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Hi, I'm Elyse, the original author of Sweet Elyse Blog. You'll have noticed we added a beardy addition in the form of Connor. Check out his about me page here.

I've always found the about me sections to be the most awkward pages to create, I suppose it's hard to know what others want to know so let me ramble for a moment and start with the basics.

Name: Elyse Silver
Age: 33
Star Sign: Taurus
Height: 5ft 1.
Eyes: Green with hazel flecks.
Weight: Ahem, cheeky! anything between 52-59kg. Depends on how much chocolate I've eaten.
Family: I have three amazing little boys called Cole, Cooper and Rome.
More babies: Well, you never know...
Married: Hopefully someday in the future. Currently engaged.
Pets: Yes, 1 Siamese fighting fish called Schmeichel. He ate the other fishies though.
Education: Undergraduate BSc Open Degree.
Food: Duck, chips and black bean or garlic based sauce, strudel, noodles.
Drinks: Tea (when Connor makes it), Chai latte, gin and Kopparberg.
Animals: Wolf. Chameleon. Crocodile Skinks.
Lucky Number: 3
Crystals: Labradorite
Favourite Colour: Red
Perfume: Le Labo Lys 41
Makeup brand: Benefit.
Clothing Brand: Next, Primark, Monsoon.
Quotes: She's mad but she's magic, there's no lie in her fire.

✓ Crystals
✓ Herbalism
Essential oils 
✓ Books, journals, notebooks and cute stationery 
✓ Movies 
✓ Duvet days 
✓ Poundshops (Connor hates them)
✓ Eating out, travelling to new places, seeing new things and eating new foods. 
✓ Pop Vinyls! 
✓ Collectables in most forms including Hot Wheels, Zelfs, comics, vintage home decor pieces.

✓ Slang language
✓ Grapefruit
✓ Bad customer service
✓ UK movies (mostly with Harry Potter being the exception)
✓ Apple scented products 
✓ Idiots (I can't tolerate when people act dumb or ask how to do something without trying to find out themselves. 

✓ Yoga
✓ Walking 
✓ Hiking
✓ Cleaning (yes really, I find it therapeutic)
✓ Making herbal preparations 
✓ Writing and blogging 
✓ Taking photographs 

Travel: Ireland, Budapest, Netherlands, New Zealand, Paris Disneyland, York (again), Cambridge, Southern USA.
Learn: How to drive and to complete my postgraduate degree. Teach yoga.
The Future: I want my sons to succeed in all they do with very little hurt along the way, don't most parents. I want Connor to see his son (check out the post here: http://www.sweetelyseblog.com/2017/08/awareness-parenting-struggle-power.html) and for there to be a lot less drama in our lives.

I'm like Marmite, you'll either love or hate me. I'm easy going so please feel free to contact me via email, social media or via the comments on the blog.

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