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How To Help A Loved One Get Out Of An Abusive Relationship

We want to hope that none of our loved ones are ever in a situation where they are being threatened or abused but sadly it does happen. 

In fact, the CSEW estimated 2.4 million adults aged 16 years and over, experienced domestic abuse in the year ending March 2022. It’s incredibly difficult to realise your loved one is in trouble and even though it might be scary for you, helping them get out of this situation is crucial.

Here are some helpful tips to help a loved one get out of an abusive relationship.

Spot the telltale signs

There are certainly some telltale signs that come with abusive relationships and some are very easy to spot if you look closely enough. Physical abuse will be fairly obvious unless they tend to cover up their injuries.

Look out for the typical story of how they get bruises. Falling over by accident in a bizarre fashion or running into a cupboard or piece of furniture is often a specific reason mentioned. Emotional abuse is a little harder to spot but listen closely to how the abuser is speaking to your loved one.

Manipulation and gaslighting are two things to look out for that would suggest they’re being abused behind closed doors.

Speak to the victim

Take the victim off to the side where you can and speak to them about your concerns. It might be that they’re not willing to talk at first or they won’t do so while they’re in the vicinity of the abuser. However, if that is the case, then you’ll want to try and find a time when you can take the victim away from the home so that you can speak to them appropriately.

Sometimes, it might be a case of seeing something that isn’t actually there and it’s a case of mixed wires. However, for the most part, abusive behavior isn’t anything but abusive.

Consider a plan of action

In order to successfully get out of an abusive relationship, a plan is required. Simply walking out of the home isn’t going to work because nothing has been put in place to give that victim structure, stability, and security.

It gets more complicated once you’ve had children and they also need to be considered.

Get legal aid involved

Legal aid is useful because this can help in situations where they may need to get finances and custody of children from the relationship too. DV lawyers are going to be the best choice because they are specialised in this type of legal situation.

While a general lawyer may be able to have, having someone specialized in domestic violence will certainly help. Make sure to speak to legal aid before the move is made to get the person out of the home. This is all part of the plan that you need to set up in order to get them out safely and more importantly - permanently.

Speak to the police

Speaking to the authorities is crucial because despite there being some challenges with law enforcement when it comes to domestic violence, it’s good to have them on hand.

In some cases, there might already be some opportunity to get the individual arrested for domestic abuse and violence if there’s evidence. If anything, they may be able to offer some advice on how to get the person out safely and with some additional protection if needed.

Sort out accommodation and funds

The difficulty with getting out of an abusive relationship is often due to the abuser controlling all of the finances. It’s important to try and help where possible to get accommodation and funds needed if this is the case. 

While this might not always be required, it’s worth doing so that the abuser can’t control their partner any further when that person has their own home and funds to rely on. It might take a while to get them up on their feet but if this can be sorted, it can certainly help them be more successful in leaving.

Go off-grid

Where possible, you’ll want to get the person off-grid, which means no phone or access to the internet/social media. Abusers have a knack for working out where their victim is, especially if they stay online and in touch with their loved ones.

At least for the initial period after leaving the abuser, you’ll want to make sure they remain off-grid and only a few trusted people know where they are.

Getting a loved one out of an abusive relationship is challenging but a relief once it’s been done so successfully. No one deserves to suffer abuse at the hands of others.

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How To Cope With Back Pain As An Adult

Back pain is something that’s fairly common amongst both adults and children within their lifetime. As it’s a part of the body that takes a lot of the weight within the body, aligning the person’s posture, back pain can often occur.

Whether it’s through a single traumatic event to gradual pressure on the spine, back pain can come at any point in life. With that being said, here are a few tips on how to cope with back pain as an adult.

Stay active on a daily basis

Try to keep active when it comes to your back pain. The worst thing you can do is to rest too much and to keep still. If anything, that’s only going to make the pain worse. It’s important to keep the body moving through both general movements and light exercise.

When it comes to light exercise, be selective about what’s going to cause minimal pressure on your back so that you’re not making it any worse. Staying active on a daily basis will improve your back pain, so try to be strict with yourself and don’t allow yourself to slip into habits of rest that will do more harm than good.

Take medication if required

Medication is worth taking if the pain is debilitating and affecting your quality of life. While not everyone wants to be reliant on medication or to take it too often, taking medication is something that can be helpful.

Make sure you’re consulting your doctor before you start taking medication. Some medications may be more effective than others and your doctor may be able to provide guidance on what is best. You also don’t want any medication causing problems with the existing medication you’re taking.

Use ice/heat relief for inflammation and pain

Ice or heat relief is a great way to tackle inflammation and pain within the body. It’s important to make use of this when the pain is really severe and it’s causing you difficulty navigating day-to-day life.

For those that may only experience back pain occasionally, it’s a quick-fire solution that often helps many who get back pain. The use of ice and heat can be good for reducing inflammation and heat in particular can be good for pain relief.

Seek out specialist treatments

There are specialist treatments out there that can be helpful with certain types of back pain. Acupuncture has been known to help those with certain conditions but it may not be effective for everyone.

For those who may have scoliosis, scoliosis treatment for adults is available. This might be the solution for those with a curvature of the spine that needs correcting.

Speak to a health professional if you’re struggling

To cope with back pain as an adult, consider speaking to a health professional if you’re struggling. Not everyone seeks help from medical professionals for back pain until it gets too much for them. While it may be easier to put it off, there might be help earlier on that could improve the repair or management of the back problem.

Coping with back pain though is different from one person to the next. For some, it can be severe, while for others it’s minimal.

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Ideas to Modernise Your Home Interiors

Although it can be a rewarding and exciting task, modernising your home can also be overwhelming. It can be challenging to decide where to begin when there are so many options available. Fortunately, there are a few quick and low-cost ways to update your house. Read on to find out more and take a look at a few suggestions to get started with your home upgrades.

Start With a Fresh Coat of Paint

A room can be completely transformed by painting the walls a new colour. Consider experimenting with bold and trendy colours that will make a statement in your space rather than sticking to conventional, neutral hues like white, grey, or beige. For instance, a rich emerald green or a deep navy blue can add a touch of sophistication to any space, so that might be something you want to consider.

Add Greenery to Your Interiors

A room can be given life and a natural, calming atmosphere by adding plants. Plants not only benefit our physical and mental health, but they can also enhance the air quality in our homes. A small herb garden in your kitchen or a few large plants in your living room or bedroom are both good ideas.
Do Something Different with the Lighting Options

Every room needs lighting because it has a significant impact on how a space feels and looks. Update your lighting fixtures with contemporary, streamlined styles to give your room a sense of style and elegance. A cosy and welcoming atmosphere can also be produced by layering different light sources and adding dimmable lighting. And something like a freestanding bioethanol fireplace can add not only heat but nice ambient light too.

Make Some Upgrades to the Furniture

Consider buying some new furniture if your existing pieces are starting to look a little worn out. Think about adding furniture made of natural materials that will make your space feel warm and inviting, such as leather, wood, or linen. Consider purchasing furniture with multiple uses, such as storage ottomans or sleeper sofas, to maximise space and add extra functionality.

Bring Some Art Into the Home

A room can benefit from the personality and character that art can bring. Consider adding a few small pieces to a gallery wall or hanging a few large, statement pieces on the wall. A piece of artwork can serve as both a room's focal point and a way to connect its various components. Additionally, artwork can reflect your personal style and be a wonderful way to add some colour and texture to a room. Consider going to local art fairs or galleries to find one-of-a-kind items that will give your home personality.

These are just a few suggestions to help you get your home up to date. Keep in mind that keeping things simple and orderly is the key. Without spending a fortune, you can give your house a modern, fresh look with a little creativity. Letting it stay stuck in the past is never a good option.

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