Conversations Where Texting Is Not Appropriate

People aren’t having conversations with other people’s faces anymore. Okay, they are, but they aren’t doing it as much or as often. People prefer texting instead. Kids will literally sit opposite other at a school cafeteria and Whatsapp their friends, who are sat with them. We get it, texting is convenient, it’s a great way to stop your thumbs from getting too overweight and it can reduce some of the awkwardness in a conversation.

And that is a big part of the problem. People are using words on a screen to avoid awkward or tough conversations but, seriously, there are some conversations you really can't be having through the medium of a text. No way.

So, to help you out on this front, we’ve come up with a pretty solid list of topics that really needs your face and the other person’s face to be opposite each other, in real life, breathing the same stale air, no keyboards attached.

1. Arguments Are A No-No
We know how it is, someone is getting right under your skin and, instead of avoiding confrontation, you’d rather just pick up your phone and try and get your emotions into words and express your frustrations that way. The problem is, most of aren’t Shakespeare with the pen and so we just end up taking what should have been a tiny spat into a massive brawl. You just can’t get tone into a text and so miscommunication starts to become your nemesis. In fact, it isn’t too late to make ‘no arguments over text” your new year’s resolution. At least you might be able to keep this one.

2. Deciding On Your Status

In every relationship comes the “so, what are we?” moment where you try and figure out which label suits your romantic involvement best. As far as uncomfortable chinwags go, this is definitely up there with the worst of them. But it still needs to be done face-to-face and not over a text. Oh god, not over a text. Little things like how long you take to reply, or how long they take to reply, even though you’re both just playing it cool can rip apart something great. That’s a fact.

3. Loss Of A Loved One

Finding out that someone you love has passed away is something you want to hear in person. You don’t want to get a text that says, “Grandma has died. Soz. Do you think we should call the co-operative funeralcare? Lol. As in lots of love.” A text in this situation makes a terrible situation and makes it utterly atrocious. At the very least, a phone call needs to be involved. That’s at the very least. Just imagine how bad it would be if the recipient thought it was a pointless text and never looked at it. Oh, man, no. Never-ever text if a death is involved.

4. Breaking Up With Someone

The first rule of breaking up with someone is, never do it via text. The second rule of breaking up with someone is, never do it via text. We will repeat that. Never break up with someone via text. It is so cold. Sure, if it was a super casual fling where you spent one drunken night together and regretted it, then maybe. But not an actual breakup. Never.

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