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Welcome to Sweet Elyse Blog. It's nice to e-meet you.  

Sweet Elyse is and has always been a P.R and brand-friendly blog. We love to collaborate in a variety of ways with the right brands but of course, the first thing that we have to consider is our readership and if the collaboration is beneficial to them. 

When collaborating were always happy to consider out of the box ideas so please hit us with any unusual ideas you may have. If you would like something more typical we have a running list below with some of those ideas. 

Collaboration Ideas 

 Reviews of a product or service | Thoughts, opinions and images. Normally a product is sent to test and review also over a specific period of time. 

 Sponsored posts | These are written with the inclusion of specific links and keywords. Images can be added and again items can be sent for review. These normally cover a specific topic or theme. 

▼ Affiliate programmes | Typically we use AWIN, Rakuten, Skimlinks and Viglink. Please let us know which network you are on and why we should join your programme. 

 Blogger challenges | such as 'do something on a budget' or 'style something a certain way' or 'live on £1 per day' the options are endless for this type of collaboration. 

 Social media promotions | Looking to have a Pinterest board created? Or Tweets sent out to a specific hashtag or range of people at a certain time or day? Are you looking for conversations to be started on Facebook or opinions placed on review sites such as Amazon? Then this is the option for you. 

 Blogger outreach | Are you looking for a media list of bloggers to work with on a specific campaign. I can collaborate on your blogger outreach to save you time, effort and money. All are genuine bloggers who wish to collaborate with professionals in a timely manner. 

Behind scenes reviews | These reviews will never go 'live' and will be forwarded to yourself as a full report to cover a review, usage, mystery shopping experiences etc. 

 Site Reviews | Let us test your website from a customers point of view. With screen grabs, screen recording and a full report you can see where customers are struggling to navigate your website which will reduce your sales and income. With this type of review, you can see and fix those problems quickly. 

I am quite happy to come to an agreement with you that fits in with your budget. To get started simply email me your requirements and what your budget is and hopefully we can work together. 

From time to time I do have special offers on services so please contact me if you wish to be included on my special offer mailout. If you would like to discuss my fees please feel free to contact me at any point in the email below: 

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Comments are always appreciated. If you have a comment or want to discuss something 'off record' you can always drop me an email at sweetelysepr@gmail.com