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2009 I was featured in Mother & Baby magazine, discussing health and beauty in pregnancy.

2010 I was featured in Chat magazine discussing lash extending products.
2011-2012 I was featured in Cosmopolitan reviewing a novel. I was also featured in my local papers discussing health and beauty.


2012: Too Faced Blogger of the month for September. This award was given to me due to my reviews of Too Faced products (not sponsored or paid) and my blog content. I feel hugely privileged to have been awarded this.

2012: I was published on the official Colour B4 website, again Colour B4 was impressed with my writing style and review content and called to ask if they could publish my review on their site. (Not sponsored or paid ).

2012: JooMo emailed to ask if they could publish my review on their new face wash product. They advised that they where impressed with my review content and honesty. Again I feel privileged to have been chosen to be published. (Not sponsored or paid).

2012: Fife Culture Award. This was an award given to those that Fife Council felt where artistic and cultured. Again this came down to the content and writing within my blog.

2013 - 2014

My 'It's All In The Eyes' list was featured over on Shopcade's blog HERE

I was chosen as the blog of the day over on Fuel My Blog.

The wonderful Charlie ofJust Charlie G, featured me as in an interview for 'Beauty Bloggers Best Thing' over on her blog. 

Bagsey Blog featured us on a list of their favourite bag based posts in June.

Black Chicken Skin care featured my post over on their website here on October 2013. 

JooMo featured my testimonial over on their natural skincare website here

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