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First Post | A Welcoming A To Z

I have been racking my brains on how to start off this blog, I'm not someone who likes to talk primarily about myself so the easiest way I could say 'hi this is me and welcome to my blog' is to do it via an A-Z of Sweet Elyse. I have seen others do this on other blogs so hope that you enjoy the post as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

A Age. Currently, I'm twenty-eight but feel so much older, in a good way, though. 

BBeauty. I love beauty products and can spend hours procrastinating reading beauty blogs. I'm not hugely into the theatrical make-up, I'm more of an improving what nature gave me gal.  

C | Cake. Can't get enough of the sweet stuff and if I had my own way I would eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

DDrawing. I love drawing. It's one of those things where you can't remember when you started but know you have been doing it and enjoying for as long as I've been able to. 

E Eye colour is green although my eyes go black or grey when I'm angry and they go really bright green when I have a migraine, strange but true. 

FFlowers. my favourites are lilies, gerberas, and lilacs. As I get older I find I'm more interested in wildflowers such as snowdrops, lilacs, and daisies.

GGlitter! I cannot get enough of the sparkly bits of happiness.  

HHometown is Fife in Scotland. I love it here and cannot imagine ever wanting to stay anywhere else. 

IInk. I do have tattoo's and would love more. I have a really bad tattoo where the tattooist actually split the skin, therefore, slitting my wrist which took 12 months to heal. The scar is quite bad and really thin. *boo* I also have an anchor on the top of my foot with a ribbon around it.

JJob. I currently work full time for a building society. The particular Building society I work for makes the role enjoyable. I have worked for a bank before and hated it! vowing to never go back into financial-based employment. My real job in my eyes is being a mummy. It doesn't pay the greatest but is the most rewarding thing I've EVER done and will do. 

KKarma, and Kindness are something I really believe in and feel that society is losing touch of the ability to be nice for no reason at all. I believe in doing something selfless every single day and have seen the benefits of it in regards to karma. 

LLearning. I am a big learner and love to continually learn new things. I am slightly geeky in that way and continually find I know the answers to the most random questions. I am the go-to girl for random answers. Yay, to learning. 

MMarried. I have been married now for over eight years. 2016 Edit: We are now separated. 

NNostalgia. I am nostalgic and don't know if that's something that comes with being a mummy and getting older. Even my husband is becoming nostalgic too. Does anyone remember the moon dreamers, Green sleeves, when penny sweets were a penny and when trolls were cool and dummy necklaces were the 'it' thing???? anyone...no...just me then? 

PPatchwork and Pilates. Patchwork is another one of my loves. I started off learning patchwork before I ventured into quilting, there's nothing more delightful than seeing a patchwork creation. Pilates is a great way to stop my muscles seizing, I also do yoga too and find low impact exercise is the only way I can get fit these days. 

QQuilting. I absolutely love quilting and although I'm a newbie I can see this as a craft I will continue well into old age. 

RReading. I love to read and have read so many books in the last year and a half that I simply can't keep count. I feel that there are so many wonderful books whereas when I was younger there tended to be only a few major novels out at any one time. My favourite authors are Stephenie Meyer, LJ Smith, C.C Hunter, Carrie Jones, Sophie Kinsella, Jane Costello, Chloe Neill, and Rachel Caine. (that's not even scratching the surface of my favourites)

SSons. I have three boys aged three, five and six. I know it's cliche but they really are my world. 

TThrifting. I am a huge thrifter and penny scrimper. If I can get it for free or do it for free or cheaply then I'm in. Currently, I participate in a long list of survey sites, review sites and mystery shopping sites which have allowed me to near enough cover Christmas for free. *yay* for thrifting. 

UUnderwear. I hate it!! I feel so constricted and cannot wait to get in the house so I can take it off and go 'aaaaagh' Although I completely cannot live without my fluffy socks and feel gross when I don't have them on. 

VVW Camper vans and Vampires. Cannot get enough of these and we plan to travel the UK in one when I get old enough to retire. Also, I love all things vampire, such as Twilight, Vampire Diaries, True Blood and a host of other vampishly good tv and books. 

WWolves. I love wolves and they have to be my most favourite animal ever. When people ask what animal you would be if you came back I always want to be a wolf. Intelligent, primal and family orientated. I believe I have the instincts of a wolf especially when it comes to my little cubs.

Z Zzzzz's. Sleeping is something that I'm too good at and can get in up to 15 hours of interrupted sleep if I am left alone. I need sleep more than anyone else I know due to having a variety of health problems such as fibromyalgia, CFS and other things. 

So that's the nearly complete A-Z of me Sweet Elyse, What would your A-Z be? Post your A-Z post links below. 


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