USB powered Blenders, is that even a thing?

I used to train regularly but over the past few years, I've slacked majorly. So, I've recently kicked my arse and decided to get back into exercising. It's been hard, with work and general life getting in the way but I'm fully dedicated. 

Along with getting back into a routine, I've been making sure that my body is getting everything I need, those gains are crucial. Normally I'd try to balance out my meals, have proper eating times and also eating varied meals to ensure I meet my daily calories and macro's but at times it's been tough, especially getting in the right types of calories. To beat this issue I regularly add protein shakes to my daily intake. This adds calories where it's needed plus they taste great. 

Buying all of the food and protein powders I need is the easy part, dealing with cumbersome protein mixers is a pain in the ass, and frankly part of the reason I used to slack off when it came to making shakes. Who really wants to deal with a heavy, corded, cylindrical piece of equipment that, if you are careless, might end up redecorating your kitchen with milk and gloopy protein mix. 

I recently found out about portable, USB mixers. Who knew they were a thing? I was always lazy with the shakes because I couldn't be bothered at times getting the blender out, blending up the shake, cleaning the blender and finding a suitable mug to transport in. It was too much of a hassle. The PROMiXX iX-R was a godsend. It reduces all of the unnecessary crap in the morning as well as being lightweight and hassle-free.  

The PROMiXX iX-R is described as a lithium-ion, high-powered vortex mixer, and the world’s most advanced electric mixer bottle. Not to mention that it looks great and features a storage compartment, in the bottle, to keep your powder in for easy portability. 

As I mentioned, this bottle is USB powered and comes with its own USB micro cable. According to the website, the battery lasts you 1-2 mixes a day for 4-6 weeks, so it lasts quite a long while.

Using it is very straightforward - Add your liquid (Milk or water), press the 'X' button to activate the blender and then add your powder. It's important that you add the powder after you activate the blender as you may end up with clumps on the side of the bottle. With traditional blenders, I always ended up with clumps, and those pissed me off. With this, however, I experienced none of that and that's a major pro for me.

I've been using mine for a week now and I'm very happy with it so far. Cleaning is easy, however, dishwasher cleaning isn't advised (obviously!).  Just add a bit of soap into some warm water and activate the mixer for a few moments. Make sure that you remove the motor afterwards to avoid any water reaching the compartment. Rinse and then dry. 

The woman also mentioned that it could be used for fresh smoothies. She said she hates when she makes a smoothie and it starts to brown. Unless you drink it straight away it begins to degrade pretty quickly. She has hinted at stealing it, as she wants to put coconut milk in the bottom and keep fresh berries in the ''powder'' compartment. Apparently, this will be better for her as she can blend it quickly at work and drink. 

Between me and you, she's probably right, it sounds like a better idea but she'll need to buy her own. This one is definitely staying in my possession. 

Currently, the PROMiXX iX-R is available over on the Promixx website and also Amazon. They have a few variations but in my opinion, this seemed to be the best of the bunch and looks pretty awesome also.

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