Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara // Eyes that W-O-W

Name: Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara
Colour: Black
Price: £3.00

What & Why

This is mascara and a staple item in my makeup bag. I don't wear much makeup but do wear mascara every day. As I've got older I feel that my face can look pretty drab at times and applying a coat or two of mascara brightens up my eye area making me look less tired.

Because I wear mascara daily I do get through a whole heap more than my friends do. I also find that mascara and I have a love, hate, frustration type of romance as I have very short, sparse and stubby eyelashes that don't grow uniformly. I look for a mascara that can make my eyelashes look thicker, doesn't clump and comes off relatively easy with an eye makeup remover and have come to the end of my last brand I decided I needed a new mascara and definitely wanted to give a new brand a try.

I was browsing the ASOS sale last summer and spotted the Rimmel Volume Flash mascara for only £3 which is a real bargain so added it to my basket and it was delivered within five business days. Normally I hate spending a lot of money on a cosmetic product, especially if there is a possibility it won't work that great so I tend to look in sales or for samples.

The Claim

Load your lashes with Rimmel volume, black mascara. 5 times the volume with 2 times the pigment will immediately thicken your lashes creating a truly striking finish.

Its unique formula locks on to your eyelashes for dramatic boldness yet remains very easy to remove at the end of the day.
With no clumping, smearing, sticking or flaking, it's easy to see why Kate Moss swears by Rimmel volume extreme black mascara.

The packaging

This comes in a shiny black and red mascara tube with the applicator wand hidden inside like most other mascara brands. The tube is shaped like an extended bullet and is chunkier than other brands. I feel this gives it a really fun look and is easy to grip securely while applying the mascara.

The brush is slightly longer than standard brands and has a curve in the centre, this curve grips each lash and curls it slightly while you apply. I love products that save time and have dual purposes. The mascara as very black, shiny and more fluid than some other big brands. I found that although the mascara was more fluid it dried quickly and didn't smear once while applying it.


Normally I find that advertisements for brands are really hyped up beyond belief. I hate that they use eyelash extensions on the models and generally don't trust many of the claims, however, this was a real bargain and upon receiving it, I had to try it straight away.

I found this mascara to be dreamlike so much so I physically said to my husband, 'Oh my goodness look at my eyelashes' straight after applying it. I had never tried a mascara that worked quite so amazingly before and remembers I have used a heap of mascaras. Needless to say, my husband didn't know the difference between this one and my old one.

Each eyelash was visible, looked thicker and made my eyelashes look uniform (rather than Criss-crossed) One application was enough for my daytime look. If I wanted to look extra special another coat really made my eyes pop and smoulder.

I found also that applying the second coat was just as easy, rather than struggling to get the coat through my eyelashes. I also haven't come across any clumping, flaking or smearing and it can be washed off with a normal facial cleanser with ease.

I have now finished this mascara and have re-purchased another. As they say, if it's not broken then why fix it (or something along those lines) the original mascara lasted around seven months with daily use (give or take a few days here or there).

I definitely recommend this to others, especially if you want eyes that 'wow'.
Summary: Rimmel Volume Mascara - For eyelashes that WOW


* Purchased myself *

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