazing (down to earth) service.

* Pubs, restaurants and inns galore. If you don't fancy any of those then there seems to always be food markets and food-based events on also on the high street. So many foods, so little time to eat them all.

* If you're fond of the water you can go and get a tour on one of those cute boats. Connor and I are not water loving types so we just enjoyed a nice drink and stroll beside the water.

* The Ministry is the centre of everything within York. It has the most picturesque architecture and history, however there are majorly long waiting times if you want to go in to view the place, go to a service or climb the tower. We didn't do this due to the wait but it's definitely on our to do list.

* There is a good nightlife in York. Again we never went out pubbing and clubbing but its certainly an option if you fancied it. There are specialised bars with themes, there's hipster bars, food and drink events and possibly one hundred other types of alcohol laden places to go to at night.

* We took a walking ghost tour that met at the Roman pillar outside of York Minster at 7pm. The host was absolutely amazing! He really gets you involved and doesn't overpromise. Even if you don't see a spectre or two the information this host provides is really interesting. Funnily enough, it had been roasting when we went to York (hence Connor in his shorts and t-shirt) but once on the tour it poured! We were soaked. It was great fun.

We're hoping to return as this place has stolen our hearts. There's the Jorvik Viking Centre that we have on our must visit list and we're hoping to head back to Jamie's Italian again as it was absolutely incredible, the place is really down to earth, the food is fresh and *sigh* it's making my mouth water all over again.

I will be posting separately about what we ate, so watch out for that but read on a full stomach or face getting the munchies. If you've been to York what did you love about the place and are there any specific places we missed?

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Excellent Jobs Fit For A Geek

Sometimes everyone fancies a change of career, and those with a geeky side might want to find a job that tickles their geek-buds. However, knowing where to start is sometimes an issue, and so there are some suggestions on this post that all readers should consider. All of the jobs mentioned here today are real positions for which anyone could apply. Sure, some of them might require individuals to gain qualifications or pass courses. Still, there is no getting away from the fact that anyone could earn their living from these activities.

Video Game Tester

Yes! There are people in the world who get paid a reasonable wage for spending their working day playing video games. Of course, there’s more to the job than meets the eye, and those individuals often have to complete a lot of paperwork and provide reviews to their employers. So, anyone who selects that career path probably won’t manage to veg out in front of their PlayStation consistently. Still, it’s much better than stacking shelves or working in a factory, right? Readers who want to find out more about how they get involved just need to search Google and contact some of the most established game design companies.

  • Pros: You get to play video games
  • Con: There aren’t many positions available

Drone Operator

Becoming a drone operator might seem like a geeky idea, but it's probably the most viable concept on this page. When anyone completes CAA approved drone training courses, it’s easy to find work if they target the right industries. Unfortunately, business owners probably won’t pay qualified individuals to mess around with the drone all day long. However, those who move into the land surveying marketplace might get to use their gadget more than most.

  • Pros: It’s an easy job once you know how to do it
  • Cons: You’ll have to go outside in all weather

Comic Book Writer/Illustrator

Anyone with a flair for creative writing or graphics could make their mark in the comic book world. Estimates suggest there are around 150,000 employed in that marketplace at the current time, and that means there are always vacancies that talented individuals should fill. Just be aware that only those with the best skills will ever manage to go professional. If you like the sound of that, just contact all the comic book companies and send a CV. Try to make the resume stand out by using coloured paper or something similar. The business owners in that industry don’t take themselves too seriously in most instances, so they’ll appreciate the effort.

  • Pros: You get to make comic books (that’s the geekiest thing ever!)
  • Cons: Lots of hard work involved

After reading those suggestions, some readers should have found something they want to try. If you don’t like the sound of those ideas, just conduct some research and think outside the box. Sometimes the perfect job isn’t out there, and so you have to create it. Whatever you decide, just be sure not to settle for something that doesn’t make you feel fulfilled. That inner geek is bursting out, so you need to embrace it.
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Flamingo Candles | Pink Ribbon Boob Collection

I'm always for brands that try to make a difference and one brand that's doing just that is Flamingo Candles. The brand is well known for their use of pretty organic, soy bean waxes housed in jars with laser cut shapes such as glittery flamingos, neon shapes and other kitsch branding additions. 
The brand has decided to support the Pink Ribbon Foundation with their limited and special ''Boobs'' collection. Just take a peek at the awesome boob print packaging below...

The Boob collection also includes a scent melt (not pictured) as well as the jar and tumbler candles, the good thing is if you can't afford to donate money (and typically most people are asked to donate to so much at this time of year) or you don't want to go and buy a large or expensive product just because it 'donates money' then why not opt for something smaller such as the scent melt? 
Purchasing something lovely like these candles not only helps out the charity but you as a consumer are getting something for your money. Destress while helping out Pink Ribbon? Well, count me in. 
Bright Pink & Pastel Gold Boob Candles | £12
Jar Boob Candles | £10
Scent Melt | £2
The scent is the Flaming Candles exclusive Pink Ribbon scent so you don't have to worry about picking and choosing fragrances. The scent itself is described as: 
''Pink Ribbon is a rich, cranberry accord dominated by top notes of sweet cranberry blended with prune juice, complimented by a fruity floral heart of summer strawberry, sun ripened raspberry and citrus orange with sweet honey and rose notes. On dry down, the base is woody, powdery with notes of cedarwood and vanilla with a hint of raspberry''
If you fancy buying one or two of these then you can pick these up now as they only launched on September 4th however you can currently buy the melt and a different jar candle (in the usual Flamingo Candle style with the Pink Ribbon scent) just now over on the Flamingo Candles website. 

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Is Your Home Ready For Children?

When you have kids on the way, there is plenty that you need to think about - and fast. But one of the most important consideration is what you are going to do with the home. At the very least, you need to make sure that you have a decent space for you to live in as a new family unit, but getting that right - and getting it all done on time - can be surprisingly tough to do. In this post, we are going to take a look at a few of the major concerns you need to think about when you are trying to make your home as suitable for your upcoming children as possible. Bear these in mind and you should be fine.

The First Babyproofing

One of the first steps you will need to take is the simple babyproofing of your home. This involves making every corner of the home safe, and it is hard to overstate how difficult this can actually be to get right. You need to look at every part of the house in every room and determine the potential risk of everything you see. Many of these are perfectly obvious, such as protecting the stairs with guards and ensuring that no chemicals are left in easy to reach places. But you will soon discover a huge range of potential dangers and concerns you had never even considered, and you will need to make sure that you focus on those just as well. With the initial babyproofing done, you have done one of the most difficult parts of all - but there is more to do.

The Rooms

In all likelihood, you will also want to prepare a room for your newborn, if you have space in your home. If you have a spare room, decorating it and making it ready for the baby can be one of the most exciting things you do as parents, and it has a great way of getting you ready for your new addition to the family. If you are struggling with the renovation of the room, you might want to seek the help of professionals like, as in this way you are much more likely to be able to get the exact results that you want. Work hard to produce the kind of space you really want to be able to enjoy.

Moving Home

Sometimes it is necessary to move home entirely, as when you don’t have enough space or the neighbourhood is no good for raising children in. if this is the case, then it makes sense to try and do this as early as possible, as you don’t want to be moving with a baby in tow if you can at all help it. Sometimes, of course, such a circumstance is entirely unavoidable, in which case that’s all there is to it. But if possible, be sure to move as early as you can to save everyone the added unnecessary stress. With any luck, you will end up in the perfect place just in time for your baby to arrive.

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Wellness | Ninja in My Kitchen

At the moment we are on a bit of a health kick, you may have noticed over on Instagram that we're trying to eat right and get more exercise. Generally, just yoga and walking but hey, it's a start, isn't it? 

Our change of lifestyle has been a long time coming but our main issue was organisation - with a few house moves and life changes we just hadn't got a handle on everything and, our eating habits went downhill. We both put on weight and when you're looking to the future, weight gain and crappy health is the last thing you want to hold you back. 

So retrograde ended and with that came a new found passion for eating well. Over the last week, we've taken our eating habits to the Philippines (not literally but our meals have been Filipino inspired) and we've eaten Pancit Canton, Kare-Kare and crispy sea bass with chilli, lemon and coriander sauce. What you've not seen on IG is that we've also had freshly made soups and plenty of smoothies and fruit slush desserts. 

There have been two things that have helped us achieve these changes, the first is ASDA home delivery - it's been a godsend. The second is our Ninja blender and smoothie maker. 

In the past, I've had juicers and blenders and smoothie makers and I've used them but grown bored purely because they take seconds to use but ages to clean. I don't have the patience for that in all honesty. The Ninja, however, is basically a ninja! It's super quick at cleaning which is a major factor in how much I use this. 

The second important factor is the speed or the usability. Again previous blenders have promised the world but fallen short because their speed was too slow and they were unable to blend correctly. The Ninja has a 700W speed which literally takes seconds to blend up my frozen (yes frozen) smoothie mixes which typically consist of frozen chunks of pineapple, mango and other yellow fruits. 

Here is the video showing how easy this is to use. You simply pop in your fruits or veggies, top with a liquid, pop on the blender/smoothie lid and place the cup upside down onto the Ninja machine. To make it work you simply push down the cup and it blends the ingredients to perfection. 

I used frozen pineapple and mango topped with coconut milk. Blending this up you can either have it straight away by simply swapping the blender lid to an on-the-go lid. It's really as easy as that. You receive two cups and lids so you can make two quickly, pop one in the fridge or simply use one as one is being washed. 

So far this has been a doddle to use, takes up very little room and is helping us immensely in our pursuit of health. The blender is currently on sale for £39.99 from £49.99 and in all honesty, this is a bargain guys. You can check it out over on the Ninja Kitchen website. 

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