I've bitten the bullet and decided to offer official advertising on my blog. The bills keep rolling in and blogging has become a full time occupation so it is necessary for me to monetise where possible. In order to keep my blog true to myself and my readers I figured sidebar advertising was the way forward. 

I have three affordable options for sidebar advertising and also sponsored posts which are detailed below. 

The lowest price is £5 for 8 weeks which is less than £1 a week! bargain. The standard price is normally £5 for 4 weeks but I will have the extended advertising available until August 1st as a big thank you. 

The £5 advertising slot is show on the lower half of the side bar. Place marks are in place so you can see where your 250 x 250 banner will be placed. These slots are limited to six at one time. 

The next option is £10 for 8 weeks. This option also includes a weekly shout out on my advertisers shout out posts which will include a link to your webstore/shop/website etc. Again the extended advertising is available until August 1st 2014. These slots are limited to four at any one time. 

The premium slot is £15 for 8 weeks. This slot sits high on the side bar where all readers, viewers and subscribers will see your 250 x 250 banner clearly. The number of premium slots is limited to 2 at any time so be quick. 

The premium slot also includes a sponsored post for a limited time as well as being included a shout out on my advertisers posts which will include a link to your site. 

If you are interested in booking a slot please follow the steps below: 

1. Email with your proposed date/s or month. Also include your 250 x 250 banner and shop/website/page links. 

2. If your ad space is agreed I shall invoice you via Paypal. 

3. Your ad will go live on the agreed time for the agreed amount of time. You will be informed of any blog posts mentions also and tagged on Twitter where possible. 

For terms & conditions please also email. 
Sponsored Posts 

If you would like to be featured in a sponsored post please email me with the following: 

1. I require your proposal to be sent to please also include what links will/should be included and what the product/service is. 

2. I shall have to do a thorough check the ensure your company fits in with the tone of Sweet Elyse Blog. If it does I shall email you back to advise so. 

3. Pricing varies depending on a few factors so including these in your proposal shall ensure a quicker response and estimated post price. 

- Who will write the post? Will it be a guest post written by yourself or a post written by myself. 
- Do you send a product to review or hi res images? 
- Do you require a set amount of words as minimum? 
- Do you have a timescale? When do you need the post to be published? 

Prices start from £20 and increase depending on the factors above. If you have any queries please contact me at any point.

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