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Sponsored Posts, collaborations, press samples, discounts and guest posts. It can be tough knowing which items or services a blogger has received for free, discounted or paid for and that's why I try to keep this as obvious as possible.

While some bloggers will only disclose if a post has been paid for (or sponsored) while not notifying you if an item was sent for review - I will. Here's what each of the terms mean to me and how I will keep this transparent.

Press Samples Items Sent For Review ||  Items such as products or samples that are sent free of charge for me to test and review on this blog. Not all products are published and opinions given are always true - I will always put 'Press Sample' at the bottom of the post to show you this was sent to review for free.

▼ Sponsored Posts & Paid Posts || These are posts that I would be asked to write with the inclusion of a keyword or link. Before accepting these post opportunities I always do my research, I always check the website to which the link points and I always write my own posts on my own topics to be sure that it's relevant to my readers - I will always put Sponsored Post or Written For' at the bottom of my posts to show that I was paid for this feature.

△ Collaborations || Collaborations come in all forms and can range from a design made using a bloggers ideas or work, a book, a collection, a promotion or a video or advertising campaign. I will always put 'Collaborative Post' at the bottom and explain what type of collaboration it is in the post.

▼ Affiliates & Affiliate Links || Affiliate links are links that are included in a feature that if clicked I would earn a small commission. I have full control of my affiliate partnerships and tend to use Rakuten, Skimlinks and Affiliate Window as I can choose which brands I want to join - I will always put 'affiliate link included' at the bottom of my post and there is a Skimlinks disclosure also on the blog.

△ Guest Posts || These are posts that are written by someone else. I do not charge for these as I don't accept guest posts from Pr's or brands and rarely accept these types of post due to them being detrimental to my Google score. Some bloggers however put 'guest post' on their feature when in fact they have been paid and it should be a sponsored post.

▼ Vouchers & Discounts || Some brands or Pr's will send a voucher, voucher code or a special blogger discount in order to purchase items. If I am sent any of these and I use them to purchase a product or service which I then write about or review I will always put 'paid using discount code' or 'paid using voucher' at the bottom of the post to keep it transparent for anyone reading it.

△ Nothing to Disclose || So what if the post isn't a collaboration or any type or I've purchased a product or service myself? If this is the case and I've reviewed an item I've loved or hated, if I've discussed a topic or included my favourite items in a wishlist I will always put 'Nothing to Disclose' at the bottom of the post.

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